Recycled CD Coasters


Recycled CD Coasters

Use this CD coasters tutorial to give your home decor a unique spruce this season.

Recycled CD Coaster
Recycled CD Coaster

These fun Recycled CD Coasters are a great way to put old CD's to good use.  This fun collection of coasters makes a great gift and is so budget friendly.  CD crafts like this are also great for group activities and craft nights with your kids.

Time to CompleteIn an evening

Main MaterialFabric

MaterialsFabric, Felt, Recycled Materials


Materials List

  • Recycled CDs or DVDs
  • Colorful fabric
  • Sand paper
  • White spray primer
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp scissors
  • Mod Podge Hard Surface


  1. Trace a CD onto your fabric. Repeat for as many different fabrics you want to use.

  2. Lightly sand off the side of the CD that has a design or writing on it. You don't have to sand everything off, just take the gloss coat off.

  3. Spray 2 coats of primer onto the CDs, allowing for proper dry time in between coats.

  4. Cut the circles out of the fabric, cutting them a little smaller than the traced circle to allow for some "border" around your coasters.

  5. For each coaster, cut a 3-inch circle from the felt.

  6. When primer is dry, hot glue the felt circles to the bottom of the Cds.

  7. To the top of the CD add a coat of Mod Podge. Gently press the fabric circle onto the coated CD and press out any wrinkles or creases. Allow to dry for 20 minutes before continuing.

  8. Apply two coats of Mod Podge to the top of the CD over the fabric, allow 2 hours dry time in between coats.

Why You'll Love This Recycled Craft

1. Eco-Friendly: By repurposing old CDs into coasters, you are helping to reduce waste and give new life to something that would have otherwise been thrown away. It's a creative way to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and show your commitment to recycling.

2. Budget-Friendly: This craft project doesn't require a lot of supplies or materials, making it a cost-effective DIY option. Instead of purchasing new coasters, you can create a whole set using items you may already have at home, saving money while still adding a personalized touch to your decor.

3. Bonding Time: Making these Recycled CD Coasters can be a fun and engaging activity to do with your family or friends. Whether you're looking for a creative way to spend quality time with your kids or hosting a craft night with your besties, this project is a great way to bond over a shared love for crafting and creativity. Plus, everyone gets to take home a unique coaster that they made themselves, serving as a lasting memento of the time spent together.

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I can see it now. I have a bunch of cds that are useless now and I really hate to just trash them. Now I do not have to. I also have some material that I can use but I am lacking the felt. Such an easy project that is useful.

It is hard to believe that these started out as cd's. I love this idea and here I go again, making the project mine. My mother-in-law uses coasters and this is the perfect gift for her. I plan to make a set and give her a cd album to keep them in. However many go on a page, I will make that many. Memory severs me, I think it is four. This will be the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Some for every season, holiday, occasion, etc, etc...

Have some old CD's laying around that you hate to throw away even though they are scrached then here is a great way to recycle them. Make them into some great coasters. Just get some fabric scraps,mod podge and felt and you are on your way to make these for your home or even for gifts. Simple,easy and very cheap to make. Nice tutorial.

This is a really cool idea and it seems like a very customuzable idea. I like some of tge comments suggestions about using photos. and another person said to put cork inbetween it to make it absorbent. I honestly wouldn't have thought of those ideas. I think most people probably have tons of old scratched up discs they could use for this. Thank you for this.

I am a beginner at most crafting so please forgive my question - but that is how I learn. When you say primer on the CD, what is the primer? Not sure what to buy to do this project. Also what do you think about using the suggestion of applying cork to make the coasters absorbent and how would that work with the Mod Podge and fabric? Thank you for your help.

Hi msme47! Primer is just a base coat of white paint applied to the CDs so that the details of the CD do not bleed through the fabric. As for using cork, this would be a cute idea! I would be worried, however, that the cork would soak up the water and cause the mod podge to lose its adhesive quality. You could possibly trace cork and attach it to the bottom of the craft to avoid scuffs to your tables. Thanks for reaching out. These were all great questions. Don't apologize for being a beginner. We love new crafters here at FaveCrafts. :) Happy Crafting! - Kaylee, Editor

I made some and I love the way they turned out. On front and back I used foam and old pics that I had. And then I made some with the grandbabies

very nice proget

too many steps for me, isn't there a simpler way. I have so many cds i'll never get done

To make them absorbent glue down a layer of sheet cork (it comes in a roll at the big box hardware stores for about $8). Not sure how gluing fabric plus the Mod Podge over it would affect the absorbency of the fabric but it's cheap enough that some experimenting wouldn't break the budget.

They look easy enough and very practical, I have several CDs and some pretty fabric so I'll give them a go.

To many steps for this project doable.

instead of using felt . i used craft foam . they have it in sheets that are 8 x 10 . and it dont slide across the table .

fabric gets wet, cork is a better solution.

Normally, you would be correct. The use of Modpodge will keep the fabric dry. The surface of the completed coaster would repel the water - and, at least in my home, the condensation would make as big a mess as not using a coaster... hence I will not make these coasters as the project is written.

i think they are very pretty, but coasters are made to absorb liquid from your drinking glass... these would not do that... how could you make them more absorbant?

This is a great project! I have a couple hundred CD's saved, just looking for fun projects to do with them (found a great Christmas ornament one recently) but these would be great little gifts. Question though...what is the purpose of the primer?

The primer just added a nice white surface to the CDs. Otherwise the edges of the CDs would be silver. You could use white paint as an alternative :)

Thanks ladies! Just FYI I have been using these like crazy and they are working great!

o my got so many cd that are just right for this

I think this is a great project. Can't wait to try it. I have so many unwanted CD's.

Hmm, I have thrown out so many CDRoms left over from Windows 3:1. This would have been a fun project .


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