Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan


Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan

Creative and colorful crochet afghan patterns make lovely additions to any home. Made using a simple method, this Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan Pattern works up quickly and easily, and is a great project for a beginner crocheter. If you like free crochet patterns with style, this is the perfect project for you. Follow along with the pattern and see how easy it is to create a cool and unexpected afghan. The rose and off-white colors make this afghan pleasing to the eye and so comforting after a long, cold day.

This afghan pattern shows you how to utilize the arrow stitch in order to make an unexpected and interesting texture for your afghan. Using the crochet arrow stitch creates a repeated v pattern that can add some serious movement to just about any work up. If you want to make something truly interesting, you could easily use a combination of colors to add to the design element of the repeated arrow stitch pattern.

This project is reader-tested! Look out below to see how this arrow stitch afghan pattern turned out for one of our readers.

Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge13 sts and 10 rows = 4 ins 10 cm in pat.

Finished SizeFinished Size Approx 51 x 62 ins 129.5 x 157.5 cm

Materials List

  • 10 balls Bernat Berella yarn in Rose (MC)
  • 5 balls Bernat Berella yarn in Natural (A)
  • Size 5 mm (U.S. H or 8) crochet hook, or size needed to obtain gauge

How to Crochet the Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan


  1. With A ch 201.

  2. 1st row: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each ch to end of ch. Ch 1. Turn. 200 sts.

  3. 2nd row: 1 sc in first sc and each sc to end of row. Join MC. Ch 3. Turn.

  4. 3rd row: Miss first st. 1 dc in next st. Miss next 3 sts. 1 tr in next st. Working behind tr just made, 1 dc in first missed st. 1 dc in each of next 2 missed sts. Miss next 3 sts after tr. 1 tr in next st. Working behind tr just made, 1 dc in first missed st. 1 dc in each of next 2 missed sts. Rep from to last 2 sts. 1 dc in each of last 2 sts. Ch 3. Turn.

  5. 4th row: Miss first st. 1 dc in next dc. Miss next 3 dc. 1 tr in next tr. Working in front of tr just made, 1 dc in first missed dc. 1 dc in each of next 2 missed dc. Miss next 3 dc after tr. 1 tr in next tr. Working in front of tr just made, 1 dc in first missed dc. 1 dc in each of next 2 missed dc. Rep from to last 2 sts. 1 dc in each of last 2 sts. Join A. Ch 1. Turn.

  6. 5th row: 1 sc in first st and each st to end of row. Ch 1. Turn.

  7. Rows 2 to 5 inclusive form pat.

  8. Cont in pat until work from beg measures approx 50 ins 127 cm ending on a 2nd row of pat and omitting turning ch at end of last row. Fasten off.

  9. Edging: Join MC to any corner of afghan and work 1 row sc evenly around outer edge, working 3 sc in corners. Join with ss to first sc.

  10. Next rnd: Working reverse sc from left to right instead of from right to left as usual, work 1 sc in each sc around outer edge of Afghan. Ss to first sc. Fasten off.

Reader-Tested Crochet Pattern: The Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan

The FaveCrafts editors love this project and so do our readers. Check out this photo of the completed project from FaveCrafts reader, slowrollersride 5841767. 

Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan Pattern

We love seeing your photos and reading your comments. Always be sure to share a photo with us when you finish a FaveCrafts project. You just might be featured like this one. Look below for full instructions.

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Thanks for your comment. Don't forget to share!

There appears to be a rib between each of the arrow rows but it seems to be missing form the instructions. It is definitely not a flat single crochet row as in the instructions. Can someone please help with this?

I loved this pattern. I just made it using 3 colors and love how it turned out. As I was making one for my 90 year old mom to use in her chair, I adapted the size. Changed the border only slightly.

Row 3 you do the double crochets in back of the treble crochet. Row 4 you do the double crochets in front of the treble crochet.

The pattern above is NOT the "Arrow Stitch " pattern. Hasn't anyone noticed that not once does it call foe a V stitch. The picture is correct but the pattern is wrong.

That's a great catch! Do you have a different Arrow Stitch pattern that you like?

This blanket works from bottom to top rather than left to right. See video by Bonnie Barker Holiday Cables blanket in order to visually understand how this comes together. Cheers.

