Funky Jeans Bag


Funky Jeans Bag

Recycle an old pair of jeans into a Funky Jeans Bag with this tutorial by Stefi Luca. In this tutorial, you'll use a bright fabric like the red fabric pictured for the lining and embellishments. Before you know it, you'll have an amazing recycle craft that will impress everyone who sees it. With this free sewing tutorial, you can make a fabulous creation that you'll love toting around everywhere you go. Not only is this sewing pattern a wonderful way to reuse old jeans, it's a great chance to test out your sewing skills. DIY bags like this one are fun to make and even more thrilling to use. No one will be able to resist such a cute craft idea like this one. Don't hesitate to make this easy sewing project today.

Also, check out the video above to see another awesome way you can recycle an old pair of jeans! 

Estimated CostUnder $10

MaterialsRecycled Materials


Project TypeMake a Project

Materials List

  • Pair of worn out jeans
  • Linen for lining
  • Matching thread

Funky Jeans Bag

Recycled Jeans Craft Instructions

  1. When you have all the materials at hand, we can proceed to the next step.

  2. Level the top edges of the waistband and pin them together. Cut the jeans a few inches under the crotch point. Then separate the front and back sides at the crotch area.

  3. Sew the front legs (as to cover what used to be crotch area), which will make your short jeans look like a skirt.

  4. Turn the jeans inside out, pin again the top edges of the waistband on the wrong side and sew the bottom. Cut out the remaining fabric, after sewing.

  5. Lay the jeans on the folded linen and cut it along the line of the jeans: 1 inch exceeding the waistline. Sew the linen on the wrong side. Before sewing you can add some inner pockets if you wish, if not – no biggie as there are plenty of outside pockets.

  6. I applied two inner pockets, one regular and one phone pocket to which I added a lid. I followed my dad’s suggestion when seeing my green bag: “What if you turn your bag upside down looking for something inside, your phone may drop down”.

  7. Cut two strips out of the jeans legs and two out of the linen. I wanted really long straps so I created one strap from one strip and a half. Sew them and get two lined straps.

  8. Place the straps between the jeans and the lining and sew them all together. Add a fastening device. I have first thought of sew-on snaps but finally gave in for an easier solution. You now have a funky jean bag.

Why You'll Love This Recycled Craft

Here are the top 3 reasons to make the Funky Jeans Bag craft project:

1. Eco-Friendly: By recycling an old pair of jeans, you're giving new life to something that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This project is a great way to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious while creating something stylish and functional.

2. Personalized Style: With the option to choose a bright fabric for the lining and embellishments, you can create a Funky Jeans Bag that perfectly reflects your unique style and personality. Express yourself through your crafting skills and have a one-of-a-kind accessory that stands out from the crowd.

3. Skill Building: This sewing project is a fantastic opportunity to practice and improve your sewing skills. From cutting and measuring to sewing and embellishing, you'll be able to hone your craftsmanship and creativity while making a practical and fashionable bag. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this tutorial offers a fun challenge and a chance to try something new.

Overall, the Funky Jeans Bag craft project is a fun, eco-friendly, and creative way to turn an old pair of jeans into a fabulous accessory that you'll love to show off. Get started on this DIY project today and enjoy the process of making something beautiful out of recycled materials.

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This looks adorable! However, instructions need a bit more detail and there are none for the linen on the pocket....

I remember having a jean purse at least thirty years ago. This is a beautiful bag and it certainly has a lot of space. I love that this uses old jeans and keeps them from being thrown out. Great recycle project that gives a variety of possibilities with cloth in desired prints and colors to add personal touches. I really like red, what color would you choose? This would make a great gift too.

I've always loved wearing jeans that look super vintage. This tutorial is one that I definitely need to try!

Tried this craft? What did you think?

Everyone always has those pair of jeans that either do not fit or you longer want and this is a great way to recycle them. A funky jean bag to match your jeans. I love that you can style it for you and if you are like me I can not find bags or purses I like. Want to get even more creative. Why not add some lace, or embellishments or even a saying or appliques. Get real funky add a small tear in the outer jean fabric or make strap longer or shorter. Better make sure to make at least one extra for your besty. These will make a great gift for them.

I have a few pairs of jeans that I need to get rid of, so this pattern is just what I need. I can't wait to make this!

Hello I am French and I have discovered your tutorial with pinterest . I realized your bag along just how to cut the bag. After it was feeling. You can see my bag on http//

Hello I am French and I have discovered your tutorial with pinterest . I realized your bag along just how to cut the bag. After it was feeling.

Since I upcycle old jeans into projects to sell at craft fairs, this is definitely something I'm going to make!

Thanks for the great tutorial! I was definitely trying to make it much harder than it needed to be. Thanks.

I really like this bag!! Defiantly sweet!!

