Mod Podge vs. Decoupage: What's The Difference?


Mod Podge vs. Decoupage: What's The Difference?

We've gotten to the bottom of the Mod Podge and decoupage crafts debate!


Mod Podge vs Decoupage

When it comes to the world of crafting, there are many different words we use to refer to all of our amazing projects. On any given day, you may see crafters showcase some of the beautiful works they made with Mod Podge crafts, while other crafters may display a similar project made with what they refer to as decoupage crafts. If you’ve ever wondered if you were going crazy because both of those crafts look almost like they use an identical method, you’re not alone.

In Mod Podge vs. Decoupage: What’s The Difference?, we’ve set out to define these two terms and tell you exactly how each type of crafting differs. In the explanations below, we hope to present you with clear-cut knowledge that will help you more easily navigate the wonderful world of crafting. Are Mod Podge crafts and decoupage crafts one and the same? Wonder no more. The answers you seek are explained below. 

What Are Mod Podge Crafts?

When someone says that they are making Mod Podge crafts, they could mean a whole host of different projects that fall under the umbrella name of Mod Podge. The reason behind this is because Mod Podge is a type of glue, not a crafting technique. In that vein, there are many different varieties of Mod Podge readily available to cater to a whole host of needs. Mod Podge can be used for decoupage projects (it's famously touted as one of the best decoupage glues), but it can also be used as an adhesive and protective sealer for all sorts of crafts, including fabrics, wood, tile, clay, and more! Some crafters keep a bottle of Mod Podge on hand solely for the purpose of sealing and preserving their favorite puzzles. 

The next time a crafter tells you that they are making Mod Podge crafts, feel free to ask them to clarify what they mean! Furthermore, if you're looking to see great examples of what kinds of amazing projects your fellow crafters are making with Mod Podge, check out these amazing projects below! 

Elegant Refurbished Entryway Cabinet

A little paint and paper make a huge difference for this boring unpainted wooden entryway cabinet. Learn how to decoupage on furniture and get organized in style!

Stunning DIY Jewelry Dish

You won't believe what these cute homemade jewelry dishes are made of! This Stunning DIY Jewelry Dish is very simple to make and doesn't cost much, though you'd never know by looking at it. 

Collage Corkboard

Turn a double frame into a collage and corkboard combination with this project. You can easily purchase a sheet of cork from the craft store to fit inside a picture frame.

DIY Succulent Project

One year ago I made some big health changes. To celebrate my new lifestyle, I upcycled my first container of vegan food into this adorable DIY for several succulent plants.

Glass Jar Mod Podge Makeover

You don't have to throw out all your used salsa,pasta sauce or jam glass jars. You can upcycle and turn them into decorative and functional jar containers that will look so lovely in your home. 

What Are Decoupage Crafts?

Decoupage crafts are a very specific form of crafting that dates back centuries! In its broadest meaning, the art of decoupage is essentially the art of decorating an object with cut outs. These cut outs most commonly involve paper, but they could include a whole host of objects used in upcycling or adding flair to objects. When someone has made a decoupage craft then, that person has taken an object and used a special type of glue (Mod Podge) to adorn it with decorations. As mentioned, paper is the most common material used in decoupage, as it can be sealed with decoupage glue to make it look as if it was originally part of the object it is adorning. To this end, there are a plethora of different decoupage glues available that offer a wide variety of finishes and textures. Mod Podge is one of many available decoupage glues, each with a different consistency and finish. 

When a fellow crafter tells you that they are making decoupage crafts, feel free to ask them what dazzling spectacle they're looking to make! When it comes to decoupage, the sky is the limit! You can transform any ordinary object into an absolutely gorgeous work of art. Don't believe us? Check out these amazing decoupage crafts below. 

Easy Decoupage Frames

One you learn how to decoupage using plain frames from your local craft store, you'll never want to buy the pre-made version ever again.

Decoupage Storage Bin

Turn a plain wood storage bin into a beautiful home decorating accent with this decoupage craft idea. Use your favorite scrapbook papers and embellishments for this decorative storage project.

Upcycled Vintage Suitcases

Want to add some sparkle to old suitcases? Check out this Upcycled Vintage Suitcases from Mitzi Curi! This is an exciting upcycled craft to make.

Awesome Comic Wrapped Decorative Balls

Recycle your favorite comic strip from the newspaper or a comic book and decoupage them on to STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam balls. Kids will love picking out their own design and displaying these in their rooms.

End Table Upcycle

Use some scrapbook paper to transform a boring end table with this decoupage craft project from Amy Anderson. This upcycle project is a great way to add color to any room in the house.

Audrey Hepburn Vintage Dresser

You can even add some bling to her outfit when you're done. The end result is so stunning that no one will believe you did it yourself. 

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Thank you for this useful information! I have seen recipes for decoupage formulas and mostly use white glue. I do know that Mod Podge brands come in several varieties depending on your project and what the desired finish might be, from glossy and shiny, to a semi-gloss, to a matte or non-reflective appearance. It also depends on the surface, to determine what would work best in wood, glass, plastic, paper. I have used this technique to apply fabric to the underside of a clear glass plate ... There are so many fun and creative choices!


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