Hooded Scarf


Hooded Scarf


The design for this hooded scarf from Authentic Knitting Board is simple; if you can knit a rectangle, you can make this. The open braid stitch adds elegance, while the stockinette stitch adds warmth where it’s needed.

Knitting Board Hooded Scarf


  • Knitting Loom: Small gauge double sided knitting board with at least 32 pegs. The 18” Authentic Knitting Board set at standard (1/2”) setting was used in the sample.
  • Yarn: 600 yards of worsted (medium) weight yarn. Caron Dazzle Aire was used in the sample.
  • Notions: Tapestry Needle, Knitting tool, Crochet Hook

Gauge: 12 stitches by 12 rows over a 4” square in Stockinette stitch
Abbreviations: CO—Cast on, K—Knit, BO—Bind off, St st—Stockinette stitch

Pattern Notes:

The Open Braid stitch is very easy and very pretty. This stitch was created by Pat and Kim Novak of the Authentic Knitting Board Company. To wrap it, wrap up to the 1st peg on the back board, down to the 4th peg on the front board, and then up to the 3rd peg on the back board. Continue wrapping every other peg. When you reach the end, the last three pegs on the front board will be wrapped consecutively. Go straight across at the end and wrap back to the beginning, wrapping all the empty pegs. The last three pegs on the front board will be wrapped consecutively. If your gauge doesn’t quite match, but you really want to use that particular yarn, then keep these few tips in mind. The finished scarf should be about 10” wide and 76” long. Also, when following the pattern, follow the directions in inches
rather than in rows. These steps will also allow you to substitute different gauge knitting boards or weights of yarn with ease. Make sure to use a yarn that is soft and has a nice drape to it. Be creative. For contrast, you could knit the hood area in a different color than the rest of the scarf. For a lighter scarf, good for fall and early spring, knit the entire scarf in the Open Braid stitch. Experiment with different stitches for both the body and the hood of the scarf.


  1. CO 32 pegs using the stockinette cast on
  2. K 4 rows (1.5”) in St st
  3. K 76 Rows (27”) in Open Braid stitch
  4. K 50 Rows (17”) in St st (This is the hood area)
  5. K 76 Rows (27”) in Open Braid stitch
  6. K 4 rows (1.5”) in St st
  7. Cut working yarn and BO. Fold the scarf in half so that the CO and BO edges are on top of each other, matching the edges where the St st (hood area) starts.
  8. Whip stitch from where the St st starts (or about 8.5” down from the fold) up to the fold, making sure to reinforce the beginning of the seam. Weave in all yarn tails. Turn right side out. Add fringe, if desired.
  9. To wear, place the hood on the head and fold back the excess fabric at the face for a brim. Wrap scarf around the neck as desired.

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How many inches or pegs do you cast on for the hood after first half of scarf?

This is a great pattern and I can't wait to try it. Thank you for posting it. I have a hard time finding loomknitted paterns that I want to make. The new All in One knitting loom will be perfect for this and it's so much easier than needles. Thanks again!

It looks like a real lovely hooded scarf. However, this is a loom-knit pattern. I do not own a loom. As almost all of the other previous 21 commentors have mentioned, I would LOVE this in a HAND-KNITTED or CROCHETED PATTERN. Can someone help us? Please leave me a reply/message. Thank you.

I would also love a hand knit pattern for this as I have also been looking for a pattern for ages and, unfortunately, although says it is a knitting pattern it is in fact a loom pattern.

i would really appreciate the pattern to hand knit this hooded scarf, have been looking for a pattern for long time, if anybody has this pattern can you send it to me, @ deruiter30@sympatico.ca

I would also like to have a hand knitted hooded scarf pattern

I like the style of this hooded scarf would you have this pattern in crocheting? any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

please note loom or board as part of name of pattern if you insist on calling this a knitting pattern. It in not knit, it is loom work. Please give credit to knitters and loomers by doing this.

I agree with the above comments. i am looking for a handknit hooded scarf pattern to make with finerling yarn as well as wool med wt. and worsted weight blends.thanks so much

I would also like to obtain the hand knitted (or crocheted) pattern for this hooded scarf. I can be reached at dgodon11@peoplepc.com and thank you ever so much. Debbie

Did anyone have a patt to hand knit this hooded scarf. Would love to knit it for myself and grandaughters.

To Matha Woodall Would you be willing to share your crocheted hooded scarf. I would love that pattern. You can email me directly @ plaplante1@yayoo.com

Did anyone find a knitting pattern for this hooded scarf or try out what someone suggested ----using two strands of Yarn? Thanks

I would also like to know if anyone was able to hand knit this hooded scarf? I make scarves for the homeless and this would be nice to have a hood for them alo. Thank you Vicki Knott

I would like to handknit this hooded scarf. Does anyone have a pattern they would like to share.

I believe that if you use large needles and a double strand you could match the gauge using large needles. Use a stockinette stitch.

Matha Woodall, please submit the crochet pattern that you have for a hooded scarf. I do not knit much, but really enjoy crochet.

I'm quite the novice with any knitting. It would be so helpful to see a picture of some of the stitches mentioned and how to obtain them on the loom. I also think it would be helpful to put a chart at the bottom of the various patterns to explain each abbreviation. Just a thought. Also... does anyone use the 'Sweater Machine' for any of the patterns mentioned in this site? I would love to get a good variety -- am interested in learning to use mine. Thanks!

Please feel free to contact the manufacturer, Authentic Knitting Board, to see if there is another pattern for hand knitting. You can contact them at httpwww.knittingboard.comArticles.asp?ID=122 Thanks! -The FaveCrafts Team

I need help understanding this pattern I have a rectangle loom . Is this what I need I have tried to work from your insturctions and either I have the wrong tool or I cannot understand the instructions . Please helpMavis

I don't know if I can come up with a pattern for hand knitting this or not, but I do have a pattern I made for crocheting one. My family that I have made them for love them and get comments on them and wear them all the time.

Has anyone come up with the pattern to hand knit this hooded scarf?

Please, Someone Help to Hand Knit the Scarf. Thank You.

Was a reply ever received regarding how to hand knit this pattern? I too would love to know how! Thanks

I would like to hand knit tjis hooded scarf. Can some one help me? Thanks


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