Slouchy Cowl


The comfortable, Slouchy Cowl from Patons is a delightful way to keep warm and add a burst of color to your winter attire. Use this free knitting pattern and super-soft angora yarn to make a cowl. Unlike many free scarf patterns, cowls guarantee warmth because they are designed to stay snug and tight around your neck, capturing that much-needed body heat during cold and frigid days.

You could easily match this stunning, free cowl pattern to any of your coats by making it in the correct color of yarn. Adding style and comfort to your wardrobe can be difficult, but with comfy free cowl patterns like this one you will look the part of the effortlessly chic goddess. Basic pieces do a lot to add a classic flair to any look. Just because you are battling snow and ice does not mean you cannot look your best. Free scarf knitting patterns like this one are a great way to look like stylish while staying warm and toasty. Once you get started on this amazing cowl knitting pattern, you'll never want to stop.


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Gauge20 sts and 25 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in stocking st.

Finished SizeApprox 16 ins [40.5 cm] wide x 30 ins [76 cm] around.

Materials List

  • Yarn: Patons® Angora Bamboo (50 g / 1.75 oz) (Approx 73 m / 80 yds) 90105 (Low Tide) 5 balls
  • Knitting Needles: Size 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) knitting needles or size needed to obtain tension.

How to Knit the Slouchy Cowl


Note: Cowl is worked sidewise.

  1. Cast on 80 sts.

  2. 1st row: (WS). K2. Purl to last 2 sts. K2.

  3. 2nd row: K2. *yfwd. K2. Pass yfwd over K2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.

  4. These 2 rows form pat.

  5. Cont in pat until piece measures 30 ins [76 cm], ending with a WS row.

  6. Cast off.

  7. Sew cast on and cast off edges tog.

Stitch Abbreviation

Yarn over the needle. Canadian term, comparable to US term yarn over (yo).

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Just about to start this and saw that the cast on and cast off edges are the short sides of the cowl. So the long sides are left unsown?

Just about to start this and saw that the cast on and cast off edges are the short sides of the cowl. So the long sides are left unsown?

Just about to start this and saw that the cast on and cast off edges are the short sides of the cowl. So the long sides are left unsown?

Just about to start this and saw that the cast on and cast off edges are the short sides of the cowl. So the long sides are left unsown?

Love the slouchy look of this cowl. I'm not a big fan of super tight cowls, so I like that this has a relaxed look.

Another attractive and easy to knit cowl -- at this rate I shall need more people on my gift list because I have to knit all of them! This one is rather sophisticated in style -- for that gal we all know who would suit the cowl as well as it would suit her

Can you do this in crochet?

Hi rlrowe985 3777384, This specific pattern is knitted, but we have plenty of crochet cowl patterns if that is what you are looking for. Try these: Happy hooking! - Kaylee, Editor

Can this pattern be worked on circular needles and if so, would there be any modifications to the pattern?

Hello ppantoya 6861335, For more technical questions about the pattern, I would suggest contacting the designer (in this case Patons). They should be able to help out with that. Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

I must not be reading this pattern correctly. if you put the yarn over then knit 2, etc you would be adding stitches. Should the pattern read yarn over then knit 2 together?

I noticed the same thing.

What you are reading and picturing in your mind is incorrect, you are only using the yfwd to create a loop to put over the knit stitches immediately, it is being used to "wrap" a stitch in the middle of a row, so no increase. Hope this helps. Happy knitting!

I must be doing something wrong because I'm increasing every row. Any suggestions?

The pattern reads K2, yfwd, K2, pass yfwd over the last knit 2 stitches, so any extra loop you make is being used to pass over the next 2 knit stitches, therefore, you are never increasing stitches, if you are increasing stitches, look to your yarn forward technique and remember to never create a loop that is not going to be used. K2, yfwd, K2, pass yfwd over the stitches you just knit, so you will lift the yfwd up and over the stitches just knit, so the created stitch is used and gone and you are back to just 4 stitches on the needle.

Does anyone have what the gauge is for this yarn? I can't seem to find Patons Angora Bamboo anywhere!!!! Lovely cowl but as the gauge for the yarn isn't mentioned and can't find it on the internet to find a comparable yarn. I'd love to make this.

Hi there, The knit gauge is 4 Inch x4 Inch , size 7(4.5mm) needles, 20 stitiches by 26 rows. Thanks!

what does WS mean?

WS= wrong side.

I've already made two and they're beautiful! I would like to make a matching headband. Is there a pattern for it? If not, how would I adapt the cowl pattern to make sure I keep the stitches the same? Thanks so much!

Since you've made this pattern twice, can you explain the pattern? The way it currently reads, you're adding stitches with the yarn overs every other row. This can't be right. Thanks!

I've made two they're beautiful . I would like to use same pattern for a headband. Can it be made into a headband and if so, may I have the pattern. Thanks!

I looked at several stores in my area and was unable to find the Angora Bamboo yarn for this project and then went online to find out that it has been discontinued. What other yarn would you suggest?

I've used simply soft to make mine and it has come out rather lovely.

I'm trying to make this that tern I'm getting looks nothing like the pattern above

Not what I wanted. I wanted scoungy but crochet.

Forgot to add to bind off loosely when finished knitting.

To make in the round I would cast on 150 stitches and join without twisting. Knit 2 or 3 rounds then start pattern stitch until the cowl measures 5 1/2 - 5 3/4 inches and knit the last 2 or 3 rows. This should give the same approx dimensions with the gauge listed in the original pattern. The look will be on a different angle but essentially the same.

If you sew cast off to cast on edge how does it make circle? Not sure how to complete this.

You make the circle because you are sewing the two short ends together. So it makes a floppy circle you can put your head through :)

Can you make this cowl with circular needles instead of the straight? Would you use the same size needle and 80 cast on? Thanks for your help.

You would use the same cast on and just knit back and forth (turning the needle at the end of each row) just like you do on straights. I try to do nearly everything on circular needles. they are so much more comfortable to work with. :)

when i knitted wrow 2 i ended up with 40 sts what did i do wrong help

gillian when you make the yfwd and then you 'K2' you then take the yfwd and pull it over the 2 sts you just knit. (kind of like a bind off but it isn't ;) That way you make the yfwd but it doesn't stay as a stitch. If you are only doing this with the yfwd (yo) you should lose any sts. clear as mud. lol hope I helped.

I meant shouldn't lose any sts. Sounds as though you are slipping off more than the yfwd sts.

It looks great, and the colour is calming. I like.

WS stands for wrong side.

I have been knitting for years but never heard of (ws), what does that mean, thanks for responding

yfwd means Yarn forward and knit pearl2.

The way I read row 2 is this: K2, yarn over, K2, pass the yarn over over both of the K sts, then yarn over, K 2 sts, then pass that yarn over over the two sts. You will be in a sense bracketing those two sts with the yarn over. Kind of like a bind off without really binding off. I hope this helps you out.

when you say 'then pass that yarn over the two sts.' what two stitches? It seems like just another yfwd because passing it over those last two stitches would be simply putting the yarn in front like a yfwd. Is that what you mean?

Stitch Abbreviation: yfwd: Yarn over the needle. Canadian term, comparable to US term yarn over (yo). yfwd is Canadian terminilogy. It's the same thing as U.S. yo.

I printed out these instructions but don't understand the *yfwd instruction. I came back to the page hoping to find what the abbriviation stood for. Dies anyone know? Thanks Jackie

Looks like a cute cowl, but as a person new to knit, I don't understand the 2nd row. What does the following mean: *yfwd. K2. Pass yfwd over K2. There is no explanation. I want to make this, but cannot until I get this explained.


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