101+ Free Beading Patterns


101+ Free Beading Patterns

Find beading patterns for beginners and advanced jewelry artists alike in this collection.


101 Free Beading Patterns

With this collection of free beading patterns, you can craft your own jewelry to match any outfit or make an impressive gift for any occasion.

You will find beadwork patterns for necklacesbracelets, holiday jewelry, and more. Skill levels range from beading patterns for beginners to advanced beading projects.

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Free Bracelet Beading Patterns

Nothing says creativity quite like beaded bracelet patterns. Whether you're new to the world of jewelry making or a total expert, you can't go wrong with a simple handmade bracelet.

Make a DIY bracelet for yourself and wear it every single day. You can also make a matching one for a friend and give it as a meaningful gift on a birthday or during the Christmas season. The great thing about making bracelets is that you can really make a huge variety and have one to wear with every outfit.

Shades of Pink Bracelet

This beautiful Shades of Pink Bracelet is an easy pattern to make for beginning jewelry makers.  With a variety of crystal beads, this beaded bracelet pattern is easy to wear with any outfit.

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Silver Splendor Bracelet

Wear this bauble when running errands or hitting the town. No matter how you wear this design, you're sure to make a huge impression on everyone you meet.

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Cluster Bracelet

This festive cluster bracelet is the perfect handmade gift to make this season. It's bright and flamboyant, so you can show that special someone how much you care.

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American Bead Bracelet

Red, white and blue furnace beads with sterling silver spacers create a lovely bracelet for the 4th of July. This bead craft project gives you a great way to show your American pride anytime.

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Super Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

This is a great DIY recycled craft to do with old beads on a cold and rainy afternoon, and are fun crafts for teenage girls. This is a fabulous stocking stuffer or last minute gift for a birthday too!

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Million Dollar Bead Bracelet

Create a Million Dollar Bead Bracelet to feel like (and save) a million dollars.

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Brass Flowers and Bees Bracelet

Bees and flowers in raw and antiqued brass alternate in this pretty bracelet perfect for summer. Get in touch with Mother Nature with this adorable accessory.

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Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory Wire Bracelet are not only simple to make, but so fun to wear. ​You can also make one and give it as a gift during the holiday season. This is a fabulous project for anyone who is about to head to a fancy event or party.

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Dutch Spiral Bracelet

Use seed beads to create this stunning spiral bracelet. The methods used to create this Dutch Spiral Bracelets are easy to understand - even beginners can create this crafty accessory!

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Bangle Bracelet

Choose your own beads and design a funky bangle bracelet. You can dress it up or down - it's completely up to you. Show off your style without breaking the bank. This holiday season, make one for yourself and give another as a gift.

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Amber Rose Bracelet

With colors of "Aztec Gold" and "Summer Russet," the homemade beads in this DIY bracelet really shine. And don't worry -- ​making clay jewelry is easier than you might think.

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Easy Beaded Bracelets

These easy patterns make great gifts at any time of year. Try this pattern in a variety of colors for your next birthday or celebration opportunity.

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Macrame Meteor Bracelet

Use the macrame tutorial from Rings & Things with step-by-step photos for help creating this colorful beaded macrame bracelet. You can also create a ring with the same technique. How cute!

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Daisy Chain Beaded Bracelet Pattern

If you want to learn how to make jewelry but need to take it easy, this Daisy Chain Beaded Bracelet Pattern is perfect for you. Learn how to make a cool bracelets that you can give to all of your friends. 

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Beaded Cuff Bloom Bracelet

This deceptively complex cuff bracelet uses multi-color cube glass beads and a roll of tiger tail wire to create a simply stunning accessory that you'll love to show off.

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DIY Pearl Bracelets in 2 Ways

Less is more in this simply elegant bracelet pattern. Pearls are in, and this handmade bracelet is a classy way to show off your sense of style!

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Bugle Bead Bracelet

This Bugle Bead Bracelet is easy to make and super stylish. Use this rich gold accessory to add some pizzaz to your ensemble.

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Stunning Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Looking for kids' craft ideas? Spend time with your little ones and learn how to make a bracelet with this Stunning Beaded Wrap Bracelet tutorial.

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DIY Wire Charm Bracelet

This DIY Wire Charm Bracelet is simple to create. You can personalize this bracelet design with different beads and charms. 

