Counting Autumn Blessings: 18 Religious Thanksgiving Crafts


Counting Autumn Blessings: 18 Religious Thanksgiving Crafts

Delight in the warmth of Thanksgiving and the warmth of God's love with these simply stunning Christian Thanksgiving crafts!

18 Religious Thanksgiving Crafts

When you think of Christian holidays, you probably think of the basics: Christmas, Easter, and more. Therefore, when you go to make Christian crafts for adults, you probably forget all about religious Thanksgiving ideas.

It’s amazing how often people forget just how spiritual the history of Thanksgiving is! Pilgrims came to America to pursue religious freedom, which was denied to them by the Church of England. Their initial settlements served as the new center of their faith, and they were able to practice Christianity in the way they chose.

Furthermore, the actual day of Thanksgiving celebrates a moment in history that truly reflects the giving, selfless, and loving center of the Christian faith: a feast in which colonists and Native Americans shared their goods, foods, and knowledge of the land as friends. These people transcended their differences to celebrate God’s gifts.

Even without these historical connotations, Thanksgiving celebrates the bounty of harvest and the plenty of the Earth. What could be more spiritual than communing in gratefulness for what God has given us? 

It’s undeniable that Thanksgiving is a perfect example of a religious holiday. It centers upon the infinite gratitude we have for all the land has to give us and, therefore, the infinite gratitude we have for God Himself. So why not celebrate it in the best way possible?

Religious Thanksgiving crafts celebrate the thankfulness we carry in our hearts all year round. Whether you’re grateful for your friends, family, food, or even pumpkin spice lattes, there’s a gratitude craft for you in this craft-tastic list. There are Bible Thanksgiving crafts and Christian Thanksgiving crafts for kids and even festive autumn decor, all of which keep God in your home and in your heart.

Religious Thanksgiving Home Decor

Curiously Country Candle Centerpiece

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is going around the table and saying what you're thankful to God for. Now you can get reminded of your thanks to God by something you'd never expect: the decorations around your home!

For example, with these religious decorations, you can deck your Thanksgiving home with pieces as holy as they are alluring. This Curiously Country Candle Centerpiece (shown) will give a rustic, antique vibe to your autumnal decorations that your dinner guests will thank you endlessly for.

Grateful Heart Canvas

God gave us hearts to love, which means He also gave us hearts to be thankful for all the gifts He has given us. The best part about this DIY Christian craft is that you can decorate it with whatever color palette you want so that it can perfectly match your personalized Thanksgiving décor.

Home Blessing Candle

The whole point of Thanksgiving is to celebrate the blessing of family over a delicious meal. Why not bring extra blessings to your Thanksgiving space with a candle that smells as sweet as God’s love for you? This Thanksgiving decorative piece will warm all of your November-chilled guests.

Wonderful Rustic Thanksgiving Table Runner

You may have seen table runners, but you’ve never seen one like this! Let your Thanksgiving decor be interactive with this chalkboard fabric piece. Your dinner guests can use chalk to write down their blessings right onto the table. Not only is this fun for the whole family, but it’s also a great way to spark conversation!

Autumn Blessings Frame

Use sleek, modern materials to proudly display your gratefulness to God this Thanksgiving. You can hang this delightful frame on the wall or put it on your mantle for both an aesthetic and spiritual pick-me-up. With warm-colored leaf accents and a plump pumpkin decal, this DIY frame is just what you’ve been looking for.

Lovely Thanksgiving DIY Plates

Since Thanksgiving dinner is the center of the holiday, you can make your dinner table the center of your thanks with budget-friendly plate decor. This friendly scripted reminder to give thanks will keep your thoughts, prayers, and love close to God while you’re with your family. You can even keep these plates out all year long!

Gratitude Crafts

Autumn Scarecrow Pick

When you celebrate Thanksgiving in the spirit of God, then you're bound to celebrate it in the spirit of gratitude, too! Thanking one another and God for the blessings of family and friends is a ritual that fills your whole home with warm feelings. Now you can add a little extra love to your Thanksgiving this year by whipping up some of these heartwarming gratitude crafts.

For example, you can combine your love for autumn harvest and for praising God in one utterly adorable Autumn Scarecrow Pick craft (shown). Out of all of these Thanksgiving religious crafts, this one is bound to be your dinner guests’ favorite. Its endearing smile and beautiful straw hair will make you feel thankful for such a friendly face to have in your food, plants, or centerpiece.

Thankful Pins

Even the kiddos can join in on the spirit of thankfulness with this beginner-friendly, wearable craft! Leaf-shaped felt cut-outs emblazoned with the names of the family will serve as a festive reminder to thank God for your family's unconditional love. Hot glue, felt, and safety pins are all that’s needed for this piece-of-cake DIY pin.

Gratitude Journal

You don’t have to be a published writer to write down your praise to God! Out of these Thanksgiving religious crafts, this one will keep the grateful spirit of the season alive the longest. A decorative gratitude journal will encourage you to commit your daily thankfulness to paper, thereby letting you live a more faithful life.

What I'm Thankful For Wreath

Whether it's for a youth group, a Christian school classroom, or even your own kids, this scintillating fall wreath gives everyone space to show what they’re thankful for. This gratitude craft has small leaves, nested into one breathtaking DIY wreath, on which everyone can write what they thank God for.

Be Thankful Sign with Bird

Who knew that Thanksgiving crafts could be so cute? This gratitude sign even has a little birdie on it to bring the life of God’s creatures into your home. Hang this colorful DIY die-cut sign from any door, wall, or banister, and whoever sees it will remember to count their blessings in style.

Give Thanks Tag

Whether you put this hand-painted tag on a gift or on the back of your Thanksgiving guests’ chairs, it’s guaranteed to fill people’s hearts with the spirit of God’s love. Spark the delight of giving, thanking, and praising God in one fell swoop with this unbelievably gorgeous DIY gift tag.

Christian Thanksgiving Crafts

Sail the Seven Seas Ship

It's true that the spirit of Thanksgiving is the spirit of gratitude for what God has given us. However, there are countless other ways to celebrate this fun fall holiday that reminds us of its first origins. These Christian Thanksgiving crafts include such diverse themes as America, harvest, thankfulness, and even God's planet!

Looking for historical Thanksgiving decor? Check out the Sail the Seven Seas Ship (shown). The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria are the three ships that took the pilgrims to America, and now you can show gratitude for their first Thanksgiving, your American heritage, and your faith with one craft! You won’t need a compass on this ship. God’s loving direction will guide you safely to shore.

Americana Angel

Show both your American pride and your Christian spirit with one beautifully designed Thanksgiving craft. Conjure the rustic aesthetic of the first American pilgrims with a holy reminder to count your blessings, praise God, and be grateful for the bounty of American tradition!

Noah's Ark

One of God’s greatest gifts to the planet is all of its beautiful animals. From lions to dogs to peacocks and more, there are countless creatures to be thankful for this autumn. Now you and your kids can make crafts that express just how grateful you are for God’s bounty on Earth.

Thankful and Blessed Harvest Pumpkin Sign

Remember just how blessed you are to be celebrating Thanksgiving under the eyes of God with a sign as winsome as it is spiritual. 3-D pumpkins, rustic wood paneling, and hand-painted script will catch eyes no matter where it’s hung in the room. Warm colors create a fall aesthetic no crafter can resist.

Patriotic Flying Angel

Quirky, patriotic, and cute to boot, this simple, wooden Thanksgiving decoration will bless your home with the guiding light of an angel this November. Show off your painting expertise with this red-white-and-blue religious piece that will celebrate pilgrims’ American roots and your Christian faith.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Let us know below in the comments!

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