What To Do With Old Jeans: 45 Recycled Crafts With Denim


What To Do With Old Jeans: 45 Recycled Crafts With Denim

Got 99 problems but finding things to do with old jeans ain't 1.


What To Do With Old Jeans 34 Recycled Crafts With Denim

Don't throw away your worn-out jeans!  Recycle them into bags, toys, and other items.  With these fun and easy projects, you'll be able to put those well-loved jeans to use in ways you couldn't imagine.  From totes and bags to embellishments and home decor, these denim crafts will help you work through that stash of old jeans and transform them into functional and fabulous works of art! 

This collection of recycled crafts with denim will give you plenty of inspiration for your next craft project and you'll never be left wondering what to do with old jeans again. Keep reading for ideas for recycled crafts for kids, fun wearable crafts from recycled materials, and more!

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What to Do with Old Jeans + Blue Jean Recycled Crafts

Now let's get to the good stuff.  Here are a few denim crafts that are sure to inspire you. We have tons of things to make with old jeans here, and you'll never wonder what to do with old jeans again!  Here are a few of our favorite things to do with old jeans and denim:

Gorgeous Upcycled Denim Flowers

These denim flowers actually look like roses. They are made from the scraps of other repurposed jeans crafts and DIYs.


No Sew Denim Rug

Step 1: Turn your old jeans into denim yarn. Step 2: PROFIT. This DIY rug is oh so easy to make, no sewing required!


Boho Denim Earrings

Looking for a quick and easy gift for all your gal pals? These boho chic earrings are so easy to make and cost less-to-nothing. Plus, they look like an Anthropologie knockoff without the hefty price tag. Upcycle your old jeans, and make them work for you.


No Sew Braided Denim Bracelet

The great thing also about this no-sew DIY bracelet pattern is that one size fits all. Make one for yourself, your friends, and everyone in your family! With just one pair of jeans, you can easy make a few.


DIY Denim Doormat

This DIY doormat makes full use of denim pockets and waistbands. Create a patchwork doormat from denim pockets, add a non slip base and finish with denim waistband edging.


Gucci Inspired Pillow

Upcyle old jeans AND add some personality to your home with this DIY throw pillow! Ditch your local home goods store and make your own version of their pillows using upcycled fabrics and embroidery patches.


Upcycled Denim Bunny Decoration

Romance your mantle with repurposed denim. Whether you're looking for some homemade spring decor or you just love bunnies, these cuties are the perfect addition to your space.


Recycled Denim Placemats

Upcycle old jeans with this DIY Recycled Denim Placemat Tutorial. Now you don't have to get rid of your jeans but instead make this denim craft so that you can repurpose that old favorite pair of jeans. Plus, there's a video for visual learners!


Recycled Denim Feather Wall Hanging

Did you know that it is so simple to make feathers out of scraps of denim? If you pull out all the white threads, you will end up with an indigo feather. Make a few and hang them together to create this Recycled Denim Feather Wall Hanging.


Denim and Lace Flip Flops

Use old jeans to embellish flip flops. Lace also makes a great adornment!


Funky Jeans Bag

Turn each pant leg into a handy lunch sack. You can also turn them into a purse for any occasion!


Denim Oriental Bracelet

Make a gorgeous bracelet using old denim. It's amazing what you can make!


Denim Back-to-School Chalkboard

Dress up a plain chalkboard with a makeshift frame using denim squares from old jeans.


Multi Colored Denim Wreath

Make an absolutely stunning wreath using loops of colorful denim. This is an easy project you'll simply love, and it's nice and rustic for fall.


Denim Circle Tree

This is a great arts and crafts project using denim. Turn the scraps, along with other fabric scraps, into a lovely tree to hang on your wall.


Cupcake Jean Purse

Turn old jeans into a purse, and then embellish the purse with brightly colored stitching and cupcake patches.


Denim Drink Cozy

Make this beer cozy or, to reduce your paper consumption AND protect your hands, make a coffee cup cozy from two layers of denim. Just measure, cut and sew. Use rick rack or contrasting fabric at the edge for a cute touch.


