Foolproof Afghan Pattern


Foolproof Afghan Pattern

This easy crochet blanket is literally the best one out there.

Foolproof Afghan Pattern
Foolproof Afghan Pattern

This easy crochet blanket is so easy, it's foolproof! If you're looking for free afghan patterns to crochet mindlessly in front of the television, the foolproof afghan is for you.  Simple enough for beginners and a quick and easy afghan to crochet for those who are more advanced, this Foolproof Afghan is one pattern you'll find yourself coming back to again and again. Make one for a new baby, a housewarming, or just for yourself.  You could also mix and match colors if you're feeling extra creative!  No matter why you make it, one thing's for sure...the Foolproof Afghan is one that's sure to please crochet fans young and old.

The best thing about this easy crochet afghan pattern is that it is insanely easy to personalize for any home or any DIY gift. Looking stunning in any color you may want to use, this cutie to crochet will keep you warm for years to come. We recommend crocheting this afghan in a dark, solid color in order to add some warmth to your living room area.

PLUS: Check out a video below from our friends at AllFreeCrochet on how to crochet the single crochet stitch!


Crochet HookL/11 or 8 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge2 repeats (two cluster groups and two FPdc) = 3”; 4 rows = 3” in pattern. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

Finished SizeLap Throw measures 32” x 37”.

Materials List

  • 1 skein Red Heart® “Super Saver®” Jumbo yarn in Claret
  • 8 mm [US L-11] crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

How to Crochet the Foolproof Afghan


  1. Ch 83.

  2. Row 1 (Wrong Side): (CL, ch 2, CL) all in 5th ch from hook, skip next ch, dc in next ch, * skip next ch, (CL, ch 2, CL) all in next ch, skip next ch, dc in next ch; repeat from * across; turn – 20 cluster groups.

  3. Row 2 (Right Side): Ch 3, (CL, ch 2, CL) all in next ch-2 space, * FPdc around next dc, (CL, ch 2, CL) all in next ch-2 space; repeat from * to last st; dc in top of beginning ch; turn.

  4. Row 3: Ch 3, (CL, ch 2, CL) all in next ch-2 space, * BPdc around next st, (CL, ch 2, CL) all in next ch-2 space; repeat from * to last st; dc in top of ch-3; turn.

  5. Rows 4-49: Repeat Rows 2 and 3 twenty three (23) times.

  6. Border-Rnd 1: Ch 1, work sc evenly around all 4 sides, working 3 sc in each corner; join with a slip st in first sc.

  7. Rnd 2: Ch 1, working from LEFT TO RIGHT, sc in each sc around (Reverse sc); join. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

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CL (Cluster)
[Yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops] twice all in specified stitch, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
FPdc (front post double crochet)
yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of indicated stitch and draw yarn through, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice.
BPdc (back post double crochet)
yarn over, insert hook from back to front to back around the post of indicated stitch and draw yarn through, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice.

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The abbreviation CL should be explained if this pattern is designated as "beginner". I have made many afghans with different types of clusters so I would also benefit from this information.

Love how this lap throw looks. The ribbed pattern is something to get used to. The cluster stitch is something I'll have to learn first before I can begin this but all the other stitches are beginner-friendly. It's amazing that you only need one skein of the super saver yarn to make this Afghan.

This afghan pattern looks very nice. Does anyone know if it really only takes one skein of the Super Saver Jumbo yarn? I would hate to buy only 1 and then get almost done with the pattern and realize I do not have enough yarn. This would be the perfect gift for any of your loved ones. Everyone loves a handmade gift, right?

Love this afghan pattern! It looks so cute and cozy!

Definitely not for a beginner.

Myself, I would make it.

Hi, What has happened to the "save pattern" button??

Hi there! I'm so glad you asked! I'm attaching an image to this email. It's just below the red question at the end of the article---it's a plus sign in a gray box. I hope that helps! Thank you again for asking!