Gorgeous bag, lovely tutorial.

I made this as a school bag with one of my old jeans. My daughter loves it since she picked the color that went inside as a liner. Thank you, Stefi Luca for creating such an easy tutorial to follow.

Glad I found this. I've actually made one along time ago. Didn't line it though and the strap is really bad. Now I can fix the one I have.

great this pattern

Love this pattern! I had just recently had been looking for a good one... My searching is over. Thanks

I made it for my daughter, and had to do one for myself. Comes out really pretty with embellished jean pockets too! Sparkle in style. Also this is the best use of the top part of the jeans, since I use the legs to make pencil pouches with snaps or zippers.

This is awesome, I made two of these. I only used one strap though. For closing, I made a piece of material to button on the button and I used to snaps,

So cute! I love how you used the lining fabric to edge the front pockets for a really put-together look. Very elegant for a funky, trash-to-treasure accessory!

Just a great idea and so cute! Love this and I will be making one for myself, thanks!

Great Job, nice fabric choice.

I have done a lot of these and this is adorable as well. I don't see what step you cover the edging of the pockets. I also used real belts on some, embellished with old jewelry from the thrift store, even used old earrings and broken necklaces from my jewelry box, single earrings get used up this way. I also cut out patterns from old clothes or from the lining material and glued them on and painted around them. These are great made from a child's jeans for a smaller purse or for children.

HI--I started doing these about 26 yrs ago as book bags,backpacks out of neccessity. The younger children got them out of color much fun to do.Thank you for your post.

I think this is a cute idea, all my girls may get one for Christmas! Even the litlle girls. How fun.

I did a similar craft with my students. We made them for elderly people who use a wheel chair or a walker. We used shower curtian hooks to attach them to the walkers. They loved their new totes.

I made this bag love it I want to make one smaller.

Wow!very nice!love it!

Making this cute bag it!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Absolutely love it !!!!

I've been making these for years and I still get terrific reviews from the jeans previous owners. This is a great project to do with a Girls Scout Troup.

I made my niece one of these for Christmas and everyone loved it. I also made myself one. I added an oval shaped bottom to mine instead of just sewing it together, I love the way it looks. I still have to attach the straps, I'm going to use your idea for them, I love the cloth on the back side. also I'm going to add extra pockets to the lining.

I've been doing this for years, lol! I generally use childrens jeans for the purses I make though. Also I put lots of pockets in the liner to help organize your purse. It sure helps with things not ending up on the bottom of your purse and makes things easier to find. When I trace the purse to make the lining. I measure the waistband and add 1/2-1 inch to allow for seams. I turn the jeans inside out to trace the lining. You will have to insert the lining to find out how much you need to trim off the lining (if any is needed)so it sewing in nicely. These make very cute purses. especially if you have a favorite pair of jeans that have an embroidery or beaded design on them.

Cute cute idea but your directions suck. I have been sewing all my life and I cant understand them. Also, if you cut your lining the same size as the bag, once you sew the side seams together, it will not fit around the whole top of the bag. I have spent 2 hours on this and now the lining doesn't fit to sew around the top. You need to be more specific on the directions and add inches to some of the directions.

love it

so nice and simple...

This worked great! This was my first time making a purse and it worked great, was easy to understand, and is sooo cute! I used a silky white with flowers and it looks great! Thanks Favecrafts!

-Do You think I cold use shorts for this?

I love these but have found other jeans-to-bags patterns difficult to understand/follow. NOT THIS ONE!!!!! This has to be the best how-to-do-it ever. Love it! A million Thanks Marion UK

Love it, i've been wanting to do this to some old jeans.

I use children's size jeans (gotten from the thrift store, of course) for purses, and I use adult size jeans for grocery/shopping bags.

cool!I've made one.

The instructions to this were so easy to understand. I can't wait to get started on my purse! Amanda

My girlfriend and I made these back in the 70's,now I am going to make some with my granddaughter.Whats old is new again!

One of my favourite crafts...very easy to understand with great photographs..Thank you..

Very Cute....will give this a try and use my embroidery machine to put some kitties on my bag....thanks for this one

This is great!!! Was just getting ready to give away some larger size jeans cause I've lost weight and never going to gain it back!!! Now I can use them to make some money to finance my smaller wardrobe!!! Excellent tutorial as I learn better using a visual or an out of my head image, (not good with written directions). Thanx so much!!!

Great bag.!! Thank You for the tutorial, ans all my questions. Like most people I do better if I can see how it's done as opposed to just written.

Can't wait to try this one. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Great tutorial and pictures!! This is the way they should all be done. Sometimes we can't always picture what the person is try to say.

What a lovely, clear and well photographed tutorial! Thank you for your generosity!!! I love the way the bag came out--the piping and accents are so pretty!


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