Denim Apron and Basket for Mom

Make a bucket or basket for your yarn skeins, other craft supplies, or anything you'd like with a pair of jeans.


Denim Flower Brooch

Create a beautiful new brooch using denim.


Old Jeans Bracelet

Beading makes all the difference when you make this pretty bracelet out of old jeans.


DIY Denim Peg Bag

Utilize your old jeans and fabric scraps to make a fun yet practical peg bag. This makes a quick gift to sew up, taking less than an hour.


Denim Pocket Pillow

This denim pocket pillow is a super easy sewing project and will be great on your patio this summer.


Rainbow Jeans Ring

This cool ring is so comfortable to wear! Add beads and you have a chic new summer accessory.


Shabby Chic Denim Flowers

Embrace the fraying that happens with your jeans to make this shabby chic flower.


Denim Needle Case

Sew together an awesome needle case to stay organized with your sewing supplies.


Denim Pocket Pincushion

Make a new pincushion out of denim and other fabric scraps!


Upcycled Denim Flower Embellishments

Add a denim embellishment to your next papercraft with this easy sewing project.


How to Make a Coaster by Repurposing Old Jeans

Fray those jeans on purpose! The frayed look makes all the difference with this coasters project.


Denim Country Pumpkins

This creative idea is so awesome for fall. Turn that old pair of pants into an awesome porch decoration by sewing pumpkins.


Denim Art Can

Wrap old jeans around a tin can to make your favorite new pencil holder. Store other craft supplies inside too like scissors, paintbrushers, rulers, and more.


Handy Dandy Lamp Shade

If your lampshade doesn't, well, shade enough, add another layer of denim.


Blue Jean DIY Sunglasses Case

Make a sunglasses case out of denim and add other scrap fabric to finish it off.


How to Make a Pillow Cover by Repurposing Old Jeans

This stunning denim pillow is made using jeans in a variety of washes and orange ribbon for a really beautiful effect.


Recycled Denim Dog Toy

Denim makes a great, sturdy material for pet toys.


Recycled Denim Wine Bottle Sleeve

Create a wine bottle holder like this one. You can also create a water-bottle holder with shoulder strap and cute pockets for drink mix.


Denim Pockets DIY Organizer

Make a pocket organizer. Cut off the ends of pant legs and stitch the cut side closed to make a pocket. Arrange six or more of these pockets on a sturdy piece of poster board and hang from a door for a handy organizer. Or, attach loops of demin to the pockets and hang from a bar.


Fun Denim Draught Excluders

Use the leg of a pair of jeans to sew up a draft stopper. Learn the basics of sewing a draft stopper with this tutorial.


Denim Shorts Chore Chart

Cover a bulletin board with the denim if you can't stand the sight of cork anymore. You can make a variety of displays like bulletin boards or this chore chart.


Denim Pocket Purse

Glue a magnet onto the back of jean pockets for a handy place to stash coupons on your fridge. You can also use the jeans pocket to make a purse like this one.


Denim Advent Calendar

Create this fun reusable advent calendar with old pairs of ripped and faded jeans. You will need twelve pairs of jeans, fabric paint and a number stencil.


How to Make a Jean Rug without Sewing

Denim rugs are so stylish and add a unique look to your home decor, but most patterns require some sewing skills. With this project, you can forget about sewing. It's as simple as cutting and tugging!


Simple Denim Pouch

How cute is this little denim pouch! This simple sew little pouch is great for use as a makeup bag or to hold your smaller items from your purse. This is a easy sewing project perfect for beginners.


Diy Sensory Toys For Babies

Sensory toys make great baby shower gifts or "just because" gifts for a special baby in your life.


Repurposed Denim Treat Bags

The bags are like a little gift in themselves. They are simply made from repurposing the back pockets of old jeans.


Easy Dog Bone Toy

If you have a dog that loves to play you will want to make this Easy Dog Bone Toy today. Just take an old pair of jeans you were going to throw out anyways and make a toy for your fur baby.


What is your best tip for crafting with denim? Let us know in the comments!

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groovy website thank you for unselfish this content it's astonishing

These are super ideas! I have made a work apron from old jeans using the leg for fabric for pockets and ties and I use it either in the garden or while cleaning the house, putting cleaner sprays in a loop and pockets for rags, squeegee, etc. will have to try the other great jeans projects! Wonderful!

