68 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns


68 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Knitting a scarf has never been easier, so make one (or more!) of these patterns today.


68 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Whether you're new to knitting or have been purling for years, there's no denying that knitting scarves is a fun and easy project for all. These free scarf knitting patterns are perfect for all kinds of knitters!

Discover beginner friendly patterns such as single color scarf knitting ideas and projects that are worked flat, among others! You'll also find scarves for women, men, and kids.

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Plus, see our fantastic Box Stitch Knitting Tutorial Video! Learn how to do the box stitch and design your own beautiful knit scarf.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns for Women

There are so many options when it comes to knit scarf patterns and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you're looking for a warm and cozy scarf design or desire something more fashionable, scarves make great gifts, so be sure to knit a few and save them for later.

Knit Two Hours or Less Scarf

This title is no joke. Of all the scarves in this collection, this is the ultimate beginner scarf. You don't even need to know how to purl, and the bulky yarn makes this scarf work up super quickly!

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Easy Fringed Garter Stitch Scarf

This beginner-friendly scarf is worked up all in knit stitch! There are no ends to weave in and the fringe is even created as you knit!

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Super Easy Boa Scarf

A fun yarn like Boa yarn makes this pattern very forgiving! Even if a beginner messes up, you won't be able to tell. Enjoy those happy accidents!

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Slouchy Cowl

This pretty cowl is such a classic. Make it in any color to go with any outfit! This is a great pattern for gift giving as well.

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Button Scarf Wrap

This is a darling pattern to keep those shoulders toasty as well as your neck warm! The buttons are a wonderful detail and in this pattern, you don't even need to know how to knit buttonholes.

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Leafy Lace Scarf

12 rows make up the pattern of this pretty scarf. It's great for advanced beginners who know how to k2tog, p2tog, and ssk.

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Simple Drop Stitch Scarf

Learn a unique new stitch with this drop stitch scarf. Similar to broomstick lace patterns in crochet, this pattern employs a larger stitch for a pretty effect.

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Chic Diagonal Stripe Scarf

Create a sophisticated look by knitting diagonal stripes.

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Diagonal Baktus Lace Scarf

Lacy scarves are wonderful for wearing any time of year! This triangle scarf is stunning.

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Pink, Openweave Scarf with Glitter Yarn

This loom knit scarf is a great beginner pattern for color changing during your loom knitting.

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Soft and Easy Alpaca Scarf

Loom knit a basic scarf with beautiful stitch detail with this alpaca pattern.

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Hooded Scarf

This is one of my personal favorite loom knitting patterns on our site! Hooded scarves are the best for staying warm during winter.

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Vanilla Meringue Cowl

This is a stunning infinity scarf knitting pattern that can be worn in so many ways! The pattern has easy repeats to follow.

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Chain Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern

This is a super easy beginner pattern. You work it lengthwise and there are only a few pattern rows to remember.

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A Green Lace Scarf

For this pattern, simply repeat one row to get your look! One of the easiest patterns for beginners on our site.

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Diagonal Scarf

The fur yarn rows in this gorgeous scarf really add a fun yet elegant touch to this pattern! Perfect for a winter night out.

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Flounce Scarf

The bouncy, curly effect, popular with the Sashay yarn, is accentuated with this beautiful pattern.

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Coconut Milk Scarf

One of our most popular knit scarf patterns for beginners, this beautiful project has a gorgeous color block moment to add interest.

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Sunset Scarf Knitting Pattern

Chose a gorgeous variegated yarn to create this sunset effect! The seed stitch is the primary stitch featured in this pattern.

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Skinny Scarf or Belt

Want an accessory that toes the line between a bulky scarf and a big necklace? This skinny scarf is a great option and works up fast.

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Fun and Simple Chunky Knit Scarf

This easy scarf uses bulky yarn and garter stitch, and finishes off with pom poms!

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Wave Cable Scarf Reversible

Practice your cables when you make this ultra easy scarf. The waves look lovely!

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My Favorite Things Yorganza Scarf

Create a ruffle effect that's very forgiving for beginner knitters when you knit with this unique yarn.

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Black and White Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

Color blocking is particularly stunning with infinity scarves! This gorgeous pattern is great for beginners because it uses a bulky yarn and works up quick.

