1000+ Recycled Crafts


1000+ Recycled Crafts

These recycle projects are wonderful for kids and adults alike.


1000 Recycled Crafts Crafting with Recyclable Items

Time to empty that recycle bin...right into your craft room!  With our amazing collection of 1000+ recycled projects, you'll find hundreds of uses for Mason jars, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, paper plates, and even old sweaters! 

Crafters of all ages and skill levels are sure to find something they'll love in our collection of 1000+ recycled crafts.  Kids will get a kick out of the egg carton projects and paper plate crafting ideas, and adults will enjoy learning what they can do with those empty wine bottles and bottle caps.

If you've been saving everything from toothbrushes to Mason jars, you're going to love the waste material crafts and tutorials we've gathered up for you in 1000+ Recycled Crafts: Crafting with Recyclable Items.

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Recycle Crafts for Kids

50 Recycle Crafts for Kids

50 Recycle Crafts for Kids: Teach kids about the importance of recycling with these adorable crafts for kids. These crafts with recyclable items come in so many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for kids of all ages. Use drink cartons, soda cans and more to create the most interesting and eye-catching crafts ever.

Click here to see all 50 Recycle Crafts for Kids!

25 Great Trash-to-Treasure Crafts

26 Trash to Treasure Crafts: These awesome 26 recycled materials projects are a great way to create something new and recycle at the same time.  Why not use the things that we already have and make great gifts out of them?  These Earth-friendly crafts are a responsible way to enjoy crafting and certainly a lot cheaper than buying all new materials!  These are also kid-friendly, so they're great for teaching kids about the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling! 

Click here to see all 26 Trash to Treasure Crafts.

Totally Unexpected Materials to Craft With

17 Crafty Uses for an Old Toothbrush

17 Crafty Uses for an Old Toothbrush: We all know from going to the dentist that a toothbrush is meant to last no more than three months. Use old toothbrushes to help you clean between little cracks in the floor, give unique texture to your painting, and foil detailed surfaces. You'll be surpised to learn how to make the clever recycled crafts and will want to put your old toothbrush to work! 

Click here to see all 17 Crafty Uses for an Old Toothbrush.

14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags: Don't toss those mesh bags!  You can use them to create all kinds of DIY recycled crafts.  Perfect for going to the beach or storing lightweight hair accessories, these mesh bag crafts are great for helping you organize your life.  Have a ton of earrings?  Stretch a mesh bag over a piece of wood or an old frame and staple in place to create an easy and inexpensive earring organizer!  That's just one of the helpful suggestions you'll find in this collection of useful recycled projects. 

Click here to see all 14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags.

9 Teacup Crafts + DIY Tea Bags

9 Teacup Crafts + DIY Tea Bags: Make candles, ornaments, bird feeders, and more! These classy projects are lovely for Mother's Day, spring and summer in general (especially if you're making the bird feeders!) or any occasion.

Get the Collection of 9 Teacup Crafts.

23 PVC Pipe Crafts

23 PVC Pipe Crafts: Here you can be inspired by ideas for your garden, parties, and other decorative crafts you can make at home.

View the collection of 23 PVC Pipe Crafts.

32 Key Crafts

32 Key Crafts: If you're wondering what to do with old keys, explore our list of key crafts! You'll discover cute painting projects and other crafts using old keys.

Check out the collection of 32 Key Crafts.

8 Old Picture Frame Crafts

8 Old Picture Frame Crafts: You can make a variety of lovely decorative and functional projects using picture frames! Whether you want to make a serving tray for party platters or a new DIY organizer for various odds and ends, picture frames allow so many crafty possibilities!

View 8 Old Picture Frame Crafts.

Recycled Denim and Fabric Crafts

What To Do With Old Jeans: 34 Recycled Crafts With Denim

What To Do With Old Jeans: 34 Recycled Crafts With Denim: Do you have a pile of old jeans that you no longer wear or that don't fit anymore?  If you're just itching for something to do with them, check out all the ideas we have to offer in this collection of denim tutorials!  From cute home decor ideas to ways you can transform a beloved pair of jeans, these denim crafts are great for thrifty sewists who just can't bear to part with their favorite pair of jeans. 

