Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet


Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet

Learn How to Make a Crepe Paper Rose with this simple tutorial!

How to Make a Crepe Paper Rose
How to Make a Crepe Paper Rose

Learn how to make realistic roses with sturdy yet inexpensive crepe paper. This technique is a great way to create a bouquet of roses gift or decoration for Valentine's Day. These roses cost less and last longer and are sure to be appreciated by everyone!  Best of all, you can make these beautiful roses in any color you'd like. Mix and match colors for a stunning arrangement that is sure to make your home beautiful. These colorful paper roses also make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or an upcoming birthday or anniversary.


Materials List

  • Assorted colors of crepe paper
  • Florist wire and wire cutters
  • Floral Tape
  • Pattern- Outer Petals
  • Pattern 2- Inner Petals


  1. Create a stamen (the center of the rose) by cutting fringe on a single strip of crepe paper (I used yellow).

  2. You can cut your petals free hand, or you can print the images above to use as templates. For each rose, you will need fourteen to sixteen outer petals, five to six inner petals and one stamen. Make sure the grain of the crepe paper is running vertically when you cut them so that you can shape them properly.

  3. To shape, place your thumbs together in the center of the petal and gently press down and tug outward. This will make your petal rounded and more natural looking.

  4. Using a bit of floral wire (or a toothpick if you prefer) roll the tip of the petal outward over the wire to create a lip and a natural looking inner petal.

  5. Use the same technique on the rounded edges of the heart shaped outer petals.

  6. Now coil your stamen around the floral wire.

  7. Move the stamen a little down the wire

  8. Fold the wire over to secure the stamen in place. Tape the stamen down with your floral tape. (Remember, it gets sticky as you pull on it, so pull gently on the tape as you go.)

  9. Begin adding the small inner petals, taping each one securely.

  10. Gradually add the larger petals, working in a circular motion and overlapping each new petal over the preceding one.

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These crepe flowers are really beautiful. I really want to give them a try, I think a small bouquet would be so pretty in as a dinner table centre piece. I would never have thought about dipping them into melted paraffin, how does this affect the crepe paper? Would the paraffin be too heavy for the crepe paper?

I also remember these from when I was a kid and like the other two commenters we dipped them into melted paraffin. They were so pretty, and now hopefully I can make them again. Maybe I can get my grand daughter to help so she can learn this craft. Thanks for sharing.

fiddly on first making but comes out looking great with practice.Length/width of stamen paper to cut or pattern would be helpful

beautiful! I can smell them! These would be my favorite for wedding flowers.

when i go to print the pattern on my cannon printer it prints out something else from pages 1 to 54. why is it doing that?

@margparent 9929101, I would recommend using your mouse to highlight the pattern instructions before printing. Then click "Print Selection" instead of "All" under Print Range. This should allow only the highlighted text to print. Alternatively, you could copy and paste the pattern into a Word document and print that way. Hope this helps! --editors of FaveCrafts

They look fantastic, but I can't set my printer properly to print the pattern. Could you please ive me the dimensions of petals?

I love the roses. My grandmother and gr. aunt taught me to make these back in the 40,s when I was a young child ( 6 or 7) back when you could get crepe paper almost any where. We made them in several different colors and they were beautiful. We uses strips of green to wrap around the stems ( usually wire cut from coat hangers as they were cheap or free. Some they dipped in the melted parrafin wax. We lost my wonderful sweet Grandmother when I was 16, Im 72 now and I still miss her. The roses on this site sure brought back a lot of sweet memories. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to one and all.

A layd in our church made these in 1940's for our church but she also dipped them in melted parrifin. They were beautiful.

Hi Pwo, I have fixed the links so that they are reversed and should be good to go. Sorry about the confusion! -Editors of

I think there may be a problem with this pattern. When I click on inner petal to get the template for the petals the larger outer petal pattern comes up and when I click on outer petal the smaller inner petal template comes up. I think this may be the confusion with the size of the petals.

