Arizona Dusk Scarf

Arizona Dusk Scarf

No Name Scarf

Cuddle into the warm and nature-inspired hues of the Arizona Dusk Knit Scarf Pattern. This free scarf pattern from Lion Brand Yarn is sure to keep you warm when there's a nip in the air. Knit this basic knit scarf in autumn colors this fall. One of the best things about this pattern is that it is relatively simple to create and simple looking.


This chic and minimalist design allows the colors in the scarf to truly stand out without being overwhelming. You could easily pair this pretty scarf pattern for knitting with a plain shirt or sweater to give yourself a truly unique look. You are going to love how this Southwestern flair looks on you.

Special thanks to Mary Planeta for coming up with the name "Arizona Dusk Scarf"!


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How to Make the Arizona Dusk Knit Scarf Pattern


  • 790-407 Homespun Yarn: Painted Desert: 2 balls
  • Lion Brand Knitting Needles - Size 10 [6 mm]   
  • Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6)

Skill Level: Easy

Size: One Size
About 8 x 56 in. (20.5 x 142 cm)

Gauge: 1 sts = 4 in. (10 cm) in St st (k on RS, p on WS) BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE. When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make a 4 in. [10 cm] square, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles.


Cast on 22 sts.
Row 1 (WS): Purl.
Row 2 (RS): K17, turn; leave rem 5 sts unworked.
Row 3: P17.
Row 4: K12, turn; leave rem 10 sts unworked.
Row 5: P12.
Row 6: K7, turn; leave rem 15 sts unworked.
Row 7: P7.
Row 8: K across 22 sts.
Rep Rows 1–8 until piece measures about 56 in. (142 cm) at widest point, end with a Row 8. Bind off.

Weave in ends.


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I noticed the short rows, but there aren't any instructions for wraps and turns and also picking up wraps. Does this mean it is only turning rows?

Wrap and turn is just one of several techniques to complete short rows, this pattern is using a different technique for short rows.

I am making this scarf with the yarn featured in the directions. It is beautiful. Have one questions - it says to repeat pattern until it measures 56 in at the widest point. Are you measuring from inside or outside edge?

You are measuring from where you started to where you are now.

Found this pattern, and am looking forward to purchasing my yarn, and getting right to it. Always love new scarf patterns, and lots of that fancy wool is keeping me busy, and when I have enough done, I will be donating the majority to Homeless society in order to give someone a nice scarf, and knowing it will keep them warm. Thanks for ALL your patterns and projects someone like me can find. Keep up the good work, and if for any reason you don't understand the instructions, you tube is absolutely fantastic for being able to show you a video on almost every project, weather knit/crochet. Thanks again for another pattern, and another project I can start.

I would like to try this pattern, but is there a misprint in the guage details? 1 sts = 4 inches. Would it be 21 or 31 perhaps - guidance please!

no that's not a mistake-this yarn is big-closer to roving than spun yarn.

my math may be bad, but by my calculations.....if 1sts= 4 inches then this scarf is 88 inches wide! there are 22 sts per row, 1 sts = 4 inches, 22 x 4 =88. could the gauge be 4sts = 1 inch?

I went to the website and checked, gauge is 11sts to 4". I made my above comment on an entirely different pattern, just happened to notice that it's sitting out here on this one. Hope this helps someone.

can someone please help me?? I haven;t knitted in years--all i learned was knit and purl, and I think I can do this pattern...however, what do I do with the "unworked" stitches?? wouldn't wouldn;t they all unravel?? And what do I need six large needles for??

ok you're confusing the directions-the 6 large eye blunt needles are a suggestion for iitems that must be sewn together or to weave in ends and have nothing to do with the actual knitting of the item. when you get to the point where you stop knitting, you simply turn and go back the other way-the only way your stitches will unravel is if you drop them off the needles-you are not dropping anything off the needles you are simply knitting a short row and going back the way you came. there are loads of videos on youtube that demonstrate short row knitting and shaping.

Love your scarf. Am looking forward to trying this pattern out. It is beautiful in the colors you chose to show.

Curly Q describes the scarf perfectly. It's curly and looks like a Q, Arizona dusk only describes the colour.

i think comfy, seeing it looks so comfy

How about "Painted Desert"?

How 'bout Masie's Scarf?

I think Curly-Q is a cute name for the scarf.

"Cozy Down Under"

I think sherbert caress is a great name for it!!!

I think Autumn Waves of color.


Autumn Sensation!

Name the scarf: "Wavy Lady".

Flowing Colors Creative Scarf. Ripples of Colors Knitted Scarf Autumn Mushroom Knitted Scarf


I see water flowing so I would name it waterfalls.

