Plastic Bag Wreath


Plastic Bag Wreath


Go Green with this great recycled Christmas craft. You can make this wreath using what you already have around the house - plastic bags! Follow these simple instructions to make the Wreath Made With Plastic Bags.  This is a fun and thrifty project that crafters of all ages will enjoy...and a great way to use up all those plastic bags once your holiday shopping is done! This Wreath Made with Plastic Bags will surely shock your guests when they discover that it is handmade.

Wreath Made With Plastic Bags


  • Wire 12 gauge strength
  • Plastic bags (about 20)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Miniature ornaments
  • Silver beading or cording


  1. Bend wire into a circle about 12" circle.
  2. Place bags in front of you.
  3. Cut 2" strips of plastic to tie around the wire form.
  4. Put all the strips around the wire until the wreath is full.
  5. Place miniature ornaments around the wreath with hot glue.
  6. Make a bow with silver beading and drape the rest of the cording around the wreath.




If you're looking for more decorations to make, you can learn How to Make a Mini Christmas Tree that will look adorable on any surface of the house.





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I remember making these every year in school when I was a child. We used to make them in our classroom for school plays, parade floats, and to decorate the school. Sometimes we even brought them home. This is such an easy and inexpensive craft to make, and it is a fun project to do with the kids. An even simpler way to do it, instead of using wire you have to cut, shape, and secure, is to use a wire coat hanger. That way you even have a hook to hang it up.

I live in Phoenix, AZ and unfortunately plastic grocery bags AREN'T recyclable, because they plug up the machine.

This is a oldie but goodie craft that I remember doing as a Girl Scouts way back. We made these out of 12" hoops that someone made out of coat hangers. They are so easy to make and look so cute. Who wouldn't want to recycle your plastic bags and have a nice looking wreath? The written directions don't tell you how long to cut the strips of plastic, but down in the comments she says to cut then about 2 1/2 inches long, but you can cut them as log as you wish. Thank you so much for sharing this free craft project.

Boy does this bring back memories. I use to make these 30 years ago. I had for gotten all about them. I made one for Halloween out of black bags and tissue ghosts. It came out great and afterward I could toss it without feeling badly. Thanks for awakening my memories.

I made these about 40 yrs ago with green plastic bags and some blue ones from laundromat then sprayed with hairspray and sprinkled glitter on them, they were beautiful.

Nanabiki you beat me to one of my suggestions Use a coat hanger and not those whimpy ones from the dry cleaners I've found that the hook tends to break off as you twist it into position My other suggestion is if you get the newspaper a lot of times they put them in plastic bags Sometimes colored I got lucky one year and for awhile they delivered in orange bags Woo-hoo I made a wreath for halloween I folded them in half lengthwise then folded each on accordion style and just made a small hole with a yarn needle to give it an easy start Then I just pushed the bags onto the coat hanger which had been previously untwisted and just kept putting them on until I felit was fluffy enough Then with the glue gun and and some heavy duty black thread drape the thread around to lookRead More like a spider's web Then for the spider I thought a golden spider I made a huge knot by wrapping some gold string I had around my fingers like I was making a sewing knot and pulled some leg pieces out and then glued one to the web in the middle and hung one down from the wreath Kids loved it and as they say sometimes less IS more Fasten the coat hanger

I have made these wreaths since I was about yrs old and this is how I do them I lay out a plastic garbage bag flat and unopened I also sometimes use green bags when I can find them but you can use any color you like I cut strips about an inch and a half wide and about - inches long the strips are doubled because I do not open the bag and cut so the wreath will get fuller as you go along Next all you do is tie each strip in a knot on the hanger and twist and fluff as you go along The trick is to push the knots tight together as you go and this will make a very bushy and real looking wreath the wreath in this picture is very sparse compared to how I make them but you can do them however youRead More wish Next use a glue gun to add your fave mini ornaments I would use artificial holly and leaves and a few shiny bulbs or bows But use whatever makes it yours It will take a lot of strips to make it fuller but this is a fun easy project to do by yourself or have your kids make I always got very nice complements from friends who thought it was store bought Hope this helps those who had questions about this project

Good pointers. However, I do like the idea of using up-cycled shopping bags as opposed to buying new trash bags for this purpose. Additionally, you can sometimes find pretty colors in shopping bags which would make pretty wreaths for seasons other than Christmas, too. Many stores use beige bages which might look like straw. Whichever you use, don't forget to recycled your wreath once you no longer use it.

@ronmetevier 9511207, I apologize, but all of our projects are user submitted. We suggest you try contacting the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. --Editor of FaveCrafts

Sometimes you do not put enough detail into your instructions & this is one of those times!! It's like we have to do trial & error to see what works 7 what your talking about! You did not address some of the questions of this...which I would like to know the answeres to also!

I made this wreath and to answer your question the strips are about 1.5" wide. They don't have to that exact measurement but I the wreath is full with those measurements with the 2 inch long strips and 1.5" wide strips.

The instructions direct to cut 2" strips. How wide and how long should each strip measure? Thanks

width 2 inches length 2 1/2 or 3 inches long.tie in a knot and just keep going decorate as u feel fit I used bells and pepermint candies and red and green bows gave them away for christmas gifts :) Candy

You can use a wire coat hanger.

do you tie each strip in a bow or just tie them on in a knot? Do you trim when wreath is complete? Thanks. I've been working on it. MJ

Genius is in the simple things!


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