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Knit Scarflette

Start small! This scarflette is wonderful for beginners because it is such a fun, small project.

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Striped Knittined Scarf

Hold multiple strands together of a thinner yarn for this pattern! Add pops of color with pink and yellow tassels.

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Striped Cake Scarf

Once you get going, you won't even need the pattern for this easy scarf! Great for on-the-go knitting. The variegated yarn is self-striping!

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Chateau Knit Cowl

Pull this cowl over your head for added warmth or protection against rain or snow!

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Intermediate Scarf Knitting Patterns for Women

While the majority of patterns in this collection are easy, a challenge is always fun! Find some intermediate scarf patterns below. If you've never tried knitting cables before, we have some fun cable patterns in this list! You'll also learn exciting stitches like the Dizzyingly Diagonal Scarf Pattern (so pretty!) and the colorwork in the Kiel Scarf is enviable. Get excited about the patterns in this collection!

Cable Knit Scarf Pattern

New to cables? They're not so bad! Check out this crazy easy video tutorial from our friends at AllFreeKnitting, then make this scarf. 

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Arizona Dusk Scarf

Create a twisty effect with this easy pattern by leaving stitches unworked. 

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Midnight Blue Scarf

This yarn features a technique where you knit with two different needles. One needle is twice the size of the other, creating a fabric that is light and airy!

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Kiel Scarf

Learn how to knit with two colors when you practice knitting this scarf pattern. This is a good pattern for a knitter with more experience.

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Dragon Stitch Scarf

Don't you just want to make this because the stitch is called dragon stitch? 

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Raspberry Ruffles Cowl Knitting Pattern

Cables and ruffles and buttons, oh my! This bold cowl is a great statement piece to wear with your winter jacket.

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Dizzyingly Diagonal Scarf Pattern

Learn how to knit diagonals complete with pretty lace stitches when you work up this pattern.

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Mountain Mist Scarf

This is such a pretty scarf for creating an ombre effect! Select various shades of blue and green to create this pattern.

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Patchwork Cowl

This unique pattern features a lot of color changing to create a fun, geometric pattern. Use bold colors to achieve this effect!

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Encompass Cowl

This pattern has a great hack for adding bobbles to your projects efficiently! The designer was able to work up this one-skein scarf in just one evening.

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Seaweed One Skein Scarf

Challenge yourself to make a project using just one skein of yarn! Bust that stash one skein at a time by making beautiful projects like this one.

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Lightweight Spring Ace Scarf

This pattern is much easier to knit than it looks, it's just a simple 4 row pattern repeat making it perfect for beginners to lacy knitting.

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Valentines Wavy Scarf

The brioche stitch is responsible for the uniquely beautiful design of this scarf!

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Knitting Scarf Patterns for Men

Whether you're looking for birthday or holiday gifts, it's often a challenge just to think of something to get your dad or brother. Easy scarf knitting patterns for men are a great way to come up with a gift for your husband, boyfriend, son, uncle, and all the other men in your life. With these various scarf knitting patterns, you're sure to find something perfect for all the men on your list!

These great knitted scarves for men really would make excellent gifts. No matter what the weather, men of all ages will love this Makin' Bacon Scarf!

Gentlemen Scarf

This linen stitch project looks great worn over a suit on a cold winter morning, but also with a v neck sweater and jeans on the weekend.

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Men's Winter Hat and Scarf

Both the hat and the scarf are super easy knitting patterns. Featuring ribbing and other fun details, this matching set is perfect for winter.

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Easy Striped Scarf

This is a fantastic easy tutorial for changing colors with your knitting. The bold stripes are great for working up scarves in school or sports colors!

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Stylish Cable Knit Scarf

Run one basic cable down the center of this pretty scarf for an elegant effect.

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Luxurious Alpaca Scarf

This loom knit scarf pattern is an easy way to learn the rib stitch, and creates great texture.

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Chevron Scarf

Great for experienced beginners, this chevron scarf teaches you how to knit diagonals similar to the ripple stitch in crochet.

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Bostonian Hat and Scarf

Alternate panels of the braid stitch and classic garter stitch with this loom knitting pattern.

