45 Quick and Easy Free Knitting Patterns and Beginner Help


45 Quick and Easy Free Knitting Patterns and Beginner Help

Don't miss out: these free knitting patterns for beginners will become your new obsession.


Peruse this collection of quick and easy free knitting patterns when you are first learning how to knit. Create an easy scarf, dishcloth or even a felted coffee cozy. There are even free knitting patterns for babies and kids.

Don't be nervous about tackling bigger projects. Take a look and these easy knitting patterns - you'll discover just how many great patterns there are for you to try. Whether you're a beginner or just want to make a project fast, you'll surely find something that will catch your eye. These are also great knit handmade gift ideas, so save this collection for the holiday season.


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BONUS! Are you a visual learner? Start with the basics and learn how to knit the garter stitch.

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Patterns

A dishcloth is the best beginner project because they're small and quadrangular. Dishcloths are also so useful! Knitting a dishcloth is a great way to get familiar with your tension and practice an easy pattern. We have so many easy knitting patterns on the site, so don't miss your opportunity to take up a fantastic new skill! The Cotton Stripes Knit Dishcloth is the ultimate beginner pattern and the perfect starting point for the complete novice.

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

This is one of our most popular basic projects on the site! This tutorial teaches you how to knit on a diagonal. Easily learn how to increase and decrease!

Daisy Stitch Washcloth Knitting Pattern

Learn a gorgeous new stitch that gives this pretty washcloth a lattice-like look!

Two Sides Knit Dishcloth

This knitting pattern is another one that is knit diagonally so you can practice increases and decreases. You only need to know the knit stitch and how to slip stitch---no purling!

Basic Cotton Dishcloth

Knit on the bias to create a lovely squishy pattern that can be as large or small as you like.

Cotton Stripes Knit Dishcloth

The ULTIMATE beginner pattern. Simply knit each row in garter stitch to complete this lovely design. Use self-striping yarn for added effect.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Free scarf knitting patterns are a reliable starting point for most beginning knitters Try your hand at one of these beginner free knitting patterns for scarves. Start with a small project and, once you've tested your skills, move on to other free easy knitting patterns. Before you know it, you'll be a knitting expert with an arsenal of handmade items to give to friends and family members.

Super Easy Boa Scarf

This is a super easy scarf for beginners and has great texture because of the boa yarn!

Bold Boho Knitted Scarf Pattern

Extra long fringe gives this scarf the boho look, and it's so easy to complete! It's great practice for joining new yarn and also for creating fringe.

Knit Two Hours or Less Scarf

This is one of the easiest knit scarves out there! Use bulky yarn and the simple garter stitch to complete this project.

Chain Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern

Learn the chain stitch and work up this easy scarf pattern in just a handful or rows! You'll have pretty edges for your scarf and the center is made up of your basic stockinette stitch.

A Green Lace Scarf

Don't be intimidated by "lace"! You can create a lacy look easily with slip stitches and knitting 2 together. Best of all, you just repeat the same row over and over to complete this easy scarf.

Beginner Montgomery Scarf

This pretty scarf features lovely eyelet rows to create added interest. Make the matching Beginner Montgomery Fingerless Mitts to match!

Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf

This knit scarf may look complicated because of all the frills, but never fear! It's a super easy pattern and the yarn does most of the work. 

Big Beginner Knit Shawl - Scarf

This squishy, bulky pattern is made by holding two strands of yarn together. It only requires the knit stitch. This would be a great pattern for charity too because it works up so quickly and creates such a warm item.

Sunset Scarf Knitting Pattern

Learn how to knit a triangle scarf with this pattern. The seed stitch texture combined with variegated yarn is so pretty!

My Favorite Things Yorganza Scarf

Knitting with a polyester fabric creates the pretty frills seen in this easy scarf.

Grass Stitch Scarf

The chunky yarn here makes all the difference in the look of this project! Get the texture with slip stitches.

Easy Striped Scarf

Get practice with color changing by making this easy scarf. This is a great project to make for game day or other sporting events by choosing team colors!

Easy Knit Infinity Scarf Patterns and Cowls for Beginners

I prefer infinity scarves to traditional scarves! The convenience of wrapping it and going without having to worry about those flailing ends is not to be beat. Cowls are convenient too because you just slip them over your head---no wrapping required! Give one of these stunning projects a try and keep that neck warm against chilly weather.