I have 3 pairs of mens wrangler jeans that are shredding in one place if anyone wants them. thanks

What great timing. I have been purging, cleaning, and organizing closets lately, and I have a pile of jeans that are too used or have holes. So they are not fit for donations. I hated the idea of throwing out all of that denim, and I was hoping to find some way to reuse the material. I am really happy to have come across this article, now the conundrum I have is which project I should start with?

These are some great ideas. With two boys at home, I always had lots of denim that I was looking to recycle, reuse and re purpose. My personal favorite was making rugs and mats from old jeans.#BestIdeaEver.

My sister pieced a beautiful cover for her couch when it needed to be re-upholstered. You would have thought it was a designer original, and I guess it was if you considered her a designer for doing it. She has also made curtains for the boys' rooms and quilts for their beds. I've made several quilts with jeans patches and upholstery fabric intermingled. Then, there is the unique use of old jeans--making pants for small fry. They still have enough wear left in them to last as long as a little kid will fit the pants.

i just reupholstered an old oak rocking chair i bought at a flea market with old blue jeans. it turned out great. i have been making blue jean quilts for years. i like using a double fat bat and tying them. the make great comforter type quilts and they are thick enough for the kids to lay on when camping on the floor (slumber parties/sleepovers). i've made bags, purses, potholders and oven mitts, placemats, etc. i've also used old blue jean pieces doubled up sewn onto the bottom of crocheted slippers for a firmer sole.

Thank you for all the ideas. Now i have to dig out my old jeans and get to work. Ruth

These are wonderful ideas of things to do with denim jeans. I plan to make the apron out of the back side of a pair of jeans. Thanks for the instructions/photos.

Great ideas

Has anybody ever made a quilt using jeans with spandex? I have several pairs I could use, but I'm not certain if this will work out. Anybody?

Hi Have you tried cutting out a piece to try and see how far the fabric stretches.I can't see why you couldn't use it, make sure the stretch is going the same way.You could also try mixing with other quilt fabric this might stabilise it.Happy Quilting Judi

I don't think it really matters, but if you are worried about it, make a small one like a table mat. use iron on batting on the back then continue to make the quilt as usual. place mat size might work for size. I made my son and daughter in law a denim quilt top with all kinds of pant legs collected over the years ended up like a square,rectangle crazy type quilt top, I left some seams in and added some pockets for interest. I used a sheet for the underside. they wanted a tied quilt so with the denim it was really easy,heavy and very warm. and extremely durable. still looks great after 20+ yrs. sometimes you can over think things when they aren't needed.

I collect old jeans and corduroy pants. I buy them at thrift stores and garage sales. Cut them up into five inch squares and make twin size quilts out of them.

I have several pairs of old Levi jeans that I hate to throw away would you be interested in buying them?

i would always cut off my sons jeans when they had hole in the knees and use the bottom half and make quilt squares he has a good blanket one side denim other side t-shirt matterial

I could never say enough about favecrafts...because they are my very favorite...I look forward every day to it coming...I love it! God Bless You for sharing it with all of us! Dee, Pittsburgh, Pa.

I'll go to use my old jeans to do this craft, they're great, and I like to recycle with my kids. Thanks

Wanting to redesign my old jeans for a new look any ideas?

I have made a lot of things out of jeans, the hardest was crocheting a jean rug for our screened-in porch, I used the same principle as making an old fashion rag rug. I just wanted to see if I could do it, I did, a little rough on your hands. It turned out 6' by 4'

I was wondering about this very thing. I can see how it would be rough on the hands but I still want to try. Did you cut the denim in long thin strips? Thanks for the tip.

Dianne, how wide did you cut your strips? Thanks

OMG...don't know how I found your site...but so glad I did..it is a welcome addition to my email that I get everyday..and so nice to look forward to receiving the new ideas...I have forwarded it to all of my crafty friends...keep up the good work guys...you are such a welcome addition to all of our other craft ideas...Love it! Dee, Pittsburgh, Pa.