Hi there, I tried searching for Bernat Berella, but could not find. So I am trying other aran yarns. Are you able to tell me either the weight of each ball (so I know the total weight), or the length needed? Thanks!

Hi there! It looks like Bernat Berella was discontinued! It looks like the length is 216 yards (198 meters) per skein, and 100 grams (3.53 ounces) per skein. I hope that helps! -Dana from FaveCrafts

Hello, I've just found this site full of useful and wonderful crochet information! I am wondering, is there a place here where the abbreviations are identified, when used in the crochet pattern instructions? I'm still a beginner though I recognize many of them but not all of them. Also...I am left handed and crochet (somehow) left handedly. So when they say "the backside" in instructions...I have no clue which side they are looking at. Help?? (and thank you )

Hi there! Our friends at the Craft Yarn Council have an awesome master list of crochet abbreviations which can be found here: The back side/wrong side and right side should actually be the same if you are crocheting right or left handedly! I hope that helps! -Dana from FaveCrafts

I have seen many websites including this one with left-hand versions of patterns. Videos too!

Oh wow, what a beautiful afghan using the Arrow Stitch. I like the idea of the two colors used in this one to really make the arrow stitch stand out. After reading the written pattern above it reads so well that it should come out great. I am looking forward to making this one. I just need to go find the yarn and get started. Every one love a nice looking afghan to snuggle up in. Thank you so much for sharing this free crochet pattern.

I really like the built in pattern that this afghan delivers. Also, as an experienced crocheter, I can tell from the instructions works up quickly and easily to a lovely finished product. This is the type of afghan that I would choose to make when I need a thoughtful, handmade, quality gift that didn't take me weeks to make.

A really gorgeous afghan. My family all love to be snug and cozy in front of the TV and with winter approaching us here in South Africa this afghan looks like it will great to wrap around me on a chilly winters night. I am not familiar with arrow stitch so I have just done a test piece. It is so quick and easy to crochet and so pretty that I will probably be making more than one lol

I made several test rows of this pattern a few days ago so I could see if it was something I could work up quickly. I wasn't disappointed. I love this pattern. It is easy to follow, and is so pretty. I especially love some of the variations other users have shared. I am definitely adding this one to my queue. I have also been recommending it to family when they mention making afghans and throws!

We hope that you'll come back and show everyone your new afghan. Good luck and have fun. :)

This one turned out pretty good for me. I usually have a problem with tension but I actually was able to master it for the most part. I wish wool yarn were more affordable since it would be nice to have it with that as well. Did anyone do it in bamboo or wool?

slowrollersride 5841767. Love Love Love your version of the fringe on the Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan pic you submitted. Would you or anyone mind sharing with a rookie how to modify this pattern to include the fringe edging...definitely MAKES a statement.....Thanks

I am trying to do this pattern in Red Heart Icelandic yarn. I can't get the pattern to do right when I start row 3 for the 2nd time. Do I have to do rows 2-5 separately and then stitch them together?

@ngbrob 6794747 I suggest asking one of the readers below who finished this pattern. They should be able to point you in the right direction. -Kaylee, Editor of FaveCrafts

I just love the way this turned out in the photo. It really helps seeing how it turned out for someone that has made it, it encourages me to try it. I like the all one color but I also like the two different color. I think I am going to try the all one color to me it looks elegant. Wish me luck!

Good luck! We'd love to see a photo when you finish. -Kaylee, Editor of

Very interested in the modifications the user who submitted their own photo. Does anyone know who submitted and how to contact them for the modifications? It's very pretty the way the rows between arrows are done. Also, does anyone have the link to the pattern on the Bernat site? I can only find one and it's not exactly this one.

Hi Twitchin Kitten! I am not sure where the modification photos came from. The one down below was uploaded to our site by someone who found the phone, I believe. I would suggest asking our active Facebook group and see if you have any luck there. Happy crocheting! - Kaylee from FaveCrafts

Hi, I am not sure what picture you are referring to but the cream and beige afghan look to have been crocheted to pattern (2 rows between pattern rows) by crocheting round the post of the previous row or into the back of the stitch allowing the two loops at the top of the stitch to form a ridge.