Button Scarf Wrap

Make a darling little wrap that keeps your shoulders warm as well as your neck! The buttons are a darling touch. 

Coconut Milk Scarf

This popular pattern is great for beginners! The texture is deliciously squishy, and the color blocking is a really nice detail.

Easy Camouflage Neckwarmer Knitting Pattern

Keep that neck warm! This pattern is great for wearing over jackets in fall and winter. 

Eiffel Beginner Knit Cowl Pattern

This phenomenal knit cowl pattern is worked up in the garter stitch and looks so cozy when complete! This is a fantastic easy pattern for beginners.

Black and White Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

Create a pretty color blocked infinity scarf by following this pattern! Grab your favorite bulky pattern and this beginner scarf works up in a hurry.

Convertible Cowl Knitting Pattern

Not sure if you want to make a cowl or a hat? Make both with this pattern! Learn how to knit basic ribbing with this tutorial. 

Cozy Weekend Infinity Knit Scarf Pattern

This pretty scarf includes dropped stitches to create awesome boho texture! This is a great tutorial for learning how to knit with large needles.

Knit Ponchos, Vests and Other Wearables

If free knitting patterns for scarves aren't your thing, make a poncho, vest, or wrap! Wraps are some of the loveliest knitting projects to work on. Cuddling under what feels like a mini blanket in the cooler months is one of the best feelings. Find more projects for knit wraps and scarves below! 

Easy Kids Knit Poncho

Keep your child or grandchild warm and cozy with this darling poncho! This is a fantastic Christmas gift she'll love to play in.

Tie Front Knit Vest

This classy vest pairs nicely with a turtleneck shirt for warm winter fashion.

Button Shrug Knitting Pattern

Make this button shrug and wear it over dresses as a comfortable cover up. You could also wear it over a long-sleeved shirt as a pretty layer in fall or winter.

Two Piece Knit Poncho Pattern

This is one of our most popular beginner patterns because it's worked in basic stitches and knit in a long flat rectangle! Simply seam it together for an easy-to-make completed poncho!

Beginner Montgomery Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless mitts are much easier to knit than full gloves or even mittens. The eyelet detail on these mitts is so lovely! Make the Beginner Montgomery Scarf to match.

Easy Lace Shawl

This gorgeous shawl pattern teaches you how to achieve a ripple effect that is classic and cozy for any occasion.

Single Skein Scarflette Pattern

Is it a shawl or a scarf? This little wrap has wavy patterns for a lovely classy look. The floral embellishment makes this a great little wrap to wear over a dress.

(Not) Wasting Time Knitted Socks

Want to learn how to knit socks? This is an excellent pattern to try. Recommended for the advanced beginner, this easy project features repetitions of similar stitches so you can memorize and knit on the go.

Magical Hooded Poncho

A favorite pattern on our site, this pretty poncho is a good option for the advanced beginner and the finished effect is just magical.

Easy Free Knit Hat Patterns

Create a gorgeous knit hat with any of the patterns in this collection! Scarves are great starting projects since they're often worked flat, but hats are a natural next project to progress to. Give one of these hats a try as you hone your newly acquired knitting skills!

Quick and Easy Knit in the Round Hat

Hats are another phenomenal project for beginners, and this easy project is great because you don't need to use dpns to finish it! Simply knit in the round and pull the top closed when finished. 

Easy to Knit Sweet Baby Hat

This is another easy hat pattern for beginners that doesn't require you to knit with dpns. Baby hats are great beginner projects because they're so tiny!

Boutique Bunny Knit Hat Pattern

 If you know how to knit, purl, and knit two together, you can make this adorable accessory. 

Adorable Chunky Pom Knit Toddler Hat Pattern

Love pom poms? You'll love making this hat! The little heart details added are so cute, and creating those details is a great skill to learn.

On The Slopes Knit Hat Pattern

The stitches in this hat are the prettiest, and the hat is super stretchy! You'll learn how to knit cables with this pattern, so definitely save this hat until you're a more advanced beginner.

Bulky Mustard Knit Beanie

Ribbing is easy to knit once you know how to do the basic knit and purl stitches! This is the perfect basic beanie for beginners.

Denver Hat

Learn how to knit a basic hat with ear flaps and a playful, elfish point. The colorful designs in this hat are simply lovely! Each line of the pattern is written in detail for you to follow along.

Adam's Rib Cap

Knit ribbing with this basic beanie pattern! It's an easy pattern to follow, and a short pattern, too!

