Wearable Crafts

Wearable craft projects for all ages including baby onesies, shoe painting ideas, make your own t-shirts, creative things to do with old jeans, embellished hair clips, handmade jewelry and custom bead projects.

How To Make A Wizards Cloak

With Halloween just around the corner, there is no time to lose! This… More

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Diy Wand Purse – For Your Wizard Costume

The witches and wizards in your house need an addition to their wand… More

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Macrame Crossbody Bag

You will learn how to make a macrame crossbody bag in this post. There is… More

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Diy Essential Oil Bracelet

Learn how to make a DIY essential oil bracelet for aromatherapy. This… More

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Enchanting Mermaid Masquerade Mask

This is a simple mermaid masquerade mask where I decorated a pre-made… More

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Flower Money Lei Tutorial

This flower money lei tutorial is easy to make and the perfect gift for… More

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Rapunzel's Braid Scarf

"Flowers gleam and glow, let your powers shine, make the clock reverse,… More

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How To Make An Htv Vinyl Shirt – A Beginners…

Are you interested in learning how to make your very own custom shirts?… More

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Diy Custom T-shirts

In this step-by-step video tutorial I will show you a quick, easy, and… More

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Paper Frog Hat

Fun, easy and straightforward frog craft for kids. This printable frog… More

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Simple No-sew Fleece Scarf

Keep out the chill with this no-sew fleece scarf. I absolutely love these… More

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Easy Sashiko Visible Mending

Repair holes in clothes and make them even more beautiful with this simple… More

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Godzilla T-shirt

When I think about classic monster movies, I think of the popular ones… More

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Christmas T-shirt

I have to confess, I’m hooked on making my own custom t-shirts since I… More

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Print Then Cut Shirt With Cricut

Have you tried making a print then cut shirt design with your Cricut?… More

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