Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers


Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers

Made from painted toilet paper rolls, these colorful sunflowers are a great way to decorate your wall.  The great thing about this design is that you can make these Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers as big or as small as you like, and they're great decor for a bathroom or bedroom. Toilet paper roll crafts are a great way to save on supplies and use what you have. In fact, people won't believe you used them for this project. If you want to add a whimsical touch to plain walls, this is the perfect DIY project.

Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers Toilet Paper Roll Crafts



14 Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas



These Toilet Paper Roll Sunflowers are awesome, but they aren't the only way to craft with toilet paper rolls. The projects feature in our free downloadable eBook, 14 Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas are unexpected and unique. Learn how to create crafts for Christmas, jewelry and so much more.





  1. Measure the space where you want your flower to be.  You’ll need to know how wide your space is so you know how large to make your flower.  For me, my flower has to fit in a 24” space.
  2. Next I’m going to cut up all my toilet paper rolls.  The amount you need will depend on how big your flower is.  For a flower about 24” wide, I used 7 toilet paper rolls and 1 paper towel roll.  One toilet paper roll should yield you anywhere from 14-16 petals.
  3. To make your petals, flatten your toilet paper roll.
  4. Cut slices about ½ inch wide.  It’s helpful to build your flower as you cut so you don’t cut extra toilet paper rolls that you can use later on!

    toilet paper roll sunflower
  5. Here’s my flower so far.  I also have some extra petals just in case.  Make sure you take a picture of your design so you have something to refer to when it’s time to assemble your flower.

    toilet paper roll sunflower
  1. I like to paint my petals after I’ve cut them…that way I can paint the cut part of the paper as well.  If you’d rather paint the rolls before you cut them, go right ahead.  Either way will work.
  2. To paint my petals, I turn 2 coffee cups upside down and tape a long knitting needle to the bottom of the cups.  After I paint a petal, I put it on the needle to dry.  The paint washes off the needle with soap and water, but if you’re worried about your needles, you could also use a stick, rod, or pencil to dry your petals.

    toilet paper roll sunflower
  3. Once your petals are dry, you can start gluing them together.  With a hot glue gun, add a little dab of glue to one side of the petal and begin creating the inside of your flower.

    toilet paper roll sunflower

    toilet paper roll sunflower
  4. You can then begin gluing petals between the spaces of your starter flower until it’s as big as you want it to be.

    toilet paper roll sunflower

    toilet paper roll sunflower
  5. As I began gluing, I decided to make 5 different flowers rather than one large one.


Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls


Let's face it - everyone has toilet paper rolls on hand. Now is the time to use them to create some eye-catching toilet paper roll crafts. Check out this (free!) collection of 50+ Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls for even more great ideas for using up those cardboard tubes. We even have ideas from readers just like you - you won't believe what they came up with.





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Wow Becky Sue I love your idea of using scrapbook paper on the roll before cutting instead of paint. It will give it a textured look. All you have to do is add mod podge on roll and put paper down and put more mod podge on top. You can even use up scraps. This willlook so cool on a canvas board in any room. This can make a great gift idea too. You do not even have to tell it is a toilet paper roll. This will give a 3-D look and so fast and easy.

This is probably one of the most ingenius crafting ideas for recycling or repurposing that I have ever seen. The only thing is, you most likely do not have a vast number of toilet paper and paper towel rolls already in your house unless you have a family of 20! You will have to save them up. Fun idea to pass the time. Great decor idea.

I made several of these flower designs in the past. I love how they turn out because you can take something so simple and make it beautiful and fun. I really love the one where you can make a gate that looks like you can open it with toilet paper rolls.

I love this idea it is so cool! I am always amazed the imagination and creativity in this group. I've started collecting my toil rolls, can't wait to make some. I'm thinking spray paint with a metallic gold or silver paint.

These are simple but so pretty. A great decor idea.

I love this idea. Do you find that the bigger designs lose shape as they hang over time because of the weight? Do you need to add extra support?