Did I miss how to do the cluster

Hi there! The cluster instructions are beneath the pattern under "Abbreviations". Good luck!

Ilike your newsletter///////do you have apattern for a baby pillowghan??

Hi there! Unfortunately we don't have a baby pillowghan pattern, but I will keep my eye out for one and hopefully add one to FaveCrafts soon. Thank you for writing!

do you have any videos for absolute crochet beginners?

Hi there! We do! If you go to the FaveCrafts channel on YouTube, we have several crochet tutorials for beginners! is also a fantastic resource. Here is the URL to the channel on YouTube: I hope that helps! -Dana from FaveCrafts

Okay, this should not technically be called an afghan. It is really a lapghan or a throw. It is only measuring 32"X37". Pretty tiny. But if you are looking for something to just cover your lap while watching television than this crochet pattern will suit you just fine. Again using those front post double crochets! -)

Foolproof Afghan Pattern looks to be like a great beginner project. This is one that I will save and show others that are just starting out. I love the pattern and as soon as I make one I will post a picture. I will share this with my FB community and hopefully others will enjoy it as well. After looking a this pattern, the instructions are very easy to read, so it it really for a beginner. Everyone enjoy.

I love how easy this pattern is, and that it only uses one skein of yarn! I think I'll make it for a TV-watching throw.

One of the wine-inspired patterns. I thought I've commented on this but no, not yet. Reminds me of a sparkling red wine, merlot of cabernet sauvignon. Thanks for having the pattern right on the same page.

hello, i enjoy afghans, I am an experienced hooker, and have crocheted for many years. I love quick and easy patterns that are easy to work. about how long did it take to work up this afghan. are color changes easy to do with this pattern. If i want to make it bigger how many stitches in sets do i need to add? looking forward to your response.

@wendiec thanks for your comment! I have not made this pattern yet, but hopefully someone will let you know. I suggest commenting the crafters below and asking them, as well. Happy hooking! Kaylee, Editor of

This pattern is easy to read once you understand the crochet abbreviations. I am willing to help if I can. If you can be a little more specific about what it is that you need help with, I can be more specific with my help. I do not think they meant to call you an idiot, the term fool proof I am sure was used to describe the level of experience needed to create this pattern. I have found this site to be extremely helpful, I am sure they did not mean to offend. I am here to help if you want.

Hi, I very much appreciate the great ideas and free patterns I get from this site. I do however believe that by calling this an idiot afghan, you are suggesting that any idiot like me should be able to do it. The problem is your directions require some expertise in "crochetese." I think it would be better if you would just write out the directions in plain English for beginners. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Your written instruction for the cluster stitch is different than your video instruction for the cluster stitch. Which one is correct?

Hi bld4fun! Thanks for your comment. We have removed the video to avoid confusion. I recommend following the written instructions as they are specific to the pattern. Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

How many st do I add to make this longer?

Hi freestuffrocks42 4 959043! That would defend on how much longer you would like to make the afghan. I would recommend adding stitches until you find the proper width (just be sue to keep count :) ) - Kaylee, Editor

This is an "oldie-goldie" pattern. I have made several quick afghans using this pattern and no matter colors or changes in colors I make, it always turns out perfect. It's so easy that I can do with without counting rows or writing down which row is next. It's gorgeous! I'll make is again, and take a pic before I give it away.

can you give the diagrams off the patterns all so please

Hi popdreyer 3713084! Unfortunately, we only have the written instructions for this pattern. I would consider contacting Red Heart to see if they might be able to help. - Kaylee, Editor

I like this afghan and am adding it to my patterns, I don't know how soon I will get to it though.

I m not too sure this would be fool proof for me! LOL. But I love the concept of "Fool Proof" I need lots of those types of patterns I can do while watching movies. I would also like it to be longer.

I have made several afghans using this pattern and a variety of yarn weights and color combinations. I've used up a lot of my left-over skeins. It's a great pattern and my friends and relatives love the afghan.