Click here to see What To Do With Old Jeans: 34 Recycled Crafts With Denim.

53 Scrap Yarn Projects

53 Scrap Yarn Projects: Fans of knitting and crochet are bound to have tiny balls of yarn or scraps leftover from a previous project.  It doesn't seem right to throw it away, so we've gathered up some great suggestions on how to use up all those pesky yarn scraps for recycle crafts.  From small projects to unique ways to use yarn that have nothing to do with knit or crochet, this collection is a must-have for yarn fans of all mediums. 

Click here to see all 53 Scrap Yarn Projects.

34 Projects Made From Old Sweaters

34 Projects Made From Old Sweaters: We all have those few out-of-date or too-small sweaters. It seems that despite our best efforts, we just can't seem to part with them.  Turn your old sweaters into new treasures!  With these easy tutorials, crafting with sweaters has never been easier. You can also upcycle sweaters as a means of cleaning out your closet and making room for new clothes! 

Click here to see all 34 Projects Made From Old Sweaters.

43 Scrap Fabric Projects

43 Scrap Fabric Projects: Collect all of the fabric scraps that have been sitting in your stash FOREVER and make something totally beautiful from the leftovers! In this collection, you'll learn how you can use up that fabric to make some of the loveliest projects out there.

Explore 43 Scrap Fabric Projects.

Wine Bottle Crafts

30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles: Wine bottles are great to use as vases, garden decor, wind chimes, votive holders, and so much more. If you need a craft from waste material for adults, you can practically redecorate your home with the help of a few empty bottles of wine.  Wine bottle crafts also make great gifts when combined with a full bottle of your favorite vino!  So pop open a bottle and pour yourself a little glass of wine as you contemplate how to reuse the bottle once its empty! 

Explore 30+ Ways to Craft with Old Wine Bottles.

Water Bottle Crafts

25 Water Bottle Crafts

42 Easy Water Bottle Crafts: There are so many ideas for crafts made from recycled items, it's sometimes hard to decide which ones to try. We've rounded up 42 Easy Water Bottle Crafts that are so fashionable, handy and fun, you'd never guess they're plastic bottle crafts!  From trendy water bottle bracelets to bottle caps crafts that double as wall art, this collection offers ideas for recycled crafts that you can use in your everyday life. 

Click here to see all 42 Water Bottle Crafts.

27 Bottle Cap Crafts

27 Bottle Cap Crafts: There are lots of ways to turn water bottles into something new and exciting, but what about the caps?  With this collection, you can find lots of ways to reuse milk caps, bottle caps and more.  From colorful coasters to fun crafts the kids can do, these bottle cap crafts are easy and fun, and a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Click here to see all 27 Bottle Cap Crafts.

17 Plastic Spoon Crafts

17 Plastic Spoon Crafts: You'll be amazed by what you can make with disposable utensils! You can make a plastic spoon flower vase, and make sure you learn how to make our popular plastic spoon roses! 

View our collection of 17 Plastic Spoon Crafts.

Plastic Crafting: 25 Ways to Reuse Plastic

25 Ways to Reuse Plastic: Do not toss that plastic bag, bottle, or empty jewel case! Turn trash plastic into decorative accents for your home, a functional tool, or a recycle projects for kids or adults.  The more you look for ways to reuse plastic instead of throwing it away, the more aware you will be of how much plastic you encounter and toss in your normal life. With your favorite hobby, you can send less plastic to the landfill. 

Click here to see the 25 Ways to Reuse Plastic.

Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles [15 Ideas]

Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles [15 Ideas]: Repurpose your pill bottles into handy storage solutions and shockingly beautiful decor. Learn how to turn them into vases, pill bottle survival kits, and other amazingly innovative crafts.

