Handmade Birds Nest Christmas Tree Ornament

Handmade Birds Nest To adorn your Christmas tree..message "It is a legend… More

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Crab Bride and Groom Ornaments

"Painted and adorned crab ornaments, personalized for the bride and groom.… More

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Q-tip Rudolph Ornament

Use a household staple to make this Q-tip Rudolph Ornament. Sit down with… More

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The Christmas Flower Painted Ornament

Every year I paint a special, unique ornament for each member of my… More

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Mini Wagon Ornament

"I make a lot of things out of altoid tins. People give them to me all the… More

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Recycled Greeting Card Ornament

The Recycled Greeting Card Ornament project included craft materials I had… More

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Christmas Jewels Ornament

This ornament is formed with quilled newspaper strips shaped and joined… More

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Simple and Elegant Ornament

This elegant ornament was made with crafting supplies I had in my home as… More

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Santa Stocking Christmas Ornament

My project is an ornament, with a Santa face attached to a stocking. This… More

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DIY Embroidery Ornaments

When I get a craft tool, I would think I should get the most use out of it… More

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament

My "Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament is made with craft materials I had… More

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Glittery Scalloped Circle Baubles

"I have worked with paper for years and this little project is so… More

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Outlined Fabric Ornament

The "Outlined Fabric Ornament" was made with craft materials I had at my… More

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Small "Rosebud" Ornament

The Small "Rosebud" Ornament is a project that I had in mind with all… More

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Chef Christmas Ornament

This is a chef christmas ornament made out of a light bulb. The hat was… More

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