51 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beginners

51 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beginners

Learn how to crochet a blanket with the beautiful crochet afghan patterns in this beginner collection.


51 Free Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

If you're new to the world of crochet, you might be a little intimidated when it comes to crochet blanket patterns. It might seem like a daunting task but free crochet patterns for beginners do exist! There are plenty of projects for newbie crocheters that incorporate all of your favorite motifs and colors. Learn how to crochet a blanket that fits your style and you can't go wrong. Whether you're looking for free baby blanket crochet patterns or free crochet afghan patterns for the winter season, you're sure to find a project that captures your style.

Speaking of beginner blankets, if you're a visual learner you must watch our Granny Square Blanket Tutorial from our friends at AllFreeCrochet.

How to Crochet a Blanket for Beginners

Don't be afraid to embrace your beginner status. Everyone has to start somewhere! Browse these free easy crochet blanket patterns. Even the most inexperienced crocheter can create a darling afghan for themself or someone they love. There's no need to stress - keep your patterns simple and develop your crochet skills. Master new techniques, try some stitches and experiment with colors.

Cozy Crochet Blanket Pattern

SNUGGLY! You can see at a glance that this is simply the coziest blanket. Super bulky yarn makes this a deliciously warm project that works up quickly.

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Arch Columns Crochet Afghan Pattern

The cluster stitches on this afghan look so lovely set against the vertical bars! You accomplish great texture with this afghan.

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Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan

LEARN ARROW STITCH! This is another of our most popular afghans on the site! Once you master the stitch pattern, this project is a breeze to work up and has stunning texture.

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Basketweave Twists Afghan

Learn the basketweave stitch with this tutorial and create a classic afghan to drape over any armchair.

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Hand Crochet Chunky Blanket

LEARN HAND CROCHET! This is a wonderful crochet pattern for finishing up a project quickly! You'll adore how this comes together. Learn how to crochet with your hands---anyone can learn, and you'll make the loveliest blanket, too!

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Basket Weave Afghan

Learn another method of the basketweave stitch with this lovely project, and a variegated yarn will be super eye catching!

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Easy Afghan for Him

Neutral tones and a basic stitch make this a wonderful Father's Day gift or gift for Dad's birthday.

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Super Soft Granite Crochet Blanket

Choose the softest yarn and make a blanket in neutral colors for a child's bedroom or even for a baby shower.

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Tropical Explosion Crocheted Afghan

Aren't these stitches so pretty?? And the bold colors make this blanket a delight to complete. You'll discover the stitches are easier than you think.

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Foolproof Afghan Pattern

IDIOT AFGHAN! Our newsletter editor lovingly refers to this afghan as the "idiot afghan" because it's so amazingly easy to create!

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Colors of the Wind Afghan

This is another basic ripple pattern that looks so impressive with all the different colors you use!

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Weekend-Wonder Giant Granny Square Throw

One of the most popular patterns on FaveCrafts! This classic pattern is basically a giant granny square that you can customize to meet your needs.

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Lily's Garden Striped Granny Afghan

Isn't this stitch so lovely? You'll create an afghan that almost looks like cobbles with this stitch, and the variety of colors really makes this a show stopper.

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Tweetie Bird Afghan

Make a baby blanket in classic blue and yellow and learn how to create slanted cluster stitches for a really beautiful effect. This afghan is gorgeous! Be sure to click through and scroll down to see the stitch detail.

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Juicy Fruit Afghan Crochet Pattern

This fantastic afghan is crocheted tightly so no air gets through wide holes in the fabric! You'll work with the basic shell stitch but a few drop stitches will also add interest.

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Lullaby Ripple Afghan

Don't panic. Go to this pattern and zoom in and you'll see this pattern isn't as complicated as it looks! This is a basic ripple afghan but drop stitches and a scalloped border give it great texture.

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Easy Tweed Blanket for Dad

This blanket is seriously easy and it is so neutral! It's perfect for Dad's office chair.

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Retro Ripple Crochet Afghan Pattern

SO COOL! Our Facebook audience loves this afghan since it's got such a vintage feel! The bold colors offset with the black stripes really make the project pop.

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Rainbow Sampler Crochet Blanket Pattern

Literally perfect for beginners because you get to try SO many different stitches! Not only can you bust your stash, but you get to learn so many new skills as you make this project.

