Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad


Crochet Beer Cap Hot Pad


Get creative with this free kitchen crochet pattern. Using beer caps as your base, you can make a really neat hot pad pattern, perfect for warm mugs and hot pans. These coasters are great for anyone and make really fun gifts.  This is a fun intermediate crochet pattern that's quick to make.  Use favorite colors or create coasters in the colors of your husband's favorite sports team for a set of coasters that would be great for his den.


  • 75 yards Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Yarn (Size 10)
  • Size 9/1.40MM crochet hook
  • 19 beer caps of your choice
  • Sewing needle


Gauge:  24 dc/12 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch


Pattern Notes:

  • Ch = Chain
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Sc Dec = Single Crochet Decrease (Insert hook in first stitch indicated, yo, pull up loop, insert hook in second stitch indicated, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull thru remaining 3 loops on hook.)
  • Sl St = Slip Stitch



  1. Ch 5, slst to first stitch to join.
  2. Ch 3, 15 dc in ring, slst to join at top of ch 3. Make sure to dc over the tail of the chain to hide it. (16 dc)
  3. Ch 2, sc in same st, *sc 3, 2 sc in next st*, repeat between * two more times, sc 3, slst with top of Beg ch to join (20 sts)
  4. Ch 2, sc in every st around, slst with top of Beg ch to join. (20 sts)
  5. Ch 3, dc in every st around, slst with top of Beg ch to join. (20 sts)
  6. Sc Dec around, slst with top of Beg ch to join (10 sts)
  7. Sc dec around, slst with top of Beg ch to join (5 sts)
  8. Break thread and weave through remaining 5 loops, tie closed and weave in ends.
  9. Using scrap crochet cotton, sew 6 cover caps around one central cap on the underneath side where they touch. Then join 12 covered caps around the six. You can mix and match color however you like, so use you imagination!

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I understand that this is like a project that in some form had been made years ago. I read over the directions and can someone make it clear, what part or how do you get the beer can?

It would have been really nice to see the underside of this project if the can caps are visible. I understand the principle but how would these wash up? Any ideas?

This is a very unusual use for your crochet thread and hook! This is the first time I am seeing something like this. It reminds me of something that my grandmother might have made. When I was a kid everybody was using beer caps and beer cans to create crochet projects. I think this would be very meditative!

I don't understand sew on the underneath side where they touch part. How do you adhere bottle caps to crocheted peices?? Me no get!!!

I'm guessing here but I would imagine you crochet in the round increasing stitches as you go. When it's big enough to cover the bottle cap, place cap on 'round piece' and start decreasing with the cap inside. Once the cap is completely covered, close hole with sl st or sew it closed. I havn't made this yet but I plan on it after Christmas.

found a vintage pattern made as a pineapple.

did anyone ever get the pattern for the leaves? My mother had these hanging on the wall next to the stove. They hung by a crocheted ring at the top of the leaves. One cluster of grapes was done in green, the other purple. The beer caps were wrapped in foil before being crocheted. I have a wine theme in my kitchen and dining rooms and these would look great on the wall!

found it here.



what the heck is a beer cap?...and where would I find them?

Beer caps are the tops of bottled beer they twist off. I have a friend who saves them for me if you would like some let me know I have plenty to share.

I have one of these that my grandmother made in the 1960's, but she covered the caps with fabric, sewed them together and then covered them with doiley's.

Good Idea! My mother has made dozens of doilies for me and I've been trying to find a way to use them. Covering each bottle cap seems like a lot of time to me, but this I could envision doing! I plan to put felt on both sides of the caps and run a few hand stitches in between the caps to hold them in place. Then tack the doiley on the top. Thanks for the inspiration!

I think this is a great way to utilize the caps, and the hot pads are so cute!!! The caps give them a much more stable it!!!

I like project that I can just sit down and crochet without piecing things together, so even though I like the looks of beer cap pot holders I wouldn't make them. jcg1224

I would because like so many others have said, my grandmother made them into clusters of grapes. Memories!

