50 Tie Dye Craft Projects and How to Tie Dye


50 Tie Dye Craft Projects and How to Tie Dye

Our Favorite How To Tie Dye Techniques


50 Tie Dye Craft Projects and How to Tie Dye

Learn how to tie-dye a shirt, pillow or even a blanket with 50 Tie Dye Craft Projects and How to Tie Dye. These tie dye instructions for fashion, gifts, home decor and more will help you master different designs and techniques. Find great tie dye instructions and projects to do with kids, too.

You'll have a ball updating boring white clothes and expressing yourself with unique tie dye designs. Tie dye crafts are a great way to breathe new life into old clothes, so gather up your favorite items and save them for a rainy day. You can wear your creations to the gym, to the mall or even to a movie.

Rain or shine, these tie dye projects never fail to make a statement. You might think that tie dye is just meant for summer, but these projects will show you that you can actually learn how to tie dye a shirt any time of year. Gather up some old white tees and make a variety of cool homemade tie dye shirts.

PLUS check out the bonus video below that shows you how to tie dye a pair of shoes! This is a great tutorial for all of you visual learners! 


Batik Tie-Dye Technique

Batik Tie-Dye Technique: Some tie dye designs require expensive supplies, but not this project. Use a fork to create an unexpected look and one-of-a-kind design. Batik styles are special because you can use wax and dye, as opposed to simply using dye. If you want to learn how to tie dye or have tie dye ideas you have always wanted to try, now is the time to work on them!


Bullseye Tie-Dye Technique

Bullseye Tie-Dye Technique: In this case, "x" really does mark the spot. Learn how to tie dye and you will be right on target when you create some bullseye designs. These projects are simple to create and don't require a great deal of expertise. You can also customize the tie dye designs for a variety of occasions, making them perfect for any occasion.


Crumple Tie-Dye Technique

Crumple Tie-Dye Technique: Think all tie dye craft projects are super complicated? Think again! This is style of tie dye is an oldie but a goody. Learn how to tie dye using these crumple projects - simply scrunch up the fabric and apply dye. This is a fun way for kids to get creative and refashion their favorite white clothes.


Folding Tie-Dye Technique

Folding Tie-Dye Technique: By simply creating pleats in a piece of fabric, you can add a new dimension to tie dye craft projects. One the folds have been made, a rubber band must be used to bind the fabric. Learn how to tie dye and create an overall look that is cool and unexpected - get ready for plenty of compliments.


Gradation Tie-Dye Technique

Gradation Tie-Dye Technique: If you're out of rubber bands or don't feel like folding fabric, you can simply dilute dye to add dimension to your designs. This is also a great option if you're running low on colors - you only need one bottle of dye to get the job done. You don't need to know how to tie dye to create amazing project. Tie dye designs don't have to be complicated, and this project proves that by using what you have on hand, you can make a project that really stands out.


Heart Tie Dye Technique

Heart Tie-Dye Technique: Simply draw a heart on a white shirt and fold along the lines - that's all it takes to learn how to tie dye using heart designs. This project is perfect for Valentine's Day but it's also a fun idea if you need a meaningful gift for a friend. When you make meaningful tie dye projects, you're more likely to take pride in your work and want to show off your work.


Ombre Tie-Dye Technique

I suspect ombre will never go out of style. You can create such delicious effects with this color fade technique! Learn how to layer your dye to gradually darken it over a stretch of fabric. This lovely look is actually fairly easy to master, and it looks so impressive on the completed project!


Impatient Plaid Tie Dye Tee

The painting tie dye technique sounds a bit like what you'd think: apply dye to a paintbrush and paint designs onto a shirt! This technique gives you some creative control. If you're an artist, this is a fun way to add your own beautiful pictures and designs to a T shirt or another tie dye item. 

