Wine Bottle Crafts: 30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles


Wine Bottle Crafts: 30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

This collection of empty wine bottle decoration ideas will absolutely inspire your creativity.


30 Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

Instead of tossing those old wine bottles, use them in a variety of wine bottle crafts. You can create lamps, decorative vases, and hurricanes, and there are many other things to make with wine bottles. Don't forget to save the corks, too!

This list of 30+ Things to Do with Old Wine Bottles is full of clever, chic, and just plain stunning. You'll adore them almost as much as the wine that comes in the bottles. From DIY home décor ideas to surprisingly simple organizers, these pretty DIY crafts are the wine bottle craft ideas you have been looking for! If you do not have any bottles to use now, simply bookmark or pin this collection for later.

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Top 10 Ideas for Wine Bottle Crafts

How can you actually use them?

Faux Dichroic Glass Recycled Bottle

Give your old wine bottles a unexpected look. The fancy bottle can be used to store homemade oils or vinegars, or you can display it as a decorative vase. If you're looking for things to do with old wine bottles, this is the perfect project.

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Tuscan Lights Candlesticks

Cut off the top and bottom of a wine bottle to create candle “hurricanes.” Use a bit of wire to create a holder for a tea light or small pillar candle. If you're looking for more things to do with old wine bottles, you can even make these Tuscan Lights Candlesticks.

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Extraordinary Vase Craft With Recycled Glass

After washing and removing labels, fill the empty bottle with bulk dishwashing liquid or a few stems of silk flowers, as seen here.

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Beaded Glass Votive Candle Holder

Turn wine bottles into drinking glasses or these beaded votives. Flat-bottomed bottles of certain white wine varieties or Bordeaux wines are best for making drinking glasses. You can even add etched monograms for that extra-classy touch.

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Recycled Bottle Lamps

Turn an empty wine bottle into a Recycled Bottle Lamp. To do this, you need a 1/2-inch glass, tile drill bit or diamond bit, and a string of mini lights. Lay the clean and dry bottle on a cloth.

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Wine Bottle Herb Garden

Use wine bottles to create garden edges. Bury upside down about halfway up or further. For another garden idea, learn about the great Southern tradition of bottle trees.

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Faux Sea Glass Bottle

Fill with layers of colored sand and set on a windowsill to recall the beach.

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Etched Vanilla Jar

Use as decorative containers for flavored olive oils, such as by adding dried chilies, sun dried tomatoes, dried basil, or rosemary. You can purchase a plastic pour spout for the bottle top.

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Chalkboard Paint Bottles

Create your own Chalkboard Paint Bottles and write inspiring words or phrases on each one.

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Green Pendant Wind Chime

Turn an old wine bottle into a Green Pendant Wind Chime. You can use the spout or simply cut off the bottom of the wine bottle and use a shell or other weight for the chime.

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More Wine Bottle Crafts

But that's not all: If you liked our top 10 ideas for wine bottle crafts, you'll love these bonus projects. It can be difficult to figure out what to do with empty wine bottles, but that's where these eco-friendly and inexpensive wine bottle decorations handmade come in. Check out these easy tutorials and make some crafts for home, garden, parties, and more.

Snowball Wine Bottle Vases

You'll turn something destined for the recycling bin into a gorgeous and dramatic centerpiece, perfect for holiday parties.

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Decoupaged Mosaic Wine Bottle

Change the look of your space with an upcycled glass bottle. It's never been easier to go green - simply create a Decoupaged Mosaic Wine Bottle using scrapbook paper and an empty glass bottle. As you'll see from this project, glass bottle craft ideas are anything but trashy.

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Tuscan Grapes Wine Bottle

Bring the feel of the "old country" into your home with this Tuscan inspired wine bottle craft. Recycle an empty wine bottle and turn it into a beautiful decoration with these free tole painting patterns.

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Tissue Wine Bottle Vases

Turn old wine bottles into decorative vases using pretty patterned tissue paper. All you have to do to make this wine bottle craft is decoupage! Check out these fun projects with wine bottles.

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Illuminated Wine Bottle

Create a lovely ambiance with this Illuminated Wine Bottle project.  Wine bottle craft ideas like this are great for centerpieces or adding a soft light to a bathroom or bedroom.  Use different colored stones for a neat lighting effect.  

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Candy Corn Wine Bottle Craft

- Such a trendy and unique idea! This project is a great way to recycle old bottles into adorable decorations for your home.

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Wine Bottle Topiary

Wine bottle craft projects make great conversation pieces, and this one is no exception!  Use it as your centerpiece for your next wine tasting or dinner party!

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Hemp Wrapped Wine Bottle

This hemp wrapped wine bottle is one of the coolest, easiest things to make with wine bottles. Recycle your empty bottles into stylish home decor using little more than glue and hemp cording.

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Beachside Votive

These glass votive holders are easy to make and also make great party favors for a beach-themed candles are great at keeping bugs away!

