Green Crafting Gift Wrap Bow


Green Crafting Gift Wrap Bow


Don't throw out your old magazines, do some green crafting with them. Having a lot of patience and time you can create this amazing-looking multi-looped gift bow. Magazines have never been so crafty until now.


  • 1 magazine page (or 8 ½ x 11” paper of your choice)
  • Small hole punch (or a sharp object for poking a small hole)
  • 1 metal brad
  • Scissors


  1. Cut across the magazine page to make nine 3/4 to 1 inch strips.

  2. Start with one strip and make a loop at one end.

  3. Turn the strip and make a loop at the other end.

  4. Use the small hole punch (or sharp object ~ be careful!!) to make a hole through all 3 layers of paper.

  5. Place the brad through the hole.

  6. Repeat with the remaining 8 strips. (I find it best to hold the prongs of the brad between my teeth while I loop the next strip, but do whatever works for you.)

  7. Open the brad to hold all the strips in place.

  8. Attach your finished bow using double sided tape.


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Very creative idea. One can easily use the idea and create a dozen of new projects. Have a look at this new book too. It has many projects regarding upcycling old books and pages. The Book of Books by Altered Upcycling == l-ornaments-ebook/dp/B00MGJADUK/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8 == &qid=1407385936&sr=8-5&keywords=mahe+zehra. They also have a website where you can sign up for free stuff.

These are a great way to use up all of that paper and keep it out of the land fill. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like the ticker tape stars my dad use to make. I have two rolls of the tape, I am going to try & make some in his memory.

awesome way to use up any paper or plastic bags. love it.

I am using old Birds and Blooms magazines. The colors are fantastic!!

A friend of my mom's used to make these, but she went one step further and put a string on it and dipped it in wax. Makes a great christmas tree decoration.

I llike this

What a cute neve mind functional idea! Instead of the clasp and paperhole punch try using an old pierced earring and back. it goes through the paper easily and while you're making the next layer you can just put the back of the earring on to hold it closed.

you can also after bradding the layers staple the end result....this is what I I live remote(on an island on the Aleutian Chain of Alaska) and try ti use my resources carefully. This is a BRILLIANT bow making idea. It truly is very easy after a cpl. times.

what a great idea, no more having to buy bows. thanks for sharing this bow of an idea.


Awesome. This is the neatest thing I have seen yet! I think even I can do this. What a great idea.

these are great

FABULOUS!! I always have little scraps of styrofoam wandering around - recycle by using them to hold your work in progress. just stick the unopened brad into the styrofoam while you make the next loops.

Love it! I might just have to make some, I think the store bought ones are secured with a staple so I might try that. It's nice to know how to make these now. Thanks.

This is great! But.........why not use a spring type clothes pin or an office clip to hold the brad tabs instead of your teeth. Might be hard on them.

wow!!! that looks really cool! this year, i'm gonna make ALL of my bows!

What an awesome idea and they are absolutely beautiful.

I love these bows and will have to make some. I have so many past calendars that would make beautiful bows I bet. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas.

Love this!

i used notebook paper in place of a magazine,i was bored the other day so i thought to my self, it'll be nice to make a bow..i have a friend who likes to travel here and there i was asked to send a letter,so i figured - just make a bow out of notebook paper so when they arrive they will have all the notebook paper to write on for a letter..

Great idea!

This is a great idea. I always have extra pieces of wrapping paper that just are not large enough to wrap a present. I cut the strips narrower and created smaller bows for smaller packages.

Great Idea!!!

WOW I have to try these, not only do they look easy but it looks like a project I could do with my grandchildren (I am always trying to find ideas to help teach them to recycle)....thanks!!!

Wonderful idea. I made necklaces out of magazine strips too (over 40 years ago). I personally do not buy wrapping paper, there are several beautiful wrappings out there, however I choose not to purchase, most of it gets tossed anyway or I take it and recycle to use over again.

Not only a great idea, but I also see this as a great money raising project for schools or churches. Making bags of bows out of 100% recycled magazines, old calendars and pizza mailers, and package them by color selections. Modern, Masculin, Country, etc. Then sell at church bazars, school fundraisers, or even door to door.

This is great!! How about using the same paper you are going to wrap the gift in so it will match?

Since I didn't have a magazine, I used an old calendar and it worked just as well. Thanks for the step-by-step photos it made it easier and faster.

The possibilities with these bows are endless. I used a cloth riboon and and a needle and crochet thread instead of a metal brad. Buttons are also an option. Be creative and have fun. Gail

i tried this pattern. it was simple and i will us this again. thank u 4 this web site.

I absolutely love this idea. What a great way to use up those old magazines. Instead of putting the brad between your teeth, simply use a paper cip on the end to hold it while you make another ribbon. Thanks for the great idea. Gail

This is such a great idea. I will definitely be making these bows. Thanks.

For a different look, how about using pinking shears or decorative scissors to cut the strips

Another great idea if you don't have brads is to use a large bead and either wire or cord. I knew the old fashioned way but this was is just as great!!

Cutest and easiest idea I've seen lately. I AM going to do this!

I think this is a very creative idea for recycling some magazines...Very Good

I never knew making these types of bows could be so easy! My mother taught me the old fashion loop bows and those can be frustrating if you lose your grip - this is fantastic! I'll never have to buy bows again! Thank you!

About 40 years ago we made bows like this from christmas paper in our 4-H Club, I had lost the instructions over time and am glad to have them again. We use to recycle back then as we lived in New Hampshire and it was the thing most families did at the time, plus it was great fun for the children. Thanks again

Ok, this one is really great. I've got to blog about it tonight...just click on "Crafts" at the top of my page. Hugs and prayers Evie

I am always looking for ideas on how to make bows. I will deffinitely try this one.

This is GREAT! I wish I had a creative mind, but all I can do is follow patterns.

This is the coolest, my Mom would have loved this site, she use to make paper bows. She has been gone for 16 years, so maybe she was green before her time. God Bless and Merry Christmas

As magazines can easily be recycled by donating them to a senior complex or a hospital, you could use small pieces (roughly 8-12 x 11) of used wrapping paper that would ordinarily not be saved. The uniform color or pattern might even make for a more attractive bow.

This is a great money saver. Use a little spray adhesive and some glitter and it really looks nice.


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