How to Remove Tie Dye from Skin

How to Remove Tie Dye from Skin

Oh no! If at any point along the way you end up with tie dye on your skin, it can definitely be a struggle to get off. Check out these tips for How to Remove Tie Dye from Skin. The best solution is to avoid it in the first place, but if the damage is done, this is how to fix it.


Resist and Drape Tie-Dye Technique

Learn how to do the resist tie dye technique with this helpful tutorial! Once you know how to create designs in this reverse-stenciling or masking manner, you'll be able to create tie dye projects for any occasion! For example, the Bright and Bold Halloween Table Decorations feature a tablecloth with a resist spiderweb motif. You'll absolutely obsess over this method once you've mastered it.


Light & Bright Tie Dye Shirt

Shibori tie dye is one of the trendiest techniques right now, and it's no wonder why! Learn how to make a truly gorgeous project with this technique. In binding your fabric in unique ways, you can create amazing designs.


Splatter Tie Dye Technique

This technique begins with any of your more common tie dye styles. So, start with bullseye, swirl, or another technique but make sure any white space is covered. The best way to accomplish this tie dye technique is by using dark colors for the background. Then, you'll mix white paint with dye to create beautiful splatters!


Sponge Tie-Dye Technique

My ma loves sponge painting, and it looks so good on several walls in our house! You can get the sponge paint effect on your tie dye T shirts too with this tutorial. Create lovely striped designs or blend colors (carefully) for a nice, marbled look.


Stripe Tie-Dye Technique

This is tie dye for people who love to paint or draw! The stripe tie dye technique involves brushing the dye across the cloth to create stripes, plaid, or other prints that involve straight lines. Rather than the exciting smattering of color you get with more traditional tie dye techniques, stripe tie dye allows you to have a little more control over the design and create more geometric designs.


Sunburst Tie-Dye Technique

This is a sort of mini-offshoot of the bullseye technique. Rather than grabbing the shirt from the middle and making one large bullseye, dye artists will section off several parts of the shirt to make a series of small bullseyes to cover it. The effect is excellent!


Swirl Tie-Dye Technique

This is one of the most popular forms of tie dye you'll see. The swirl technique is an absolute classic. To this day, this simple technique amazes me! Pinch your T shirt wherever you want the center of the swirl to be and begin twisting until you get a circlular block of shirt on the table. Add rubber bands to both keep the shape and create guidelines for the sections where you will place your dye. This technique creates a simply stunning effect when complete!


Cotton Tie Dye

This tie dye technique involves adding borders of new colors until you have a completed image you're happy with! For example, in the T-Shirt pictured here, you'll begin with a green flower, border it with turquoise, then finish with fuschia for a lovely flower petal style image. Find more urbanesque ideas below!

Simple Rubberbanding & Solid Coverage

Light Pink Tie-Dye Dress

Solid coverage and rubberbanding techniques are excellent to either change the color of a well-loved T-Shirt or create designs in a reverse way! By rubberbanding certain sections, the dye won't be able to saturate those sections and you'll have lovely white designs amid the colorful new clothing. 

How To Tie Dye: What You Need

How to Use Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye

How to Use Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye - Permanent is a scary word, but there's nothing to be afraid of when you use Tulip's permanent fabric dye. Follow these easy tie dye instructions and discover how to to tie dye shirts, socks and more. In just six steps, you can transform a boring white item into a colorful work of art.

How to Use Tulip One Step Fashion Dye - If you are looking for  unbelieveably easy tie dye craft projects, this is the perfect product to try. In just minutes, you can create adorable tie dye crafts that look unlike anything else in your closet. Give this product a try and see what all the fuss is about. Just be warned - you might become addicted to tie dye crafts.

EXCLUSIVE! No Sew Tie Dye Pillows

No Sew Tie Dye Pillows

No Sew Tie Dye Pillows

Make your home decor a little bit groovier with these super simple pillows. Use your favorite tie dye techniques and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind design. Iron-on letters and stencils make this project a personalized delight.

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