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Wine Bottle Candle Shelter

Wine bottle crafts are great for Earth Day and make fun and unique gifts for all your friends.  A simple candle makes this a beautiful decoration for inside or out!

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Wine Bottle Pendant Necklace

You can transform a broken piece of glass into an amazing pendant in a few easy steps.  Perfect for using with wine bottles or beer bottles, this lovely and thrifty pendant necklace is a budget-friendly way to jazz up your accessory collection.

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Stars and Stripes Wine Bottle Centerpiece

- Reader fave. Click to see why. This Independence Day, decorate your table with a Stars and Stripes Wine Bottle Centerpiece. It will look cute and patriotic, and it will also be unique amongst other people's store bought decorations.

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Old Textured Beach Bottles

Recycling is so important, which is why wine bottle crafts are always wonderful things to create. These Old Textured Beach Bottles are a great way to get crafty while helping the environment. Without a doubt, crafts with wine bottles are some of the best craft ideas around. 

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I Heart Wine Bottle Stopper

Handmade wine stoppers like this make great gifts and are a fun way to present your favorite bottle of wine!  Make one for your Valentine, too!

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Wine Bottle DIY Christmas Decor

Add the Wine Bottle DIY Christmas Décor to your mantle, Christmas dinner tablescape, entryway, or any other spot in your space that needs a hint of holiday glam.

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Love Letter Bottles

- Hello, garden! Looking for a fun upcycled craft to make from old glass bottles? Create Love Letter Bottles. This is a fun way to show someone you care! Get creative and write inspiring notes to loved ones. 

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Wine Bottle Herb Garden

Transform old wine bottles into cute herb gardens.  This Wine Bottle Herb Garden is a great project for all you green crafters out there, and is a fun and clever way to add some decor and style to your back yard.  Plant one herb per wine bottle to prevent overcrowding and give your herbs plenty of room to grow.  

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DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Wedding planning can be overwhelming and rather expensive. If you are planning on a budget or you just want personalized centerpieces at your reception, try making this DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece. 

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Upcycled Looking Glass Wine Bottles

Upcycle empty wine bottles with this easy craft idea: Upcycled Looking Glass Wine Bottles. Your wine bottles can become gorgeous decorations with some looking glass paint. This free craft is simple and only involves a few materials, some of which you can find around your house. 

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Customizable Wine Bottle Crafts

Are you a wine lover? Reuse your special bottles and turn them into fun vases. This tutorial shows two ways to make recycled bottle vases that can be personalized with words and pictures. This is a craft that kids love to be involved in and is a great gift to mothers and grandmothers from little ones!

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Free Printable Teacher's Appreciation Gift Idea

What better way to say "thank you" to a teacher at the end of the school year than with a little wine present? This free wine label printable makes an easy, yet memorable DIY teacher appreciation gift and is as easy at printing and trimming the free label and glueing it to a wine bottle. 

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Meow-velous Wine Bottle Craft

My friend mentioned there were wine bottles shaped like cats - I had to track one down & decorate it to put on my coffee table. It's so cute! This was an easy project once you figure out how to use the adhesive. 

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Citronella Wine Bottle Crafts

Repelling bugs and chasing away mosquitos is an essential for any outdoor summer party. Sometimes, however, it is not pretty. From smelly bug sprays to gaudy tiki torches and candles, sometimes battling bugs means sacrificing your style. 

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Easy Decoupage Wine Bottles

Get your home ready for a fabulous dinner party with these Easy Decoupage Wine Bottles. This decoupage project is a simple way to transform used wine bottles into ornate decorations. It's very inexpensive, and this decoupage idea can add an atmosphere of class and elegance to your decor. 

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Crafts with Corks

Wait, there's more! Now that you've made some fabulous crafts out of wine bottles, what should you do with the corks you've been saving? These DIY cork projects can be just for fun or totally useful, depending on your needs. You can use wine corks to make pieces of home decor as well as everyday items like keychains. Once you've tried some of these cute crafts with corks, you'll start collecting these bottle stoppers in earnest.

Wine Cork Board

Wine corks are not an entirely sustainable resource, making it a shame to throw them away. Reuse and repurpose your corks into something you will actually use.

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Cork Tree Ornaments

Reuse those old corks to make your own Cork Tree Ornaments from Andrea Currie. This homemade Christmas ornament looks great on any tree.

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Wine Cork Keychains

Repurpose an old wine cork into a personalized and stylish keychain with these crafts from wine bottles and corks. You can easily create a large batch to use as wedding favors, stocking stuffers, and more.

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Beaded Wine Cork Keychains

If you like to make crafts from wine bottles, make something from the corks too! These beaded wine cork keychains are adorable and thrifty, and you can customize them by switching out the beads.

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Wine Cork Balls

Who knew you could create an expensive looking decorative accent using old wine corks? If you're looking for things to make with wine bottles and corks, check out these wine cork balls!