Any one have an easy way to put them together?

You may want to try Alene's Fabric glue (washable). But I'm not sure how it react if you set a hot pan on it. But I have used that for hemming drapes, jeans and several other items. She has several types of the glue that work. But it is pretty simple tacking the circles together. I made these in Girl Scouts 60 years go when I was 12. Way, way long ago!

My mother in law made these with soda bottle caps and I naver thought I would find the pattern! Now all i need is someone who drink beer! kg

you could use coke bottle caps..... the screw on kind.

Since I don't drink beer either, I have several bars within restaurants we frequent save them for me. You might ask around also. I still have the originals my grandmother made my mom over 50-years ago & they are still great!

Hey, everyone! We're glad so many of you enjoy this pattern! It is pretty neat, huh? For those of you who don't have easy access to bottle caps, here is a link to our online store CutRateCrafts where we sell bottle caps for crafting purposes: Happy crafting! :) --Editors of FaveCrafts

I would make it. My Aunt made grape clusters and they have worn thin over the years. Great pattern. Thanks!

I would do this! My Grandma made grape clusters this way and I thought they were awesome!

I would/will make it. I have a very old set of grapes made the very same way. I bet the grapes are at least 50 yrs old! Thank you for publishing the pattern, you gave me ideas!

This is a great Idea. But since we don't drink beer we were wondering if the pop bottle caps wouldn't do. We were thnging that ever the caps from the liter bottle would work. How about it.

I'm not sure if plastic pop bottles would work as well; you would probably have to adjust the stitches as they are generally larger than the metal caps. However, you can buy bottle caps for crafting purposes at many craft stores! Here is a link to the bottle cap products on our online store CutRateCrafts: Hope this helps! --Editors of FaveCrafts

I think it would make a cute, quirky project. Something for people to chuckle over.

I think this will be a cool project! My husband makes our own beer so it is very fitting for us. All in one color for us.

These hot pads are a real hit at craft shows. I had everyone save bottle caps and worked on them until my heart's content. I sold almost 25 at the latest craft show.

These work great. I remember my mom having one made with purple multicolor thread when I was young. Instead of round it looked like a pod of grapes.

Yes, I would love to make these hot pads but sometimes the bottle caps are hard to come by.

Hi, mamax6kds. You should be able to find bottle caps for sale at your local craft store! Also, here is a link to all of our bottle cap products on our online store CutRateCrafts: Hope this helps! --Editors of FaveCrafts

I am very happy with everything.

I would love to do this recycled project.

My mom also had one in the shape of a grape cluster. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture. I would make one but I would have to ask someone to save beer caps for me since we don't drink alcohol.

You can buy bottle caps at your local craft store or order them from our online store CutRateCrafts! Here is a link: Hope this helps! --Editors of FaveCrafts

Yes, I would make it! My Grandmother had one in the shape of a grape cluster and used it all the time. The old designs are still fun. Glad to see this one.

This is what my Mom and Grandma used to make using soda bottle tops. I don't know if the plastic water bottle tops would work if you use it for a hot trivit.

This is something that I definitely would do! I think these would be really nice to make and have on hand for unexpected presents when needed (or in my case, to give out to all the girls in the family at Christmas). Now the only problem will be...where do I get the beer caps since neither my husband nor I drink??

Hey, AuntieCC. Many craft stores carry bottle caps for crafting purposes! Here is a link to our bottle cap products in our online store CutRateCrafts: Happy crafting! --Editors of FaveCrafts

What a brilliant idea craftyann3 1771342!!!! My sister is a product consultant for wine and other alcoholic beverages... I know she would love one in a grape design/pattern. THANK YOU!!!!

It is so funny that you would put this up now!!! One of the members at our Crochet Guild was making one and brought it in at our December meeting. I was sooo intrigued by it and added it to my long list of "To Crochet" projects. I most definitely will be making one of my own :O) It really does make for a very hot pad/trivet.

