Grandma's Knitted Slippers


Grandma's Knitted Slippers

Learn how to knit slippers with this popular pattern.
Plus, scroll down for a free downloadable PDF version.

Grandmas Knitted Slippers
Grandmas Knitted Slippers

Make these super cute slippers and lounge around the house in comfort and warmth. Grandma's Knitted Slippers make for a great gift, too!  It's a free knitting pattern that everyone will love. Available in small, medium, and large, these knitting patterns are great to give to all the members of your family. Mix and match colors and embellish with fun pom poms and buttons for slippers that anyone would be proud to wear and show off. 

These darling slippers are comfy and cozy, perfect for cold weather and padding around the house when your toes are chilly. Check out the instructions below to learn how to knit slippers in just about any size. Be sure to check the comments for some tips from knitters who have already tested this project.

Also be sure to check out this video for how you can make a quick pair of crochet 60 Minute Slippers


Knitting Needle Size10 or 6 mm

Gauge4 sts = 1 inch and 6 rows (3 garter stitch ridges) = 1 inch

Finished SizeInstructions are given in small size (medium size and large size) are in parenthesis.

Materials List

  •  Two skeins of yarn, colors of your choice
  • US 10 or 6mm size knitting needles
  • Large plastic needle
  • Regular sewing needle and thread
  • Two decorative buttons


  1. Cast on 29 (35-41) sts using 2 strands of yarn.

  2. Row 1: Knit across.

  3. Row 2: K9 (11-13), *P1,K9(11-13), repeat from *once more.

  4. Repeat rows 1 and 2 until there are 15 (17-19) ridges on right side, ending with Row 2

Shape Toe

  1. Row 1: P1, *K1,P1, repeat from *across row

  2. Row 2: K1 *P1,K1, repeat from *across row

  3. Repeat these 2 rows until you have 12 rows (14-16) then work row 1 once more, cut off yarn leaving an 8” end.


  1. Draw 8” end through remaining sts and pull up tightly, then sew with large plastic needle from beginning of ribbing to form toe. Fold cast on edge in half and sew inside seam for center back.

  2. Make 2 pom-poms and tie to each front side tightly and knot to inside of slipper. You will notice that the pom-poms on the brown pair of slippers were not cut but just folded and tied in the center. The pom-poms on the pink pair were cut and laid down in a half circle and then the heart button was sewn on. Get creative with the buttons and pom-poms and make each more unique.

  3. Note: You can add non slip pads to the soles of these slippers for safety purposes.

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If you could only knit one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Leave a comment and let us know!

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Hello. I love the look of these slippers, but I'd like to make them for some of my younger cousins who are Youth size 1 and 3. Does anyone know how the pattern may be modified to make these sizes for children. I saw another comment that said she traced her grandchildren's feet, but I want these for Christmas and don't want to ruin the surprise.

Hi there! I have a couple ideas. You could try tracing your younger cousins' shoes instead of their feet to keep it a surprise! I'd also suggest posting your question in our AllFreeKnitting community on facebook! They are a super active group and should have some great ideas for resizing the pattern. Good luck!

Taking all stitches off with a yarn threaded yarn decrease from 30 something to one.....just sayin'.....

I made this slipper and the last row #4, the count is wrong. I found the same pattern by another company and the count should be 30(34-38) to get the correct length.

My slipper looks like crap! It came out too big and the back looks wrong.

Hi there! I actually think the slipper looks lovely! I love that green yarn. I asked our resident knitting expert and she thinks the back might have been an issue of not pulling the yarn tightly enough to close it up. It also might be a tension issue with the size, and maybe trying a slightly smaller size would be helpful? I know that's a ton of extra work though! Hopefully others can help. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

It has been noted by a couple other knitter's that this pattern requires a row to reduce the number of stitches before running the end through I have an old pattern for these slippers and it states to knit together on the last row I did notice that your slipper does appear to be a little loose giving it the sloppy look I suggest that you go down at least needle size because you are appear to be a loose knitter and another comment about tightening up the yarn should also help These slippers should be a firm knit there really shouldn't be any drape or not much give to them The tension of these slippers should be quite firm not at all relaxed The slipper does appear to have been made correctly but the lack of tension in the yarn is what is making it look incorrect and the backRead More to not look right I hope I am explaining this in a way that it can be understood

If I could knit only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be scarves! They make the perfect Christmas gift, and everyone loves them.