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Chevron Blanket Crochet Pattern

Aren't the colors in this afghan so pretty? Varying the colors as well as the thickness of the stripes makes this a lovely and ecclectic blanket for your home.

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Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket

Learn the granite stitch, a super easy stitch that gives this project a woven look! Plus, bulky yarn makes this afghan a quick project.

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Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

Free crochet afghan patterns for beginners can help you wind down after a long and stressful day. You can use fun colors, cool designs, and so much more to inject some life and energy into your patterns. These patterns are a step beyond the very beginner patterns listed above. Enjoy browsing these beautiful afghans!

Easy Worsted Afghan

Learn a very easy way to do filet crochet where you vary the stitch thickness to create shapes in the project. You'll get the subtle look of diamonds with this pretty pattern.

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Blue and White Crochet Afghan

Make several giant granny squares with a unique design and seam them together to create this afghan. You even have the option for a matching pillow!

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Pastel Single Shell Ripple Afghan

Offset the ripple stitches with a lovely shell stitch design to make this beautiful project. The white edging is such a lovely finishing detail.

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Rose Twists Afghan

The motifs in this afghan are actually super easy to make and they're small, so they'll work up quickly. Seam together for a lovely, pale pink blanket.

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Merlot Afghan

The stitches used in this afghan are deliciously fluffy. This would be a perfect project for snuggling near the fire with a glass of, well, merlot.

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Watermelon Afghan

This is a pretty project with a basic repeated stitch pattern that will be easy for you to master. The colors are perfect for summer, or for a baby shower gift!

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Lavender Lace Throw

This classic project is a popular afghan on FaveCrafts, and the stitches are just gorgeous. This is a good pattern for the experienced beginner because you'll really have to pay attention to where you are in the pattern, but you will adore the results.

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Two Color Easy Afghan Crochet Pattern

Keep it simple! This pattern is crazy easy and has a nice texture when you use tight single crochet stitches and two colors.

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Offset Shells Afghan

This afghan is so patriotic! It would be wonderful to get this project out and relax on Independence Day morning with a glass of iced coffee and a good book. Then go out and enjoy your evening with fireworks and family!

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Spicy Diamond Crochet Blanket

HOT! Ooh, that's hot! This spicy afghan features rich shades of tumeric and cinnamon to make a bold project. The diamond motif is easy to master and the seams really make the diamonds pop.

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Primrose Crochet Blanket Pattern

Isn't this the sweetest blanket you've seen? It'll take some practice to master the dimensional primrose motif, but once you get it down you'll make a bunch of them and seam together for a darling new blanket.

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Free Baby Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners

When looking for free baby blanket crochet patterns, be sure to find something that really matches your style. Learn how to crochet a blanket you love with these patterns.

Free baby crochet blanket patterns are often the most meaningful because they can be passed down from generation to generation. Kids will never outgrow their cherished blanket! Add fun circular motifs, ruffles and more to capture the spirit of your favorite little one. As the child grows, he or she will think of you when they curl up with their afghan.

Quick Granny Stripes Lapghan Crochet Pattern

MINDLESS AND EASY! This afghan features the basic granny stitch, but you don't need to work in the round like you do with a traditional granny square. Instead, work it flat and add tassels for a great lapghan.

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Stashbuster Granny Stripe Afghan

This is another tutorial where you work with the granny stitch, but you'll create stripes! Learn the basics of changing colors with this tutorial. It's easy for beginners!

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Duchess Baby Blanket

PRETTY AND POPULAR! This blanket is just gorgeous, and the stitch looks more complicated than it is! Work up this pattern with white yarn for a classic baby shower gift.

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Colourful Granny Rainbow Crochet Baby Blanket

This is such a darling pattern. You'll be a master of changing colors when you complete this basic granny square afghan.

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Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket

Keep it simple with this beautiful pattern. Using a solid color yarn really brings out the stitch detail in this blanket, and that effect is easier to achieve than it looks!

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Two Hues Crochet Baby Blanket

FABULOUS, CLASSIC PATTERN: You can think of this baby blanket as one giant granny square. You don't have to seam anything together. Just work in the round and change colors periodically to create simple and elegant stripes.

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Chunky Glover Stitch Baby Blanket

This stitch looks complicated and sounds unusual but it's easier to accomplish than you'd think! This stitch creates a cushy blanket that anyone will love to snuggle under.

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Calypso Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This name is so fierce and fun but this pattern is so easy! A mixture of single and double crochets create this lovely stitch for the easy blanket.

