76 Easy Craft Projects for Adults


76 Easy Craft Projects for Adults

These easy arts and crafts for adults include a variety of ideas to spark your creativity.


Easy Craft Projects For Adults

These easy craft projects for adults are super fun and perfect for beginners. If it's been a while since you've tried something creative, or if you haven't really delved into crafts at all before, here is a great place to get inspired! Easy crafts for adults are a fun way to relieve stress and rediscover your creative spark.

These easy art projects for adults are sure to fit your personal style and skill set. Whether you love to sew, color, make gifts, or work with paper, you'll find a project to try tonight. Gather up your friends and throw a crafting party, or simply turn on your favorite show and enjoy an afternoon of solitude. With these free craft projects, you don't have to worry about kids or outside stress - it's all about you.

Easy Crafts for Adults

You can't go wrong with some fun crafts for adults like these. In fact, sometimes the easiest crafts can make the biggest impression, so look for tutorials that really catch your eye. There are a wide variety of tutorials featured below. Make bath and beauty items like sachets or bath salts, learn how to sew, test your embroidery skills, create beautiful home decor, and so much more. Click any of the images to be directed to more information about each project, and have so much fun getting in touch with your creative side.

Upcycled Fabric Cedar Sachets

Create the prettiest ever sachets with scrap fabric and essential oils!

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Recycled Can Garden Flowers

Soda can flowers are some of the prettiest projects you can make to decorate your garden!

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How to Make Bath Bombs

This fantastic bath bombs tutorial is so easy to follow and they make excellent gifts for loved ones! 

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10 Minute Dish Towel Apron

Learn how to sew a super easy half apron for using around the kitchen or in the garden. Great for beginners and makes a great Mother's Day gift, too!

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No Knot Fleece Blanket

You too can make a no-knot fleece blanket using just a few supplies! If you love those easy tie blankets you see everywhere, but don’t enjoy the knobby knots on them, I can show you another way to make a cozy fleece blanket!

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5 Minute Placemat Purse

Turn a placemat into a purse! This easy project can be made with a dollar store placemat and works up easily for a great no-sew project.

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Asymmetrical Autumn Poncho

Our newsletter readers adore this sewn poncho! It's a crazy-easy sewing project you can customize for fall or wear any time of year.

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Aunt Betty's Strip Pieced Potholder

You can never have too many potholders, and this is a great project both for using up scraps and for practicing sewing these straight lines!

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Retro Wallpaper Window

This is such a great home decor idea to add to that gallery wall! Back the panes in an old window with scrapbook paper for an easy piece of DIY wall decor.

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Spring Mandala DIY Throw Pillow

Fabric scraps and embroidered details come together to make this beautiful Spring Mandala DIY Throw Pillow! Use HeatnBond products from Therm O Web to put together this design super easily, then add embroidered details to finish the design.

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Bloom Embroidery Hoop Art

Use die cut felt shapes to create sweet flowers to decorate your plaque. Use one of the world's favorite craft mediums to create beautiful blooms to decorate your wall!

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Celebrity Summer Scarf Idea

This is a super easy tie dye project where you simply dip-dye a plain scarf for an ombre effect!

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Framed Earring Organizer

Wire mesh and spray paint will be your friend with this great tutorial. View your earrings all in one place with this organizer project! 

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Dangly DIY Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great project for adults as well as teens! Choose charms that are meaningful to you and put this project together for a new favorite accessory.

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How To Make A Sherpa Fleece And Flannel Blanket

Get ready to cuddle up and learn How to Make a Sherpa Fleece Blanket with this easy DIY Flannel and Fleece Blanket Tutorial. Is there anything more amazingly soft than a fleece and flannel blanket???

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Simple Homemade Bath Salts

Relax in total spa-level luxury with this fantastic project. Learn how to make bath salts that you can give to friends or keep for yourself.

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Vintage Plate DIY Cake Stand

This is an idea to fall in love with! Use candlesticks and a beautiful vintage plate to create a gorgeous cake stand for future parties. There's a video tutorial included as well!

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Easy Upcycled Dog Toy

Turn an old shirt into your dog's favorite new toy. What dog doesn't love tug o war? This is a crazy easy project and a great use for a worn old shirt.

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Copper Foil Coasters

This copper coasters are so chic! Add a classy feel to your next gathering with a touch of metallic paint.