What yarn is used? Worsted/Aran? DK? Jumbo?

Hi there! You'll use two strands of yarn held together. Start with worsted and definitely knit a swatch to check the gauge to make sure the slippers will fit. Good luck!

Hi! This pattern is very good except in the following area. Shaping the toe section Where are the decrease rounds? The Finishing section states to "draw the end through the remaining stitches". This suggests decrease rounds. Can you please look at the instructions and advise or update?

Hi there! In the comment below, one of our resident knitting experts discusses finishing. Let me know if this helps, otherwise I'll check in with her and hopefully she can answer your question! ---- "If I'm reading the instructions correctly, you do NOT cast off on the last row, but rather snip your yarn (leaving it about 8" long), and, using your sewing needle, pull the yarn through the live stitches remaining on your needle. You then slip the needle out, and pull the yarn tightly. Much like finishing off the top of a hat!"

Hi! I understand that you shouldn't cast off, I'm asking about decrease rounds. The instructions state to "pull the yarn through the live stitches remaining on your needle". As I stated previously, this suggests that there should be decrease rounds (rows) prior to pull the yarn through the stitches. Thanks for your patience and help.

Hi there! I just asked our knitting expert and this is what she said: "According to the way the pattern is written, there are no decrease rounds, so you would be threading the yarn through all 29 stitches. If it doesn't look right after doing that, then it's an error on the designer's part and she forgot to include decreases. However, if you look at the image of the slippers themselves, it definitely looks reasonable that there were no toe decreases (looks like a lot of stitches were gathered together at the end)." I hope that helps!

I saw your question about this pattern and realized you are correct, the toe will not close properly without a decrease. I've knit these same slippers from a pattern from Beehive. My copy is so old that the white has gone to yellow and dark brown in some places, the copyright notation says 1939, anyway the last row of the pattern states to knit 2 together across before running the yarn through the remaining stitches to gather the toe. I've been using it for over 50 years and it works well. Hope this helps someone. Happy knitting!

This is such a classic pattern. It brings back memories of going to family members houses when I was a child. There was always a box full of slippers just like these near the door for whoever came in to put on. I have used this pattern many times myself. It is not only a family favorite, but also a tradition.

Many years ago, 1960's I started knitting, and these slippers were the 1st project, actually made 6 pairs for our 6 children, they were the 1st Christmas present, put the present on on the foot of their bed along with a new bathrobe. Also made them for myself, and my dear Father-in-law. I lost the directions, but a few years ago took a stab at making a pair, and I found the directions deep in my memory. It was a great beginning of knitting and crocheting for my entire family.

do you cast off on the last row? how do you "draw yarn through remaining stitches? I don't understand how to finish.

Hi there! I checked in with our resident knitting expert and she said the following: "If I'm reading the instructions correctly, you do NOT cast off on the last row, but rather snip your yarn (leaving it about 8" long), and, using your sewing needle, pull the yarn through the live stitches remaining on your needle. You then slip the needle out, and pull the yarn tightly. Much like finishing off the top of a hat!" I hope that helps! -Editor of FaveCrafts

The pattern I had, you draw a long piece of the yarn through the stitches left on the needles and draw through stitches, remove from needle and pull the long piece of yarn which then makes a nice finish to the slipper. I always made 2 at one time, that way they were always the same length.

I learned to make these when I was about 12, some years ago.. I love the pattern and everyone I made them for loved them too.

The new downloadable PDF of this pattern is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What size equals what, i.e. is a medium equivalent to a 6-8 shoe size?

@cyndeetrek 0589787 we do not have an exact size chart for this, but the sizing should be similar to store bought sizing. I would also recommend commenting any of the crafters below to see how there's turned out size wise for some guidance. Hope that helps! -Kaylee, Editor of

How many cast on stitches for toe

Slipper is knit in one piece there is no separate cast on for the toe. Hope this helps.

