Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft


Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft

Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft
Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft

Turn discarded plastic utensils into cute flowers with this Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft tutorial. If you like recycled craft ideas, then you'll love this totally original and eco-friendly idea. Use these roses as embellishments and accessories. If you have some spoons left from your last house party, you can turn them into unique blooms. Set up in a well-ventilated area and use the flame from a candle to carefully melt plastic spoons until they resemble curled petals. You can use these green floral crafts as embellishments for paper crafts, hair accessories, or jewelry.

Materials List

  • Plastic party spoons (any color)
  • Candle & lighter
  • Tweezers
  • Scrap of felt
  • Pins or clips

How to Make Plastic Spoon Roses


  1. We’ll start by making the rolled center of our rose. Light the candle. Heat the inside bowl of the spoon until it begins to soften and warp. (The length of time this will take will depend on the quality of the spoons you’re using. Heavyweight spoons will take a little longer to soften.)

  2. Then, pinch the edges inward to form a bud shape. Then, heat the neck of the spoon to soften, and snip off the handle close to the bowl, using a pair of craft scissors.

  3. Now we’ll make some petals. For the petals, heat the underside of the spoon. Once it starts to melt, roll the tip of the spoon backwards. Ideally, you want the plastic to be warm enough to manipulate, but not hot enough to burn your hands. If the heat of is uncomfortable for you, you can wear a pair of stretchy winter gloves while doing this.

  4. Warm the neck of the spoon and snip off the handle. Now we’ll join the petal to the bud. Pinch the two pieces together, and heat the bottom over the flame. As it melts, flatten the plastic into one piece with a pair of tweezers.

  5. Continue adding petals. Every once in a while, warm the bottom of the rose and press it against a heat-proof surface, such as a ceramic plate or a piece of glass. Don’t feel discouraged if you mess up on a petal or two. If a spoon gets singed and turns brown, discard it. You’ll get the hang of it!

  6. You can strengthen your rose by filling in small gaps with melted plastic. Heat a spoon handle, then press the end into the gap. Let cool slightly, then twist to break off.

  7. It’s up to you to decide when your flower is finished, but I used 9 or 10 spoons on each of my roses. Hot glue a scrap of felt to the bottom of your rose. Now you can add a pin, hairclip, or a segment of ribbon to hang your rose from a necklace.

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What a great idea. I would have never believed you could do this if I did not see the video which makes it so easy to understand. It also has some directions too. These spoon roses can be used for many things which is also great. I like that they are one of a kind so no two will be exactly the same. Why not make some for a girls birthday party and supply the accessories to finish them as necklace,pin or hair piece. Great video.

I have seen this many times and thought why? But now that I have a wedding coming I came back to this Plastic Spoon Roses DIY Recycled Craft to learn what the hype is all about? After watching the video showing how to make these cute plastic roses, I think they would be great to use as candle centerpiece. I'll make a bunch of these and put them in a circle and put a candle in the center. I love it when I see a idea and think why, then find a great use for it.. Thank you so much for sharing this free craft idea.

Maybe someone has some suggestions on getting this video to run properly? I hear about 2-3 words then the video / audio stops to buffer making if very difficult to watch and understand. Is it because there are so many ads on the page or is it possible it's my computer?

Rosalind, I had the same issue last week! I think it might have been my internet because at a different location the internet was fine. I hope the video works for you!

Who would have ever thought old plastic spoon would turn out so very pretty? Not me. I tested one and oh my gosh it worked just like the video. Now I have to make more. If you use clear plastic spoons it looks like crystal roses.thank you so much for sharing this.

This is simply amazing. I love the roses, but I love the video even more. I never thought of doing this with spoons, and I never would have attempted to do this if I had not seen the video. The step by step instructions in the video made all the difference. I am confident now that even I can do this. Thank you!

This is a great idea. I'm going to make them for Easter. Thank you for sharing this idea.

Here are SpoonRoses, made from www.SpoonRoses.Com, These are all hand crafted in the USA and come in a variety of colors.. Take a look tell me what you think )

Wow these are super fancy. Could be nice for a party.

really nice

Saw a wreath made with spoons that looked like a large sunflower. It was really pretty. Didn't look like it would be hard

These look very nice. I should think you could use (some of) the leftover handles as stems, and perhaps flatten a few bowls for leaves ..? Or maybe - if you can get long-enough-handled spoons (or join 2 together strongly enough) - putting a rose on the end of a spoon/knife/fork handle would look good as a cutlery set (particularly in white for a wedding)? They'd probably be too unwieldy to use this way, but they could be something for all guests to take away and treasure, rather than 'just' the guest of honor mentioned by angig1970.

Great idea!

I think that this is awesome idea. I am going to have to try this. Thank you for coming up with this neat idea. I want to try and make some hair items for my daughters.

Used heat gun with a hold I made out of wire desk organizer so I had two free hands. Worked great! wonderful project!

These last for a long time. I knew a woman several years ago that had some a woman made for her. She loved them. I was trying to remember what the stem was made of but couldn't think of it. But I was also thinking wouldn't it be nice to take left over spoons from a special occasion like a bridal shower, wedding etc and make a bouquet for the guest of honor to remember the occasion by? I think it would be a treasured gift.

Pretty, but wouldn't the smoke from the candle blacken the spoons where they are being heated?? It really is a unique idea and I like it!

These are wonderful. They will go great with my rosebuds made from spoons with putting a stem and leaves on them. Thanks for the idea. Carol

dear M. oh my how beautiful ! i have spoons left over from a party. how unique. now for me to try this. i just love those pretty flowers. and ya know what i am going to add beads pearls,etc. just in the center. wish me luck. phyllis

love it!

great idea, I am going to try it

I love this project! I made this yesterday and I started with only one flower, then I was having so much fun with it, I ended up with a whole buquet! Thanks for the craft. This is officially one of my favorits!!

what would be the suggestion/process if you wanted to have a stem? just leave the handle attached to the 'bud'?

I made a buquet of these and it turned out great! So what I did was just left the handle on the bud for the stem. But you could also use wooded sticks (thinner dowels work good) and hot glue them on. Can also use floral tape to acheve a realistic look for the stem and stick it in a foam block in the shape/ size you need. I used a small old green bucket for my project and gave it to a friend in need of a brighter day!

Love this...I so badly wanted to try this n only had 1 spoon, 3 knifes, n 1u fork to work I was made a rose bud with the green leafy parts at the base of the bud with the fork, used the spoon for the main part of the bud n the knives made the bud turned out great....thx so much for the idea!

I am filling a wicker laundry basket with gifts for Easter, am going to put these roses around the edge of basket instead of garland in pastel colors. Cute huh?

very cool and something i can do ...... thank you

I also love this projects and sure to give it a try!!

Absolutely delightful. I tried it, and got a rose! Mine wasn't as perfect, but I will keep practicing. The video was so easy to follow.

This one of the better projects I have come across. Thank you I will be making roses from daylight to midnight!

the information was delightfully breif, easy to understand, concise and i truly had no trouble following the directions. I particularly appreciated that the directions in print were the same as the directions she spoke. Nicely done. and I do a lot of hair and beading designs that these will be among my peices treasured.

So clever and beautiful, too!!! Can't wait to try this!!!

It will takes really cool. I am going to try this hopefully this week. This would also be a great fund raiser for a school or church. Especially with Valentine's Day coming up and....SOOOO much cheaper than a real rose. Wish me luck !!

Very nice project and I will making it soon....

Just love the simplicity of the project. Am sure going to give it a try. Glenda RSA


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