I am trying to figure out what the CL stitch is.

CL = Cluster Stitch. *Mary Ann included the instructions for this stitch with the Special Abbreviations up towards the top of her pattern.

Hi: Would it be possible to see a well-lit close-up of this stitch?? Thanks.

To see this with a bigger picture, go to the Red Heart website find this pattern under "Crochet One-Skein Lap Throw". I'm trying to figure out the pattern multiple of this so I can make it bigger-this is what I came up with: 1) afghan is 20 cluster groups wide (according to the Row 1) 2) each cluster group uses 4 chains (using the instructions between the *) 3) need 7 chains at the beginning 4) so the beginning chain would be a multiple of 4 plus 7 Can anyone tell me if this is correct? (I feel like an idiot-lol) Thanks! :)

Hi Laurie!! I was just wondering, after all these years, did anyone ever answer you about the number of chains needed to make this afghan bigger? I spent a long time looking through all these msgs, and saw a lot of name calling, but not a lot of helpful info. So, I thought I would ask you if you tried your formula, and if it worked. I may have missed it, but I sure never saw an answer to the question how many. Hahaha. Thanks so much.

Oh my @ Stace67-you must be very thin skinned to be upset over such a silly thing. Lighten up and enjoy life and the pattern.

This would make a beautiful scarf/shawl! What is the stitch multiple?

Hi thomaseanb 7177462! For specific pattern questions, we recommend asking the designer (in this case Red Heart). Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

When I saw "Idiot Afghan" in my email I opened it immediately. I wasn't offended...people are too defensive nowadays....I thought must be so easy that any "one" could do it. I also thought "idiot" ... I know someone that would be good for. This is a website for crafts and such. If you are offended by something...close the page and look elsewhere

No offence taken....just made me more confident that I could make it. Some people are soooooo touchy. Thankyou.

I'm really sorry that people got turned off by the "idiot" quote. No it has a few stitches that probably should be explained better. However, it really is a wonderful afghan and I hope that more people will try it, esp. those that make things for special projects, like the vets' hospital or hospice. It is warm, and great for people who have to sit in wheel chairs, or spend a lot of time sitting. Too bad some people can't get beyond the comment and just make it.

I agree with vroberts1252 3179754 regarding the original name "idiot Afghan". Nothing personal fitzboohoo but you might try growing a sense of humor. To Mary Ann Frits at Red Heart...........Thanks! I needed a chuckle today and it came in the email/newsletter that listed this as Idiot Afghan.

I have made this afghan many times since I first saw it. I've used up lots of left over yarn and made some really amazing afghans of a wide variety of colors and they have all been appreciated. I made 6 of them for the local veteran hospital to give to vets. They have all been enthusiastically accepted. It's a great pattern!!!

The fact that this showed up in my email as "Idiot Afghan" is enough to completely turn me off from making it...

The name "Idiot Afghan" only refers to it being EASY. I seriously hope that you didn't take that personally. NO ONE was implying that you're an idiot if you make it. Relax, grab your crochet hook and give it a try. It's beautiful and it's EASY. :-)

What would you have to chain multiples of to make it bigger?

Hi xhappyhook! For specific pattern questions, we recommend asking the designer (in this case Red Heart). Hope that helps! - Kaylee, Editor

this is to Mary Ann Frits for Red Heart, that wrote this about the pattern. She should not be allowed to share anything else on this site as she was talking about people quote any idiot can do it. I must be an idiot cause this is not for beginers I won't be back at this site unless they can take her off of this site those comments donnot need to be made.

I love the name "Idiot Afghan". I'm going to adjust the pattern to make an "idiot Scarf", perhaps about 72" long.

