Decoupage Storage Bin


Decoupage Storage Bin

Learn how to decoupage a box with scrapbook paper with this easy tutorial

Decoupage Storage Bin
Decoupage Storage Bin

Turn a plain wood storage bin into a beautiful home decorating accent with this decoupage craft idea from Amy Anderson. Use your favorite scrapbook papers and embellishments for this decorative storage project. This how to decoupage tutorial and home décor idea shows you how to transform an otherwise plain old storage bin into something you will actually want to show off with impressive mod podge ideas.

Stop shoving all your storage bins into closets and pantries. Snazzy DIY organizers like this one allow you to place your clutter out in the open, transforming it from an eyesore to a piece of décor. You will be astonished at how quickly a bin like this for holding extra magazines and clutter classes up your living space. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to decoupage a box with scrapbook paper and create your own version of this chic storage container.

Estimated Cost$11-$20

Time to CompleteWeekend project


Materials List

  • FolkArt® Acrylic Paint in Bright Baby Pink, Turquoise, and Yellow Citron
  • Mod Podge® Satin
  • Wood Storage Bin
  • (4) - 2” Wood Balls
  • My Mind’s Eye Scrapbook Paper – 4 sheets, 2 each of 2 designs
  • 1 roll of turquoise ribbon
  • Paper Flowers – 4 coordinating (I used Prima)
  • 2 pink buttons
  • 1” Flat Paint Brush
  • Craft Glue
  • Craft Knife and Mat
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Learn How to Decoupage a Box With Scrapbook Paper

If you want some extra tips and tricks on mod podge wood projects and applying decoupage to wood projects, check out our full tutorial on How to Decoupage on Wood for anything and everything you need to know!


  1. I always trace the shapes for my finished project first. Why? Because if pencil marks get on my surface, then I can paint over them. Start by tracing one side of the bin on the four sheets of paper. Set those sheets aside –you’ll cut them while the paint is drying on your project.

  2. If you haven’t noticed, I fancy colorblocking. On the storage bin, paint the inside Turquoise, two sides Yellow Citron and two sides Bright Baby Pink. Paint the bottom whatever color you want – I painted it Turquoise. You will have to paint several coats of all colors. Allow to dry.

  3. While the bin is drying, paint the wood balls Turquoise. Allow to dry.

  4. You are now going to cut the paper. Measure approximately 1/8” inside your trace line on all four pieces from step 1 and trim them down using the craft knife.

  5. When your bin is dry, adhere these four pieces to the sides using the Mod Podge. Work one side at a time. Completely smooth out all air bubbles and allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

  6. Coat the entire bin with at least two coats of Mod Podge. Coat the inside and the wood balls as well. Allow to dry completely.

  7. Glue the wood balls to the four corners of the bottom with the craft glue. Allow to dry.

  8. Cut the ribbon to fit two opposite sides as you see in the photo. Start with one side and glue the pieces down with craft glue about 1/2" apart. Glue some paper flowers down in the center and then add a button to finish. Allow this side to dry before turning bin over and doing the same to the other side.

  9. Allow the storage bin to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

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I have been trying to figure out some storage for all my fabrics and crafts that look organized and cute and wow these are so cute and I love that you can decorate them to what you like. I do not have no wood boxes so I will have my son make me some and I can even choose my sizes. They will look great in any room. Super great tutorial. Let's get started!

I have an inkjet printer and would like to print images to use for some of these projects. How do I keep the ink from smearing and the paper from shredding?

Hi there! You should be good to use an inkjet printed image with any decoupage project. Just be sure the image has completely dried before using Mod Podge with it. As far as keeping the paper from shredding, monitor how much glue you're applying at a time, and how long you're waiting between coats. Only apply thin layers and wait for the decoupage medium to dry in between coats. We also have a thorough article on how to use Mod Podge here: Good luck!

I'm going to attempt this project when time allows. Creation of home decor and storage items is my thing.

Well, this certainly is cute! There are so many cubbies/bins that are the same old look a likes, but this is so fun! You could use fabric or paper. There are so many ways to individualize it with hardware or embellishments, too. I might like to add some casters on it! I'm retired, and I don't lift heavy things if I don't have to! lol

Oh people get a life! There are so many more things in life to complain about just let this one go.

I love it! I think it is so cute!

Where can I buy the plain wood storage bin. I love this idea and need space for my craft magazines and books.

Love this idea! Thank you! Couldn't leave without weighing-in on comments regarding the "Stitch & Bitch" magazine...I belong to a group of really fine women who love to bead. I am delighted to be an honorary member who comes on Thursday nights whenever I am in town. This group is called "The Bead Bitches" & it is a grand time for sharing our loves, our sorrows, our creativity, i.e., the day-to-day ups & downs we all face. We come in friendship and acceptance for all we have weathered divorces, widowhood, raising kids & burying kids, parents, & each other. We are not offended by the term "bitches" because none of us takes it to be a personal slight but rather a term that conveys our sorrows and challenges that when shared, become slight in measure.

Perhaps mrsjynxy needs to spend more time learning how to spell and less time teaching kids how to be hateful of someone that reads the bible or has a difference of opinion. Remember the freedom of speech people like you always cry about? Don't have any more kids if you are going to brainwash them to be like you.

I agree with thebergmans3, very nice box.

focus people, it's an article about a decorative box...a box. It is a lovely box too:)

I'm reading all the comments that are posted following my first one Funny that some of you who are offended that I posted it are crying YET ladies we do seem to forget that in this country we STILL have a right to say how we feel and bible toting holier than thou jerks I am a young mother and love knitting i like the book they are trying to make a somewhat dieing art more appealing to the younger generation wich is a good thing stupid prudes So you can speak your mind but I can't Where's the freedom in that Oh I guess there isn't unless I agree with you And it's good to know where you feel this generation should go with how we communicate appealing to the younger generation wich is a good thing stupid prudes I sure hope you don't represent all of your generation IRead More post a comment about how I feel but because you don't agree with me you escalate it to name calling So where is the dialog

I have certainly heard worse than bitch ,all these comments make people who knit and stuff look like stuffy, bible toting, holier than thou jerks.I am a young mother and love knitting i like the book they are trying to make a somewhat dieing art more appealing to the younger generation.wich is a good thing .stupid prudes

The book in question is very popular. I have seen it suggested many places. I am not a knitter but have tried it as I am a crocheter and after looking at books that one is actually one of the better and helpful ones. In my opinion it is targeting younger just getting into the craft demographic. At one time that word may have been very crude but in today's world it has many meanings and they are not all meant as insults. Anyone who is whining is just looking to stir things up and "bitch" about something.

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Hello crafters! We are sorry to hear that the project image offends some of our readers. Overall, our policy is not to post profanity. But, we also want to give any and all featured designers at FaveCrafts creative freedom, especially when mentioning the titles of popular books or magazines. We hope you understand!

What is with the "Stitch'n Bitch" magazine? What an insult to us and other women. Boycott this magazine. What would ever make FaveCrafts display rude and crude language? Open a dictionary and you will find thousands of words and some that will rhyme with Stitch instead of BITCH.

Cute project, but is it necessary to display a magazine with "bitch" in the picture? I don't get it. It may be a legit magazine, but I think to post the vulgarity cheapens this website.

this is adorable! i've been looking for an idea for storage in a spare bedroom and this fits nicely. i have sevearl southwestern themed papers that will be perfect for this project. thank you so much for the idea!


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