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Easy Peasy Hairpins

Embellishments make ordinary bobby pins so much cuter! Add vintage earrings or other costume jewelry elements to them for a wonderful new hair accessory.

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Garage Sale Necklace Makeover

This necklace makeover was fun to do using up a collection of mismatched beads in my “sort these beads” box. Now that I used up a lot of them….I have less beads to sort! LOL.

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Wine Lover's Gift In a Jar

Any wine lover will appreciate a gift jar filled with wine-themed items! A wine opener, stopper, and charms make a great gift with this mason jar craft.

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Bow Keychains

This is a fantastic craft for adults that adds a girly flair. Make bows out of faux leather to easily find your keys in your purse!

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How to Make a Rice Heating Pad

Learn how to make a rice heating pad with this super easy video tutorial! This is a fan-favorite project you're sure to love.

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Peculiar Peacock Coloring Sheet

Are you a fan of the adult coloring trend? This is a beautiful free coloring page to print and color at home.

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How to Make a Floating Tea Cup

Make a darling floating tea cup that will wow guests and add whimsy to your decor!

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Sew a Basket Liner Super Easy

Take any of your baskets to the next level with this simple tutorial for sewing your own basket liner!

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Fizzy Lavender Homemade Bath Soak Recipe

Relax in a deliciously cozy bath soak at the end of a long day. This easy project is great. Unlike bath bombs, you don't even need to form this recipe into a mold!

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Paper Arrow Jewelry Set

Who knew you could make paper jewelry? This is a gorgeous delicate necklace project to make and wear.

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Easy to Make Daisy Vase

If you love working with die cuts, give this recycled craft a try. First you'll work with inks to color the bottle, then you'll add your paper craft embellishments for a gorgeous new centerpiece.

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Country DIY Fabric Wreath Tutorial

Made using fabric scraps of a similar color, this adorable DIY wreath is a great way to add country charm to your home.

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Rosebud Felt Flower Bouquet

Love the look of flowers, but not the upkeep? These dainty felt rosebud bouquets are perfect for everyone who has a struggling green thumb!

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Whimsical Paper Beads

Paper beads are a fantastic recycled craft because you can use newspaper, magazines, or other types of paper to make them!

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Tee Shirt Beaded Necklace

Don't throw that old T-shirt away! Turn it into this cute necklace. You can also buy a cheap shirt at the thrift store or even the craft store for this purpose.

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Vintage Saucer Frames

This is such a crazy-cool thrift store project. Use beautiful vintage places and turn them into frames! Use photos with a sepia filter to add to the effect.

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Book Page Paper Roses DIY Project

These roses are so pretty! These pretty flowers are so easy to make and will create a timeless centerpiece. Give them an added colorful touch with glitter.

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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Tassled Rope Bracelet

If you're into the tassels trend and you love Anthropologie, make this awesome project! You can DIY your own fancy accessories at a fraction of the cost.

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Repurposed Bedspread DIY Hand Towels

Upcycle a candlewick bedspread into handtowels. The trim on the bedspread makes a great trim for the towels as well.

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Sea Glass DIY Fairy Garden

Do you love fairy gardens? Make your own with this lovely tutorial! The sea glass is a particularly beautiful touch.

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Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

This is one of the coolest DIYs. Literally turn a box of popsicle sticks into a hip new floating shelf to house your cactus or any other decorative accent.

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Faux Flower Cupcake Liner Wreath

This gorgeous wreath uses off-white cupcake lines for a vintage look. Add flowers of your choice for a fantastic spring wreath!

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Paper Wisteria Plant

This project may take some time because there are so many tiny little petals, but the finished project is so worth it, and it's easy enough to put together!

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Paper Peony Flowers

Peonies are SO stunning, and you can make your own from metallic paper for a truly unique effect! Use them for a beautiful centerpiece.

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Paper Bag Vases

Use paper lunch bags and metallic spray paint to create this stunning recycled craft! You can incorporate mixed metals into your home decor with this beautiful unique project.

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Folded Book Christmas Tree

This craft is a total classic and the kids can participate, too! Grab a magazine or even an old book to make this beautiful project. There's even a video tutorial to teach you how to do it!

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How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers really make a gorgeous addition to any party decor. They're so easy and inexpensive to make, so learn the basics with this tutorial.

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Gorgeous Bascetta Paper Star

Make a stunning star out of paper and you can even make it glow! If you love origami, you'll enjoy learning how to fold and put together this project.

