Mandala Mania: 16 Mandala Coloring Pages


Mandala Mania: 16 Mandala Coloring Pages

There's no right or wrong way to fill in these mandala coloring sheets - just grab a colored pencil and go!

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Mandala Mania 13 Mandala Coloring Pages

Adult coloring sheets have become a huge fad in the past year. Large stocks of adult coloring books are now available in stores like Wal-Mart and Target, and the demand keeps growing. Mandalas are particularly popular designs to color, with their intricate patterns that are both challenging and relaxing. Colored pencils are the medium of choice for filling in these gorgeous mandala coloring pages because of their delicate details.

A mandala is a geometric figure made up of concentric circles and other curved interconnected designs. When hearing the word “mandala,” some people think of a sacred Buddhist symbol representing the universe. Others believe it is a sign in a dream that represents the dreamer’s search for completeness. Still others think it’s just a pretty picture to color.

Whatever your feelings are about mandalas, there’s no denying they make beautiful printable adult coloring pages to embellish and hang on your wall. Check out the paper craft ideas below for more mandala madness!

Stress-Relieving Mandala Coloring Sheets

Coloring is a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day, especially with these mandala coloring sheets. You don't have to worry about filling in the spaces with realistic colors - just pick up a pencil and zone out as you shade in the design. There are other uses for adult coloring pages, too.

If you are looking for unique, modern wall art, look no further. For quick decorations, you can print out these coloring sheets in black and white, mount them on foam board, and hang them on your wall. If you want your decor to be more personal, you can color the pages to match the room, frame them, and then hang them. What a cheap yet chic way to decorate your home!

Relaxing Mandala Coloring Pages

This round coloring page is intricate without being too overwhelmingly detailed. Easily color this page in an evening. The doily-like effect is so lovely!

Stress Relieving Doodle Coloring Page

Amaze yourself with the finished product when you color this intricate page! This mandala seems to have stunning depth with its 3D effect.

Geometric Adult Coloring Page

Why color one mandala when you can color in 108? These mini mandalas allow you to try all manner of color combinations!

[PDF Download]

Gorgeous Mandala Coloring Pages

These gorgeous mandalas have a great deal of dark space, creating an effect a bit like those old school fuzzy posters! Easily color in the lines with these bold pages.

Spirograph Mandala Coloring Page

Do you remember doing those spirograph drawings with the kids? Give this nostalgic page a try!

[PDF Download]

Flower Mandala Coloring Pages

These adorable mandala patterns give power to your flowers in these cute coloring sheets for adults. Flowers already have a somewhat natural mandala shape since the petals fan out from a central point. It makes perfect sense to add tiny mandala details to these floral designs.

Spring Blooms Coloring Sheet

These round flowers are an organic sort of mandala! This pretty page really pops with some bold pinks and purples.

Spring Coloring Sheets for Adults

Fill an entire swirling page with color with these pretty flowers! You'll still get the peaceful and relaxing experience of coloring mandalas when you color these carnations and flowers around and around.

Flower Power Coloring Pages

Browse this mini selection of floral coloring pages. Flowers are a natural mandala in a way because the petals circle the flower's center.

Mandala Flowers Coloring Page

Are these flowers or mandalas? It's hard to tell, but the effect sure is lovely! Ordinary mandalas taper into pretty petals with this stunning page.

Sunflower, Butterflies, and Ladybugs Mandala Coloring Page

Natural patterns are the way to go, and with the beautiful plants and creatures in this coloring page you'll be relaxing for hours!

[PDF Download]

Mandala Coloring Pages + Calendars

You’ll always know what day it is with these printable adult coloring pages and calendars. The cute calendars will give you something to color each month. You can fill in a big or small version of each unique design. These are DIY paper crafts that you’ll want to save even after the month is over!

Adult Coloring Sheets With Mandala Animals

Mandalas are fun to color on their own, but they’re even better when they're connected to other images. Check out these animal mandala coloring pages and find the tiny patterns hidden within the bigger picture, starting from a central point and moving outward. If you like these DIY animal crafts, there's plenty more where they came from.

Butterfly Printable Coloring Page

A butterfly's wings naturally lend themselves to mandala designs. This brilliantly designed page features swirling paisleys and other pretty intricacies.

Mandala Turtle Coloring Page

Did you know the mandala turtle is one of the most popular coloring pages out there? Of course, the circular shell makes the perfect outline for such a filling!

Big Eyed Owl Adult Coloring Page

Look at those EYES! Color around the pupils for a soothing coloring experience. Perfect for those night owls!

[PDF Download]

Butterfly Lace Mandala Adult Coloring Page

Make a butterfly the central motif in your next coloring project and the surrounding lace will be so peaceful! 

[PDF Download]

More Mandala Craft Projects

If you love mandala designs, check out these other fun DIY crafts!

10 Point Crochet Mandala

If you know how to crochet, these little designs make excellent motifs for afghans or other projects.

Cute Coloring Book Candleholder

If you're wondering what to do with your coloring pages once they're completed, consider making a decoupage project like this one!

Crochet Hoop Mandala

Crochet a pretty circular design and then work it into an embroidery hoop for a beautiful piece of wall decor!

Beaded Mandala Project

A mandala makes an excellent new pendant or charm, and you can make such a lovely one with this beautiful tutorial.

Mandala Popcorn Granny Square

Square off the edges of your mandala and then turn it into a granny square! Make enough for an afghan and you'll relax while making this blanket and afterwards!

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