Even it you haven't knitted in years - this pattern is an easy way to reacquaint yourself with knitting. It's so easy you can catch on and have a pair of slippers to wear in no time! #BestIdeaEver

As a novice knitter I found this patter easy to follow and it was nice to have the size options. I topped mine off with little crochet puffed flowers for a cute finish.

3 I use to make these for Christmas gifts. Loved them. In moving, I lost my instructions. Thank you, so much for sharing !! I'll be saving these !! 3

These are sweet little slippers and remind me of the ones I wore as a kid. I am pretty sure neither grandmother knit, so I suspect my mom made them. I suggest some puffy paint or silicone dots on the soles of the slippers to help prevent falls on slick flooring. I wonder if there are some sew on options to give better traction.


These are very similar to the slippers my mother used to make except on hers, the heels were ribbed like the toes. Does anyone have that pattern or know how to adapt this one?

Hi JudieA! Those sound super cute. I am not entirely sure how to adapt them in that way, but you could reach out to our active Facebook group to see if anyone has some suggestions over there. Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

Thanks, Kaylee, I'll do that!

No problem! Good luck. You could also check with the readers of our sister site,! They have a fantastic Facebook group/to follow, as well. - Kaylee, Editor

These are SUPER cute and EASY! I adjusted the sizes down for my 1 yo Grand daughter, and up for my 8 yo Grand son to make cute Christmas slippers with variegated Red Heart worsted weight Christmas color yarn. One strand variegated, one strand green or red. They love them.

These are absolutely ADORABLE! I love the idea of pairing a solid yarn with a variegated yarn. They turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! They look great. - Kaylee, Editor

I knitted these and added a few extras to them hope you like them x

Hi craftychrissy67! They're adorable. We're so glad you enjoyed the pattern. - Kaylee, Editor

Leave a comment...Oh my mother-in-law taught me this years and years ago. We had such fun. Have been trying to print the pattern but does not seem to work. Coul.d you email the pattern to me please.

Hi there - To print this pattern, simply click on the "Print" button (located just below the project name and star rating). You can also copy and paste this page into a Word Processor (like Microsoft Word) and print from there. Hope that helps! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I found the sizes were very large. What yarn is being used as it requests you use 2 strands thus making it thicker. Please can you specify whichever is being used so to get my tension correct Txs

This is very similar to the first slipper pattern I ever knit, 50 years later I still use it for charity slippers.

Row 4 states to repeat rows 1 2 for 19 ridges formed, which would be incorrect. I believe it's intended to repeat rows 2 3.

These are almost identical to the slippers my grandmother used to make, and one of two projects she used to teach me to knit. I'm very happy to find the pattern, so I can make them again.

Hello again, I have just finished the slippers and sew the back.When the sewing is finished it looked like the one in the picture. I guess I should have finished it all the way before I complain. It makes sense now. Thanks

Hi... I have made this slippers but I don't get how the back should come together. In the picture backs look round. How do you get a rounded back from three parts we knitted? Thanks

Hi there, I have contacted Mary (the designer) and will post another reply when she sends a response. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

Hi... I am thinking of making a pair of these but am wondering about the sizing, I haven't seen much about it.. What size would a large fit? I'm wanting to make a pair for my boyfriend, and he's a size 12.5-13.. would the large fit him?

Hi there, Mary (the designer) do not specify exact sizing, just stating that medium and large sizes are in parenthesis. I would stick with the largest size and possible even increase the amount of stitches at your own discretion. Thanks!

Hi I was wondering if these are for kids or not Thanks

Can you confirm if this pattern is US, metric or English 10. It's a bit confusing. Thanks

Hi Danutab, It appears the pattern designer is referring to a US size 10. However, you may reach out to the designer directly via her designer profile if you have any questions. Thanks!