I agree with some of the previous comments. While this pattern appears to be simple, I could have done without the 'so simple an idiot' could do it analogy. It's just a pattern, but how companies/sites/people present themselves in speech and writing may have an impact on whether you get repeat visitors/customers.... irisheyes- yes, we're here to rate a pattern, but 1. Why use 'idiot' terminology in the first place. The world is harsh enough without getting blasted with negativity on a crochet site, and 2. If I wasn't familiar with post crocheting, or didn' know what the 'post ' of a stitch was, I would be offended.

an "idiot"? you seriously wrote that? there are hundreds of words you could have used to describe just how incredibly simple this pattern is... see that? I just used two of them... wow . . . an idiot *shakes head* my rating is strictly based on my reaction to the description of this pattern. I actually like the pattern itself.

Absolutely LOVE this pattern! I've been crocheting for over 35 years so get tired of the same old patterns. Finding something new and perhaps a bit challenging is why I LOVE to crochet! Growing wiser and smarter keeps me from getting old! I am extremely grateful and thankful to those who so willingly and freely share their pattern creations with the world! If not for them we'd be stuck either paying for them or using the same old patterns. Thank you!

As a beginner knowing only basic stitches the fpdc and bpdc foxed me so I am obviously one idiot that did not find it easy to follow (yarn over as in bring yarn forward or put over hook? etc, post is that the middle shank thread?

I must be the idiot then. I don't understand in row 3 which stitch I am to BPdc because in row 2 there are no double crochets between the cluster. Help.

which is it.........foolproof OR cranberry afghan?

I was wondering the same thing - foolproof, cranberry?? Perhaps I'm an "idiot" :(

I have no idea what all the fuss is about. I thought we were here to rate an afghan pattern. I LOVE this pattern! It's simple to do. The instructions are concise & easy to follow. The results make you look like a crochet genius! It's just SO PRETTY! My grandson asked me to make him a soft, purple 'blanket' for his upcoming 13th birthday. After much deliberation & numerous practice swatches, I decided on this pattern in Caron's Simply Soft Party yarn - purple of course! Sure hope he likes it as much as I do! I highly recommend trying this pattern. It works up quickly (I used a hook 1 size larger than recommended cuz I work tight), & the results are very satisfying. I think even a beginner could accomplish this with a great feeling of satisfaction. Just make a sample swatch & practice some with some cheap yarn. ;)

We apologize if anyone felt hurt of offended by this project. Of course we meant no offense. We always appreciate feedback from our site visitors and will use it when producing projects in the future.


Who is the idiot on your staff that would make a comment like this. Most of us who are very experienced at crocheting, every one in awhile like to crochet something that is a little easier and fun to do. Although I do not find this particular pattern all that easy. It takes a lot of concentration. So please before the "idiot" who had the gall to make this slur, I suggest that someone edit her work.

Gee, only take the 'idiot' remark personally if it applies to you. I appreciate the pattern authors sense of humor! Keep those 'idiot' patterns coming!

This is simple???

I am a beginning crocheter and would benefit immensely from a close up of an enlarged piece of any project to see what it should look like while I am working on it. What are the chances of having such a feature added to your pages?

I take no offense at "idiot" afghan. There are whole series of books written for "idiots and dummies" and I think we all get the point. Lighten up people. As far as the pattern goes, it is indeed a good one for mindless crochet once you get the pattern going. Thank you for publishing this. My only problem now is that it is getting too hot to crochet a blanket. Maybe I'll have to finish it in the fall.

I don't take comments like "idiot" personally. I, being an idiot, have made this in an afghan (bigger than the throw) 3 times and everyone absolutely loves them. You can pick any colors you want or just use up left over yarn, it is very forgiving in covering errors. I'm going to do another one in light weight yarn for a baby blanket. They really do turn out beautiful!

"Even and idiot can make this one"? Well, gee I thought I might try it until I saw that. No thank you. Who proof reads your copy? That one slipped in!

I can see it is an easy to make lap robe. But feel a little insulted when you say "even an idiot can make this one."

I wasn't offended by the comment, just like all the books for dummies. I will be honest, I have crocheted for years, and I found this pattern instructions confusing.