View our collection of 15 Pill Bottle Crafts.

12+ Laundry Detergent Bottle Crafts

12+ Laundry Detergent Bottle Crafts: With these laundry detergent bottle crafts, you'll make gorgeous home decor, cute crafts for the little ones, and fabulous storage solutions! It's amazing what you can make out of bottles you've already used for household chores. 

Check out 12+ Laundry Detergent Bottle Crafts.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: 62 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: 62 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls: You've saved them for one reason or another ... and now it's time to put those toilet paper rolls to use!  With this collection of 62 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls, you're sure to find something fun and decorative to do with those cardboard tubes!  You may not know it, but these tubes are great for organizing, entertaining, and so much more! 

Click here to see all 62 Clever Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls.

Are Toilet Paper Roll Crafts a Safe and Sanitary Idea

Are Toilet Paper Roll Crafts a Safe and Sanitary Idea? Toilet paper roll crafts are one of the most popular and classic recycled crafts out there, especially when it comes to crafting with kids. These often adorable and always cheap craft ideas are a great way to teach kids all about reusing and recycling products in the home. About once or twice every few months, we receive a comment or an email about how it may be unsafe to craft with toilet paper rolls. They do, after all, come from the bathroom and could be covered in icky germs you do not want to be hanging out with during your craft time.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, Are Toilet Paper Roll Crafts a Safe and Sanitary Idea? Read all about them here.

42 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Trash for Crafting

42 Ways to Recycle Trash for Crafting: Who would have thought that crafting with trash could be so beneficial?  These paper, metal, plastic, and cardboard projects are great for clearing out your recycle bin, and is a fantastic way to get your kids into crafting.  Gather up old soup cans, milk jugs, newspapers and toilet paper rolls and get ready to transform them into bird feeders, organizers, and other fun and simple craft ideas with household items.

Click here to read the 42 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Trash for Crafting eBook.

70+ Ways to Reuse Materials for Crafting

70+ Ways to Reuse Materials for Crafting: Before you toss your trash out, consider the three R's of environmental advocacy:  reduce, reuse, and recycle!  With this amazing collection of trash to treasure crafts, you'll find helpful suggestions on how to reuse all kinds of paper, metal, plastic, glass, clothing, and much more.  After reading through this collection, you'll never look at a piece of trash the same way again! 

Click here to see all 70+ Ways to Recycle with Crafting.

11 Plastic Bag Crafts

11 Plastic Bag Crafts: Ranging in difficulty from kid-friendly to advanced, these plastic grocery bag crafts are for everyone! If you're a crocheter or a knitter, there are several plarn projects included in this collection. 

Click here for 11 Plastic Bag Crafts.

14 Soda Can Crafts

14 Soda Can Crafts: Gather up the kids or spend an afternoon by yourself - these soda can crafts can fit any situation. If you want to go green, these are the perfect crafts to try. Cut or decorate the cans to bring them to life. You'll love the look of these recycled craft projects and will want to display them everywhere.

Click here to see all 14 Soda Can Crafts.

16+ Aluminum Foil Crafts

16+ Aluminum Foil Crafts: The great thing about aluminum foil is that it's cheap!  It's also a great craft tool for paper crafters and those who enjoy mixed media crafts.  Aluminum foil is also great for kids to use to make monsters, space ships, and fun decorations for a bedroom.  So when the leftovers are gone, don't toss that foil in the trash. Instead, rinse it off and get ready to give a unique textured look to your next recycling crafts.

Click here to see all 16+ Aluminum Foil Crafts.

Cardboard and Paper Plate Crafts

21 Crafty Ways to Use Paper Plates

21 Crafty Ways to Use Paper Plates: Kids will be the first to tell you that there are TONS of things you can do with paper plates!  From awesome instruments to cute storage boxes, you can easily transform these disposable dishes into anything and everything you can imagine.  These recyclable crafts are great for kids and adults alike, and crafting with paper plates is an inexpensive and fun way to spend time together as a family. 

