Create a Butterfly Haven


Create a Butterfly Haven


The Butterfly Haven from Shaunte Wadley for Consumer Crafts is a great spring and summer craft inspired by simple household items. The result is a beautiful, impressive, inexpensive project that adds a special spark to any room. You're going to love the sophisticated look.

 Create a Butterfly Haven


  • 2.5″ Butterflies in Various Colors (as desired)
  • Green Moss
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters
  • Twigs
  • Chipboard – from a spiral notebook, cereal box or anything else you could recycle from
  • Glass Jar(s) that you have on hand


  1. I sent my kids outside to gather twigs for my project. They brought in giant branches! I guess I wasn’t very specific. (But I had a lot to choose from!)

    Create a Butterfly Haven
  2. You will want to choose sections of twigs that have a lot of “character.” V’s, and knobs and tiny branches for the butterflies to “sit” on. While they were scavenging outside, I was scavenging inside, gathering my jars. You can use any jar that has a wide-mouth opening. You can use canning jars, those clear vases you get with flower arrangements, or old candle jars. I was surprised how many perfectly-sized jars I found in my pantry. Spaghetti sauce, salsa, and jams were a great size.

    Create A Butterfly Haven
  3. After you select your jars, remove any labels and wash them thoroughly (Goo Gone is wonderful for removing the sticky residue from labels and stickers.)

    Create A Butterfly Haven
  4. Using jars of different sizes and shapes makes your display more interesting.Let’s prep those twigs! Trim down the twigs to fit inside the jar. Use wire cutters to give the twigs a nice, clean edge.

    Create A Butterfly Haven

  5. Then, select the butterflies you would like to use, and arrange them onto your twig as desired. Glue them to the twig using hot glue. Make sure they are really secure, as you will not be able to make changes once they are inserted into the jar. Insert your butterfly twig into the jar. Do not glue the twig, it should stay fine.

    Create a Butterfly Haven
  6. Now, take your jar, flip it upside down, and trace the bottom lip of the jar onto a piece of chipboard. I used the back of a spiral-bound notebook. You need the chipboard to be sturdy. A cereal box would also work well. Whatever you would like to recycle.

    Create A Butterfly Haven
  7. Cut out the traced circle.

    Create a Butterfly Haven
  8. Adhere green moss to the circle using hot glue. Apply the glue generously, and mush the moss into the glue. (Mush is a very sophisticated crafting term.)

    Create a Butterfly Haven
  9. Don’t worry if the moss hangs over the edge of the circle.Then take your hot glue gun, and run a generous line of glue around the rim of your jar.

    Create A Butterfly Haven
  10. You will need to work quickly here While the glue on the rim is still hot, press your inverted moss circle onto the rim. Press and hold until the glue dries.

     Create A Buttefly Haven
  11.  Some of the moss is going to fall down into the interior of the butterfly jar. That is okay. It will settle back down to the bottom when you turn it upright.

    Create a Butterfly Haven
  12. That's it!

    Create a Butterfly Haven






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Wow, these are stunning. I like that you can simplify the craft for kids or really amp up the details for adults.

Yes it is wonderful but were can I get the butterflies at??? Nothing Local or ebay??

Hi there! You can try a local craft store, like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. You could also try Amazon. I hope that helps!

I am in love with this craft. I love the instructions you use here that are very easy to follow. I cannot find moss so anyone with any ideas on an alternative?

Try walmart by the artifical flowers!!

I love fairies, dragonflies and butterflies so this butterfly haven is so cute and I have got to add this in the extra bedroom decor. So simple and easy to do and you can buy the supplies you need at the dollar store or hobby lobby with 40% off coupon,Joann's 50% or Micheal's 50% coupons. This haven looks so real but I would also use styrofoam on bottom to hold the twigs up better. I am also going to do one with dragonflies too and see if I can make a fairy to put watching them. I am looking forward to this project. A great tutorial and super project.

You can find silk type butterflies for sale, or even clip art and print on both sides. Is don't think air freshener would work in this project since it is closed on top and bottom, unless you used your glass container right side up and left the top open, then maybe you could place a sachet inside.

That Create a Butterfly Haven looks real cute and it dont look like its hard to make, Are the butterflies made of cardboard, Could you put some type of air freshener to freshen the air or not?Please Reply back and let me know ASAP! ThankYou!

What a lovely project. I absolutely will be making a few of these I know I can find all the supplies I need in my house and the rest at the dollar store. But I would add a styrofoam base or floral foam base to give the branch something more sturdy to adhere to.

Very pretty. I have all the items on hand too so it's really a freebie for me.

This is lovely and you have a delightful sense of humor!

I have seen all of these things at the Dollar Store!!!! I am SO going to do this as soon as I have the chance!!!! Thanks :)

Butterflies at dollar tree suck!!

this is beautiful, have to try!!

Why can't I print out these instructions?

What kind of butterflies do you use? Where do you buy them? I can't wait to try my hand at this craft! Thank you for sharing it with us!

I am having a hard time finding butterflies too!! Dollar store ones are ugly!! Any lucky???


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