I love to crochet and am always looking for fast and easy patterns that let me engage in the craft along with the all the other things I do. I'm also up to a challenge as it engages my problem-solving side along with the creativity. But, I am deeply offended by the description with this pattern. As a special educator and someone who has worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities for a lifetime, I find the use of an archaic term to describe a profound level of cognitive impairment (an IQ less than 25) very unnecessary and demeaning to individuals and their families. We simply have so many other words in our language to describe ease and simplicity without resorting to name calling. Our children and grandchildren deserve better role models.

I agree with you GrammyMac, surely there is a better word for this Afghan than Idiot!!, and also i don't find this pattern easy ,and would take a bit of concentration on my part to do and i've been crocheting for a number of yrs, but must admit am still learning there are so many stitches to learn, and to make it more confusing i live in Australia and the terminoligy is completely different, Cheers Sharolynn

Thank you dear, you said it much better than I did.

I cannot believe that anyone would be offended by the wording on this!!! I loved that it said it was so easy an idiot could do it. Furthermore, I am an experienced crocheter, and always am interested in an easy pattern. However, I don't really find this that easy, since I haven't done the post stitch much. Still, the point of my comment is my surprise that anyone could possibly be offended by the word idiot used in this way!!!

I am just learning to crochet - a demonstration would be helpful. I am a visual learner. I was offended by the term "Idiot Afghan". Maybe to the experienced and talented crocheter it is easy, but if you have never crocheted before it will not be that simple. But I will try it nonetheless.

I find the use of the word idiot to be offensive. There are a lot of words in the English language that could have been used.

It would really be nice if someone would post this on You Tube, because, as a 'beginner', I have no clue where to begin with this 'Idiot Afghan'and yes, it is slightly 'offensive' too!!

I'll admit that I'm the idiot in the room and I'm not in the least bit offended. As a matter of fact I can't wait to try this out.

I don't like that you say an idiot could make them and make anyone who has trouble with the pattern feel worse than an idiot. It would suffice to say the patterns are easy.

love your site but I did not like the word idiot, UN called for.

An idiot could make them??? Seriously?

You hit the nail on the head, and for the record, I am 'a beginner', so therefore I have no clue how to do thisDoes that make me an idiot?? It would be nice if someone would post this on You Tube so that people like me could REALLY make an 'idiot afghan'Geez!! Seriously!!!!

I am offended by the title cold have called it easy peasy perhaps???

Love love love this pattern..and I found no flaws in it..perfectly pretty and very comffy to wrap up in..I am Like bvbmvera---I made it larger and am so pleased. TY you so much.. --------------------OH Lighten UP!-----------------

I have a real problem with your introduction to this afghan, "so easy, an idiot could make them." First of all, it is insulting to anyone who might have difficulty making this, and secondly, the directions had a mistake in them, thus making inexperienced people feel like idiots! It just seems rude and insensitive to me to use a statement like that.

I totally agree with Justjenny, just rude. I think there are a lot of easy patterns that are not so easy for a novice and using the word idiots is rude. What may be easy to one may not be easy to another.

I love this pattern! It was very easy and works up quickly. I made it wider and longer, so it actually fits a twin bed, and it only took two weeks to make - and I don't get to crochet every day. It looks very elegant in a deep purple (amethyst) color. Will definitely make it again in different sizes for different situations. Great patten! BV

a perfect throw!

I like the pattern, The fps and bps. Are not hard and give a different look, But sorry to say the cluster should have been. In the special instructions. Some may not know how to do that

Every crocheter or knitter knows, or should know, before starting any pattern you read the instructions first, to make sure you comprehend. If you don't understand 100% make a little swatch. It doesn't matter if the FPdc and BPdc was erroneously misplaced you'll figure it out and be a better crocheter for it. This pattern is absolutely great. I made mine a little longer and next time I'll make it wider and longer. Thank you for sharing, appreciate it.

CORRECTION: The FPdc and BPdc should have been listed under the Special Abbreviations along with the info on the Cluster. Sorry about that.