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Sunshine Yellow Beaded Bracelet Pattern

If you're looking to carry a ray of sunshine everywhere you go, wear that sunny trait literally on your sleeve with this Sunshine Yellow Beaded Bracelet Pattern!

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DIY Loom Seed Bead Bracelet

You do not need a brand new loom to create stunning seed bead designs. Learn how to make your own jewelry on your very own DIY loom when you check out this brilliant tutorial.

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Free Necklace Beading Patterns

Create standout necklaces! Give your creation to someone special in your life - they'll want to wear it forever. You can go back in time with a vintage pattern or fast forward with a futuristic design. Better yet, make one of each - a beaded necklace always makes a statement!

Colorful Love Necklace

This beautiful beaded necklace features heart-shape blown glass beads. This necklace would make a stylish Valentine's Day present for someone special.

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Blue Skies Necklace

This Blue Skies Necklace makes a great statement piece for almost any outfit.  With 2 different shades of blue beads, this DIY necklace is simple and quick to make.

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Colorful Bead and Knot Necklace

This Colorful Bead and Knot Necklace from Consumer Crafts is one of the easiest crafts you'll make this summer! It is light and airy, but also gives a plain outfit a colorful punch.

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Triton's Net Necklace Project

This spectacular necklace captures iridescent potato chip freshwater pearls and opalescent violet crystals in a diaphanous net of Beadalon™ silver color wire.

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Tee Shirt Beaded Necklace

This Tee Shirt Beaded Necklace is a great way to reuse an old tee shirt.  Add a little string of pearls to turn this necklace from drab to fab!

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Beaded Yarn DIY Necklace

This DIY jewelry tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create a unique long-layered necklace out of yarn and beads. 

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It's a Mod, Mod, World Beaded Necklace

Make a truly unique necklace with several colors of twisted wire and swirled beads.

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Sizzling Hot Beaded Necklace

Metallic red and glass lamp work beads help this Sizzling Hot Beaded Necklace stand out from the crowd.

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Jasper Donut Necklace

This beautiful beaded necklace features a prominent gemstone trillion donut. The four colors in the strand of the necklace pick up on the colors in the donut.

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Plaited Spiral Graduated Necklace

Make a beaded necklace like this to go with your little black dress or as an impressive gift for friends and family.

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Free Earring Beading Patterns

Make a big, bold statement with a pair of handmade earrings. Your accessories can be loud and wild or understated and elegant - it's up to you. Be sure your creation matches your style so you feel comfortable and confident when you wear them.

If you've never tried your hand at making earrings before, give it a whirl with any of these tutorials. Earrings are great practice for getting used to beading patterns because you have to make two of them!

Sparkle Flower Earrings

A new twist on an old technique: French beaded flowers wrap-around loops with Toho seed beads and CZ Gem Dropz make unique earrings.  Use the same technique to make a pin - or a pendant to create a matching necklace. You'll be surprised at how quickly these flowers bloom!

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Fairy Kiss Earrings

These precious Fairy Kiss Earrings are perfect for dressing up almost any outfit.  In a few simple steps, you can create these DIY bead earrings in any color you'd like!  Perfect for giving to friends, family, and even bridesmaids, these easy earrings can be worn over and over again and are simple enough for crafters of all skill levels.

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Bejeweled Drops

Create a gorgeous pair of earrings for any fancy occasion. Using Swarovski crystals and beaded rings you can have these earrings for yourself or to give as a gift. ​Once you learn how to make them, you will want to make a pair of earrings for each of your friends. 

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Chain Dangle Earrings

Light, slim & delicate, these earrings are a hit! Go classic with pearls or sparkle with crystals, a great valentine’s gift to give to yourself!

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Sassy Hot Pink Earrings

Make a huge statement with your own homemade Sassy Hot Pink Earrings. The shiny beads and dramatic design make this a true departure from other free earring patterns.

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Pink Passion Flower Earrings

These Pink Passion Flower earrings have a bit of 80s chic, which is so hot right now.

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Beaded Cross Earrings

These cross earrings are one of the simplest earring beading patterns, and they make a great gift for a religious friend or loved one.

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Elegant Earring Tutorial

The name says it all with this simple earring pattern. They prove that elegance does not have to be complicated.