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Succulent Wine Cork Planter Magnets

If you've run out of vases but want to create an indoor garden, make some Succulent Wine Cork Planter Magnets. Crafts with wine corks are a great way to use items you already have in your trash bin. 

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Quirky Cork Wedding Favors

Wine and weddings go together like peas and carrots. Set the tone by making these quirky cork wedding favors for your guests to use as keychains. Wine bottle crafts are fun because you have to drink wine first!

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Coaster Wine Cork Crafts

These DIY Cork Coasters are an easy and fun eco-friendly way to turn your love for wine into awesome coasters that will protect your countertop in style.

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Poppy Wine Cork Painting

Whether you want to make your own stunning wall art or are on the hunt for painting activities for kids, this Poppy Wine Cork Painting technique is an excellent way to spend an afternoon. 

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Cork DIY Photo Clips

Create a place to display your photos while upcycling your wine corks with these Cork DIY Photo Clips. You can either use the wine corks as they are or dye them to match your room. 

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DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

This wine cork pumpkin tutorial is not only easy and fun but a great way to use up some recycled wine corks. A perfect addition to your Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving home decor!

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Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Reindeer

If you have wine corks and twigs from your yard, you can make these teeny tiny wine cork reindeer. Add a hook to hang on your Christmas tree, make a few to march across your mantle, attach them as toppers to gifts.

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28 Whimsical Wine Cork Crafts

Create cute, budget-friendly ideas for your home, friends, and even the holidays. Whimsical Wine Cork Crafts is full of unique recycled crafts for adults that make drinking wine even more enjoyable.

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Perfect. I love the way wine bottles look and always want to save them, but don't want them just sitting around. Now I can make them even more beautiful!

I should probably just print this and leave it on my fridge so I remember not to throw away the bottles!

Well, this looks like the perfect excuse to drink more wine! I do need a couple of vases around the house. Also, those wine cork projects are simply divine. Now, I know to save my corks, too!

Why recycle wine bottles when you can upcycle them? This would be a great girls night in idea!

The flower vase is a really great idea, especially for someone who isn't super crafty like me!

These would be great to give to little's for a sorority.

Love the cork crafts! Those look like great ideas to introduce the wine theme a little more subtly.

No matter what you do with empty wine bottles, they always look like empty wine bottles, NOT crafts or artwork. It makes it look like a bunch of winos live there with nothing better to do than use empty wine bottles to make junk.

Hey I got a great video showing how to easily remove labels and glue residue here:

I made an elegant lamp using a liqueur bottle. It's amazing what can be made from every day items! Here is the link to the project:

I started to crochet whimsical covers for wine bottles and thought I was the only one doing something like it until I received two sweaters for MAKERS MARK bottles we are Ambassadors for the company Now I am having fun doing diff themes colors for the bottles Incidentially our neighbors safe their bottles for me we do not drink I make the 'black' family Father Mother and children with black sndf white yarn I make the 'red' family I also glue eyes on them or attach things I find at the 'hair' display of my store WALGREENS etc for the 'top' I found diff things such as door knobs anything that will fit onto the bottle for BAYLES IRISH CREME I found green yarn and clover the hats I make from green yarn I crochet the 'tommy' of the bottle really 'thick' there is nothing you can not do to theRead More bottles You can also leave the cork on the bottle and glue 'hair' to it Chris Baltruschat

Would love to see some of your pictures!

Selecting a wine bottle could be a very challenging task. The right bottle of wine is essential for any kind of social dinner. Consider personal preference, of course. Another aspect to consider though is the meals. You might want to try wine pairing. This is when the flavor profile of the food is complimented by the taste profile that the wine has. One strategy is to pick a wine that has comparable characteristics as the meals, so that they go well together. The other strategy is to have contradicting profiles, so that the wine can balance the food, and vice versa. Pairing wine with food is not an exact science, however, you will find some things that should be looked at when choosing a bottle of wine.

before and after pictures would be appreciated!

My father used to have a garden and all the beds were bordered with old bottles the way described here. As a kid I didn't appreciate it much, but now I love the memories of all the colors and the irregular lines.

Hello, etjada, My Father did the same, but nt for borders. He placed the bottles into the ground to deter the ground hogs. Supp.when the wind was 'blowing' into the bottles it made a sound, the ground hogs did not like it...and left the area. He broke the botles in two halfs for that. They have to be put all the way in, so that noone gets hurt stepping on them. To be honest: I don;t know if it worked, and he is gone now, so I can not ask him. Bu he was from the 'country' and I think he knew what he was doing. (he also lived in Germany) Chris B.

For idea 2 With all the new LED light sets around these days , the bottles won't even get over heated by the lights any more AND they will use less electricity! Cool ! I even have a battery powered set of LED's.

Recycled leather belt bracelets link doesn't work.

Try this: The link *still* doesn't work (after 2 years), but it just was missing the "ct/1" at the end. Since the wine bottle link also has a "ct/1" at the end, I would guess that if you find another link that doesn't work, add that to the end and see if it works!


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