Christmas in a Bottle DIY Ornament

My daughter Candy made these and I am submitting them for her as she had a… More

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Ukrainian Egg Ornament

Ukrainian Eggs are made by using a wax-resist process, much like batik.… More

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Sparkly Candy Cane Critter Ornaments

An adorable sparkly ornament for your tree created with card-stock,… More

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Memorial Floating Ornament

I made this ornament for my sister, for her father who has passed away to… More

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Mr. & Mrs. Claus Lightbulb Ornaments

I used 2 large recycled globe light bulbs, acrylic paint,lace and yarn. I… More

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Wooden Spools Christmas Ornaments

The Materials include wooden Spool, embroidery thread, gauges 3 and 25 (a… More

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Soda Can Snowflake Ornament

Create your very own Soda Can Snowflake Ornament using materials you… More

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3D Printable Map Stars

"These map stars are fun to make and look fantastic to hang up. They are a… More

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Linda's Musical Crochet Ornament

First row- single Crochet around a wooden or metal ring. Second Row-… More

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Windchime Wonder Christmas Ornament

The Ornaments are Wine Bottles with Whimsy Christmas Ornaments as the… More

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DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Temporary Tattoos

Do you want an easy ornament idea to spruce up your Christmas tree? I got… More

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Embroidered Holiday Gift Tag Ornaments

I've started a holiday tradition. For the past few years I've made small… More

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Beautiful Painted Ornament Decorations

Painted moulded decorations at my Seniors Group We all had a great time… More

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Christmas Trees On Wood Slices Ornaments

You can buy the wood online. I used both imported and domestic wood. If… More

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Handmade Birds Nest Christmas Tree Ornament

Handmade Birds Nest To adorn your Christmas tree..message "It is a legend… More

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