Has anyone got back to you about this yet

Can you confirm whether this pattern is size metric, US or english 10? Thankyou, it is a bit confusing

i have a question about shaping the toe. It says do a rib stitch for 16 rows, does it mean with all the 41 stitches? then it says pass the 8"yarn through the remaining stitches? which ones? I am supposed to cast off the two sides? Thanks

Hi Claireberke--Thanks for the comment. It looks like you repeat rows 1 and 2 until you get 16 rows, then repeat row 1 only. Then you draw the string through all the stitches to gather it into a tight bunch and tie off. If you're still unsure of the instructions, we suggest contacting the designer directly. You can find her info by clicking her name on the byline. Thanks! --FaveCrafts editor

Glad to find this pattern. They are my favourite slippers and I had worn my last pair out and couldn't remember where I had got them from. Can't wait to start knitting. Susie

Does the yarn mean aran or chunky wool?

Hi Gillian, The yarn can probably be whatever you'd like, as long as you pay attention to the gauge. I'd suggest using yarn that's soft and comfortable...sometimes wool yarn can be itchy. Hope that helps! --The Editors of

I am trying so hard to find a knitted slipper pattern that you do NOT have to gather at the toe. Seems like there should be one that starts with a magic circle and works up from there

Pattern does not specify whether size 10 is metric or European - it is only clarified lTwr in the comments

I am just wondering if I need to shape the tow separately or if I just keep knitting after step 4?

I'm not managing to understand point 4 in the first bit of the instructions. What does 'until there are 15 ridges on right side' mean?

When you do straight knitting on a garment, the knitting comes out in ridges-this is how you count rows in knitting-depending on how you knit, this is usually about 30 rows. hope this helps.

this was the easiest pattern for me as I am knew at it .I finished them in 4 hrs thanks

It does not say what weight of yarn to use, just to use 2 strands as you knit. Can I use 2 strands of worsted?

It does actually say to use two strands of worsted weight yarn.

I also would like to see a flat patter photo , im a new knitter and im lost after the 8 ridge

Hi are these slippers knitted on 10mm knitting needles as I made a pair and they are very large I made the second size but they were way to big

No, you've misread the pattern, they are knit on a size 10 needle which is a 6mm needle in metric.

i wish there was a phto of a flat pattern as I have knitted 8 ridges but I am not sure where this is leading me ...oops and everyone seems to think that this is easy ....

I need to make these slippers for my 8 grandchildren. What shoe sizes do S M & L equal. For example one of my granddaughters wears a size 4, and three of the others 9, 11 & 1 1/2. Thanks for your help and saving me from major frustration. I have been looking for this exact pattern for over a year. Catherine

I'd like to know, too, please. Thank you.

Just made a pair in size small, fits my Woman's size 7 foot.

Hi, Just finished my 8th pair of slippers. I measured the foot tracings I did on my grandchildren's feet. As I knitted I placed the tracing on the knitting this really helped in determining if the slippers would fit. Great pattern. All I need now is how to sew the back seam together. Can anyone give me some instructions. Thanks. Catherine

Regarding of this article, readers should be happy with this kind of article that is posted on the web

I love these knitting patterns this web site is best :-)

YAY! I made my first slipper!! HELP?? when I sewed up the heel, the bottom sole bunched up :( is there something I can do to make it smoother?

the same happened to me...

can someone tell me what ply do I knit these granny slippers in, I know I have to use two threads and no 10 needles but cant work out what ply is the wool

I just made 1 using cotton. It was all I had on me at the time as I was making dishclothes. It worked thou and i know some other instructions call for Handicrafter Cotton for these slippers.

The yarn called for would be 10 ply-they call it worsted weight in N. america.

i enjoyed knitting these slippers and found it very simple to knit. thewy are so warm

I do have a probleme with the instruction. "Remaining stitches". How many and how? Please help!

"Remaining stitches" refers to all the stitches left on your needle. Thread the 8" of yarn through a yarn needle (big eyed) and weave it through the stitches on your knitting needle. Draw it up real tight and tie it off with a knot.

I too love this pattern. so easily adapted to any size. I make them for babies 3-12 months or so. I often make the ribbed section higher so it sits up around the ankle like a little boot, and for babies in bouncers I have put a little bell on the toes and as the baby kicked the little bells tinkled. So cute. My daughter loved hers and was happy for ages just kicking away making tickles which she didn't realize as first she was making happen. I still make them to this day in all sizes for my family, if you are unsure of sizes, make a pair and look at it carefully, it is very easy to then see where you can increase the sizing. Knitting in rib to the bit where you join for in front of the foot makes them stay on better.