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Super Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory wire and pearls are your two key ingredients for making this easy bracelet! Look classy in a hurry when you put this pretty project together.

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Easy Pillow Case Dress

You can make a dress out of a pillowcase! This is such a fun repurposing idea.

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Adorable Hand Stitched DIY Tea Towels

Create a beautiful hand-stitched cloth napkin for your home. Because you are able to choose the design that you will hand sew into the towel, you can choose the difficulty of this quick and easy craft!

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How to Make a Door Draft Stopper

If you have ever lived in a house where the winter winds and cold seep into your space through under the door, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your space warm and toasty. So make a door draft stopper!

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Recycled Denim Placemats

This is a fantastic quick sewing tutorial! Make new patchwork placemats in a hurry out of old jeans. Check out the video tutorial for more information.

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Totally Tulle DIY Fabric Flowers

This might be the most popular craft for adults on this page! Make beautiful flowers out of tulle and recycled fabrics. Buttons make darling centers!

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Fold Up Beach Towel Bag Free Sewing Pattern

This is a really awesome beach towel upgrade that makes carrying your towel and other necessities like flip flops and sunglasses easy!

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Faux Vintage Coffee Filter Flowers

Make paper flowers look old fashioned with this beautiful tutorial. Learn how to stain coffee filters with tea to age the paper, then make the flower.

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Empty Wine Bottle Picture Frame

That empty wine bottle can be used as a picture frame! Add ribbons at the neck of the bottle for an instant tabletop decoration.

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Simple DIY Seed Bombs

Aren't these the prettiest seed bombs you've seen? Have fun playing with the paper pulp. This is a great easy gift.

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Spa Day Mason Jar Gift

Mason jar gifts are so great. Not only does the recipient get all the treats inside, like nail polish, face masks, and nail files, but they also get to keep the cute jar!

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Festive Confetti DIY Wine Glasses

These beautiful wine glasses are as simple as dabbing dots with paint for a festive look! You can customize colors by holiday or occasion, or simply choose colors you like! We recommend adding glitter.

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Diy Comic Book Coasters

This is the perfect gift for that special someone who loves comic book art!

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Chapstick Holder Keyfob

This is a SUPER easy sewing project that can involve the machine or hand sewing. Keep that chapstick easily accessible!

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Knee Pad For Gardening

I'm a sucker for this beautiful garden kneeler because of the beautiful oranges print! This is a great sewing pattern for beginners and super practical.

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10 Minute Sewn Tote Bag

Got 10 minutes? You can make this bag with our handy video tutorial!

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Boho Stitch Sampler Pillow

Practice your embroidery and work up a cute boho pillow in the meantime! Embroidery is on the rise, so master this skill with a great practice project.

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Happy Home Embroidery Pattern

I love this amazingly sweet project! Learn how to turn your home into a custom embroidery pattern for a lovely piece of wall art!

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Meadowlands Free Embroidery Pattern

This BEAUTIFUL project will teach you a variety of embroidery stitches while producing a lovely floral decoration for your home.

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Beeswax Candles in a Jar

Learning how to make your own candles not only saves you some cash, it allows you to know exactly what you are burning in your home.

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Galaxy Painted Rocks

It's easy to make rocks look stunning! If you've never tried rock painting, you can create these gorgeous galaxy rocks easier than you think.

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DIY Fox Doormat

You doormat says a lot about you and your house! Learn how to make a custom version with this tutorial.

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Succulent Wine Cork Planter Magnets

These are some of the most adorable and unique wine cork crafts we've seen! Make the cutest mini planters with this tutorial.

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Denim Pocket Purse

This adorable project is a great use for old jeans! Cute for teens or adults alike!

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Heart String Art Tutorial

This darling project will make you a string art expert in no time! String art makes a wonderful gift and wall art.

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Dishwasher Pod Container Recycled Planter

Make a planter! You don't need fancy materials to create a unique planter for your home. Look in the recycle bin for inspiration!

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Zero Waste Elastic Bowl Covers

Make your own elastic bowl covers to save your food, waste and money. This is a great project to practice sewing binding without a lot of risk as you might with a quilt or larger project.

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Upcycled Junk Drawer Candlesticks

All it takes is a little bit of glue, spray paint, and some decorative beads and your old junk drawer odds and ends will be completely unrecognizable. 