The multi coloured afghan is also crocheted in the back of the stitch or round the post to form the ridges but they have done the rows in double crochet/trebles (UK) and completed 4 rows to keep the arrows going in one direction. So if you want alternate arrow direction use an odd number of rows between pattern rows 4 and 5 or an even number of rows if you want the rows to run the same way. Hope this helps. There are youtube clips on how to form a 'rib' like. here in this clip at around 7m40s https//

I'm about to start on this pattern and I really liked the white and blue/brown ombre pictures - do you think that for row 5, they did a double crochet and row 6 they crocheted in the back of the stitch to make it a ridge? I'd like the arrows to go in opposite directions like you mentioned!

The pattern is good but I really thought the arrows would alternate but they don't ( I was linked here from pinterest and the picture on there had the arrows alternating direction.

Hi there, that looks like a user-submitted image, so perhaps someone made modifications to the original pattern. For possible pattern updates, please contact Bernat Yarns directly via their website or social media pages.

You will get the arrows going in the opposite direction if you include an extra row ie include row 1 that way the pattern row will start on the wrong side of your work and not the right side. The rows in between look like they have been worked in the back of the stitch or round the post to create that ridge.

I have made this pattern three times now and I still don't have one for myself! Different family members saw it and they got them.

I went to the end of 3rd row. There are not 2 stitches left to dc in. I recounted and everything is correct. So stumped:( Anyone...anyone. HELP please! Thanks.

Hi there, As far as we know there has not been an update to this pattern since we posted it, so the best option would be to contact Bernat via the information in their designer profile. To get there, simply click on "The Designers of Bernat Yarn" below the project name. Thanks!

How difficult was it to make?

Where do color changes come? Once you say to join MC in step 3 there's no mention of any color changes and yet the afghan has an obvious vertical striping of color. How is that accomplished? Incidentally, there is nothing on the Bernat website about this afghan.

Step 5 tells you to join A.

When do you change colors again in the 5th row or in the 2nd row? Do you work one set in main color and then work one set in contrast color. Just need to know which row to switch colors. Thank you.

Sorry, didn't read the whole way through the directions. But in the picture it looks like the arrow stitch is made in both main color and contrasting color.

Are these USA crochet terms or UK

3rd and 4th rows say - Rep from to last 2 st - Rep from where?????

Did anyone answer you for this question? I haven't made this yet but I was stumped too. Does it work out as you're working pattern?

Why will no one answer this question? Rep from WHERE to last 2 st?? It makes no sense.

After where it states to last 2 stitches is says 1 dc in last 2 stitches.

the arrow stitch would not copy

For those wondering about how to work behind the stitches, you can most likely find some helpful videos on YouTube on how to do this stitch. You can also visit our friends at to see if they can help you out with this tutorial.

The tutorial will show how to make the arrow stitch but as for this pattern of two colors, that seems to be the issue here. And the questions as to when to change from one color to the other, the fifth row is the same as the 2nd row, so it appears that the arrow pattern is worked in Rows 3 and 4, which is worked in the MC. Rows 1 & 2 is worked in the A color, therefore, Row 5 would logically be worked in the A color: Rows 1 & 2 = A color. Rows 3 & 4 - arrow pattern, worked in MC, Row 5, same pattern stitching as row 2, worked in A color. And then again Row 2 of the beginning of the repeated pattern (Rows 2-5) is also worked in color A and rows 3 & 4 (arrow pattern) is worked in color MC.

on row four, when it says to work in front of your tr just it supposed to be behind your tr just made? I'm confused on that part.

Row 3 the double crochets are worked behind the treble crochet and Row 4 the double crochets are worked in front of the treble crochet to achieve the arrow pattern.

would red heart wool work with this pattern??

@wtemple You can use whatever yarn you'd like...just make sure you check your gauge. You could also check the weight/gauge of the Bernat yarn and match it to the yarn of your choice. Good luck!

would red heart wool work with this pattern??

Isn't row three really row four?

What does tr mean?

@surething2012: tr means triple crochet. Hope that helps!

when it says in each chain from the hook do you still go to the second chain from the hook or the first chain from the hook

@surething2012 Which step are you referring to? It seems that the rules are a bit different based on where you are in the pattern. If you continue to have trouble, you can always contact the designer at They should be able to help you out as well. Thanks!