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Roze en Paars Earring Tutorial

Make a statement with these colorful earrings that use mixed media to stand out even more.

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Brazilian Babe Chandeliers

Look extra stylish in these fashionable chandelier earrings! You'll be sure to turn heads.

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Cherry Dangle Earrings

Look like a professional jeweler with this simple and elegant dangle earrings project.

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Ooozey Does it Earrings

Turquoise plastic, mauve flowers and brass mesh combine in interesting, beaded earrings in this pattern.

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Starry Night Homemade Earrings

Day or night, you can shine bright with DIY jewelry ideas like this one.

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Springtime Gypsy Earrings

These Springtime Gypsy Earrings feature beautiful Swarovski crystals. If you want to look good but don't have to spend a ton of money at a fancy jewelry store or boutique, DIY jewelry patterns are just what you need. 

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Turquoise Breeze Earrings

Natural turquoise beads in irregular shapes compliment silver triangle beads in these delicate earrings that are fashionable and fun.

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Heart Lock and Key Earrings

Make and wear these stylish beaded earrings to a romantic meal or Valentine's Day celebration.

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Chandelier Earrings

These chandelier earrings are perfect for a night out on the town. Use your favorite crystals to create chandelier earrings with this easy technique that anyone can master.  

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Beaded DIY Gift Ideas

A beaded gift is such a fun idea for a birthday or during the holiday season. They are so much fun to make. Make rings, a suncatcher or even a bookmark - there are so many crafty ways to use beads. This year, say you care with any of these free beading patterns.

Ribbon Bookmark

Create a beautiful ribbon bookmark that you can use again and again. This beaded bookmark makes an easy homemade gift for any occasion. Whether or not you know how to make jewelry, you can make this pretty project and use it to mark a page in your favorite book.

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Beaded Wine Cork Keychains

If you like to make crafts from wine bottles, make something from the corks too! These beaded wine cork keychains are adorable and thrifty, and you can customize them by switching out the beads.

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Beaded Bobby Pins

Add some sparkle to your hairdo with these Beaded Bobby Pins.

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Key Holder Perler Bead Pattern

How cute! This handmade key holder is a great way to keep things organized.

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Beaded Hair Clip

Accessorize in a new way with this beautifully vibrant beaded hair clip.

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Coiled Wire Key Ring

Step out in style with this handmade key ring. It also makes a great gift!

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Beaded Book Thong

Use leftovers from your stash to create a beautiful beaded bookmark, perfect for the graduate headed to college or your bookworm friend.

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Beaded Suncatcher

This is a simple project that will add sparkle to a window or hang from a tree branch and watch it glisten.

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Beaded Heart Zipper Pull

For a quick and easy Valentine's Day gift, make this lovely beaded heart zipper pull. This zipper pull looks best against a solid, dark-colored background.

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Clip On Tassel

This versatile and decorative tassel is a wonderful project that can be used in a variety of ways. ​You can use it as a purse tassel, just clip it to the zipper or metal ring for instant embellishment.

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Beaded Bib Leash

Okay, it might sound odd, but what a great idea! Turn any ordinary washcloth or hand towel into a stylish bib. Just clip on, and you're ready to dine.

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Beaded Anklet Patterns

Beading patterns for anklets are perfect for summer and make great gifts for adults and little girls. Wear one with a pair of flip-flops and shorts when you hit the beach. Learn how to make jewelry that you can wear with a fancy dress or a casual swimsuit - anklets look good no matter what.

Silver Leaves Anklet

Made with bright red and turquoise beads, this Silver Leaves Anklet is perfect for any time of year.  You could wear it with a dress or use it to jazz up a simple jeans and tee ensemble.  Don't forget to make some for your friends, too!  If you'd rather not wear anklets, you could easily turn this pattern into a bracelet or necklace.

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Ocean Blue Anklet

This simple beaded anklet is perfect for a day at the beach.  Made with vibrant blue hues, this pattern will have you ready for summer in no time!  You could also wear this anklet as a bracelet if you prefer. If you have additional supplies left over, why not make a matching necklace or a pair of matching earrings? This simple pattern is great for beginners and is a fun way to jazz up your summer accessories.

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Rainbow Anklet

With this Rainbow Anklet, exposed wire and E beads combine to produce fun and fashionable results.

