Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath


Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath


Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath
Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath

This Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath is a beautiful home decor item for the fall.  It's easy to make and looks great hanging by a mantel or small table.  The cool neutral tones in this DIY wreath make it the perfect home decor item  for Thanksgiving or fall. Plus, the soft floral accents make this DIY home decor project perfect as an indoor or outdoor wreath! The best thing about this wreath is that you can have it out on display all season long.

If you've never tried crafting with coffee filters, you're in for a treat! No one would guess that this gorgeous wreath is made from such an inexpensive material as coffee filters. This is a great project to work on in front of the TV. Get through those final episodes of a TV show you've been dying to watch and make a beautiful wreath in the process.

Bonus: Find another fall wreath tutorial in the video below.

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Materials List

  • 200 Natural, unbleached filters
  • Cinnamon scented pine cones
  • Foam wreath
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire
  • Other embellishments (flowers, mini pumpkins, twine, etc)

Rustic Coffee Filter Wreath

DIY Wreath Instructions

  1. Fold a filter in half, pinch on the bottom, pull through your hand to make a flower.

  2. Flatten the bottom and glue to the wreath.  Star gluing from the centre row, and keep going around till you reach the outer edge.  Remember to leave the back FLAT.

  3. Wrap a wire around the top of your wreath before starting to glue the filters on.  It’s MUCH harder to work a wire through there later.  The wire will also come in handy when you want to hang the wreath before adding some of your finishing touches.  I always like to see it on the wall as I’m gluing my decorations on.

  4. I bought a few decorations from Michaels Craft Store.  This little bag contained cinnamon scented pine cones and 3 decorative pumpkins.

  5. I used a little bunch of cream coloured roses and cut all the stems down.

  6. And with a few more little additions, this wreath came together nicely.

  7. I wrapped some twine around the wire and topped with another pine cone. 

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I like the look of the peacock and pheasant feathers stuck in there. I don't see the pumpkins that she referenced in the instructions. I prefer the look without them anyway! You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination here. You know what would be cool, to dip dye the coffee filters in decorator colors. Would be very time consuming, though!

What! A wreath made out of coffee filters and a beautiful one at that. I would never know it. So very full and the decor is so pretty. I am needing this fall wreath. I love that you can add what you like for flowers or accessories. Why not make one for whoever house you go to for that thanksgiving feast as a thank you.

This is just beautiful. I like to use different wreaths during the year. Some seasonal and some for holidays. I think this would be beautiful for the Fall, right around Thanksgiving. Maybe make a matching arrangement for on the dinner table inside. It would tir things together very nicely. Thanks for sharing.

I cannot imagine making something so beautiful with simple coffee filters until I seen several versions of this wreath. I love yours the most because you chose such beautiful accents with the roses and such. I love that your wreath is so full of body and plump. It looks like a decoration that I would be proud to put on my door this fall. Thanks!

I cannot imagine making something so beautiful with simple coffee filters until I seen several versions of this wreath. I love yours the most because you chose such beautiful accents with the roses and such. I love that your wreath is so full of body and plump. It looks like a decoration that I would be proud to put on my door this fall. Thanks!

I thought the same thing! But then it looked so,lush and plush! I can't be,I've these are coffee filters! I could see leaving them with the vanilla tones, but also, an alternative would be to dip the, in some food coloring for a marbled color effect that would look cool if you wanted some color to complement your decor. Adding the flowers as she did looks great, and really, the sky's the limit with adding embellishments.... Buttons, sequins, marbles, even vintage sparkles jewelry pins would look smart on this wreath! Great project!

This surprised me! When I saw the title, without the picture, I decided to pass, but then I saw the picture, and I couldn't believe it was that very same coffee filter wreath! Exquisite! And inexpensive, too. this would look elegant in my entryway. Thanks!

I would never have believed that this is made from coffee filters! The ruffles look so nice, and the warm beige tones will be perfect for fall.

This fall wreath is beautiful as I love the fall I am going to make it,what a great ideaii.

I'm in process of making this fabulous wreath. I took it one step further by adding a white filter in the center of some of the unbleached filters to make it interesting BUT I also took a stamp pad and tipped the white filters to have an edge to them. I used a chalk stamp pad but any one, your choice of color would do. Just thought I'd add this to this project. Run with it!

Hi there - what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I'm wondering where you get unbleached coffee filters. Can you let me know. Thanks for the project. I can't wait to make it for my sister's century home.

Hi there, You can find unbleached coffee filters at stores like Walmart, Target and World Market. You can find them online on and Happy crafting! - Julia from FaveCrafts

If you haven't found your unbleached filters, go to the grocery store and see if they have them. That's where I found mine. FYI!

Thank you for all the amazing comments. I would like to stress that this is an INDOOR wreath. I don't think the coffee filters are able to handle any moisture at all without having issues with your glued on items. Please find the perfect spot in your home for this type of wreath. Mine graces my front entryway every fall. Thank you Lisa DeNardi

What size Foam wreath did you use, I whould really like to try and make this. I have a lot of family members who saw this and really liked it also. Thanks Colleen

this little wreath is a very cute idea for a project with my little neighbors to do for going in their windows before the holidays, I. think I'll go out to the craft store this week to get the stuff for them now that I'm more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker now. I'll check back with you after I get them together Thanks again Phila.,

I like the look but can you imagine how much dust it would collect? And impossible to clean! I am thinking of doing this but using unbleached muslin material cut in circles.

This is truly beautiful. Looks like something you would buy for seasonal decoration.

I wonder could you lightly spray the filters with an acrylic clear paint after you've glued them on. Would this help with the moisture problem. I would hang it also under the overhang of the house.

Could you hang this on an exterior door? or would the coffee filters pick up too much moisture and start sagging?

Wow! the wreath crafts keep getting better! I'm thrilled to death!

Love this! On my list to make!

great idea could u dye them with tea or food coloring can't wait to do this

I think this is genius. I want to do it but never saw any filters this color. Where can I buy them?

I get mine from Kroger.

I hate when nobody answers... I'm guessing about 12" (using the size of the newspaper or magazine behind the wreath on her table as a guide)

Obviously, it can be any size wreath you want...the directions say "foam wreath". The size is your choice.

very unique & versatile

need to know size of wreath that was used with 200 filters. Suppose you can make it any size you want.

I love this wreath. I will make the fall look, but I will also buy the bleached coffee filters and make one for Christmas with Christmas decorations. But, I also would like to know what size wreath to buy.

What size wreath do you buy?


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