24 Hot Glue Gun Crafts + Tips For Working With Hot Glue


24 Hot Glue Gun Crafts + Tips For Working With Hot Glue

Find DIY home decor projects and tips for how to use a hot glue gun.


Hot Glue Gun Crafts  Tips For Working With Hot Glue
24 Hot Glue Gun Crafts Tips For Working With Hot Glue

When you're hardcore into a crafting project and don't want to mess around with making sure your materials stay put, you know what to use. These hot glue crafts show how amazing this unique adhesive can be. Once you hot glue something, you can be sure that it's not going anywhere. 

Hot glue works especially well at adhering heavier or more solid crafting materials - like buttons, shells, or decorative rocks - to your DIY home decor crafts. The fact that it dries in less than a minute is especially handy when using bulkier items.

If you accidentally make a mistake while hot gluing a project, don't worry. There are a variety of ways to remove hot glue from different types of material, like fabric, wood, and carpet. 

Look below to find 24 gorgeous hot glue crafts - including DIY pillows, an adorable night light, and even a homemade puppet theater - as well as tips for working with hot glue. There's something here that everyone can enjoy!

Tips for Using a Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue is a solid stick of glue that is melted, typically in a glue gun, and applied in liquid form to a surface. As it cools, the glue bonds and becomes solid again. Because of this, hot glue has a more permanent bond than some other types of glue you might use when crafting. Keep reading for tips on how to work with hot glue.

  1. Give your hot glue gun about 10 minutes to warm up before using it. This way, the glue will be fully melted and will give you a cleaner line as you're working.

    Note: Glue guns are hot to the touch and should be kept out of reach of children when they're turned on. 

  2. Hot glue usually sets in less than a minute, so be careful when using it. If you accidentally get glue on the wrong part of your project, on your work surface, or on yourself, let it dry before taking action.

    If the glue is on your project, you can stick it in the freezer to make it dry more quickly. Then you can either peel off the glue or use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to remove it, depending on which type of material it is attached to. Follow these tips to learn how to remove hot glue from any surface.

  3. Keep a bowl of ice water near your workspace to dip your fingers into and prevent scalding from the hot glue gun. Always use the stand to keep your glue gun upright when it's not in use.

  4. A warm or humid work area may cause glue strings. Put the glue sticks in the freezer when you're not using them and remember to keep the tip of the gun clean to cut down on strings. Once the hot glue is dry, you can typically peel off or remove any strings that have formed (see Tip #2).

  5. Smooth surfaces are the hardest to bond. Make sure the surface you want to glue has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol and score it (by adding tiny scratches or cuts) if necessary.

  6. To make the process easier, use a glue gun that fits into your hand. Glue guns that are spring-fed are also easier to work with.

  7. Some glue guns have low and high temperature settings. Use a lower temperature when working with delicate materials, like lace or nylon, to prevent melting or burning. Read more on how to use a glue gun.

  8. Remember that hot glue isn't just an adhesive - you can also use it to add designs to your projects. You can paint it, add glitter, and more!

DIY Crafts to Make with a Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a very useful tool to have in your house. Whether you want to redecorate your living room or get your child ready for school, hot glue can sure come in handy to make sure things stay together. Look below for some home decor ideas and other hot glue crafts.

In the Designer's Words: I love those circle/globes you see all the time. I thought I could make my own using paint & an unexpected product. I really like how this turned out and it was very simple! 

A Lampshade on the Fringe

Very modern and chic. The only edge this lampshade is on is the cutting edge. Make your own modern lamp shade complete with decorative fringes.

Tropical Paper Flowers

Tropical craft projects can transport you to another time and place, no matter the weather outside.

Glowing Balloons Night Light DIY Bedroom Decor

DIY bedroom decor should always stick out, and this project is a real stunner. This Glowing Balloons Night Light DIY Bedroom Decor includes balloons with lights inside run by a battery pack. 

Cute as a Button Party Decor

Little girls and boys alike will love this adorable Cute as a Button Party Decor.  Great for birthdays, baby showers and more, this theme is easy and fun to assemble, so it's great for no-fuss party decorating.

Autumn Harvest Pillar Candle

Your Thanksgiving table will simply glow with this lovely Autumn Harvest Pillar Candle.  A few simple materials come together to create an absolutely stunning table decoration that's perfect for Thanksgiving.

Create a Butterfly Haven

Give your living room an outdoor feel. The result is a beautiful, impressive, inexpensive project that adds a special spark to any room. You're going to love the sophisticated look.

Braided Tee Shirt Bangles

These Braided Tee Shirt Bangles from Amanda Formaro are a great way to use up old tee shirts.  You can mix and match fabrics with your friends

Bouquet Gift Topper

Every now and again you need that wrapped gift to have a little extra ‘WOW’ factor, and this Bouquet Gift Topper will give exactly that! 

Oly-Fun Owl Craft Idea

Combine the fun and simplicity of using Oly-fun crafts sheets and styrofoam balls and learn how to make owl craft ideas that are as precious as they are easy. 

Cute as a Button Tree Pillow

Simple and cute this Cute as a Button Tree Pillow is just the thing if you're looking for easy sewing projects.  Find little buttons with leaves on them for a cute autumn design!

Back To School Homemade Tote Bag

The end of summer can be tough, but when you have this Back to School Homemade Tote Bag on your arm, you can't go wrong.

Scrap Ribbon Lamp Shade

I didn’t really plan on making this lampshade today, but I was cleaning my craft room and my scrap ribbon bin was starting to overflow. 

Paint Chip Mannequin Art

I had a crazy vision of making a life size mannequin covered in paint swatches. I had no idea how to do it, so it was a little trial and error. 

Wine Cork Board

Super easy Wine corks are not an entirely sustainable resource, making it a shame to throw them away. Reuse and repurpose your corks into something you will actually use.

Bottle Koozies

Enjoy a cold drink in style with these embroidered bottle koozies featuring monograms, names or other embellishments. These bottle koozies are a great way to kick off girls' night out.

Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders

When you're looking for DIY centerpiece ideas for your wedding or a fancy dinner party, consider making these Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders. 

Boutique Paper Gift Bags

Now you can make customized gift bags for all of your gifts without breaking the bank. Make a paper bag or two after you watch this video; it's easy!

Eco Friendly Plastic Cup Flowers

Great for kids! This free full tutorial on how to make flowers makes a fantastic afternoon activity for kids on spring break as well as an adorable Earth Day craft. 

Mason Jar Beach Wedding Table Numbers

No crafting experience necessary for this decoupage craft because it's for beginners, so anyone can save some money with these adorable decorations. 

Personalized Notebook Covers

There's no better way to dress up a boring notebook or notepad than with a little bit of scraps and a whole lot of creativity. These make adorable gifts for students and teachers alike. 

Medieval Puppet Theater

We love this! This felt craft involves scrap fabric, Styrofoam balls, wiggly eyes, and much more. You can make your DIY theater as detailed as you want. 

Garden of Eden Headband

This lovely Garden of Eden Headband is great for little girls, teens, and adults alike!  Made with colorful felt embellishments, flowers, and birds, easy DIY hair accessories like this are great for all kinds of event and celebrations. 

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