Here's a tip I thought of to make them even more interesting without painting Wrap the toilet paper tubes with a sheet of scrapbooking paper first before cutting! Scrapbook paper is so beautiful but I never have enough uses for it.

A little less creative, but for all of my fellow, "Hmmm, what can I do with these?" And my fellow, "Oh look, there are six left..." I used these cut in half, in a box as dividers for some ornaments whose box had been somewhat demised over the decades! I keep a few paper towel rolls handy near the toilet, for obvious reasons, which obviously don't involve flushing afterwards! But if it's a minor challenge you are facing, it is easy to then toss, w/out hassling Mr SPLASH! and then having to clean it, etc! This project does look like fun though! (But if you are doing the kitchen pieces? I'd spray w/hydrogen peroxide and hang to dry first!)

How can I post tutorials like this one? I mean step by step and also with pictures?

Hi there! If you'd like to submit your own projects, you can do so here ---> Thanks! Julia from FaveCrafts

Thank you for reassuring me that I am not alone, and good luck on THIS part of your next project! )

I can't wait to try and make these flowers. They look really neat and I can think of fun things to do with them already.

I also would assemble before painting...then dip the edge in GLITTER! Yes :-)

Hi bbqsmileyface--Thanks for the comment! LOVE the glitter idea! Let us know how it goes! We'd love to see a picture! :) FaveCrafts Editors

This looks interesting to make but only thing I would do differently would be to assemble the whole flower, and when done gluing, etc, I would spray paint the whole thing according to my so much time I would think.

Hi ssgranny2--Thanks for the comment! Yeah, that would be a great idea! Give it a try and let us know how it goes!--FaveCrafts Editors

This is awesome. Beautiful.

ONE more thing on my to do list. LOVE IT THanks

These are so cute!! I love using toilet tissue and paper towel holders. So many FUN things to do with them. I have made bracelet holders using them, snowflakes, flowers and even mummy candy containers. Like I many fun things. Smiles, Regina

Sorry, I didn't mean to send the message three times!! lol

Could someone please let me know what sort of paint to use when making the toilet roll sunflowers. They look great and I'd love to have a go at making one. Thanks.

Hi can do so many things besides paint them. They look great wrapped on fabric or yarn too. When I do paint them, I use acrylic paints. I paint the roll before I cut it. Hope that helps. _ Smiles, Regina

I would love to make some of these, they look great, but I'm not sure what sort of paint to use? Could some one let know, please?

Acrylic should work well. It is water based & dries quickly.

Could someone tell me what sort of paint you use for this craft. They look great and I'd love to have a go at making one. Thanks.

It would be nice if I could view a few of those flowers when they are all done. I will do this br Adelebr br

after you paint the petals how do you put them on the needle since you have it taped down, sorry i am not following. thank you

Hi there _ I have made lots of things using toilet tissue holders. It's easier if you're going to paint them to paint the whole roll before cutting out your petals. I take a wire coat hanger and untwist the hook part at the top. Then slide a few rolls on it, twist the hook part back enough so that I can hang it up where nothing is touching the wet rolls. You can also take two cans and put a ruler on top of them. Space them out so that you can slide a roll or two on the ruler so they can dry. You can also wrap the petals in fabric or yarn too for a different effect. Smiles, Regina

Paper towel rolls are the same size and toilet paper plus you get more on a roll. I think this is a great idea. I love it.

Love the idea. I've been thinking about how to do mine and this is what I've come up with; Sunflower (right?) so paint the center dark brown or black depending on the size of your center, and idea #2 is I'm going to cut my "petals" with pinking shears to give it that POP and in memory of my mom who was always proud of the things I made, especially my crochet projects. They were her scissors! I love you momma and miss you it hardly seems like 2 years already. Thanks for everything.

What a brilliant Idea. I knit, crochet and sew mostly. but I do like that idea. I reckon if you were to glue the made flowers onto a backing, they would make nice placemats too, or dish stands. If you didn't back them with anything they could then be disposable mats.