Easy Knit Afghan Patterns

Make a stunning knit afghan that's beginner-friendly. Knit blankets are some of the best gifts in the world. There's nothing better than snuggling under a blanket on a chilly day with a hot beverage, and a person can never have too many blankets in my opinion! Enjoy one of these gorgeous knit afghan patterns today.

Easy Chunky Knit Blanket

Give your blanket great texture with this easy knitting pattern! Aghans are excellent projects for beginners because they're big, so you get a lot of practice!

Extra Chunky Gratitude Blanket

This easy pattern has great texture that looks a bit like basketweave, but it's slightly different. Big knits are super trendy lately, and this is a great beginner pattern to get on board!

Chunky Funky One Day Blanket

Speaking of chunky knits, this blanket is even easier to make than the Gratitude Blanket and works up so quickly with jumbo yarn. The tassles are a darling touch!

Seed-Stitch Checkerboard Blanket

The seed stitch is such a pretty pattern and makes your blankets so squishy! Learn how to knit this basic, lovely blanket and master your knits and purls.

Homespun Country Cousins Knit Baby Blanket

This blanket gets its country look by using pale yarn to seam together garter stitched squares. This blanket is great for practicing seaming while still being very easy to complete.

More Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

You can never have too many free easy knitting patterns, so we've rounded up some reader favorites for you to enjoy. Make knitted slippers, coffee cozies, and so much more. These simple knitting patterns for beginners make great gifts too, so be sure to revisit this list during the holiday season. Who wouldn't want to receive a warm pair of knitted footies? Be sure to try a couple different projects - it's a great way to stretch your skills.

Grandma's Knitted Slippers

This might be *the* most popular knitting pattern on our site. These beautiful slippers are worked up with a chunky yarn and the embellishments are easily customizeable for all your loved ones.

Amazing Felted Knit Coffee Cozies

Coffee cozies are an easy go-to gift and they're great for beginners because they're so tiny! A small swatch followed by some felting instructions makes up this pattern.

Easy Chunky Knitted Footies

Keep those toes warm with this chunky around-the-house pattern. The seed stitch gives this project great texture.

Felted Knit Journal Cover

Want to protect your books? Knit up a journal cover to protect a textbook or other book when you're on the go.

Cable Coffee Cozy Easy Knitting Pattern

Learn how to knit cables with this easy little pattern. Coffee cozies are great for learning new knitting techniques since they're so tiny!

Knitted Coffee Cozy

Want to complete a knitting pattern in about ten minutes? Grab the bulkiest yarn you can find and work up a few rows of garter stitch to complete this pattern.

Cute Turtle Coaster Knitting Pattern

Learn how to knit a unique shape with this coaster pattern. If you want to practice your hand at some color changing as well as a unique design, a small project like a coaster is a great place to start.

Common Questions about Simple Knitting Patterns

Don't be embarrassed if you are new to knitting - there is so much to learn and take in! Gather up a few free knitting patterns for beginners, secure your needle and yarn and gather up your list of questions. While you're seeking out your free easy knitting patterns, keep these questions and answers as a resource and refer to them when you need some extra help as you look for more free knitting patterns for hats, scarves and more.

Knitting Beginner Help

Knitting vs. Purling

We answered many of your common knitting questions above. If you have other areas to troubleshoot, check out these questions and answers.

How do I knit a scarf?

Fantastic question! View our popular collection of knit scarf patterns to learn how to start knitting a scarf.

How to knit for kids:

We have one lovely tutorial from our friends at AllFreeKidsCrafts.com about knitting for kids: Easy Knitting With Straws.

How do you make a slip knot in knitting?

There are a few ways to do this! Check out our short article on AllFreeKnitting about How to Make a Slip Knot, or visit YouTube to get a helpful video tutorial.

What is the difference between a knit and purl?

This is super important! A knit stitch enters through the back of a stitch, and a purl stitch enters in front. This video on how to do the seed stitch is a great representation for what the difference looks like.

How do I bind off knitting?

There are many popular ways to both cast on and bind off in knitting. View our infographic to learn about the different methods, choose your favorite, and consult AllFreeKnitting.com or even YouTube for video tutorials.

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Oh, what fun that "What Type of Yarn are You" quiz is. I like doing quizzes on Buzzfeed all the time, so it's pretty cool that I get to get in my craft fill while enjoying them here as well. In case anyone cares to know, I got "Anything Sparkly." It doesn't really match me (like AT ALL), but that's probably because I had to lie quite a bit about some of my faves since they weren't there. Can't wait to discover more of these hidden gems!

