Double Knit Hat with Earflaps


Double Knit Hat with Earflaps

Keep your ears warm with this double knit hat with cute ear flaps, from Authentic Knitting Board. This is a great little project to use up some of your left over partial skeins.

Double Knit Hat with Earflaps

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One size fits all. Knit in stockinette stitch.
Gauge: 3 sts=1"



  • Knitting Board (56 needles) 28” knittingboard
  • Yarn t in bulky weight wool or acrylic blend to knit to gauge. Color 1 gray color 2 cream or white color 3 black or dk brown


  1. Cast on 56 sts in color 1 gray
  2. You will knit these 56 sts for 28 rows starting at top of hat.
  3. Row 1-5 Knit in color 1 grey. Cut grey yarn.
  4. Row 6 Tie in white yarn at beginning of row. Do not cut.
  5. Row 7 Tie in black yarn at beginning of row. Do not cut.
  6. Row 8 Tie in grey yarn at beginning of row. Do not cut.
  7. Repeat these last (3) rows in alternating colors (2) additional times. You will have (9) rows of stripes.
  8. After last row of grey, cut all yarn. Tie in with white.
  9. Knit (3) rows in white. Now you have (17) rows of knitting. Do not cut white.
  10. Row (18) Weave to end of sts with white. Do not return the circular. Tie in grey. Return with grey. Hook over.
  11. Row (19) Tie in the black yarn. Weave to end of sts with black. Pick up white and return circular. Hook over.
  12. Row (20) This will be the white and grey. Repeat row (18).
  13. Row (21) This will be the white and black. Repeat row (19).
  14. Row 22 This will be the white and grey.
  15. You now have 22 rows of knit. Cut black and grey ends and knot.
  16. Row 23 Knit one row of white.
  17. Tie in grey yarn at beginning of row. Cut white and lay end on sts.
  18. Rows 24-28 Knit with grey. Cut yarn with 4" tail and knot.
  19. EAR FLAPS: Bind off (8) sts, Skip (11) sts for ear flap, bind off (18) sts for front of hat, Skip (11) sts for ear flap, Bind off (8) sts.
  20. Here's How: With crochet hook, lift st 1, both boards. Pull (1) thru other. Lift st 2, back, pull one thru other, lift st 2, front, pull one thru other. Continue with each st, one loop at time. Do this to first 8 sts, back and front. When you get to st 9, lay last loop from crochet hook onto st 9, back. Skip sts 9 thru 19. With crochet hook, lift st 20 front and back, pull 1 thru other. Now lift st 21, front, pull (1) thru other. Lift st 21, back, pull (1) thru other.
  21. Continue this until you are complete with (19) sts left on end of board. Lay last loop on crochet hook onto next st. Skip (11) sts. Go to last (8) sts and starting at end of board, right to left, bind off as you did before and lay last loop onto next needle. You should now have (8) bound off, (11) on board, (18) bound off, (11) on board, and (8) bound off.
  22. The 2 groups of 11 sts will be your EAR FLAPS.
  23. Go back to first group of 11 sts. Tie grey yarn onto previous row on bottom 1st st on left. Knit (2) rows with these (11) sts in stockinette. Remember you will have one extra loop on first needle that was left from your first 8 st bind off. Just loop it over with bottom loop. (you may want to put a piece of tape over 2nd group of 11 to keep them from being jiggled off needles)
  24. Next row dec (1) st each end, both boards.
  25. Knit one regular row. (2 rows for larger ear flaps)
  26. Next row dec (1) st each end, both boards. Knit one regular row.
  27. Repeat this process until you have one st left, and bind it off.
  28. Go to 2nd group of 11 sts, and repeat process to
  29. Draw ends of yarn into knitting with crochet hook. Be sure you put a knot in each one before tucking it in.
  30. Sew 2 side edges together with strand of grey yarn by doing a whip st over edges of knitting. Knot securely at both ends. Make sure to match your design as you sew the sts, and pick up just the one edge st, both strands.
  31. Draw anchor yarn tight and tie to form top of hat.
  32. Pom Pom for top of hat: This is where you can get as creative as you would like. You can top your hat with a long braid of 3 colors. You can add a pompom of a bright color. But our little pom pom is grey like the hat. So wrap yarn around 3 or 4 fingers, about 35 wraps. Slip it off your fingers, and tie double piece of yarn tightly around the middle of loops. Using crochet hook, pull ends of yarn thru to inside of hat and tie securely. Pull ends into knit.
  33. Cut loops of pom-pom and shape to desired length, aprox. 1".
  34. String Ties for Earflaps: Each tie is aprox 14" in length. This is done as crochet chain using double strand of yarn. Cut grey yarn aprox 7' long for each string. Insert crochet hook thru bottom sts of ear flap. Pull loop around and chain a rope with double stand. Cut and knot when string is long enough. Make second string for opposite side of hat. Trim bottom, or make small pompom and tie on.

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Doesnt look like any of the comments are answered but I do not have the straight (rectangle) boards, how would you do this pattern on a round board or even just regular knitting?

Would be helpful if you could give the size of knitting needles require for the uk measurements plz ty.

I would love to knit this and like you need UK needle sizes. Also I think the yarn looks more like a UK Aran or chunky than double knit.

Ok, I am interested in knitting this hat, however I do not see anywhere on the pattern as to what size needle you use

I have made several hats using a loom and never had any luck with the hats comig out to the proper size. I would love to make this one.

Did anyone find the answers to the comments, if so, where. I would like to make this hat on the circle kniffy knitters.

That looks really cute!

I am a newbie, I just got my board. But I am not sure if I am supposed to cast on 56 stitches on one side or on both sides making it 28 stitches per side?

Same question others had---what is a knitting board??? Where are answers found?

Great pattern!I just completed a hat from this and it came out fantastic. Had to make some adjustments because I used the yellow knifty knitter loom41 pegs,but it worked. Thanks, Violet

What is a knitting board? Can I use a round loom? How can I see the answers to the other questions that people ask?

I would like to know if this pattern comes with instructions for regular knitting needles. I also have the round loom and the long loom. Can this hat be knit on either of these. bkysew

Can I knit this using a round loom?

Please, Please, Please tell me what a knitting board is. Better yet give me a picture of one so I can make these darling projects. Thank You Donna

Did anyone ever answer if this could be converted to regular knitting needles?

For any inquiries on this pattern please feel free to contact the manufacturer, Authentic Knitting board, at www.knittingboard.comArticles.asp?ID=122br br The FaveCrafts Team

Could this pattern be converted to straight knitting needle pattern? Please advise. Thank you

what size needle? I am assuming I would look at this type of yarn and look for one that has this gauge? Also, what is a knitting board? thank you Juanita

Could this be made with regular straight needles?

Can you make this hat on regular knitting needles instead of on a knitting board? Are there any directions for that?

What is a knitting board?

Can you use only color on this hat??


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