I have made enough to almost fill a wall. i am giving them away to family and friends. I have made 4 different sizes and used the colors according to their (family and friends) color likes and wall colors. This has been an easy and fun project. i even had one family member request one set for her living room. I had already planned on giving her a set. I even used metallic paint. Turned out to be beautiful design.

can you post photos of metallic ones. we would love to see them.

Wow! This looks so cool! I'm going to try this, but will start off small and see how it comes out. BTW, did one of my friends tell you about my stash of "junk/craft surplus" that I hide/hoard very cleverly out of sight? Just for that I won't surprise them with a "toilet" gift! ;-)

Great idea, but what did you use to cut the rolls with? Every time I try using scissors I end up cutting crooked!

I marked 1/2" with ruler then drew lines. Use a pencil. then painted after cutting. I also tried to paint before and after cutting. Have to do clean up painting if Painting before cutting. Either way mine cut with curves in them but still don't look too bad.

Love this idea, flowers for little girls room. Cant wait do so one

I think its a great, always looking for any trash to treasures...

I love the look of it and not too hard. Spray paint or hand paint?

there is hand paint in the picture, but i'm certain you can just spray paint. :)

saved a bunch of t'paper rolls, always had a feeling it will come in handy... am so happy with this project it's really beautiful and perfect... must diy

I never thought toilet paper could be so beautiful. ive used it before in crafts but i never seen it done like this before, its a brilliant idea. I am so going to try it.

This is such a cool idea! I'm going to start saving paper rolls asap!

I am in the middle of making mine. The craft paint I am using is very flat. So I added a coat of satin varnish. Since this is so time consuming, I think I am going to try and spray paint the next ones. I am going to make several sets of flowers for my family. And I like the idea of painting the center a darker color. Love all the ideas. Thanks Melissa. Keep crafting, Wanda R.


This is a great classroom craft, at no cost for parents ( always makes them happy)

was looking for something for my daughter's room....brilliant!!!

I love it. I spray painted my flowers, AFTER I used the glue and then the glue wasn't noticable.

what type of paint do we use for this??? Sorry I am new to crafting :D

Any brand and color of Acrylic paint will do!

yup, any brand will do!

How do you attach the finished flower to the wall?? Thanks

I attached it with a little thumb tac. I just rest one of the "petals" on the thumb tac. The flowers don't weigh much, so you can hang them without damaging your walls.

This is so nice and can be dressed up with just a little thought. Thanks I will use this w/grandson and Church group!!

Fabulous darling another great idea for my two bags of TP & PT rolls For years I have designed tube towns. I'm getting excited now! Thank you.

I love this idea!!! I have sunflowers all over my house and cannot wait to try this project!!!

I am a sunflower lover, this is next on my craft list!

Nice idea! I attempted the petal painting and decided to spray paint mine after construction. It worked very well and was much faster.


Mellissa, this is so great! Everytime I go to throw away an empty toilet paper holder , I always hesitate knowing that there must be someway to recycle it. These flowers are so pretty and now the ideas are flowing in my head. The colors and sizes and Im looking forward to making these with my grandkids. This is a wonderful way to recycle. I LOVE it. Thanks so much, You rock, Judy

Aww! Thanks, Judy! So glad you enjoyed the project!

good...and offcourse cool

I think they look more like Zennias than sunflowers. Cute idea though and cheap to.

I think it would be even cuter if you paint the center 6 petals in a dark brown or black so it would look more like a sunflower. I may try this with the T.P. rolls I've been collecting.

great idea! We'd love to see a pic on our facebook page! :)

Oh wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Such a deal! This is a very creative and clever idea, and I'm going to make some. Thank you so much for sharing, and for proving that we can make use of almost anything!

have been trying to think of ways to use the old rolls I love your idea will be trying it, I think the kids will love it to thanks :)


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