177 DIY Wreath Ideas: Make Wreaths for All Occasions


177 DIY Wreath Ideas: Make Wreaths for All Occasions

Learn how to make a wreath of your choosing with our complete collection of wreath crafts.

Why do we make wreaths? Decorative wreaths date back to the ancient Etruscans and Grecians and represented Greek myths, royalty, honor, status, and more. Over time, wreaths appeared for occasions like Advent, funerals, memorials, and many other holidays and celebrations.

With such a rich ancient history, who wouldn't want to have a wreath for every occasion? These beautiful DIY wreath ideas are organized below by season, holiday, type of material, and all occasion ideas. As a special bonus, we have a section on making wreaths with video tutorials.

If you're a visual learner, you'll love watching tutorials like the one for this beautiful, Easy DIY Fall Wreath.

How to Make a Wreath: Basic Materials

How to Make a Wreath Infographic

Wreath Forms

Styrofoam: Best used for covering wreaths entirely with another craft material like foliage, felt, or more.

Grapevine: This is a great option to cover the wreath partway with florals and greenery.

Straw: Great for fall wreaths, this wreath form can be decorated partially so the straw shows and becomes a key component.

Wire Box Style: Basic wreath form for completing a wide variety of wreaths, as seen in this article from marthastewart.com. The structure makes placement of ribbon and other embellishments easy.

Wire Hanger: Stretch a standard wire hanger into a circular shape and you have both a form and wreath hanger in one.


These can be almost anything! Common wreath adornments include foliage, garlands, ribbon, and silk flowers. Less common options are paper, natural materials like pine cones, recycled materials, yarn, holiday picks, and more.

Wreath Hangers

Over the Door: These are common hooks for use on the front door.

Magnetic: Great for hanging your wreath exactly where you want it on the front door.

Ribbon: Wrap matching ribbon around the wreath and hang it from any height.

You can also make a DIY wreath hanger by shaping wire, as seen in this article from save-on-crafts.com. This option allows you to hide the wire loop behind the wreath, then hang it on a nail on the wall.

How to Make a Wreath: Basic Construction

Wood Slice Wreath

1. Choose your wreath form. Wire wreath forms allow the most versatility, while straw, foam, or grapevine wreaths give you a fuller and sometimes rounder base to start off with. Choose your aesthetic!

2. Add your base adornment. For most wreaths, this will be some form of evergreen or silk greenery. You can wrap a garland of silk leaves around a round base like a Styrofoam wreath form, or you can wire wrap evergreen trimmings to the wire wreath form. Another option is pinning leaves around a straw or foam wreath base. The wreath making world is your oyster!

3. Add additional adornments. This can include silk flowers, additional forms of greenery, sparkly Christmas picks, ribbons, nature materials like pine cones, feathers, ball ornaments, and more.

4. Add a wreath hanger. Decide if you want to hang your wreath with a hook, ribbon, or on a nail in the wall. For the former options, you do not need to construct a wreath hanger, but if you hang your wreath on a nail, you'll want to make a wire loop on the back of the wreath to hang it.

Wreaths by Season

How to Make a Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath Ideas

Mini Terra Cotta Pot Wreath

Wreaths for spring are so lovely. As the cold weather ebbs away, warm weather is celebrated with flowers and soft pastel colors. Add a touch of brightness to your door with these DIY wreaths for spring.

"For me, creating wreaths is a great form of self-expression. You can craft a wreath with just about any material, often using items you may already have around the home. It allows your creativity to shine and can reflect the design style of your home, whether that be more traditional to wild and wacky! I love decorating my front entrance with a DIY wreath and it's an easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home." -Victoria Hannley, dazzlewhilefrazzled.com

Summer Wreaths to Make

Summer Swimsuit Wreath

With fewer holidays in the summer, wreath making ideas can be harder to come by. But never fear! Adorable ideas like this Summer Swimsuit Wreath can keep your door festive even in the off season. Bright florals, beachy projects, and more will inspire you to make a DIY wreath you'll look forward to putting up each summer.

Make a Fall Wreath

Fall Burlap Wreath

Can we talk about how fantastic the season of fall is? There are so many exciting holidays and happenings in fall, like back to school season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and stirrings of that excitement for Christmas and other winter holidays. Celebrate and make a fall wreath for the front door. Fall wreath decorations and other DIY fall decor help the entire home feel ready for that coziest of seasons.

Winter Wreath Ideas

Snowflake Puzzle DIY Wreath

Snow makes everything more magical, and thankfully many of these winter wreath ideas are inspired by it! Make a variety of winter wreaths, from snowflakes to snowmen to so much more. Some of these wreaths are simply made in winter colors like blue and white and silver, while other wreaths feature winter icons like snowmen. These winter decor ideas will help your home feel like an absolute wonderland.