My petals came out the right size. My inner are shorter than the outer ones. I am not sure what MLD53 is talking about but my guess would be to just trim the petal patterns if they are too big.

Better than plain crepe paper is the velour crepe paper for roses. In 1964 I made bouquets of velour roses for a banquet, and you really couldn't tell they were fake. My committee even sprinkled them with rose scented powder. People were amazed. I haven't done this for a long time, so I don't know if Michael's or other craft stores sell the velour crepe paper anymore. If anyone knows where it can be found it would be great....especially if it is in pastel colors.

My mom showed me how to make them out of Kleenex. We used to give them to our dance and piano teachers. My mom used to spray her Chanel No 5 on them so that they would smell nice. Such a lovely memory and it didn't cost much either...oh except the Chanel No. 5. Love ya mom

great rose. My Mom taught us how to do this when we were children. She made them to sell and go on graves. She dipped them in paraffin to help them keep their shapes, but you really had to work on them afterwards.

The patterns for the petals did not come through properly sized. The inner petals are MUCH longer than the outer petals which are, I suspect shown much too small. It would have been helpful to have given measurements (ie: lengths & widths of both size petals and length and width of the strip used to make the stamen. Thanks.

When I was a pre-teen we made similar flowers with kleenex and used our blush brushes and blush and accented the colors ... So that could be another way to add some highlights of color or use other make up such as eye shadow...

You can buy crepe paper at Michael's and I have even seen it at cent stores The ones you make out of tissue paper are very pretty We used to use fountain pen ink to just touch them on the edges to make them even prettier Also you can make carnations out of crepe paper by rolling a inch strip up like they show above on a piece of wire bind one end very tightly with button thread then trim the oposite end with pinking shears After that you can carefully spread it open to create and shape the flower You may also touch the edges with contrasting ink to make the edges stand out Take a piece or floran wire and push it up through the center of the thread bound end bend the end tha comes out through the flower into a hook and then carefully pull it backRead More down into the flower to secure it Finish it off with the floral tape and you have a carnation that looks so real you can almost smell it

You can find Crepe Paper at Dollar Tree and Walmart in the party supply department.

My Grandmother and her sister made these crepe paper roses way back in the 1940s, and taught me to make them. The crepe paper was easy to come by, at any 5 dime store. A couple years ago I wanted to teach my grandchildren how to make the roses. I finally found the crepe paper, I think at Michaels. Oh Yes, my Grandmother would dip the roses in melted wax, and used all the different colors. Hope this helps.

When I was a mere child my late Mother used to make flowers with "wood fiber" they looked "real"....the wood fiber came in packages in a square shape, she would cut to the correct shape, seeing the roses here made me think of those, does anyone know where I can get this product? thanks, mrsbeckydw3

I made these when I was in my teens. After the rose was made we dipped them into parafine wax. It made them last longer and dust easier.

Quite a few years ago we made pink Kleenex "carnations" in different sizes and decorated a wedding arch with them. It turned out beautiful.

I love the idea....if only I could figure out how to make a realistic stem and some leaves and were in business!

GR8 Project! Might find the Pads at ACMOORES , Michaels , or JoAnn Fabrics. It's such an inexpensive and very easy pliable material to work with . I have made many floral garlands for window displays with crepe paper. A for creativity !

I have seen crepe paper in the Oriental Trading catalog and have also found it at some of the school supply stores. Just an idea..I at one time found it at walmart, but haven't seen it recently there. Hope this helps.

I am new to, and am having a great time browsing... this crepe flower is wonderful

My Mom used to make Crepe flowers. We recently tried to find the paper, but couldn't find it. We looked in dept stores and craft stores. Could we have overlooked it? Brenda, In Lexington, NC

When I was in my early teens I helped my best friend's mother make crepe paper flowers for Home Coming day at their family chruch. I had almost forgotten how much fun I had making these lovely flowers. We made several other flowers, one from Kleenex. I don't remember what they were. Do you have any other patterns for crepe paper flowers?


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