My daughter thought it looked like Atumn to her and it looked like Ombre to me, (with all the colors blending into each other without sharp seperating lines) so I think the name should be... OMBRE AUTUMN SCARF.

I say this is "To Dye For!"

I think it should be called toasty hug

I like Soft and Girly

I think the scarf should be named "Stormy Weather".

How about Twilight Waves

Colors Swirls scarf..... So soft and lovely!!

"over the rainbow".."circle rainbow".".rainbow waves"

I first thought of the fuchsia flower, and how they look like bells swaying in the breeze, and other flower bells in nature, how about the Flower Bell Scarf ? It's very eye catching, time to go to storage and get out my winter projects!

How about Faded Rainbow, or Misty Rainbow, or Rainbow at Dusk?

I would name it the Soft Swirls Scarf....the first thing that came to mind when I saw it.

I think your "no name scarf" looks very comforting. For this reason I would call it "CUDDLE SCARF". I can't wait to start this pattern. Thank you for sharing your pattern with all of us. Thanks Again, Godbless, Terry Hemingway-Nakatani

swirls of warmth, would be my choice

My first thought was the Aurora Borealis, but since someone suggested that, I would suggest: Aurora Magic Magical Aurora Northern Lights

Hi I would call this scarf the "Cali-Lily Collar" because it looks like a cali lily to me !

These colours remind me of an autumn sunset. The shaping is soft. So it's the 'Soft Autumn Sunset scarf' from me!

These colours remind me of an autumn sunset. The shaping is soft. So it's the 'Soft Autumn Sunset scarf' from me!

These colours remind me of an autumn sunset. The shaping is soft. So it's the 'Soft Autumn Sunset scarf' from me!

These colours remind me of an autumn sunset. The shaping is soft. So it's the 'Soft Autumn Sunset scarf' from me!

I think a good name would be the Autumn Wonders Scarf!

Subtle Cascading Shades

How about "Autumn Cascade?"

Classic Comfort

The scarf looks so warm and comfortable, I would name it The Snuggle Up scarf or the Comfy Cozy scarf.

From Patricia, I thought of Autumn Fall, looks like falling leaves.

My name suggestion is: ''Soft Waves Of Loveliness'' because it is definitely lovely and it looks like gentle waves wrapping around the shore Good Luck to me!! ;0)

the soft flowing makes "rippling rivers " a good name

"Shades of Nature" scarf "Embraceable" or "Huggable" scarf "Hugging Hues" scarf "Shades of Wuthering Heights" scarf "Strolling" scarf "Meandering Moods, or Memories" scarf

I like this scarf, reminds of a magic scarf for no matter how you twist or turn it, it is like magic. I give it the name, Hocus Pocus Scarf.

My idea for the scarf name is "Over the River and Thru the Woods" scarf. That was my first thought!

I think the scarf is lovely. I'd call it Arizona Dusk. It reminds me of that time of the evening in Arizona. Thank you for taking my name into consideration.. Mary Planeta

I would call this scarf a"Flutter Scarf"

I would name it "Waterfall Scarf"

Those colors, the soft folds. Call it "Serene"

This is a very pretty scarf. This scarf reminds me of the sunsets we have here in Virginia near the lake in Autumn. I suggest this name Autumn Sunset. Emma

i suggest heavenly rainbow, i think it is just beutiful!!!!

How about "Waves of Warmth" like a swim in the ocean in the warm fall waters. It's looks so cuddly and warm!

I tink it remindds me of soft rolling colors. "Colors in the Clouds"

The scarf's spirals remind me of a pretty kind of pasta. It should be called "campanelle curls".

Smooth Grooves or Poetry in Motion

I would call it "Sparkling Rainbow" or "Colorful Dream". I really like the way you made the scarf so colorful.

This beautiful scarf has just a hint of autumn colors, so I suggest, "Autumn Blush" for the name.

I would call it the twirlly mushroom. It is really a lovely scarf. flinflon

A "Calla Lily" is what I see. I would like to see it made with greens blending into lemon yellows and orange in the last section for the stamen. Paula

I'd call it the Soft Swirls Scarf. It describes the look, and it's close enough to alliterative to make it easy to remember.

I think this scarf should be called "Kelp Frond" as that what it reminds me of the kelp beds offshore.

Ocean Playground

I would name it the falling leaves scarf.

A New Waverly's the name of a town in the UK but it suits the scarf also.

"Painted Cascades" is what I would call this beautiful scarf.

Ocean waves.....................