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Craft Ideas for Adults Collections

Didn't find the DIY crafts you were looking for in this collection? Never fear, we have plenty of adult-friendly craft projects for you to check out in our other collections of ideas. Peruse one of these pretty lists for even more crafting ideas to love. These are some of our faves, so you are sure to find an idea you truly adore.

Below you'll find recycled art projects, DIY home decor ideas, and more. In fact, the collections below include crafting ideas and techniques the FaveCrafts editors believe everyone should try at least once! Spruce up your space, relax, and make the ultimate grownup craft ideas with these DIY ideas for your home.

1000+ Recycled Crafts

This stunning collection features a crazy huge number of recycled crafts, and is broken down by project type. Looking for water bottle crafts? Bottle cap projects? Toilet paper roll crafts? We've got you covered.

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50+ DIY Crafts Everyone Should Try

This is the natural complement to our collection of crafts for adults. These are projects everyone should try at some point! From recycled crafts to jewelry making to painting projects and more, this is a diverse collection of wonderful projects to explore.

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Pictures of Craft Rooms

Find a variety of ideas for decorating your craft room. Save money, get organized, and make your space gorgeous in the process.

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7 Adult Coloring Pages free eBook

If you're a fan of the adult coloring trend, this is a great collection to explore! PDFs are so convenient, and you can easily print and color this PDF of great coloring pages for adults.

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24 Knockout Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper is a great craft material because it's so inexpensive and you can make some of the prettiest projects with it! Learn how to make all kinds of tissue paper flowers with this collection.

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Wine Bottle Crafts: 30+ Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

Wondering what to do with wine bottles? We've got you covered! There are so many gorgeous projects you can make with your wine bottles, and they're so inexpensive too!

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32 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners

Rock painting is for kids and adults alike! Have fun painting sweet images and sayings on rocks as a low key craft for warm weather.

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94 Gorgeous Pieces of Free Printable Wall Art

If you want a truly low-key craft, this roundup of free printable wall art is where it's at. All you do is browse the pretty wall art, print what you like, frame it, and hang it! This is the easiest crafty way to decorate!

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So many great ideas here! I can't wait to try out those DIY seed bombs in my garden this spring

I consider anything that requires operating machinery (not sewing machines, obviously) or dangerous chemicals to be "for adults."

I would consider Quilling more of an adult craft just because it is so intricate. The adult coloring books could also be a bit too detailed for younger children.

Any craft, as long as it thrills you, is perfect! Crafts keep the mind young and working well!

Whatever an adult wants to do and they are happy and satisfied with it not my choice but theirs I wouldn't pick out not craft for another adult. Let them choice for themselves.

I think adults would enjoy crochet the most as it moves fast and you can complete a project in less time than knitting. Coloring does not appeal to me, but it does to my adult Daughter. Each person has a preference for what they like to do.

Anything that has them using their mind and hands to keep them from getting to where they don't have cognitive use of their minds.

Outdoor gardening ideas. Decorations, pots, using odd things for planters, etc.

Just about any craft is great for adults, as we all have different talents and interests.

There would be thing that wouldn't be appropriate for children such as those involving sharp tools or chemicals, but I think that any craft that spurs your interest whether easy or not would be appropriate.

Speaking for older males, retired or otherwise, (I don't mean to sound sexist, females who are interested would receive the same benefits), and if they're looking for something to take up time and to keep the mind sharp, woodworking groups are definitely and adult craft that does the trick. I've been involved in a group since my retirement and, I find it a great way to meet socially with others, helps keep the mind sharp as you continually have to use math, concentrate on what you're doing and work with others to work out problems etc.

I think that crafting for adults vs children depends on age, ability, and interest of children. Have been crafting with my children for years, and they and now teens and tweens. One loves to paint, another hates it. One is able to knit, but i can't. One is good and drawing. I'm not really sure that there is an adults only craft.

I think that any project with machinery would be for adults only. but a child could do with the proper teaching of a adult supervising them according to age of the child per craft. Thank you for the giveaway . God bless you

Cross stitch is my favorite!!

I would think that sewing with a sewing machine would be.

The craft projects or parts intrusively that I would you consider to be for adults specifically are anything having use of power tools, because in the real world we don't want our kids acting like Tim the Tool-man Taylor, and being injured.

I would consider most metaworking, jewelry making and woodworking projects to be for adults. You wouldn't want children around sharp tools,crafts or saws.

I can't think of any craft that a child cannot learn. With adult supervision and support most crafts are within the grasp of everyone. It's a nice way to bring a family together.