Hi I was wondering how you make the ribbed section higher? Do you mean that you increase the number of stitches cast on for the first part then decrease stitches when you come to the toe part?

I'm the dummy here - where can I go to learn to make pom poms?

These are such nice slippers and easy to make. They should be considered bed slippers though as any yarn is slippery on hard flooring. You can put Duct tape on the bottoms or cut a leather sole to sew on the bottoms.

It's a lot easier to dab dots of dimentional fabric paint on the bottom. It sticks quite well. Let dry for a couple of days before use.

these are very easy to knit and if you don't think they will foot knit the sole until it is almost as long as your foot then knit the toe . Also if they are to slippery on the floor here is a simple simple fix. Put dots of fabric puffy paint on the soles. Let them dry and no more slips.......... just turn them inside out to wash and dry.

What row is the right side please?

Right side is the outside of the slipper, Wrong side is the inside. When you do your purl stitches, the chevron side is the outside (right side). I had the same question and just googled it lol

i want to make slippers for some of the elderly people in a home near my house but im not sure how to make it into an adult size. can you help? anyone??

I wear a size 8 in shoe size and I made the medium and it fits perfectly!

These slippers are too slippery on floors I would not recommend them for the elderly although the slippers would keep their tootsies toasty.

the small should fit a ladies small foot up to size seven and the medium should fit men and ladies and the large also. Use fabric puff paint dots on the soles and let dry and they will not be slippery anymore. This will not wash off in the laundry, and you can get quite decorative with the patterns on the foot with the paint.

I'm with druggles on this one. I folded the slipper in half and stitched up the cast edge but don't like the excess at the heel of the slipper, it does not lay flat. Are we doing something wrong?

I am working on these as my first slippers project and I don't understand how to finish the back. Do I just fold the slipper In half and stitch up the cast on edge? Does that lay flat enough to be comfortable? Please send helpful comments!

yea the way i did it was just literally fold it in half. my little brother loves them. after you wear them a little bit they shpae into slippers a little better.

these were the first thing I ever learned to knit.. I was excited to find this pattern. there are many versions but this one is the easiest, the only thing I do different , is to decrease the stitches by knitting two stitches together on the last row and then purl the next row, then knit two together across the row. that makes the toe rounded and not so many stitches to pull thread through, but then finish them off the same way

Thank you for posting how to do this different. This helps out alot..... thanks again

i am very new to knitting i've only knitted ONE scarf so far .. i found this set of directions and want to make these wonderful shoes... there is one thing i am NOT understanding on the SHAPING of the TOE ... when it says ....Shape Toe Row 1: P1, *K1,P1, repeat from *across row .. THAT IS WHERE I AM CONFUSED WHERE IS THE "ROW" I AM DOING THE K1,P1, REPEAT ... THAT IS THE ROW I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT .. i feel so 'dumb' ... i've crocheted for 30 yrs plus so this is a new territory for me. thanks plz and ty Kim

my friend use to make these. I think after your first 15(17,19) you start the shaping of the just continue. Shape Toe row 1 would be the first row after your ridges end you don't end on ridge 15, etc. you keep the pattern going and this is where the shaping would start. I hope i did not confuse you.

The first part of the pattern is a garter stitch, so after you have finished your 15(17,19) ridges your are ready to start the toe shaping rows. All your stitches are still on your needles and you are going to start a new stitch pattern, 1x1 rib. That's basically knit1 purl1, which causes your knitted piece to draw in which is what gives you your toe shaping with the same number of stitches. Hope this helps.karen

I am so lucky to have found this site. I am not a great knitter , I only do! basic knitting? I do some crochetting but very little. Thank You so much for these free patterns. do not to crochet but I

I found the slipper pattern I was looking for!and it was free! I knitted many of these years ago. Perhaps this will get me back to knitting and I will definitely keep this site as a favorite.

How do you figure out the sizing for different size feet?

