10 Best Christmas Ornament Crafts of 2016

We love to host a variety of contests on FaveCrafts each year. In October,… More

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Crab Bride and Groom Ornaments

"Painted and adorned crab ornaments, personalized for the bride and groom.… More

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Santa's Christmas Cowboy Boot

"A crocheted applique that can be used as an ornament, decorative present… More

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DIY Embroidery Ornaments

When I get a craft tool, I would think I should get the most use out of it… More

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Christmas Bauble with Hearts

The Christmas bauble is made by creating two identical halves first,… More

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Easy Curvy Popsicle Stick Snowmen

I saved these curvy popsicle sticks and now I'm glad I did! They are… More

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Paper Poinsettia Ornament

Making your very own paper is so much fun, and the creative possibilities… More

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Angel in Frame Ornament

Pretty Frame with Christmas Angel. Made with Air Dry Clay from creative… More

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Stain Glass Ornament

Using clear glass ornaments. I used stain glass outline paint to make the… More

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Lollipop Angel Ornament

Lollipop Angel is a whimsical ornament that can be used as an ornament on… More

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Friendly Snowman Crochet Ornament

Friendly Snowman makes a great ornament or a unique gift tag. Friendly… More

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament

My "Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament is made with craft materials I had… More

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Outlined Fabric Ornament

The "Outlined Fabric Ornament" was made with craft materials I had at my… More

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Simple and Elegant Ornament

This elegant ornament was made with crafting supplies I had in my home as… More

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Upcyled Bohemian Ornament

Decorating on a budget can be exciting. In this project I have up cycled a… More

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