Desert Sunrise

calming summer waves

I would call it: Artisan Painted Desert

I would call it Desert Warmth

I think I would call it Softness in Motion. It looks so soft and warm and wraps around itself as if it were softly waving in the breeze. I think all the suggestions are great. Good luck everyone!!


the scarf's name should be called "PROJECT RUNWAY" there was a young man/designer on the show this go and reveiw it yourselves......this look very much like that same scarf........check it in all do respect it should be called "PROJECT RUNWAY" and give him his prompts........much love to holla............................

"Desert cascade" is a nice name for such a beautiful knitted scarf.

This is a scarf with a "twist" so why not "Twisted Sister" --a companion to warm you inside and outside.

I would call it CORNUCOPIA or GLORIANNA. It's beautiful !

I would call it a "Scuffle". Scarf/ ruffle

I'd call it River. Erica

This scarf makes me think of the Aurora Borealis lights, waving across a dark sky, so the Aurora Borealis scraf sounds good to me. Didi in Lakewood

I would call this gorgeous scarf "swirling parfait" , as it reminds me of icecream--yum!!!

This scarf looks like it could be my best friend on a could day,so I would call it The Hugger.

swirling clouds: I also will be making it for Christmas, it looks so soft

Spiralling Bell scarf would be the name I would use.

colorado wave

My choice is "Lily's Magic Desert". I like the scarf very much and plan making it for a Christmas Gift. Thanks so much, this has been fun...Dottie in PA

Evening sunset

gentle ripplets, it looks like nice gentle waves rolling in!

My name for the scarf: "Desert Flounce"

Rainbow Wave Scarf! BEAUTIFUL!

I name this scarf - Angel Falls because it reminds me of our visit to the lovely Angel Falls.

I think a good name would be dizzy as it looks like it goes round and round

Autumn Cascade

the floppy scarf

Fave's Painted Waves

I would call it The Ruffles Scarf, that is what came to mind when I saw it.

I would name this scarf The Colorful Waves Scarf

I would call it "Waves of Warmth" or "Warm Waves", either way it's title is short and simple and still describes the beauty of the scarf.

I would call this beautiful scarf, SOFT CLOUD

The scarf is lovely so I would call it the "Lovely Muted Rainbow Ruffle Scarf".

Like a " Ribbon Eel " Scarf

No name scarf- Autumn Boa


I think "Waterfalls" would be a good name for this scarf as the way it drapes.

I think that it shoud be call '' The calla sacrf ''

This scarf is very "Curvaceous" and I think it should receive that name.

When I first saw it I thought it look like a rainbow around her neck. So there is my choice "A Desert Rainbow" Thanks for asking Fran

subtle intrigue

I like the fun side I would call it Whipit.

I would call it life; full of twist and turns, but still beautiful.

It reminds me of a waterfall. It should be the Waterfall Wonder scarf.

It should be named The Wave Scarf

This scarf should be called DERSET DREAMS, it makes you think of warm romantic nights.

I think it should be called "in a round about way"

I'd like to call the scarf "Desert Stream".

I think this scarf should be named the waterfall looks like water flowing down the side of a mountain. Maryann Chase

The Ferris Wheel Scarf.

this scarf reminds me of "Rapunzel". It could be called Rapunzel or "Wrapunzel", a play on her name. My choice would be "Autumn strata" as it reminds me of the earth and it's different layers of soil.

I would name the beautiful scarf--"Blounce in Beauty".

I like to call it the circular scarf, because it circles around your neck

It should be called NEVADA SKIES :) Doroth K

Beautiful scarf - my suggested name is "Tumbling Rocks"

I would call it a cuddly collar scarf because it looks like a collar in the picture

Name for scarf: frosted trumpet because it looks like a frosted trumpet flower

I would call this beautiful scarf "Ripples of Love". I usually give items I make to loved ones so I thought of every stitch is made with the name "Ripples of Love" would be a good name for it.

Hi I suggest "waterfall caress"

I think I would name it Warm Waves. Thanks.

when you lay this down it looks like ripples in the water.. the high and low of water..very calm and soothing.... so Ripples

This scarf is really cute. I'd call it "The Waverly Scarf"

I would call this Whispering Bells. This scarf is beautiful!

Definitely a "Twist and Shout" scarf. The pattern causes it to twist and the colors cause it to shout stylish!

I vote for Waterfall, I see it has already been suggested.

I sort if think of it as Twilight Of Autum because of the autum colors and the bules for evening what a beautiful scarf. patay

I would name the scarf "Desert Dreams"

It's beautiful...Reminds me of the sting ray...I would call it "Sting Ray Savy"

Suggested name: Nona (no name)

This should be called.... The Isabella

I would name the scarf "Twiriling Cascade"

My first thought was "waterfall". It's such a pretty pattern I think I'll start one this weekend.