Click here to see all 21 Crafty Ways to Use Paper Plates.

Cereal Box Crafts: 11 Gorgeous Cardboard Projects

Cereal Box Crafts: 11 Gorgeous Cardboard Projects: Be amazed and inspired by these DIYs. You can make everything from organizers to decor to a stunning plant made out of a cereal box!

Click here to browse through 11 Cereal Box Crafts.

32 Egg Carton Crafts

32 Egg Carton Crafts: Working with small items can be a pain when it comes to keeping everything organized. Luckily, the solution resides safely in your fridge!  Egg cartons are so useful for keeping small things organized and stored and they're also fun to craft with.  With this collection of recycling ideas, you'll learn how to turn egg cartons into cupcake holders, luminaries, and even planters. 

Click here to see all 32 Egg Carton Crafts.

Newspaper and Recycled Magazine Crafts

30+ Recycled Newspaper Craft Ideas

30+ Recycled Newspaper Craft Ideas: For those of us who still like opening a newspaper every morning, there are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Don't let those newspapers pile up after you've finished reading them. Instead, use them to create DIY projects you can display and wear. In addition to newspaper craft projects, you'll find ways to use magazines in your free craft projects.

Click here to see all 30+ Recycled Newspaper Craft Ideas!

10 Magazine Crafts

10 Magazine Crafts: Instead of tossing out that pile of old magazines you have lying around, why not turn them into some great reusable household items? Crafts from recycled material are fun and easy to make and they help the environment. These recycle crafts are great do to with groups of kids or scout troops.  Everyone has some old magazines lying around, so have a crafting party and make try one of our top 10 ways to craft something new out of old magazines.

Click here to see all 10 Magazine Crafts.

39+ Tin Can Crafts

39+ Tin Can Crafts: Find even more crafts made from soup cans, these tin can ideas show you how to make charming home decor ideas, games for kids, and more. All of the DIY crafts in this list are easy-to-make and absolutely lovely.

Check out 39+ Tin Can Crafts.

Recycled Paper Crafts

33 Recycled Handmade Paper Crafts

33 Recycled Handmade Paper Crafts: This collection of 33 Recycled Handmade Paper Crafts makes it easy to recycle your paper grocery bags, leftover tissue paper, and coffee filters. These recycled paper crafts are great inspiration for making all sorts of cool handmade paper crafts for all types of purposes.  Turn bags into placemats, magazines into gift bags, and coffee filters into a beautiful wreath that would look stunning in your home any time of year. 

Click here to see all 33 Recycled Handmade Paper Crafts.

68 Uses for Scrapbook Paper

68 Uses for Scrapbook Paper: Scrapbook lovers know that it's nearly impossible to go into a craft store and buy just one piece of scrapbook paper. We have some great trash to treasure crafts to turn your favorite 12" X 12" sheets of paper into beautiful works of art.  From colorful home decor ideas to simple wrapping paper for small packages, scrapbook paper can go a long way in the world of crafting! 

Click here to see all 68 Uses for Scrapbook Paper.

Recycled Crafts for Holidays

29 Recycled Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas

29 Recycled Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas: Christmas doesn't have to be expensive or wasteful. It is a time to spend with family and make memories with these hundreds of recycled crafts, varying from gifts in a jar to recycled ornaments and unexpected wreath ideas. There is probably no way that you can make all of these this year, but you can definitely make a valiant attempt and save many for the years to come.

Click here to see all 29 Recycled Christmas Decorations and Gift Ideas.

16 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

16 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments: Maybe you've made several mason jar crafts, especially after perusing all the beautiful ideas in this collection! Now you have the lids leftover. Use them to make stunning Christmas ornaments with the whole family! You'll hang them on the tree for years to come.

Click here for the 16 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments.