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Men's Woodsy Knit Cowl Pattern

Keep it cozy this winter with a snug-fitting cowl that is perfect for wearing under a warm jacket.

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Neck Warmer Collar

A cowl like this is great for beginners because cowls work up so quickly! You knit this cowl flat as well and seam it together.

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Makin' Bacon Scarf

This is the best knit scarf to make for someone with a sense of humor. Learn how to knit the ripple to really get that bacon effect!

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Autumn Garter Stitch Entrelac Scarf

Entrelac knitting patterns are SO pretty, and the colors used in this pattern really make a striking effect. Use this technique to make a stunning blanket!

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Fabulous Infinity Scarf Pattern

Keep it classic with this gorgeous infinity scarf pattern. It's an easy knitting pattern and, worked up in gray yarn, a great everyday scarf to wear.

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Knitting a Scarf for Kids

Since these free scarf knitting patterns for kids are generally smaller and easier to make, they work up quickly and are a great outlet for experimenting with color and technique.

Patterns like the Little Boy's Hat and Scarf Set are easy to customize - kids will love picking out the colors!  There are plenty of easy scarf knitting patterns that you can work on and later donate to charity as a way to give back to the community.

Find even more precious knitting patterns for kids below! Included in the list are knit winter sets for kids, easy scarves, and more! Scarves for kids tend to be smaller than scarves for adults, so these projects should whip up quickly!

Diagonal Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern

Make a darling hat and scarf for the kids! This is such a cute idea because you can make them new hats and scarves every couple of years. 

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Hooded Bunny Knit Cowl

Do you know a child who loves bunnies? Make this pretty hooded cowl. 

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Ribbed Hat and Scarf for Child

This is a super easy pattern set with basic ribbing for you to make for a son or daughter.

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Beginner Striped Scarf

The bright colors in this bulky knit scarf are so much fun for kids.

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Shine On Hat and Scarf

Learn how to make this hat and scarf in no time! The scarf is super easy, and the hat is also great for beginners. 

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Holiday Knit Scarf

Make your son or daughter a scarf specifically for the holidays! This fun knit scarf features holiday motifs and Christmas colors. 

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Kids' Loop Knit Scarf

Knit a scarf with a loop at the end for pulling through. This is a great idea for kids because they don't have to worry about tying a scarf to keep it on.

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30 Minute Arm Knitted Scarf

Maybe you want to teach your kids to knit, or you want to work up a scarf for them quickly and easily. Arm knitting is a great option for knitting a scarf in no time!

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Free Hat And Scarf Knitting Patterns Sets

Not only are scarves great, but free hat and scarf knitting patterns sets are even better! With these sets, you can make an entire winter accessory pack for your outdoor activities. Choose a yarn that matches your favorite wool winter jacket, or pick the most adorable, colorful yarns for the kids' sets! A neutral yarn is ideal for any men's set, and you can choose neutral colors for your own pattern set if you have a boldly colored jacket. Make a handful of winter patterns for the whole family with these knitting ideas.

Little Boy's Hat and Scarf Set

There's nothing quite so splendid as a hat and scarf set. It's such a classic option for kids for winter play!

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Bobble Scarf and Hat

Keep it fun with this adorable hat and scarf set. The bright colors and bold bobbles are so much fun. 

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Colorful Winter Set

You can use lovely variegated yarns to work up a great set for kids. Let them choose the yarn and present them with these lovely finished projects. 

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Gray Knit Scarf Set for Men

Practice your cables and ribbing with these patterns! This would even be a great gift for your guy at Valentine's Day.

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Pink Cabled Hat and Scarf

Add gorgeous cables at the edges of this scarf for a classic look. This pattern can be playful in pink, rustic in a forest green, or chic in soft white. It's a beautiful, versatile pattern.

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Winter Accessory Set

Don't stop at the hat and scarf! Make gloves and socks as well for a complete pattern set when you view this project.

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Cable Knit Scarf and Hat

Practice your cables! Cables are one of the most exciting and beautiful effects you can create with your knitting, and this is a fantastic pattern set to show them off.

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Pattern Battle! Which of these scarf knitting patterns below do you prefer?

Leave a comment below and tell us your pick.