I have made this throw many times and everyone loves it. I do several rows of a solid color and then several rows of a coordinating multi color. That way it isn't so " boring". I don't know why so many find this pattern so difficult unless they aren't noticing the directions to make the cluster which should have been listed under the instructions along with the FPdc & BPdc.

this is a lovely looking pattern, i haven't tried it yet but from the comments i'm a bit scared to. I've been crocheting for over 20 years off and on and just recently conquered the full daisy stitch ( some call it star stitch.) I'm always up for a challenge so this afghan just may make it onto my "try this" list.

I must admit this is not an easy pattern at first glance, but after re-reading and trying a few times, I mastered it and now it seems very easy. It looks very nice too. Thanks for the free pattern - I love them - please keep them coming.

The only thing that I can think of to make this pattern more simple would be to just do a regular double crochet instead of the front post and back post dc's. Would this help anybody?

Yes it would make it easier - but I dont think it would look the same.

The front & back post stitches are quite simple. They make for a wonderful look.

regular dc would make it easier but that would change the texture and pattern wouldn't it?

Well,firstly I have a BS degree in a medical field,secondly I have been crocheting off and on for 20 plus yrs.This is not a pattern you can mindlessly do while watching tv! It seems like it would be a nice pattern though

i learned how to crochet as a little girl and didnt do it often but when i did do it i was physically shown how to do it so i do not know how to read a pattern. could someone please help[ me learn, i would really like to but have only been able to use youtube to do any projects, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! BTW: I LOVE THE NAME OF THE PATTERN MY MAIN REASON FOR CHECKING IT OUT...I USE ALL THE IDIOT AND DUMMY GUIDES. THEY ARE VERY USEFUL. BE BLESSED!!!!

I know it has been a while since you posted for help, but I wanted to find out if anyone has helped. Please let me know if you still need help. I would be happy to try to teach you to read patterns so you can expand your enjoyment of crochet. :)

Go to YouTube and watch some of the videos - they helped me learn a lot about how to crochet.

I bought a book of chrochet andknit and learned that way how to make the stitches, which enabled me to read patterns.

These instructions are written by an idiot.

Idiot proof eh? guess I'm a bigger idiot than what this pattern calls for. I am a beginner who was never taught how to read a pattern, but have managed a few things without any trouble so far, but this?? not so much!! oh well..thanks for making me feel like the biggest idiot out there!

Makes a nice baby afghan also!

WOW! I'm embarrassed for all of you that have responded so negatively. Remember the saying, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all."

You really should be embarrassed for the person who stated this pattern is idiot proof because even I am reading go huh? Not saying it won't make a nice blanket and wonderful baby blanket, but I will have to do some research to understand what this pattern means and how to do it. If this is idiot proof I feel dumb too. When you get a lot of reponses that are the same you have to wonder if maybe they are on to something.

jinxjen, Wow, I am embarrassed that you were so critical of people saying that they were having a hard time reading this pattern. It was not anyone being rude, just saying they were not taught how to read a pattern and felt really stupid because it was suppose to be so simple. Why are you so defensive instead of being helpful to fellow crocheters? If you aren't part of the solution, then your part of the problem is the saying I put that in your pipe and smoke it ms. snippy!!

I really don't care what the pattern is called, I just love getting free patterns. Thank you so much FaveCrafts for offering these patterns. I will start on this afghan as soon as I get my 2 other afghans completed. I love to have something to work on that I can just keep going on it and not have to think about the pattern. It truly relaxes me. Thanks again.

Okay, I truly qualify as the idiot. Looked again and saw the cluster stitch definition. Sorry!

I feel as though I am missing something here. Looked at a few comments, maybe not enough but the special stitches seem to be front and back posts yet the first row calls for CL which is what? A cluster? No definition is given.

This will be so very nice to keep someone when sitting at a desk writing or reading.