The only crafts that would be for adults only would be ones where you were making some sort of adult toy? I can't really think of much in the way of crafts where kids cannot be included.

I think with supervision kids can do any craft that adults can do. The only thing that might be hard for a child would be knitting, but its hard for me too....

I have taught most crafts to kids but metalsmithing and stained glass are pretty hard to scale back, mostly because of the materials and chemicals.

I think it really depends on the craft, most can at least be done with adult supervision, if they require sharp knives... additional equipment or glue guns...

Adult crafts would be those that require the use of knives, saws or other types of sharp objects. Also anything using caustic chemicals. Very intricate details involving many steps to accomplish the craft would probably be limited to adults.

It would all depend on the type of adult crafting. I know in my case, an adult craft is anything I can teach my son to make with me.

I the craft projects I consider to be for adults specifically include those that use glass, needles or anything that could hurt the child. Also those that have complicated directions.

I am going to save this information and would also like to know if anyone is working crafts in a nursing home...some are in "Protective" environment and I could use all the help I could get.

The best adult crafts are lessons on colouring, crocheting and knitting, home accessories and personal accessories, tie dying and remaking items to something useful and decorative, quilting and my personal wish is for instructions on felting.

Any craft that requires sharp objects would be better suited for adults than for children, but whatever interests any particular adult is a good craft for him or her. I, personally, love a lot of different crafts.

a craft for adults and relaxing too, would be weaving,

Crafts for adults would be those that use most complex tools and techniques that lead to other more challenging projects.

Any craft that adults can do children can to IF it is adjusted to their abilities.

I believe most classes may be altered for any age group. We do oil painting classes, for adults and children, and they all learn a lot and have a great time.

Crafts requiring saws, blades or chemicals should be left to adults. Perhaps children could help with other aspects of the craft, such as painting or gluing.

I agree with others who have said crafts involving chemicals, machines, blades, etc are best left to adults or with close adult supervision.

I would have to say any craft requiring the use of machinery (IE woodworking, sewing ) is specifically meant for adults only. Anything requiring the use of chemicals as well. However these can all be taught to children in a form of respect for safety by a supervising adult D

Certainly any craft with strong chemicals, machinery, blades, etc.

Personally I believe that the majority of crafts can be done by nearly any one at nearly any age. Pure talent is not age specific, nor is it taught in a class or school. While a small child may not be able to handle power tools effectively to complete a project, a grown adult may not be able to to safely use them either. It is always a good idea to have a partner when crafting, someone who is more experienced in the media to insure safety. Yet at the same time keep an open mind, the more inexperienced could simply have a scathingly brilliant new technique!

any craft that involves dangerous material should be adult only but certain crafts can be taught to older children like knit or crochet if they have the motor skills needed

Crafts for adults specifically would be anything using glass or abrasive chemicals and requiring numerous steps to complete

One of the joys of being an adult is being able to try any craft we wish, and then being able to choose what we enjoy doing

Oh, easy. I would consider anything requiring ADULT supervision. LOl.

I would say that the wine bottle crafts and anything that requires a hot glue gun or using heat would be only for adults.

Very detailed colouring pages, crafts with small parts or sharp or complex tools are better left to adults. The first because a child would get bored or frustrated. The second because of the danger.

Adults have better fine motor control and can generally handle more detailed and time consuming crafts than children. Tools, solvents, paints and other possibly dangerous methods are also more appropriate for adults. However, adults are not limited to advanced crafting and can enjoy all kinds of crafts, even those typically considered for children!

Crafts that are geared more for adults use tools or materials that are potentially dangerous for children to use Or are more complicated or involved/tedious than children can handle Or are not producing a product that is of any interest to children or youth to make.

Crafts that are for adults usually are more involved taking more time and patience.

Among the projects shown, I would say there are several projects that should be done only by adults, or by older children under strict adult supervision. For example, the baby card uses metal dies and a die-cutting machine. Since dies have blades and die cutting machines have rollers with a great deal of pressure, children under the age of 13 should not use them. Also, some of the projects call for a glue gun which poses a burn threat, so should not be used by children. But the crafts all can be done by children, with proper adult supervision and care, so I would say none of the projects are really adult-only! My mother introduced me to all kinds of crafting at early ages, supervised, and I did the same with my daughter.

