Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf


Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf

You see them all over the stores, but have you ever wondered how to knit a potato chip scarf?  Try this Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf from Red Heart Yarn.  It's fashionable and easy!  Free knit scarf patterns are perfect when it comes to thinking of holiday gifts. 

Soft and Smoky Potato Chip Scarf


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  1. Scarf measures 4” x 62” (6” X 38”).  Directions are for 62” scarf; changes for 38” long scarf are in parentheses.  Gauge is not important for this project.
  2. For longer scarf cast on 6 stitches; for a shorter scarf cast on 10 stitches.
  3. Stretch one end of the Sashay open for several inches and lay it flat, placing the edge with the metallic thread along the bottom. Notice that the Sashay yarn is a mesh of holes. You will be working with the top of the mesh and leaving the metallic edge loose to form the ruffle. You are using the top channel of holes as if it is yarn.
  4. Beginning at the top right edge, insert tip of a knitting needle from back to front starting 4” from end. Continue inserting needle 5 (9) more times. You now have 6 (10) cast on stitches.Place this needle in left hand.
  5. Pick up right hand needle and knit between the top two threads of the mesh rather than the entire strand. Continue knitting these 6 (10) stitches on each row, always turning your work in the same direction at end of rows. Put your work down and open up the mesh as you go.
  6. Stop knitting when you have 1 yard left for binding off.
  7. Bind off loosely, drawing the end of the Sashay through the last bound off stitch. Trim leaving a 4”end. To finish the ends, fold under the corner and tack to inside with sewing needle and thread.



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I am a visiual learner and I am so lost reading this. A video would be SO helpful! Just saying.

That is not the only one way to make the potato chip look, using this type of yard, it is already partly done, but if doing it with regular yard is completely different. Instructions are only for the use of that yard. The use of other yard, makes instruction wrong. And the other pattern should be provided as well for regular yard. I have done it with regular yard and it can be confusing to make without correct instructions.

I've made at least one of these in every color available at my local JoAnn store, and have sold every one but the last one I'm still working on. They're lovely and always attract comments.

I have been making these since early summer. It took me over a year to finally "GET IT". I knit continental and could not for the life of me "get it". Sitting at the red light one day, it just popped. I found Shashay at Walmart and Hobby has Starbella, Jo Anns' has several other brands. I am not the one to crochet a lot so have not tried it in that method. The knitting is very easy though and they work up sort of fast. Good luck and have fun. Just got my Mary Maxim catalog and there are lots in there and at sail prices.....Happy Holidays to those that celebrate. Enjoy your scarves.

I was at Walmart yesterday and found Sashay for the first time. This was in Kitty Hawk, NC, usually the last place something shows up at Walmart, so there is hope for all of you. I talked to another crafter in the store and she said she had found Sashay a while ago in Michaels in Virginia. So, it is getting around! For the new knitter...... this is not difficult knitting, and there were illustrated directions on a free instruction sheet in the store. The only tricky part is picking up the stitches at the start. There are instructions and utube videos online...... just google Sashay Scarf. Good luck and enjoy your new scarf!

I love this scarf. But, why is shashay so hard to find? Who sells it?

It's a Michael's, Hobby Lobby has some but it is a different brand.

Joann Fabrics & Crafts and have it & it is often on sale

Too bad the yarn is available nowhere. Red Heart has it back ordered to Jan 29.

Mary Maxim has most colors in stock--I just got 6 by mail

StarBella by Premium yarns is the same yarn and works great. Very available online most places and on Amazon. I've made 3 of these scarves. Also scarf will be longer with 1 ball if you use a #8 USA knitting needle instead of #9.

This is Red Heart yarn. Visit their website to view UTube videos on how to either knit or crochet with Sashay yarn. I looked at both of them and it really helped.

I would love to have this in crochet. I saw a few but weren't like this. Can you help? Thanks so much!

Hi, highnoon01 1386732. We have a similar "potato chip scarf" pattern on our sister site AllFreeCrochet! Here is the link: Enjoy! --Editors of FaveCrafts

This is a beautiful scarf, and just right for evening attire. Is it possible to get the instructions for loom knitting? I usually crochet and am just now trying to learn needle knitting, but I am months away from being able to do this - and would love to work this on my looms if the instructions are available.

Hi, micheleboucher1 6640403. Unfortunately we do not have loom knit instructions for this pattern. Here is a link to some loom knit scarf patterns on our sister site AllFreeKnitting: We hope you find something you like! --Editors of FaveCrafts

We also have a similar "potato chip scarf" pattern on our sister site AllFreeCrochet. Here is the link: Enjoy! --Editors of FaveCrafts

I am not a fan of knitting, I can do it but I would rather crochet. I have to tell you this is the easiest thing to knit. Just give it a try! I also recommend watching the youtube video. It really helps you understand what you are doing. Good Luck

I love the patterns I find on this site.

We're happy to hear it, ruth533 2909545! Thanks for the kind words :) --Editors of FaveCrafts


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