LOL the Idiot Afghan captured your attention! The afghan turned out beautiful but can be so boring to make. It's the finished product that makes it worth the time and effort.

Thanks. I am glad it turned out for you. It is always nice to hear about other's success.

Foolproof might work little bit better. I am sorry about all the negative comments. I am not so easily offended. It is really embarrassing when ladies cut loose like that and lash out at each other. Again. I am really sorry. Nice pattern. Thanks for sharing, I will give it a try.

Lol, well this idiot has no clue what any of that means

I love this pattern. Made it Christmas 2010 as a gift. I made it longer and it worked out beautifully.

I am not offended by the said before, similar to the Idiots Guide to.....whatever. However, it is not that easy for those of us unfamiliar with some of the stitches. I do enjoy your site and the free patterns. Thank you for making your ideas and patterns available to us.

hey I think you are being a little silly, who cares what it is call. Sometimes I feel like a dumb, get over it. I think it is a pattern that I can just do and think about it. Be gradful for getting free patterns. thank you FaveCrafts, keep up the great work and her lost if do not want anymore email. I love it.

Folks, what happened to a sense of humor. everything doesn't have to be PC. enjoy the crochet and get over it.

I agree with you about having a sense of humor Life would be boring if we couldn't laugh about things Just to risk me sounding like an idiot what the heck does pc mean I mean other than Personal Computer LOL By the way I think the name of the afghan and what was said about it is pretty funny I have only been crocheting for about years self taught with books and every so often I feel like an idiot when trying to follow some patterns For example I am trying to crochet a dragon for one of my girls and it took quite a while to figure out how to do a simple leg for it I kept reading it wrong and couldn't figure it out I guess you could say the idiot side of me kicked in I left it sit for a day or two then wentRead More back to it It made sense then Blame the idiot side of my brain LOL People just need to laugh more and not be so serious all the time Lighten up everyone

I think it is a sad day when someone can't give a free pattern without being picked to pieces. Too much political correctness. Just count your self lucky to get the free pattern and if you aren't happy about the title, don't use it.

Doesn't look easy to me. I've been crocheting a long time & haven't seen some of those abbreviations. I won't try it.

Seriously???? It's a free pattern!!!! It just means it EASY, nothing more.

I also love the "Idiots" Guides, and I have an IQ of 148. As an accountant, it's nice to have a mindless activity to unwind with at the end of a stressful day. I'm so sorry for the grief you are getting because of the title. Thank you for blessing me with another great free pattern!!!!

Yes, your words are harsh, not good for the site anyone starting out needs practice we are not all idiots just because we need practice and sometimes its ok to be mindless its good for stress. Your site will not be able to send me emails any longer.

I am sure that is no loss to them!

Am I missing something? Where is row one (1)? I've read over and over and cannot see where a person starts. Can someone please help me? Thanks

It says chain 83, then row 1.

It would have been so easy to just simply say that she forgot to add row 2. Insulting her, is no better than what you believe she did to you.

I don't see this as anymore insulting than the idiot books you find in the stores. Come on people, she is just trying to give a pattern for free. Give her a break.

Are we so politically correct that no one has a sense of humor any more? Geesh!

Because of the title of this afghan I wouldn't make it if it was the last pattern ever created. Being rude to people is totally WRONG

you're saying an idiot could make this, but if it doesn't have complete directions, then who's the idiot? I think this was a poorly named pattern and whoever named it has poor taste.

I think you should idiot proof your idiot proof left off row 2

The directions for rows 4-49 are to repeat rows 2 & 3 (23 times). Where is row 2?

Ok! Sorry Jmyall!

So, what will that make me if I have trouble with the idiot afghan?!! Sheesh! I am not so easily offended as to actually BE offended, but I do find the choice in wording to be poor.

I have to agree, very poor choice of words.

I think you should apologize to all the mentally challenged people you just insulted.

Well, I didn't think I was mentally challenged but, I read and reread the instructions and did NOT see row 1, the number of chains. My Bad


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