Boooo, I'm bummed your answer didn't match! What faves were missing?? Maybe the quiz can be updated. What if there was an answer like "Yarn the color of darkness" or "yarn of villians"? D

My favorite knit was a pair of monster pants for my 2year old. There are lots of great patterns on this site that may become my new favorites.

What is stocking stitch

Hi joanmarghani3 5945 508! A stocking stitch is also known as the stockinette stitch. If you have never attempted this stitch before, check out this how to video from our friends at AllFreeKnitting.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64ePMr_ORxg Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

What are ridges on slippers?

Hi Gogograndi 5108626, When a pattern refers to the ridges on slippers, I believe it refers to the edges around the top and bottom of the pattern. If you could please let us know what pattern you are looking at, we might be able to be a bit more help! :) Thanks. - Kaylee, Editor

Ridges on slippers are 2 garter stitch rows, the ridges occur when you work all knit stitches, known as garter stitch, every 2 rows creates 1 ridge.

Yes I knit slippers and am willing to share my pattern with you skeins of yarn your choice of colors to begin with I used Red Heart worsted medium because it washes well size knitting needles For adult slippers cast on with both strands together leaving a tail of Knit pearl knit pearl knit Knit next row Repeat pattern for sets I set is the rows so actually rows Decrease by stitch at the beginning and the end of the knit and pearl row knit next row Do this decreasing for sets Now you have knit pearl knit pearl knit Knit the next row and repeat this pattern for the main body of the foot I do sets for a man's size The ribbing around the toes is k p k p k p next row is p k p k and you will see the ribbing pattern emerge Do thisRead More for rows then decrease by k then pearling loops together p k together k p together p and repeat for entire row Less stitches now K together p together k together p together Cut a tail and use a crochet hook to loop the tail through all the loops on the needle and pull tight to secure the toe Now you are only working with the crochet hook Good Job Weave the yarn through the toe end again and then alternating sides up to the middle of the decreasing rows tie a knot and make a tiny bow doble knotted and ends knotted to prevent fraying The beginning tail is now used to lace up the back starting at the top edge weave through both sides to the bottom edge and weave through pull tight weave through again and secure tuck loose strands into the pattern Repeat for second slipper Note Wear over socks for the most comfort and wash with your towels They will scrunch back to original size in the dryer and should last year with regular use For Children I start with and k p k p k smaller children just adjust the sides and bottom Enjoy Cassie

i am new knitter; need beginner pattern's for cowel's and sweater's; thank you for your help.

Hello, when I was in Junior High School, back 30 plus years ago, my home ec teacher started us on a very simple knitted slipper, bootie, or houseshoe project. It was a k1p1 type slipper. Would anyone out there please have the instructions and or pattern for this bootie? Thank you for your time. Synthia

Hi Synthia, I am not sure we have the specific project you are looking for, but we do have knitted slippers listed here: http://www.favecrafts.com/Knit-Socks-and-Slippers/11-Free-Knitted-Slipper-Patterns-2-Knit-Slippers-for-Christmas Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

Would someone please recomend a book with easy knitting patterns and instrcutions.

Hi Deacon Joe! We have several completely free downloadable eBooks here on FaveCrafts.com. Check them out here: http://www.favecrafts.com/index.php/hct/Free-Craft-eBooks#Crochet-and-Knitting Happy knitting! - Kaylee, Editor

on your knit vest pattern on this page,it seems like the pattern isn't wrote right. i've had it to three diff people and the of stitcks doesn't come out to the of the siges you need.could you please explain this to me in a e-mail.

Hi Crafter 1547787! Thanks for your comment and concerns. If you are having a problem with a particular pattern, please reach out to the designer with questions. This name will be listed on the byline of the pattern below the title. Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

I would like to see more of the old fashion knitting method. My sister and I knit tobaggons and mittens for the underpriveleged in our area schools. We just ask if any one has yarn that they would like to give away we would greatly appreciate it. Little by little the word is getting around that we will accept the yarn. The only wish we have is that our names are not mentioned to any one who receives a tobaggan and mittens from us.

i would like some circle loom patterns. I donot knowcannot grasp the concept of reg knitting. hoping a loom will help. i have a knit to crochet pattern instruction book but it does not look as nice for some projects. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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