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Moon and Stars Anklet

Use different celestial charms to make a "Sun-sational" anklet. You'll be walking in style!

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Golden Summer Anklet

Show off a little this summer with this bright, golden summer anklet.

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Lacy Woven Anklet

Weave this fashionable anklet for you or a friend to add that special finishing touch to your outfit.

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Free Home Decor Beading Patterns

Change the way you look at beading patterns by adding some to your decor. Did you know you can create pillows, lamps and even coasters using beads? These projects can really change the look of your space and add a touch of sparkle.

Beaded Barbeque Skewers

These BBQ Skewers can be used on the barbeque and are dishwasher safe. These are also great for fruit kebobs – just cut chunks of fresh fruit, skewer them & chill until ready to eat! If you don't know how to make jewelry but really want to work with beads, this is the perfect project for you.

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Restyled Table

This metallic paint and beaded fringe puts a modern twist on an inexpensive garage sale find. This hand-painted table idea will get you inspired to restyle all of your furniture. Take your decor from drab to fab!

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Beaded Wine Glass Charms

This set of wine glass charms is ridiculously easy to make and can be personalized to fit any theme! Great as a hostess gift or for your own party. No more question as to whose wine is that, until the third glass that is!

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Bead Buster Garden Stake

Add some beautiful color to your garden with this Bead Buster Garden Stake.  Made with some colorful beads and an old wire hanger, this lovely garden ornament is a great way to add some color to your home before the flowers bloom.

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Embossed Glue Sun Burst

Bring some southwest decor into your home with this embossed glue sunburst project. Decor is better with a little color, afterall.

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Beaded Bottle

Recycle a bottle and adorn it with beads for a great decorating idea that will wow.

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Beaded Flower Pillow

Teens will love combining their new sewing skills with crafty fun with this bright project. This project is a great way to update a plain pillow. 

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Beaded Green Ornament

Create these easy to make Christmas ornaments that make a great tree decoration or coffee table decor. Get in the holiday season by creating your own DIY beaded decor.

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Beaded Tablecloth Weights

These tablecloth weights combine function and style. Put them on your holiday table this year and no one will even know they are more than a fun decoration.

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Beaded Chalk and Bulletin Board

Keeping track of everyday activities can be glamorous with this chalk and bulletin board combo with beadwork. This project makes a great gift for the hardworking moms in your life.

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Beaded Memory Lamp

To create your own memory lamp, hang cherished photos from a beaded lampshade. It takes some time to make, but you'll love the end results.

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Beaded Sunflower Coasters

These beaded coasters are a quick easy gift or great decorations for a summer cocktail party! Soon you'll be sipping in style.

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Beaded Brooch Tutorials

Brooches might seem old school, but these are anything but dowdy. Make your own and attach it to a scarf or top for an unexpected dose of fun. This is something both you and your granddaughter can wear with pride. In fact, jewelry projects have never looked so good. Make a beaded brooch to dress up any jacket, scarf, or cardigan.

Contemporary Pin

The heating and flattening technique used in this project produces a fluid, unpredictable design that is the key to free-form shapes. The combination of metal and beads make this a true creative feat. Make something that really sticks out from the crowd.

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Flying Heart Brooch

Let your heart sing with this Flying Heart Brooch. This eclectic beading pattern uses many different beads to create a wearable masterpiece that you will love to show off. 

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Pretty Pearl Bow

Learn how to make jewelry and trendy accessories like this pretty pearl bow, which can be pinned to a shirt, bag, hat, or anywhere you can think of! Go out in style with these free jewelry patterns.

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Bead Projects for Kids

Think beads and kids don't mix? Think again! Easy patterns are a great option when crafting with kids. As long as kids are adequately supervised, there's no need to worry! Get creative and spend the afternoon creating cool crafts.

Smiley Face Beaded Bracelet

A cheerful cord bracelet is fitting for a grade school teacher or a young student who helped make the smile beads. Kids will also love exchanging these as friendship bracelets.

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Ladybug Friendship Bracelet

Using two colors of DMC floss and ladybug and flower buttons you can create a nice looking friendship bracelet from DMC Threads. Help the kids make this one for their friends. These are great for birthday parties or school activities.

