Sashay Yarn Scarves


Sashay Yarn Scarves


Working with the Red Heart's Boutique Sashay yarn or any of the other similar types of yarns available, you can create a fun and easy scarf in about two hours or so!  These Sashay Yarn Scarves are fashionable and functional, and can be worn anytime, day or night.  Great for every and all seasons and easy to work up in an evening, these frilly and feminine scarves are the perfect accessory for women of all ages.  Use fun patterned Boutique yarn to create a look you're sure to love...and no matter how advanced your knitting skills are, you're sure to love how easy and breezy this simple knit pattern is!  Make one for you and all your friends today!

Sashay Yarn Scarves

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

There's more where this came from!  If you love knit scarves, be sure to check out our collection of 59 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns.  With patterns for beginners and advanced knitters, this collection is a must-have for those who love to knit.



  • 1 skein Red Heart Sashay Yarn in color of your choice
  • Knitting needles


  1. To begin, Cast On six stitches on to a knitting needle.
  2. Use the knit stitch and knit all six stitches of the first row.
  3. Switch to the purl stitch for the second row.
  4. Switch back to the knit stitch for the third row.
  5. Continue alternating between the knit and purl stitches for every row.
  6. When your scarf has reached the desired length cast off by knitting two stitches and pulling the first stitch of the two over the second.
  7. Tie a knot using the last stitch, to secure the end

For the Second Scarf Style

  1. To begin, Cast On six stitches on to a knitting needle.
  2. Use the knit stitch and knit all six stitches of the first row.
  3. Instead of switching to the purl stitch continue using the knit stitch for the remainder of the scarf.
  4. When your scarf has reached the desired length cast off by knitting two stitches and pulling the first stitch of the two over the second.
  5. Tie a knot using the last stitch, to secure the end.

12 Knitted Scarf Patterns eBook 


Plus, check out our free, downloadable eBook full of free knitting patterns and tutorials. 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners is essential for any new knitters looking to work up a scarf.





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I think the directions could be clearer and it would be nice to know exactly which scarf shown is which - but have to admit that once I started it all came together although I would have appreciated knowing what size of needles I should be using...

I fell in love with these scarves from the first time I notice a woman wearing one. I kept looking at it trying to figure out it was made. I finally asked her where she got her scarf, and when she told me she made it, I was blown away. Can this scarf be crochet?

Sorry, but Im not able to see how you do the purl stitch, as your hand is hiding what you do in the video! I really would like to be able to see what your doing. And then its not clear how many loops to skip before taking a loop to knit it. Please help!

you failed to mention that you do not use every opening-you need to skip a hole-put the knitting needled in every other opening.

I have also heard of a pattern where you cast on 9 stitches and take off the first 8 stitches using a crochet hook.You are left with one stitch right at the hook. I think I used a size 4 hook. I'm not a knitter or a crochet-er. I can make the other scarves. I know that much about knitting that Ican follow that pattern but this way is faster and easier. Trust someone to come up with a cheater way. Huh? It looks the same.

Love the Sashay yarn. Have done both crochet and knit scarves, but something occurred to me. The yarn itself is crocheted, so there is a front and a back. When knitting the scarf, how should I start, on the front side or the back side to be correct in going around and around with the right side showing and not the back?

I've been making a looser scarf: tie a knot in the beginning and using a crochet hook, slip stitch in the first opening, skip two openings, and slip stitch in the next one. Continue to the end; then tie a knot at the end. 6 1/2 yards makes this scarf; you can get 4 scarf out of a skein. This is very thin and you can wrap around neck w/long tails in front and back. You can also double this around the back of neck & pull through look in the front to keep your neck warm.

I tried using straight needles and found it awkward and kept dropping stitches. I then tried circular needles and found it much easier. You might want to try this!

I, too, would like to crochet one of these scarves. Someone said instructions are available, but I haven't found any. Please help!

I have made these for craft shows and for fund raisers for my grandson's school. I knit mine, although I know there is a crochet pattern for them, I cast on 8 stitches and knit each row, however I do not knot them at the end, I pass the last stitch through as to cast off and then spread the remaining yarn back and tie it off with a matching piece of yarn or sewing thread, then go back and do the same to the cast on edge to give it a smooth edge. there are several other types of yarn like Sashay, Starbella has several . You can get different colors this way.

can you crochet this scarf. I like to crochet better.

I've made 5 of these sashay scarves for Christmas presents. I knitted them. 1st one with 6 stitches, which gives a long narrow scarf, the 10 stitches-makes a wide short scarf. Another I did with 8 stitches & is the width I like best, but was still a bit shorter than I wanted. Last one I did 8, but put on part of a 2nd skein til it was the length I wanted/

How did you attach the second skein? Ou can't really tie a small knot with this yarn.

Do you have a pattern for double knit mitts for adults with single knit cuffs. I have a pair but they were given to me 25 years ago and would like to make them.

What other types of yarn can you use besides Red Heart Sashay, it's not easy to find in my area. Can you also use 8 stitches to make it a little fuller.

I made them also like a cowl. I used the whole skein then sewed the ends together. Doubled it around the neck and you have the popular style.....

can you tell me how many scarfs do you get with one (1) roll of this yarn? Please advise. Thanking you, in advance, for your usual most kind assistance. TG at

You can only get one scarf out of one ball.

Now some people like the shorter scarf so that they can tuck it inside a sweater then use 3/4 of a ball.

I woulf like to make a scarf on my knifty knitter loom using sashay yarn

I made one of these for my grandaughter for Christmas. I used only the knit stitch. Will try the knit then pearl for the next one.

do you have this pattern in crochet, instead of knitting

where do i find the answer to my question in my private face book acct??

I found a You Tube video on how to crochet this "yarn" type.

Hi. Go to You Tube and type in starbellaparttwo. It's a video to watch to crochet the scarves. It doesn't matter if you are using their yarn or not. One thing to keep in mind though is that when using Sashay it has a gold runner at the bottom and you need to keep pulling the yarn apart and make sure that the gold is aways on the bottom when you are crocheting. Also don't be too worried about messing up. No one will ever know if you skipped a stich or not. Just don't make it is very easy, mush easier than knitting!

Go to you tube or to Red Heart yarn site....The crochet ones do not turn out looking quite the same....I do not crochet but my friend does. They are close but not as full


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