With A chain 201 ? What is with A ???

a represents a color of yarn and chain is your start of crochet

I have made two of this pattern and they work up nice and fast! Love it. Would like to know how masny chain would I do for a baby afghan in this stitch? Would be nice for my great granddaughters birth.

I am a beginner and I have a question right off the bat with the directions. What does RS stand for? I have a beginner instruction book but RS is not listed in the abbreviations. Thanks!

RS stands for "right side" (versus "wrong side"). Hope this helps!

First time on the site! Been awhile since I've crochetd but I'm up for the challenge. Looks like a soft and warm pattern. Hope to have it done for my mom for Christmas! Thank you for the free patterns and info. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the print friendly version on the pattern ... really appreciate that!

@suzyq719 glad to have you on board! Thanks for the comment and we hope you enjoy all our other free crochet patterns!

Now is a good time to start making afgans for Christmas presents . This looks like a very nice pattern to try. I liked the one comment that suggested Frosty Green/White. This sounds like a very nice combination. Thanks for posting the pattern.

Looks beautiful and makes me want to curl up with a good book by the fireplace.

this is fairly simple once you get a couple of rows it..using rainbow colors..

I am always looking for a new afghan pattern that is striking. This one is very pretty. I love it. Good job!!!

Was not a easy pattern but once I got the hang of it I have four afghan like it in my closet. Love the pattern.

This a very pretty project. It make you want to curl up and watch tv, or read while snuggled up in it.

I had a bit of trouble at first, but once I got it figured out I enjoyed making it in lavender and white for my Sis-in-law. It couldn't have turned out more beautiful, Sis will love it. THANKS!

To ookie833 when you finish your first row of sc and ch 1 and turn, you do not need to chain 200 more sts, sc in first sc of the 2nd row and each sc across. I hope this helps you

so is this just a repeat?

I am confused...wondering if anybody can help. 1st row: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each ch to end of ch. Ch 1. Turn. 200 sts. 2nd row: 1 sc in first sc and each sc to end of row. Join MC. Ch 3. Turn. My question. After you turn the chain in the 1st row are you supposed to ch 200 more sts? And if so, do you sc through those sts? Thanks

@ookie833: Good question. The 200 sts is just telling you that you've done 200 in that row...that's the completed number. Hope that helps!

I can't figure out how to catch the missing stitches either. No matter how I try, it doesn't come out right. There should be a diagram or detailed instructions for this stitch.

I don't know how to work behind the trebles and catch the missed stitches. I don't think the pattern looks it in the picture though, would really like to do this but just need a little help!

I love this pattern but really don't understand how to go about crocheting stitches behind treble in missed stitches. Sarah Brown

I saw this and liked it. Crocheted it in frosty green and white....turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Very easy directions to follow, Thank-You so very much!!!!!

This afghan is my favorite of all I have crochet. I did it in shades of greens and browns, absoultley beautiful.

I would love to do this afghan but I don't know how to read your directions. It would be great if you could do a short video on how to do it. You've done that to teach me how to crochet. It's alot easier for me to learn if I could watch someone doing it. Thank You Louise

@Crafter 6407568 Thanks for the comment. If you want to see a video, you can check the Bernat website ( They might be able to help you. Thanks again, and good luck!

For Rosyposy --- You should have the same number of stitches (200) for all the rows after the second sc row. Don't forget, you should count your turning chain as a stitch unless a pattern says not to. That could be why your stitch count is off by 2. If your stitch count is off by 3, your hook has probably gone into the wrong stitch and I would look for the mistake next to one of the treble stitches. That's often where I make my mistakes when doing a cross-over stitch like this one. Count, count, count your stitches as you go and you'll catch a mistake before you get too far along, although even the most experienced stitchers end up having to rip out rows from time to time. Hope this helps. From an experienced novice who is still learning after 50 years of crocheting.

I really like this pattern, however, I am somewhat of a novice crocheter and am having problems. After the initial pattern, when I begin it again with row 2, should there still be 200 stitches? If so, I don't know what I am doing wrong, because I come up 2 or 3 short. In the initial pattern, I made sure I had the 200 stitches before I began row 3 and rows 3 4 turned out perfectly. Please help!

Easy pattern to follow

I love this pattern I made one for my mother in law for her birthday


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