May not be original but have made to suit my preference not to infringe on someone's rights A couple of super thing to do with old jeans - cut out the back pockets between layers put a piece of felt or other fabric Then put it together It's pretty thick arthritis may make it difficult I'd suggest doing a piece of denim with felt then putting the other piece denim on opposite side from other This is my favorite that I got from a resale shop Take a leg that you've cut off as close to front pocket too make it extra big much larger than the ones you see at Walmart lot more durable Run you a casing around each end put elastic in top end which will be the bottom of tube when done as it is the smallest The hem end you could unloosen some hem run aRead More drawstring around to make it the top end Hence you've made you a tube for plastic bags Thanks for a great site

I made a clothes pin bag from old jean shorts, some gromets and old wire works great. these are all great thank you for sharing

Grama, you can use ANY pattern for using old jeans, I've started so many quilts i need to finish them...

These ideas are really cute. I love the apron, its a must do for me!

I am looking for a pattern to make checkbook covers out of jeans. Can anybody help me out??? Thanks

I have made several different ones from jeans. I've just used any pattern and added a label or loops etc. In fact, I've made purses,totes, aprons etc. just using any pattern. Hope this helps....


WOW...so many creative ideas. I hate throwing away jeans, started saving them a couple of years ago. I have made book bags for my church fair and sold them for $5.00, could have sold more. Becare when using jeans to make quilts, have had a couple of friends ruin sewing machines from that. Love the apron and tote bags, seems like you never have enough. I have gotten so many ideas and free patterns from this site, its wonderful.

I wish I could be this mind creative!! How clever! I love making tote bags/purses. This just gives me another idea to try. Thanks for sharing, it's great to have friends, especially creative ones like you!!! Mary Ann

Am looking for a pattern for a quilt using old jeans. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi, I cut my jeans into five inch squares. I sew them 11 squares across and 18 strips down. Then I put a four or five inch border on it. Makes a nice twin size quilt. I have an embroidery machine with a lot of different designs and usually decorate 33 of the squares.

I made a yard quilt from old blue jeans, very durable. I cut squares 8" x 8" and made edges raveled. I love that shaggy look!

I made a dog bed out of old jeans, I peiced them together in strips and then cut out 2 large oval peices sewed them together and filled it with stuffing. Then I gave it to friend for their dog for christmas. This was 3 years ago and it is still in wonderful condition, and their dog loves his bed...

I made a really beautiful rug out of strips of old jeans. I turned some of the strips over to show the "wrong side" of the denim for interesting texture and color variation. Everyone comments on it when they stop by.

I think it would be a great idea to include pictures of the items mentioned. It helps to see a final product. Thanks.

I have use old jeans to make jewelry. I take the jean material and cut out petals for rose pins then soak them in Modge Podge and model them as I want. then I glue the pieces together with epoxy. When finished molding and gluing the fun really begins. I add glitter, flat backed rhinestones, and different beads. The last step is to attach a brooch pin. Laura

Check with your local Girl Scout council. Many of them collect old jeans to turn into quilts for the elderly and homeless.

I have taken the tops of jeans, cut just below the crotch, sew the bottom(legs) shut. Now fill the inside of the jeans with poly fill. Once the jeans are filled either stitch or glue the top closed. Add a ribbon or belt through the beltloops and you have what Girls Scouts call a "Sit-a-pon" Take the pillow and tie it around your waist while hike, walking or camping, when you sit down, you will not have a dirty or wet seat. We made over 100 of these for Bible School one year.

I make throw pillows out of old jeans. Just cut the bottoms side into a square or a circle, incorporating the pockets. Cut out a corresponding piece of fabric for the back of pillow. I put my reading glasses and pens in the pockets so I never have to search for them.

Unfortunately, when we contacted Habitat for Humanity in January 2010 they told us that they no longer are accepting jeans for insulation. It was apparently a program in conjunction with a jeans company that is no longer effective. However, I do like the other ideas readers have shared.

I made a Queen size blanket for my son using several colors of denim. I scattered the back pockets throughout the blanket as an added touch. I frayed the seams on the outside for a more masculine touch.

Water bed outer pads(orignal= oil cloth,plastic,or vinyl)-Replaced with legs of jeans. I choose black, got padding and a staple gun.