I have made 3pair in size large for my mother - she loves them. Her regular shoe size has been 9 -91/2. Currently her feet are very swollen and wrapped in gauze and ace wrap the large size fits over all this beautifully. They are quite stretchy.

My mother-in-law used to make these by the ton. She had a pattern for a sole for the slippers. I cannot find the sole pattern. Help! The sole made them last so much longer.

The first pair of this slipper was back in the early '50s and I am still wearing that pair. Since then I have knitted this shoe for 4 children for many years, later I knitted for friends, relatives, grandchildren (8). They fit every one and are so comfy. Good Luck. You will never find another pattern so easy. arb

These slippers are older than I am - I've seen them in multiple "learn to knit" books and I still love them.

I liked this pattern. But my Grandsons wanted a cuff so I crocheted one and it turned out really cute. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

I've made tons of these slippers and love them but, I was more interested in Mary Gaines. My maiden name is Gaines and was curious as to if we might be related? My grandfather was born in Texas and my dad was born in Caddo , OK. Most of my family now live in California in the Madera area. Would love to hear from you if you are interested. I'll check back for comments and give you my email address.


im a little confused...i casted on the 29 sts knitted across the next row followed the k9 p1,k9 and once more . i just wanted to know is it supposed to be 29 sts each row after that or will the sts increase? cause the next row i did was 30 or 31 sts

Hi Lisa, When working row 2 of the Outer Moc you only repeat from the * p1, k9 once more. (see the star) Your row would be to: K9 P1 K9 P1 K9 giving you the 29 stiches for that row. No increase. You might not have worked that row properly. Also, Toe rows 1 & 2 only repeat from * as instructed. I hope this helps you.

Is this pattern for children??? I thought it was for adults, but after knitting one discovered they are very small, for a toddler

i am confused i need help

I learned with this pattern and have searched for it a long time. Thank you for sharing it.

This is the exact same slipper pattern the instructor used for the knitting class when I learned to knit. I will use it to teach my grand daughter who wants to learn to knit. So happy I found the pattern. Dee G

@suitenaples 0375443: According to the gauge listed at the beginning of the pattern, these moccasins should be about 8 inches long. Hope this helps! -- Editor of FaveCrafts


does anyone have an answer - if i make the grandma slippers - size small how many inches should the sole of the slipper be before drawing 8" strand through and closing back seam -- need help thanks ethel

@suitenaples Hi Ethel! Sorry we missed your comment! If you are having trouble with the pattern, we suggest contacting the designer directly. You can find her info by clicking on her name above. Thanks!

i am just bursting to make these slippers - has anyone any idea how if the medium size would fit my granddaughter who is 12 years old she is not a small child i feel the medium would do it but hate to put the work into and find they don't fit thank you ethel

These slippers are so easy, and they knit up really fast. I am a beginning knitter and I am making them for gifts. I find it easier to keep track of which row i am on, and how many ridges I have made, if I write it down as I am knitting. KUDOS to Mary, for a fantastic, easy pattern. Do you have any more real easy patterns? =)

can you please tell me what ply this wool is i live in tasmania and it is not avaible here thank you joan

When you have to pull the toe part tightly together, why does the pattern say that you start at the beginning of the ribbing to form the toe? Why don't you start at the toe and end at the beginning of the ribbing since the string of yarn is already at the end of the toe?

Has anyone made this pattern and felted the slippers? I would like to do that but am not sure how to adjust the pattern to allow for the shrinkage when it is felted. Any suggestions?

I have been looking for this pattern for several years, many many years ago when I was in nursing school and had little money for Christmas gifts, I made these for all members of my family! Somehow through the years I lost the pattern. Thanks for bringing it to me again. I have made a similar version in crochet, but prefer the knitted ones. thanks Sue W

Question- I'd like to make some for my 4yr old Grandaughter and almost 2yr old grandson. Could you give child sizes?

I can't believe I've found this pattern! My Grandma did make several pairs of these slippers! Makes me want to get started on them now!

I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean by "ridges" Could you tell me how many rows it takes for a ridge? Thank You

I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean by "ridges" Could you tell me how many rows it takes for a ridge? Thank You


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