DIY Holiday Wreaths

Dollar Store Ornament Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

Easy DIY Valentine's Wreath

It's amazing how many Valentine's Day wreath ideas are out there! Compiled below are a few of our favorites. Find all manner of traditional red and pink heart-filled wreaths, and also find some modern variations. There are some excellent upcycling ideas below for valentine wreaths, and there are some great classics in this collection as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths

DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday that brings so much cheer to the month of March. March itself can be such a finicky month weather-wise that St. Patrick's Day is a welcome distraction! The greens and golds of these St. Patrick's Day wreaths remind us that spring truly isn't too far away. A decorated wreath makes a holiday feel all the more festive!

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Bunny DIY Wreath

Make an Easter wreath that will become a staple on your door for years to come. It's easy to make a spring wreath that will stay on your door all season, but you can be extra festive with these Easter wreath ideas. Decorate your door with welcome wreaths for every occasion! DIY Easter decorations like wreaths and bunnies give the home such spirit when there is so much to celebrate.

Patriotic Wreaths to Make

Ahoy America DIY Wreath

Patriotic wreaths aren't just for Independence Day! They are fantastic for many additional occasions like Memorial Day, Labor Day, President's Day, and more. Often patriotic wreaths look summery, so you can use them to decorate your door all season. You can also make a patriotic wreath to hang on your door year round. 

This Ahoy America DIY Wreath looks particularly summery with the anchor motif! Add a nautical element to your patriotic wreath with this tutorial, or follow any of the tutorials included below to add some red, white, and blue to your decor.

Bonus: Wreath Charities

Wreaths Across America

Speaking of patriotic wreaths, you can donate wreaths for patriotic causes. Learn more with the below quote from Wreaths Across America.

“Veteran wreaths are particularly meaningful, as seen in this video from national nonprofit Wreaths Across America. In it, Founder Morrill Worcester explains that each veteran wreath is made up of ten balsam bouquets, and each bouquet describes a special quality our veterans embody. They represent faith in God, love for one another, strength, integrity, ambition, and much more. The shape of the wreath, red bow, and even scent all carry special meaning for the veteran and for the group's mission, which is to Remember, Honor and Teach. Learn more at wreathsacrossamerica.org.”

DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Candy Corn Fabric Wreath

Halloween is a delightful occasion for decorating! There are so many spooky icons to choose from when it comes to designing and creating your Halloween wreaths. Create a candy corn themed wreath like this example, or choose any of your favorite Halloween monsters to inspire your next wreath. Ghosts, zombies, witches, oh my! Let Frankenstein inspire a green and purple wreath, or black cats make an appearance as appliques on your next project. Don't let Halloween pass you by without making a thrilling decoration.

How to Make Christmas Wreaths

Puzzle Piece DIY Wreath

There can never be too much inspiration when it comes to DIY Christmas wreaths. There are so many beautiful ways you can decorate your home for Christmas, and there are abundant ideas below! Make a country Christmas wreath for your rustic home, or try a vintage option made from tinsel. You can make a classic Christmas wreath will holly and berries, or you can try a completely unique recycled idea with materials like puzzle pieces, scarves, or Dollar Store Christmas baubles. Make a gorgeous new Christmas decoration for your door with these Christmas wreath tutorials.

Wreaths by Material

Classic Country Scrap Wreath

Knit and Crochet Wreath Ideas

Christmas Knitting Wreath

Whether your do it yourself Christmas wreaths are crafty or not, you have to admit that this knitting wreath is pretty fantastic. Learn how to include knit or crocheted elements in your next wreath craft. These wreaths are truly one-of-a-kind; it isn't often you'll find yarn wreaths in stores!

Making Wreaths with Mesh, Burlap, and Ribbon

Charming Burlap Wreath

Burlap and mesh wreath ideas are some of the most popular wreaths to make, but they can be quite finicky to master. With the selection of tutorials below, you'll find step-by-step instructions for how to make a mesh wreath and how to make a wreath with burlap.

Paper Wreath Ideas

Colorful Paper Wreath

Paper wreaths are simply lovely, and paper comes in so many designs and prints, making your design possibilities limitless.

"A lot of people find choosing a color palette for a wreath or DIY project overwhelming. There are several ways to make this task easier. You can choose multiple shades of the same color (for an ombre effect), or choose multiple colors near each other on the color wheel (for example, reds, oranges, and yellows, or blues, greens and purples). You can also find inspiration in nature, or in a piece of art or pottery that you really love!" -Linda Smith, burlapandblue.com

Recycled Craft Ideas for Wreaths

Actually Gorgeous Floral Beer Can Wreath

This floral wreath still blows my mind. Can you BELIEVE this wreath is made with beer cans? You can make the most amazing projects with recycled materials. For example, many of us have made plastic sandwich bag wreaths with wire hangers in grade school or with our kids. You can make wreaths with coffee filters, cupcake liners, puzzle pieces, pine cones, and so many more materials!

"It's amazing what you can make out of something you would just normally throw in the trash!" -Gail Griffin, plumperfectandme.com

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AH. Wreaths are slowly becoming my newest obsession. I kind of want to make them all, not gonna lie. That terra cotta pot one looks so pretty.

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Wow. I never imagined there could be so many DIY wreath ideas! When I was a kid, I made a wreath out of an old wire hanger, plastic bags, and ribbons. It was my favorite wreath (and so simple to make)!

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