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Pretty in Pink Baby Blanket

Create subtle stripes in your stitch detail with this lovely pattern, great for beginners and great for baby girls.

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Sweet Baby Dreams Afghan

This stitch is a little more complicated and that makes it excellent for experienced beginners. It's a shell stitch pattern that requires you to pay attention and count, but the end result is so worth it.

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Flower Petals Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

This basic shell stitch pattern is wonderful for beginners and you can decide what stripes you'd like to do for your color scheme.

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The Loft Pom Baby Blanket

POM POM FUN! The pom poms on this gorgeous blanket are so classy, and the neutral colors so timeless! This blanket is both inspired by designers AND easy for beginners.

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Croco-Bye Baby Crochet Blanket

LEARN THE CROCODILE STITCH! If you've never tried this stitch before, it's easier than you think and gives your projects SO much texture. Give this pattern a try for the most adorable baby blanket ever.

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Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

These easy crochet baby blanket patterns are still simple enough for new crocheters, but they are slightly more challenging than the beginner patterns listed above! Many of these patterns involve basic color changing, a variety of stitches, and other elements that are still easy enough to complete but require a bit more experience than the basic beginner patterns.

Bumpy Baby Blanket

Learn how to incorporate texture in your patterns with this pattern. You'll have to pay attention and count your stitches, but the end produces the loveliest results.

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Strawberry Sunrise Afghan

Isn't this just the loveliest name for a baby blanket? If you've seen our cupcake afghan, this is a similar stitch you'll enjoy. 

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Be My Sunshine Afghan

Yellow of course is the classic neutral baby blanket color, and the soft hue really makes the stitch detail pop with this pattern.

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Cozy Hooded Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Even though you need to shape the hood on this pattern, the end product is so lovely and it's the perfect pattern for beginners to learn how to make a hooded blanket.

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Natural Baby Blanket

GREAT FOR LEARNING NEW STITCHES! Practice a variety of stitches with this tutorial! You'll give the project texture with the bobbles throughout, and you'll also vary the density when you make some sections lacier than others. A really great beginner pattern for learning a variety of stitches!

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Bavarian Rainbow Afghan

POPULAR AND STUNNING! Learn how to do Bavarian crochet with one of the most popular blanket patterns we have on FaveCrafts. The texture it produces is absolutely stunning.

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Pastel Peaks Crochet Baby Blanket

The triangle stitches in this pattern are absoltuely lovely and really add interest to the work. It also makes it easy to change colors without drawing attention to the changes, even if you switch in the middle of a row.

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Wavy Rainbow Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Ripple afghans get more into intermediate territory because you need to pay such close attention to where your curves and dips happen, but if you're looking to try the ripple stitch, this is a great pattern for beginners.

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Lacy Open Shell Crochet Afghan Pattern

When you visit this article, make sure to scroll down and look closely at the stitch detail because it is so gorgeous. You can make this!!

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Baby's First Crochet Blanket Pattern

Shells and bars come together to make the most wonderful pattern. You offset the texture of the shells with the vertical bars to add interest and draw attention.

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Little Prince Afghan

I love the colors in this pattern! The stitch detail pairs so nicely with exactly where the colors change for bold stripes that don't take away from the beautiful stitches.

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Springtime Lace Easy Crochet Afghan Pattern

When you look closely at the stitch detail (another photo on this page when you click through), what shapes do you see? I see X's, bowties, butterflies, cupcakes, and more! This is a delightful pattern for the experienced beginner.

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Secret Garden Crocheted Afghan

What makes this pattern really pop are the adorable flowers! The colorway is lovely, and the flowers add a feminine springtime touch.

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Which type of crochet blanket do you prefer to make:

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Would like to know how to do a broom stick stitch

Hi there! Oh I love broomstick lace. Our sister site AllFreeCrochet has a great video tutorial for broomstick lace you can see here: https://www.allfreecrochet.com/Crochet-Videos/Broomstick-Lace-Crochet-Tutorial Just paste that link into your browser. Enjoy!

I love to crochet Baby Blankets. and throws.I learned to crochet when I was young but consider myself a intermediate crocheter.

Definitely crotchet throws

I've saved several of these free eBooks. They are absolutely awesome, and so easy to download and save. I go back and look through these eBooks anytime I'm looking for a new project. And the patterns are very easy to follow. I especially like the easy afghan patterns. They are simple to crochet, but look detailed and time consuming!!