Slouchy Cowl Knitting PatternRaspberry Riffles Cowl Knitting Pattern

Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern (left) vs. Raspberry Ruffles Cowl Knitting Pattern (right)

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Raspberry Ruffles Cowl

The Raspberry cowl on the right fits my personality best.

The year is 2017, and I'm still going with the Slouchy Cowl for the pattern battle. Also, those rustic cowls are so within my aesthetic right now. Thanks!

I was finding some good patterns in google.This patterns helped me a lot...Thanks...

So glad to hear that! Happy knitting! -Editors of FaveCrafts

I like the slouchy cowl the blue color is pretty and it's the kind of scarf that can go with anything. The ruffles cowl is just a little too vintage-looking for my style.

The slouchy knit cowl is more my style. Although I crochet over knit, the ruffles don't do anything for me.

Definitely the blue one on the left!! Classy and timeless -- and goes with everything!

I really dig the Autumn Garter Stitch. It's a very vibrant piece. Sure, it might look out of place outside of the fall season, but that makes it all the more special.

I definitely prefer the slouchy cowl pattern. The other one has a pretty color, but I always feel like I'm choking when I wear something that tight around my neck.

I really love the slouchy cowl! I think that it looks really cozy and would match a ton of my fall and winter outfits!

I hate having things tight around my neck--always makes me feel like I'm choking--so I'd go with the slouchy cowl. Hands down.

My grandson showed me this a few years ago...I quickly forgot how. Now I can review and learn to actually do this . He made several "strings"for me and I decorated my Christmas tree with them!

I prefer the Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern. I like the traditional look. The other one is too intense for me!

I love the Slouchy Cowl! It looks like a simple scarf that you can just throw on with any outfit.

I like the Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern. It has a very classic design, so it would look great in any color.

Honestly, the Slouchy Cowl FOR SURE! The other is cute, but I don't like scarves that are that tight on my neck. It makes it hard to wear them on top of coats and stuff.

I vote for the Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern! However, I wouldn't mind making the Slouchy Cowl in the raspberry color.

I'm probably going to have to go with the slouchy cowl. The other one might make me feel like I'm choking lol

Both are pretty but I prefer the understated, simple beauty of the Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern.

The Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern, for sure!

I love the Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern! It is classic and goes with anything.

Wow, this is a unique design. I wanna try this but I need to learn how to knit first.

I am going to have to go with the Slouchy Cowl. It's simple and can go with any outfit. Besides, I don't quite think I'm ready to learn how to cable knit just yet.

Great choice, GrumpyCat4Prez! We love cowls.

Perfect. Keep 'em coming!

Definitely the Raspberry Ruffles Cowl for me. I've already gotten the pattern and need to search the "stash" to see if there is anything suitable to knit it of. It may look silly on my short, fat neck, but who cares when you're warm????

I bet it will look great. I think people always look so cute cozy and cuddled up. -Kaylee, Editor of FaveCrafts

Hey Everybody... Have fun knitting..

Actually I'm facing a problem... I've lost a knit or purl I'm not sure too. And i don't even know where have I made the mistake cause I'm still new in knitting. i have no idea who can help me with this problem... Can anyone help?

aw_yi You can check if you have lost a stitch by counting the stitches on your needles--I have gotten lots of help from watching some of the people on YouTube--you might want to check it out--there is a lady there who shows you that if you lost a stitch how to get it back--Good Luck

aw-yi hopefully you resolved this by now and are knitting up a storm! If not, I highly reccomend checking out our sister site AllFreeKnitting.com. They have a ton of helpful tutorials not to mention free patterns for beginners. -Kaylee, Editor of FaveCrafts.com


i definitely going to do this

i definitely going to do this


Hi Mandubar, SSK means slip slip knit. Slip 2 stitches from the left needle to the right one. Then knit them together. This is one way to do a decrease in knitting. Hope this helps! editors of FaveCrafts

Very helpful

What does SSK mean???????????????

Found the answer finally: ssk..Slip, slip, knit slipped stitches tog


Its awesome collection,I like this site so much.

Aww! Thanks so much! We're so glad you like it :)

The whole set of the scarfs. are very intrigueing, but I have only 2 hands.. smile

hahaha! I know exactly what you mean! If only we could knit with our toes... :)


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