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Kids' Beaded Angel

Craft with your kids and make a pretty beaded angel! This angel craft for kids is simple and customizable. It'll be easy enough for the kids but fun enough for you!

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Easy Icicle Ornaments for Kids

These easy beaded icicle ornaments are a fun and easy craft for the kids to do this Christmas. Use colorful sequins and metallic beads to make these easy Christmas ornaments.

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Free Holiday Beading Patterns

Find a free beading pattern for the holiday season, Halloween or even the Fourth of July! Think outside the box and look for beads that correspond to your favorite holiday. Make ornaments, earring patterns and even a bookmark - it's up to you! Crafts can really help you get in the spirit of the holiday you're celebrating.

Thanksgiving Turkey Bead Earrings

Follow this step-by-step photo tutorial to create beaded turkey earrings perfect for Thanksgiving. You can also turn the beaded turkeys into wine charms.

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Candy Heart Bracelet

Craft a beaded bracelet featuring lampwork hearts to wear or give this Valentine's Day. This wearable Valentine's Day craft from Rings & Things is easy to make and sure to impress.

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Pumpkin Bead Necklace

Add some Halloween festivity to your outfit with this die-cut pumpkin pendant hanging from a beaded necklace. This pumpkin necklace from Sizzix is a fun and easy craft for Halloween.

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Beaded Spider

Spooky! This Beaded Spider from The Bead Studio is a perfect project for Halloween. Wear it as a spooky pendant on a necklace, string two as earrings or make a keychain for a friend.

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Patriotic Collar Necklace

Red, white and blue "fire polish" beads wrap around memory wire in this beautiful collar necklace for the 4th of July. This beaded jewelry craft is a great way to show your American pride.

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Green and Gold Earrings

These lovely earrings made with green Swarovski crystal beads are perfect for a St. Patrick's Day party. They are pretty additions to a fancy outfit the rest of the year too, especially for a green-eyed lass.

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Halloween Candy Corn Necklace and Boo Earrings

Dress for Halloween with this fun candy corn necklace, featuring "Boo" bead and matching "Boo" earrings. This homemade jewelry set is a great way to complete a Halloween outfit or create a gift for Halloween.

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Beaded Easter Basket Earrings

Create delicate beaded Easter basket earrings in seed bead colors perfect for spring. This thorough tutorial makes the process of beading your own Easter earrings easy. Wear these to Easter brunch.

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Santa and Presents Beaded Bookmark

This pretty gold bookmark features a glass Santa bead, gold presents and more Christmas accents. This beaded Christmas bookmark would be a great way to mark your place in Christmas story.

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Cute Beaded Icicle Swirls

These beautifully decorated icicle swirls would look brilliant hanging on your Christmas tree. They're easy to make and you can reuse them year after year. All you need are some sequins, tinsel and beads. They also make for great gift wrappers.

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Christmas Peppermint Bead Bracelet

Celebrate your sweet tooth and Christmas with this red and green peppermint bead bracelet. This Christmas bead craft is quick and easy to make for gifts or to treat yourself. 

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Beaded Holiday Garland

This is a very easy but somewhat time-consuming Holiday project that makes a cute decoration for a package, a tree or a window.

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Christmas Angel Necklace and Earrings

With shrink plastic and colored pencils, you can create a set of colorful Christmas angels for a beaded necklace and earring set. This Christmas angel jewelry set would make a wonderful holiday gift.

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Delicate Snowflake Ornament

Create a delicate snowflake ornament with colorful "cocktail" beads. A snowflake wire form makes this project a snap. Cover your tree with these beaded snowflake ornaments or hang from windows. 

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Beaded Ball Ornament

Easy beaded Christmas ornaments are a great way to make your tree sparkle.  Try this Beaded Ball Ornament - you'll love the results and will save it for years.

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Free Ring Beading Patterns

Get creative and wear your love of beading on your sleeve...well, almost. A beaded ring may seem complicated to make, but it's actually a super cool idea. Test your skills with this free beading pattern for a ring.

Bling Ring

If you want to learn how to make jewelry but need to try something small first, look no further than this project.

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Bling a ding Ring

This beaded ring is fun, easy and perfect for upcoming holiday parties.

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In Bloom Lemonade Ring

Everyone will compliment for handmade design and will ask where you got such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Rings always make a statement, but this ring is a true standout.

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