I love the idea that I can save this and have 51 Free Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners! So nice to have that many on one page. There are some very nice blankets here and I so want to put a lot of them on my must make list. Too many to count, but love them! Some even have how to videos to help the beginner crocheter which is great! Thank you so much for this page of free crochet blanket patterns.

I have never crochet anything in my life and I just need a step by step to show me how to do it thank you

I love your website and your patterns! However, I'm a bit confused by the page that is listed as "Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns for Beginners". When I opened several of the patterns listed under this category, most were categorized as "Easy", and some were even "Intermediate" (i.e., #54, Cute Crochet Bug Blanket). I'm not quite sure why they are included in patterns for beginners? thank you!

Even though I have been crocheting for around 50 years( gosh I am old ) I still like to relax with an easy pattern once in awhile.i find I can take almost any easy simple pattern and add embellishments like buttons and people think it is the fanciest thing and I must have worked hard on it. I never say just how easy it was using these timeless stitches.

I love favecrafts very good.

i love your website

I am confused with CH-1sp or CH-3sp. It refers to doing a stitch in the next chain or space ... the CH-3sp ... does it mean do the same stitch in the next 3 spaces?? Thanks,

i love all your patterns thanks so much

I love your site. I am fairly new, but I have already downloaded enough files to keep me busy for the next 5-6 months. Thanks very much

Hi Happyvedra--Thanks so much for the comment, and we're so glad you like the site! We'd love to see your creations as you make them! Feel free to upload them to our site using our image uploader or share them with us on Facebook. Thanks again and have a great day!--FaveCrafts Editor

Love your site, great patterns & very helpful when you categorize them according to " beginner, quick & etc." Have made my own book also by printing off those that I want to start, and write my own little hints on those I have made. Thank You & Happy Holidays to all crafters!! Joyce H. Kansas

Have enjoyed getting patterns from you site. Can't decide which one to start on first. I have just started a crochet class at the local Senior Center. I am really enjoying it after about 50 years of not crocheting. Thanks so very much., It is like starting ov er again. I had the hardest time learning how to hold the thread but after checking people 's different ways, I finally found the one that I used many years ago. Liz from Florence, Sc

How is a beginner supposed to understand all the lingo????????????????

You need to get a book on how to crochet and look up each crochet stitch as your pattern calls for. Keep each afghan simple until you get the idea of instructions. I see there are some tutorials here on internet that may help you. Like learning music, it is practice, practice, practice. You will have to to make yourself a little chart to keep handy as what sc, dc, dbc, etc. means. Recipe card works fine. Even my 7 year old great granddaughter is learning to crochet.

Here is a link to a glossary of crochet abbreviation of stitches- http://crochet.about.com/od/crochetabbreviations/a/Crochet_Abbreviations.htm

Do you have a super simple pineapple pattern? I've tried making the pineapple pattern a dozen times and for some reason, I just cannot figure it out. Would appreciate your help. Thank you. Karla

I have taken the patterns I've printed up, 3 hole punching, and making my own "I can Crochet and Patterns to Patterns with pictures to Prove it" book. Starting in a few days I will begin my Christmas gifts. A Granny Square blanket for my daughter, and guy's blanket in the colors of the Blackhawks of Chicago, and one in the colors of the Giants or 49'ers. I love this sight, and will continue to visit often.

Niners!!!!!!! in Jesus Name, Amen. Whoo-whoooo; Will try this, thanks for ideas.

Thank you so much for all the lovely free patterns !! This is my favourite site, as I've taught myself to crochet from here.....and have used lots of your patterns to make lovely things for my new little grandaughter, and for christmas presents !! Although I'm still a beginner, I enjoy learning the new stitches, and I'm a lot more confident now than I was last June when I started my first project - a lovely headband for the our beautiful new arrival ! Thank you so much xx

Hello, I really love somewhere you can go for help and it there. thanks for this site

I really love crochet even though I am a beginner. This site is very helpful to me. Just yesterday I could only do single stitch and obviously chain stitch. Now thanks to this site (and a different one that i don't want to share the name to) I can do the double and triple stitch too. With the help of these two sites i will be an expert at crocheting in no time at all. This site is one of the best sites for crocheting that I've ever heard of.

I love this site. I am new to crochet but your site is helping me so much. I recommend it to anyone who talks about crochet. Thank you


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