YES! I am definitely gonna make this!

My grandmother made a grape design in the 40's that I still have and use. I love them, glad to see this pattern come back.

well i had this idea since i was 13 and i make mine a little bit different then u have done on here any size of needle can be used and u can use fabic to

They are fun to make. But does anyone have a good way to put them together? Be very gentle opening with opener. If they are bent you can't use them.

@mnnh, It may be easier for you to buy them from a craft store; that way they won't be bent! Here is a link to our bottle cap products on our online craft store CutRateCrafts: Hope this helps! --Editors of FaveCrafts

I have just finished making 25 of these grape hot pads. The easiest way to cover a bottle cap is: do a magic circle, then do 14 dc in the circle, first row is sc and last row is dc. then place the finished crocheted circle over a bottle cap. stitch around the circle and pull the thread to tighten over the cap. tie and cut thread. They are easy and go fast Sharron Krieger NC

Have this in a grape design also that my Mom's aunt made for her in the 1940s. So glad to see this pattern on how to do the caps. thanks

My aunt use to make these in a grape design but i never knew how to put it togather and she use metal pop caps or beer caps need sime details on when and how to insert the caps. thanks

I have been looking for a way to use the old bottlecaps I have saved from my tasting new beers. Once I transfer them into my beer journal, this is a much better use than throwing them away or recycling them. Thanks!

You insert the bottle cap just before you start to decrease. I went to her blog and found the line that was missing. This is the link to her blog, have fun. Lee

Can someone please explain this line to me? Ch 2, sc in same st, *sc 3, 2 sc in next st*, repeat between * two more times, sc 3, slst with top of Beg ch to join (20 sts)

I am with those who ask "How do you put the caps inside the crocheting?". The rest of the instructions a fairly clear. My grandmother used to make these, but I was small and never saw how she put the caps inside.

Seems to me that this is a confusing pattern to those of use not too familar with it. I understand how to do the crocheting and how to make the caps into a round from what I can gather about the pattern you sew the caps together and place them inside before you close it. This pattern needs more explanation and perhaps a tutorial. But I thank you for the lovely memories of crafts made in the past that can be revived today.

I would like to know when do you insert the caps. Also some of you are thinking plastic bottle caps, I don't think you want to put something hot on plastic. My grandmother used to make these in the shape of owls and grapes. she got her caps from the local soda bottling plant, the "mistakes" the ones that didn't fit in the machine.

Its a great pattern. It is a good way to use bottle caps. Also I would like the pattern for candy canes & wreath using the bottle caps.

I remember when I was young that my mother had a couple of these and it wasput together to look like a cluster of grapes with leaves on the top. thank you for sharing your pattern. I will be making one ASAP. I will try to post it if I can figure out how. LOL.


Does the pattern have to adjusted to use plastic caps or caps of different size from the beer caps? When do the caps get inserted? Can these be washed in the washer?

this is a very old pattern. My Grandmother used to make them 60 or more years ago. I have some and my mother still has the ones that my Grandmother made her. The bottle caps they used "back in the day" were the ones that you use a bottle opener on. I guess you could use the ones that you unscrew. I am sure you can get new unused ones at places that sell beer making supplies.

Are the beer caps, screw top bottle tops? Thanks!

Oh, thank you so much for this psttern. What wonderful memories it brings back of my Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunt. You could find these hot pads in all their kitchens. My Great Aunt crocheted everything from doillies to lace, to practical kitchen items. I only learned to crochet long after she had past. Now that they are gone and the items that were left to me are thread-bare, I can make those hot pads for those that follow me!

What an unusual idea if you've got time on your hands. We get hundreds of soft drink bottle caps made of plastic and they can be washed without going rusty. We usually use plastic caps for Bingo in our aged care centre, and use the larger milk bottle caps and large print bingo cards for vision impaired residents. They can be use for all sorts of arts and crafts once the imagination gets flowing.

I like this. I actually will suggest it to a friend. I am just not sure when to put the cap in. which works better?


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