I think Winter Moon would be very nice name for this scarf! It's just gorgeous!

For some unknown reason, at first glance all I could see was a chain of potato chips! Go figure! so my name suggestion is PC Chain as in Potato Chip. You'd think I hadn't even eaten this morning lol

I would call it "A Winter Rainbow"........very beautiful!

Beautiful curves of color

Northern Lights popped into my mind the minute I saw this beautiful scarf

I would name this scarf WAVES AND CURLES

My proposed name is :"Luscious Layers"

Homespun is a very warm wool so "Warm Waves" would be my choice.

I would give it the name "Whimsical Waves"

I would call the No Name scarf, the Smooth Curves Scarf. Thank you, Susan Coleman

I like the name "embraceable ewe" for this scarf.

Hi there, I think this should be called the "Sea and Sand" scarf, because this one has the blue of the sea and beige of the sand, and it's rolling like the waves on the shore.

Submittig a name for the scarf--------Twist and Turn------Thank you--Shirley


soft tsunami is my entry

Name submission for scarf contest: "Cascading Waterfall" Catherine

How about "Kuddily Koala"? Mary Ann McNaull

i suggest"spiral"

I would call this the slouch scarf. Makes me wish I could knit.

Submitting a name for the scarf......Gentle Wave.........thank you...Dotti

Submitting a name for the above scarf: "Twisted Knit Scarf" Thank you, Melanie Mitchell

Submitting a name for the above scarf: "Twisted Knit Scarf" Thank you, Melanie Mitchell

I would name it "Morning Mist Flows" , Regina Hawks@yah

I really like "Northern Lights" by Linda1957 I would name it "Northern Lights Cascade"

I would like to name the no name scarf ocean wave, it has the colors of the ocean and is wavy,and very pretty. Thank you Mary Brown

The mushroom

Name the scarf: Wavy Lady

I would call it Desert Spirial

I suggest "Winter Sky". The colors are beautiful.

My name for this scarf is" Whirlie Girl" scarf. To me that is so fitting and it was the first thought that came into my head for it! By zbeck46

call it curl around

Hmmmm "Whispering Starlight" or "Autumn Cider"

I call it Flowing Tide! For the beautiful waves of color!

I took my inspiration from all of you and came up with "Autumn Wind". What do you think? Very pretty scarf for Autumn.

Autumn Frost

I'd call it Ocean Waves or SeaWave. Perhaps Sea Vision. Beautiful scarf!!

Autumn by the sea. I'll have to pratice my knitting skills so that I can make it. This scraf is beautiful!!

I would call it.......RAINBOW PUFF...!!!!

"Curls of love" is the name I pick.

It's beautiful. Wanted to call it Painted Desert untill I saw it was the color of the yarn. So guess will go with Autumn Night

Gradient Warmth

I'll name is Desert Sunset.

It looks like a "Natures Cascade of Fall Colors" scarf. It's beautiful.

Umm, how about "Painted Sands"

How about Waves of Earth, Sky, and Sea

Waves of color is what I would call this beautiful.

I would call this scarf "Warm Hugs" because it seems to be hugging the wearer to keep them warm.

I'll say the name is a Seashell scarf. I have a shall that looks like the scarf. It is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Rina Theunissen

Lets Twist Again seems appropriate for this scarf.

Mountain Top Majesty

Soft Rainbow Swallow

I would name this scarf 'Tahitian Sunset' is beautiful!

Falling Desert Waters - Kristen and GoodKnitKisses

Desert Waves

Northern Lights ... it reminds me of the colors seen in the sky and promises warmth from the northern cold ...

Soft Setting Sun Scarf

The colors remind me of Hawaii. How about Coral Reef.

Color Waves is my choice for the name.

Those beautiful colors make me think of a Desert Fantasy or maybe Winter Mirage

Fading Rainbow

Fading Rainbow

the colors are kinda colors in a winter lake or ocean so maybe "winter ocean waves"


Meandering would be a great name for this.


Sunset Extravaganza

I would name it Curling Up Snuggley. It looks so very soft and confortable.

Autum Desert


Surrounded by the colours of my Life :)

Swirling Hues- the colors all swirl together

Ruffel Ombre Knit

Cozy Autumn... it's fall when the leaves change colour and we get ready for winter and are looking for things that are going to keep us warm and cozy.

Dawn to Dusk. It reminds me of the way the colour of the sky changes throughout the day.

curls of color

Rainbow waves - color and wave of the pattern

The Tumbler or the cascade.

Rolling hills..... It looks like the color of hills in a painting at dusk


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