I never throw out old jeans! They have so many uses. You just need to stop looking at them as jeans and see them from another angle. I have made purses, jackets, hot pads etc from old jeans. Using old jeans is fun, especially since the fabric is free. You don't feel so bad if the project doesn't come out just the way you planned.

Create a long tube by sewing two or more depending on jeans and size needed jeans legs together with a flat seam Close one end with a reinforced straight stitch Make a pair of button holes an inch or so apart near the top of the open end and fold over Lay a cord in the hem entering one button hole and exiting the other Allow enough cord to leave a - tail Sew hem closed Put a barrel lock on cord if desired and securely tie or sew cord ends together This is what I use to carry tent poles or pre-assembled poles to make camp set-up faster Sure helps in the dark and rain From the body portion of ample jeans I sewed the cut off end closed and added two pieces of parachute cord through the belt loops for a laundry bag style cinch I use it toRead More stuff the volleyball and net The stakes go into a pocket poles in the tube and we're ready to go

I once made a padded top for a wooden box my husband brought home from work. I pieced pieces from old jeans in a crazy quilt pattern and zigzagged them together onto a piece of an old sheet, then put that over several layers of material cut from old clothes. That was years ago and it's still good!

I have made skirts, purses, rugs, backpacks, and many more things from jeans my kids have outgrown, or worn out the edges or jeans that have gone out of style (the 80s!). The best project I have done is take a piece from jeans my three sons have outgrown and made a piece representing each of them into a floppy eared bunny to sit on my bed. It is a huggable reminder of my "babies" now they are grown!

I've used old jeans as the liner for crocheted purses. The back pockets make nice pockets inside the purse. I sew it with right sides together and then come back around and zig zag. I leave a bit of excess at the top which I then fold over and hand sew to the inside of the crocheted purse. It keep stuff from falling through the crocheted holes. Works nicely. Also, I have used old holey jeans for the fabric to make Barbie and Ken doll jeans. I have several old Simplicty, Butterick and McCall's patterns for Barbie clothes. I use old clothes quite a bit. Not just jeans, but I also use t-shirts, etc. for the fabric. You can usually work around a big stain or rip as doll clothes are small. Beth

Use leftover jeans legs to make quick hot pads. Cut the lenght of the leg the size you want the hot pad. Insert a layer of batting, turn under the raw edges of the leg and stitch the closed. Stitch a few places near the middle of the hot pad to keep the batting in place.

I have made quilt from old blue jeans. Take and cut the squares from the legs sew them togather for size need for bed sew a sheet to the underneath side and use yarn or embroidery thread to make knots caddy corner on the squares. I've also seen where they make a picnic blanket with legs cut open and sewed togather and the upper body part cut in half front from back and use to put napkins, utencils in pockets. I'm wanting to make me a purse from the body part of jeans if i can get info on where and how to start it.

Gotta nice organizer oir inside a school locker or hanging in a bedroom Cut off a jeans leg above the knee, fold down far enough to make a rod pocket and sew across from side to side. Next sew on a couple pockets you cut off the back of old jeans onto the leg piece just created. Now run a dowel through the rod pocket you made, tie ribbon or shoe string to form hanger and put it up for use. Neat trick, huh? Also , I add a top on the apron turning it into a BBQ style because I am a messy cook. Long ago , I made duffle and tent bags from old jeans and even added a side mounted handle on them and used the belt lopps for the drawstring casings.

I have made quite a few shoulder bags from old jeans. I originally made one for each of my two granddaughters but ended up making them for their friends as well. They especially loved the ones made from their old girls' size 46 brightly colored jeans. Cut off the legs from the body of the jeans and cut them into four 2-inch wide strips lengthwise, stitch two together and turn right side out. These are the shoulder straps. Stitch the bottom of the body jeans. Adjusting the length of the shoulder straps to the desired length firmly attach to the 'waistband' of the jeans. I used the belt loops as my guide for spacing and stitched a box around the bottom inch of the straps for extra strength. You can add a belt or scarf through the belt loops, decorate the pockets with fabric paints or even jeweled studs.


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