Some DIY projects requiring specialty power tools or chemicals shouldn't be performed by youngsters without supervision. However, with proper training and supervision, many projects can be completed by tweens and even younger children. Their attention to detail may differ from an adult's but then again, it may not.

Forgive me for going against the grain but personally with regards to crafting-theres not really an age to engage rather-proper teaching supervision and execution of safety at all times Sharp tools can hurt at or Any fumes a proper ventilation mask and air circulating system or workspace will protect all ages the same I don't think its the craft that's discretionary nor the age More so the desire and dedication to its learning or not I'm glad my age never took precedence growing up-had it I may have easily lost interest never to have the same opportunities By age I was comfortably competent sewing on an Industrial Bernina Server at my grandmothers sewing company Had she followed the rules of age precaution I'd never have had the chance-she passed away not too many years later my lesson started with heres what this machine can do -like stab the needles thru yourRead More finger as well as cut your fingers right off since it cuts as it sews then I was taught heres what YOU can do with this machine and so followed the lesson on technique st project it was the 's Hair scrunchies

sorry, I meant serger, not server!...guess the language is too outdated for my Google autocorrect-go figure!

I'm thinking any tool that involves hard-to-work-with sharp tools. Or any that maybe involve handling toxic fumes.

crafts for adults usually have more detail

most crafts are for everyone.

Anything that involves dangerous tools or objects.

Anything that involves cutting tools!

The only crafts that I would think of as specifically for adults would be ones that might be dangerous, such as crafts involving very sharp tools or toxic fumes. Thank you for sharing this info and having this giveaway!

Sewing and quilting, jewelry making, woodworking and stained glass painting with soldering. I love just about any kind of craft.

IMO, crafts requiring glass items, extensive cutting, use of power tools and/or making anything scented should definitely be considered "Adults only". Hopefully any 'Adult' topics like drugs, alcohol etc. are auto-taboo! Overall cost for a project is also important. This Gramma isn't too uptight about glittered carpets, though! )

LOVE all your projects!!!

I agree with those who said projects with glass, glitter, etc., are adults-only projects. I would also add to the list any project that involves a lengthy set of instructions or takes a long time to complete, as I think kids would just get frustrated and impatient.

I wholeheartedly agree with glitter being an "adults only" craft. I can't tell you how many times I've almost (and sometimes have) knocked over a whole tube of glitter. You know what's not fun? Trying to get loose glitter out of a carpet....

I think anything dealing with wine is definitely the epitome of an adult craft...plus, if it deals with using a bottle to decorate you get a nice sit and enjoy some wine AND craft! What could be better!

Home decor pieces, such as furniture crafts or complex wall art. Not for kids because of skill level and also because they probably wouldn't care about the finished project!

I'd say any craft where you need to use a sharp knife or hot glue should be for adults only. I always burn myself whenever I use hot glue...and I'm an adult...

Anything with fire, toxic materials, or the use of super sharp objects. This is why I won't let my kids take up blacksmithing until they're older.

As a parent of a young child, I'd say anything involving glitter! Glitter tiny hands = do not mix!

There are a lot of crafts I'd consider for adults only (hot glue projects, metal projects, anything that uses smaller materials) -- generally i'd say if something doesn't include Popsicle sticks or finger paint, it's probably not a kids' craft. :)

Anything with glass! Mosaics, wine bottle crafts, glass glitter... etc.

Any type of craft that requires small materials such as beads or string should be reserved for adults.

Oh goodness. It seems like everyone else went straight to crafts that involve specific skills or dangerous tools. I immediately thought of wine bottle crafts. Not sure what that says.

Any project that requires sewing, crochet, or knitting would be considered adult-only. I can't think of any kid that has learned how to knit a sweater! :)

Can I just say first that I love the video at the top of this page? What a great addition! Also, I think making jewelry is probably only for adults. Unless it's some beads and string, then the kids can play! But working with metal is safest for adult hands.

Honestly anything that requires a hot glue gun or any sort of power tool should be 'adult only'.

I would consider home decor crafts to be for adults only. Not that kids wouldn't enjoy them too, but I wouldn't necessarily want them to pick the decor scheme for the entire house! )

Tried this craft? What did you think?

That necklace in the collage looks great! I would totally make it.

I'm glad there are some great crafts that aren't for knitters only! I love crafting but am not too skilled with yarn. So many good options here for me!

I love panchos! Never got over that fad.

Love the book page roses! Seems like a good alternative to the wilting flowers I usually have in vases


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