14 Repurposed Christmas Decorations for After the Holidays

14 Repurposed Christmas Decorations for After the Holidays: When the holidays are over, we're often left with piles of bows, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. To make your holiday cleanup a little easier, we've collected 14 ways to use up all those left over gift wrapping items. From clever ways to reuse cards to an easy handmade bow tutorial, this collection of recycle projects is great to have on hand after the holiday rush. 

Click here to see the Top 14 Ways to Craft with Holiday Leftovers.

25 Recycled Crafts for Easter

25 Recycled Crafts for Easter: Christmas is not the only holiday that is perfect for recycling project ideas. Check out this list of recycled crafts for Easter and find adorable earth-friendly bunny craft ideas and more. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate mother nature with recycled ideas.

Click here to see all 25 Recycled Crafts for Easter.

47 Earth Day Projects for Adults

47 Earth Day Projects for Adults: Earth Day is a time to celebrate and honor this awesome planet of ours, and we have a great collection of DIY recycled projects that you can make with items that are sitting in your recycling bin right now!  From crafts for wine bottles to fun ways to reuse sweaters and jeans, these 47 Earth Day Projects are a great way to keep garbage out of landfills while adding some fun decor to your home! 

Click here to see all 47 Earth Day Projects for Adults.

The Best Recycled Materials for Crafting

Before we begin, let's talk about all the recycled materials you will find in the crafts below! Please note that not all materials can actually be thrown in the recycling bin, but they can all be used for crafting!

Recycled materials include:

-Paper, like newspapers, magazines, paper scraps, paper plates, and more.

-Cardboard, such as the cardboard found in old shoe boxes, corregated cardboard moving boxes, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls.

-Plastic such as plastic bottles, plastic silverware like these plastic spoon roses, and even plastic bottle caps.

-Aluminum, mainly from aluminum pop can as well as aluminum foil.

-Glass, particularly glass bottles and wine bottles.

-Tin cans from soup and sauces.

-Other metal like bottle caps.

-Miscellaneous materials like tooth brushes, mesh produce bags, old sweaters, old jeans, coffee filters, and more!

Comment & Tell Us: What Was The Last Recycled Craft Project You Made?

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I recycled a lot of things during the NationalCraftMonth2017, but lately I've making pendants for necklaces out of old wood and an old pottery planter that was busted. I enjoy recycling whatever I can find since money is so tight and products are so expensive. That's why I also love FaveCrafts!

Wow! This is a real bonanza for people like me, who hate to throw away anything that could be used in some way. I have at least a small stash of almost everything mentioned here, so I'm going to have a lot of fun deciding what to use and what to make from it!

Great collection page. Definitely made everything easier to find. Love this.

Wow, there a thousand ideas, I dont have enough time to make all of these, but I sure like the idea of making stuff out of recyclables. Much better for the environment and my wallet. Ok, I will start with those bottle caps. We have accumulated so many, and I want to make something.

Made a belt bag for Dear Son from an old pair of his jeans - used exsisting pocket and belt loops. Leg from the same jeans has become a draft blocker the pockets from the other side have become a chair caddy. Grandmom was right - Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without!

This is one really amazing list of recycled craft ideas! As someone working for a rubbish removal company, I'm really into green idea of life, because I know how many people dont think about the environment and throw away anything without thinking. I'll share this post on my fb page! Thank you for collecting all these links! Greets! Kristine https//www.handyrubbish.co.uk/

This is one really amazing list of recycled craft ideas! As someone working for a rubbish removal company, I'm really into green idea of life, because I know how many people dont think about the environment and throw away anything without thinking. I'll share this post on my fb page! Thank you for collecting all these links! Greets! Kristine https//www.handyrubbish.co == .uk/

My most recent recycled craft project was a desk organizer made from catalog pages, a bit of tape, a bit of glue and Mod Podge.

Amazing collection of craft items making tutorial. Great site for making cute craft projects. Ill definitely try to make the project. http//www.brand4india.com/gift-shop/

well this is a gr8 site 4 cute projects


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