17 Men’s Prayer Shawl Patterns


17 Men’s Prayer Shawl Patterns

Bring comfort to someone in need with an easy prayer shawl pattern that's as handsome as it is heavenly.

Mens Prayer Shawl Patterns

Men's prayer shawl patterns may not have been next on your to-make list, but working one up is a heartfelt gesture that is sure to be appreciated.

Whether you’ve lost a job, had a tough week of final exams, or had a fight with a loved one, we’ve all experienced a time in our lives when we could use just a little bit of extra help, love, and support. Want to show someone that you’re there for them during their time of need? There’s nothing that can brighten a day more quickly than a heartfelt DIY prayer shawl from someone who cares. Worry no more about giving a little boost to the men you care about, either. This collection of homey, comforting, and attractive men's prayer shawls has you covered.

We all know that prayer shawls are the perfect remedy for a hopeless day, but it can be difficult to find prayer shawl patterns for the suffering men in your life. Now it can be a snap to give a spiritual lift to the men you care about. These dapper, cozy, and good-looking men's prayer shawls are just what you've been looking for. You’ll find the perfect prayer shawl crochet pattern or knit pattern for your husband, son, or friend in this list.

These heavenly prayer shawl designs can be made for men or women because they can be customized using any color palette, from muted, earthy tones to bold, handsome shades. Even if a shawl seems a little more on the feminine side, with a quick change of yarn, it will be the perfect gift for your special guy!

These men’s crochet patterns simple, free, and stress-free to make, so you can ensure that you can put good vibes into every stitch. Your man will remember he’s not alone every time he wears one of these gorgeous men’s prayer shawl patterns. Remind yourself of God’s love at every step while following these prayer shawl tutorials.

No one can resist the comfort of a handmade piece that wraps them in love and warmth. So, if you want to instantly bring light to your man’s life, then you need not look further than these stunning, heartfelt men’s prayer shawls!

Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns for Men

Men’s Reversible Prayer Shawl

Repetitive, meditative, simple, and creative, crochet can't be beat when it comes to DIY religious crafts. It's no wonder, then, why so many people turn to crochet when they're looking to comfort themselves or others! A simple crochet pattern is just the thing to quiet the mind of someone looking to relax.

No matter the pattern you choose, these DIY crochet prayer shawl designs are guaranteed to bring the warmth of God to whoever receives it. The Men’s Reversible Prayer Shawl (shown) is a prime example of the fierce love a simple crochet gift can bring. Whether your man says a different prayer or counts his blessings on each stripe, this crochet shawl will light him up with the brightness of God’s love, even when times get tough.

A Homemade Hug For A Friend

It’s a fact: Blue has been scientifically proven to be the most calming color. If you want to ease a friend’s mind while ensuring that he’s wrapped in comfort, then this navy masterpiece is just what you need. Use your crochet talent to help others with this gift.

Crochet Angel Shawl

Any man would be filled with a sense of serenity when wrapped in this stunning crochet shawl pattern. The charming fringe can be used to count prayers, and the holey design can give anxious fingers something to calm down with. Who says a shawl can't be elegant and useful?

Serape Crochet Shawl Pattern

Chic yet rustic, simple yet striking, this stunning, free prayer shawl pattern has a hidden extra layer to it: It’s inspired by the traditional Mexican serape shawl design. The beguiling texture of this bold, rectangular, and masculine pattern will give your man something to hold onto during his time of need.

Pocket Prayer Shawl

It’s always a goal to give to those in need, but with all of your extra commitments, finding time in your busy day can be difficult! Take the stress off of yourself with a shawl that you can whip up in a snap. This quick prayer shawl pattern takes no time, but it’s lovely enough to light up the recipient’s day.

Symmetrical Filet Crochet Prayer Cloth

It may not be a full shawl, but this crochet prayer cloth can provide just as much spiritual consolation as a larger pattern. Reflect on all that God has given you with a simple crucifix pattern that is as comforting to make as it is to receive. Anyone would count this spiritual design as a blessing!

Say a Little Prayer Shawl

With a charmingly delicate crochet design, this cozy shawl is just the thing to bring solace to that person in your life who needs a little extra care. Choose your man’s favorite color to make this stunning shawl something that will warm up his heart and look handsome on his shoulders.

Broomstick Lace Crochet Prayer Shawl Pattern

One of the best parts about a crocheted shawl is how simple it is to make! Even beginners can follow this ultra-cozy, handsome crocheted tutorial. With a neutral color base and a sturdy crochet pattern, this DIY prayer shawl is just the thing to bring solace to a man in need of extra support.

Healing Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern

You can’t fight it: Thick yarn is often the best material to use for prayer shawls because it’s the coziest, the warmest, and, oftentimes, the most comforting to hang on to. This Healing Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern uses a bulky yarn and beginner-level stitch best for the men’s shawl of your dreams.

Charmed Prayer Shawl

Who can resist a prayer shawl where you can adorn each fringed edge with a small crucifix or other religious symbol? Add your own religious pieces to customize this intricate pattern, and whoever receives it will be flooded with gratitude. Remind yourself of God’s love with every stitch.

Gentle Solace Prayer Shawl

Even men can’t resist the soft comfort of this pastel masterpiece. Want to add a heartier look to this divine design? Earthy tones will add a manly touch to this DIY prayer shawl, and your special guy is sure to feel like he’s wrapped in the warmth of the world with this shawl crocheted with love.

Knit Prayer Shawl Patterns for Men

Crescent Shawl

Knitting is easily one of the most relaxing activities a person can do. Not only are these knit prayer shawl patterns a treat to make, but they're also incredibly dapper to wear. Just look at the Crescent Shawl (shown); it has the most enchanting edge you've ever seen, guaranteed. With a beguiling basic stitch and terrific triangle pattern, this prayerful piece will make any recipient want to spend all day long thanking God for such a thoughtful gift.

Easy Cranberry Shawl Knitting Pattern

The sturdy, ropelike texture of this prayer shawl’s edge is just what your man needs to find the strength to make it through tough times. The handsome cranberry color and toasty design will make anyone feel better! Wrap your man in something that will remind him of his support system.

Oversized Shawl

When you’re knitting a piece for a large man, it’s important to remember that sometimes you need a few extra stitches. Even the biggest men in your life need a prayer shawl that can wrap them in a hug. Now you never have to worry if your gift is the right size. This Oversized Shawl has you (and your man) covered!

Sedona Serenity Knit Shawl

The beginner-friendly knit stitch of this ultra-soft shawl is just what your man needs to feel at home. Whenever he’s wrapped in this DIY accessory, he'll feel your love. Knitting has never been more meditative than with this comforting, free knitting pattern.

Harmony Shawl

True, this pattern may look feminine because of its styling, but, with a firm geometric design and sturdy, versatile stitch, it’s just the thing to add to any man’s closet. The small holes in this shawl are an ingenious way to keep fingers busy and minds at peace.

On the Wings of a Prayer Shawl

The cool tones of this blue-and-green striped prayer shawl make it just the thing to pair with your man’s masculine wardrobe. Each stitch of this shawl is packed with prayerful thoughts, so it's certain to be treasured by its recipient.

What other gifts do you give others during their time of need? Let us know below in the comments!

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