A Green Lace Scarf


A Green Lace Scarf


A Green Lace Scarf
A Green Lace Scarf

This free knitting pattern is a great craft to get started on if you are new to the crafting world. It's an easy pattern to knit and you will love the results. Add some fashionable color to your wardrobe this fall season.

You can find this beginner knit pattern, along with several other easy knitting patterns, in our free eBook, Learn How to Knit for Beginners:  27 Easy Knitting Patterns.


Knitting Needle Size10 or 6 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Finished Size3" x 66"/8cm x 165cm (as shown in photo)

Materials List

  • Worsted Weight/20 sts x 26 rows = 4"/10cm
  • Yarn (as shown in photo)
  • Needle Size - 6mm (US10/CAN4)
  • Bead Trim (optional)


  1. Cast on 14 sts, or an even amount of sts.

  2. Row 1: Knit to last st, p1. 

  3. Row 2: Sl1 kwise, *yo, k2tog; rep from *, end p1.

  4. Repeat Row 2 until scarf measures 66"/165cm, or desired length.

  5. Next row: Bind off all sts kwise.

  6. Attach beads to ends of scarf using invisible thread.

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If you knit the second over and over, when do you drop the yarn overs?

You don't drop the YO. You knit two together. That's how you keep the stitch count the same.

If you knit the second row over and over, when do you drop off the yarn overs?

You don't-you only drop the yo's in a pattern when the pattern directs you to do so-the yo from the previous row is creating/replacing the stitch for the next row to keep the stitch count consistent row to row. hope this helps.

P.S. Of course instead of using green yarn; iwill use red! :-))

Tried a sample of the green lace scarf. I really like how easy the pattern is and the result. Ii had to go to utube to find out how to slip knit wise. I will use this pattern to knit red scarves to give to women heart patients. Thank you! WomenHeart Champion, 2012.

Will have a go this looks easy enough for me.

The instructions are very clear and the scarf is beautiful. It knits up really quickly as there is no complicated pattern to memorize. I'm knitting scarves for charity this year and am happy to work on something this pretty that doesn't take a lot of time. I think I may do several of this pattern. Thanks for the great pattern!

Am just going to begin this project but it sounds fun!

I have a question about this pattern ( A green lace scrarf )Row 2. S11 kwise,*ya k2tog: rep from *, end pl. What is S11, doe it mean slip 11?????

I enlarged the print and it says to Sl (slip) 1

I think you should change the word "amount" of stitches to say "number" of stitches. An easy way to tell which word is correct is to answer the question, Can I count it? If you can count the number of stitches, number is correct. If you can't count it, as in The amount of rain was unusual, it's amount. The number of raindrops vs the amount of rain. Pet peeve #1. A close 2nd is ending a sentence with the word at!

Very simple and works up fast....it's just a repeat row for the entire scarf...try different weights of yarn...experiment...have fun...

Oh My Gosh people The pattern consists of knitting the first row and all the rest of the rows are sl yo k together p The instructions are very clear I am not sure what every one has trouble figuring out So you cast on knot one row and then do row three for the rest of the scarf No knitting in between each row just repeat row three over and over and over then knit the last row and bind off Do not make this a hard pattern Original person could have worded it as rows instead of steps but it still works out the same This does make a very pretty scarf pattern and it does roll up while you are knitting it That's where the beads on each end will help The weight will stop the rolling Blocking can work also but I usually don't have a lotRead More of luck with that Been knitting for many many years I used Red Heart Green specks yarn with three shapes of Olive colored beads on the ends It's beautiful

This is the BEST site. Congratulations on understanding and offering what one is in search of -- and with easy UNCOMPLICATED instructions. Wish I knew how to save them on my iPad!!! Thank you.

I have made this scarf. It is very easy and takes no time to knit up. A great first lace project. For Nana45nana, Slip the first stitch as to knit means to put the right needle into the first stitch as if you are going to knit it but just slide it onto the right needle. YO means to bring the yarn to the front, over the right needle, to the back again. K2tog means to slip the right needle through 2 stitches knitwise (as if to knit) and knit them, making 2 stitches into 1 stitch. (You created a stitch with the YO before the K2tog.) P1 means to purl the last stitch. Purling the last stitch and slipping the first stitch creates a chain edge on each side. Hope this helps everyone with the scarf!

I love the green lace scarf and made one for my granddaughter. I have a problem though.....I can't stop the ends from turning, curling to the side. ] Any suggestions? Joan

I started the cast on row, then knitted row 1, row 2 (=step 3), but when I got to the next row -- repeat row 2 -- it just doesn't work. Am I correct in assuming that every other row is a knit row? Pattern only says 'repeat row 2, which makes no sense. Can anyone confirm that ROWS 1 and 2 are repeated? That is, every other row is knit to last, p1. Thanks!

When the pattern states to repeat row 2, that is the only row you repeat, there is no knit row in between repeats.

When the pattern states to repeat row 2, that is the only row you repeat, there is no knit row in between repeats.

To Crafter 14449 Step 4 says repeat ROW 2 which is step 3 because they have the cast on included in the steps instead of un-numbered. I had to read the pattern SEVERAL times to figure out where the "Lace" came from before I realized they numbered differently than some people do. )

instrution is very clear. i like the design. i made baby blanket for this pattern.

I wanted to try a lace project, this is turning out just beautiful, I also worked in beads. PT 109

I just completed two feet of the scarf and it looks great. For Step 3 - the first stitch is a slip stitch (don't knit, just slip from left needle to right needle), then loop yarn over needle as you would to inc, then knit two stitiches tog. Repeat from yarn over to the last stitch which you P. I used angora yarn and it's very soft and luxurious.

slip the first st as if you were going to knit, then go on with yo and k2tog, end with p1. Keep doing this till 66" then bind off all stitches knitwise. the slipped st and the p1 make it so it doesnt curl as bad and finishes off the edges. It is super simple for beginning knitters.

I have to agree with "beginner knitter". The instructions are incomplete. What does Step three mean? I am not a beginner and I have never seen or heard of this instructions. Please clarify the instructions. Thank you.

For row three the instructions mean slip 1 as if to knit yarn over knit 2 toghter repleat between What I don't understand is why you don't repeat row three anywhere else in the pattern.

Being a beginner knitter, I have no clue what the instructions in step 3 mean. Please print a guide that tells what those abbreviations mean. I would love to try knitting this scarf, but don't know what step 3 means.


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