Wearable Crafts

Wearable craft projects for all ages including baby onesies, shoe painting ideas, make your own t-shirts, creative things to do with old jeans, embellished hair clips, handmade jewelry and custom bead projects.

Blessed Mama Vinyl Sweatshirt Tutorial

Learn how to make a beautiful sweatshirt showing gratitude for life's… More

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DIY Fleece Cape

Ever wanted to try making your own clothes? This cute and fashionable cape… More

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Simple No-sew Fleece Scarf

Keep out the chill with this no-sew fleece scarf. I absolutely love these… More

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Bleach Tie Dye Shirt

The trend of tie-dyeing denim with bleach only seems to be growing, and we… More

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Easy DIY Summer Tote Bag

"Are you tired of carrying around that plain old tote bag? Then learn how… More

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No Sew Cat Beanie Free Craft Project

Crafts with fabric don't always have to include a needle and thread. Make… More

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Turn Old Men’s Shirt Into A Trendy Tunic

"It's always gratifying to be able to wear a beautiful looking piece of… More

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Easy Beanie Hat With A Twist

Learn how to make a beanie hat quickly and easily with a beanie hat… More

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How To Make Elastic Hair Ties (no Sew)

Today I'll show you how to make creaseless elastic hair ties or hairbands… More

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How to Paint a Fabric Hat with Daisies

Want to learn How to Paint a Fabric Hat with Daisies? This adorable… More

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How To Make A Hair Turban Out Of Towel

Once you know how to make a turban out of a towel you’ll want to go… More

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Bring Wine Warm Winter Socks DIY

If you're not a morning person, waking up early can be difficult, and… More

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Diy Face Shield

Have you tried making your own clear face shield? With this DIY face… More

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Faux Crochet Doily Shorts

Even if you don't know how to crochet, you can make faux crochet… More

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Jeweled Fall Crown Tutorial

"This jeweled fall crown is easy to make, and cost less than 10 dollars,… More

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