Basket Weaving Glossary + 8 Crochet and Paper Basket Weaving Patterns


Basket Weaving Glossary + 8 Crochet and Paper Basket Weaving Patterns

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Square Autumn BasketIf you are interested in making your own baskets, you will need to know the terms used in basket weaving projects. Use this basket weaving glossary as a resource when learning basket weaving. We've also included eight crochet and paper basket weaving patterns and tutorials to help you get started on your next project.

Basket weaving may seem like a complicated or boring activity, but it's actually so much fun. Whether you love yarn or prefer paper, you'll find a great project to enjoy. Gather up your favorite supplies and make something really eye-catching. You don't have to make a basket either - there are so many great ways to incorporate basketweaving into your creative projects big and small.

Basket Weaving Glossary +
8 Crochet and Paper Basket Weaving Patterns
Table of Contents

Basket Weaving Glossary

Basket Weaving Patterns


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Basket Weaving Glossary

Base: Bottom of a basket.

Stakes: These are the foundation of a square or rectangular basket. They help form the base and then go up the sides of the basket vertically.

Spokes: These are the foundation of a round or oval basket. They also then go up the sides of the round basket vertically.

Ribs: The skeleton frame in a ribbed basket that weavers are woven on.

Weaver: This is what goes horizontally around the sides of the basket.

Twining: This is done with round reed. It is a half twist in the round reed and is created with either two separate strands, or one strand that has been bent in half.

Packing: Packing is pushing the weavers tightly together as they are woven up the sides of the basket.

Splicing: Splicing is when you run out of a weaver before you are finished so you need an additional piece of weaver to complete the row or basket.

Upsetting the Basket: This is when the base is woven and you bend up the stakes or spokes so that you may begin working on the sides of your basket.

Cut and Tuck or Cutting and Tucking: When finished weaving the sides, you cut the stakes or spokes that are on the inside of the basket flush with your top row of weaving. The stakes or spokes that are on the outside of the basket get folded to the inside and tucked behind a weaver to hide the ends.

Basket Hairs--The splintery looking things on the rough (wrong) side of reed. These are cut or singed off when the basket is completed.

Rim Row: The top row of weaving. This is typically hidden under the rim.

Rim: Typically 2 pieces of reed that are slightly wider than the rim row. These pieces sandwich and cover the rim row and are placed even with the bottom edge of the rim row.

Rim Filler: Something that goes on top of the rim row and is sandwiched between the two rim pieces. Often this is seagrass or round reed.

Lashing: This is the material that holds the rim and rim filler in place.

Shaping: Using your weaver to make the spokes or stakes flare out or pull in.


Basket Weaving Patterns

Basket Weave Crochet

A Basket Weave Crochet Neck Warmer

A Basket Weave Crochet Neck Warmer

Basket Weave Afghan

Crochet Basketweave Messenger Bag

Blue Skies Basketweave Throw

Basketweave Crocheted Handbag


Basket Weaving Patterns

Breakfast Time Basketweave Placemat

Breakfast-Time Basketweave Placemat

Brown Bag Place Mat

Square Autumn Basket

BONUS! How to Weave Without Special Equipment


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Excellent information. It is surprising the different names that are used for the different parts of weaving. Do you have instructions on how to weave a seat on a chair? Thank you Donna


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