Egg Shell Crafts: 23 Beautiful Ideas I Never Expected!


Egg Shell Crafts: 23 Beautiful Ideas I Never Expected!

Discover our favorite egg shell art projects for kids and adults alike!

Egg Shell Crafts 18 Beautiful Ideas I Never Expected

Egg shell craft ideas like these should be on your radar. It's incredible what you can make with something you'd ordinarily throw in the trash!

Learn how to make gorgeous jewelry, home decor, adorable kids crafts, and more using egg shells! Did you know they're the perfect medium for creating your own mosaic designs? They're also just beautiful for Christmas ornaments and as the focal point for centerpieces. They're wonderful for starting seeds and decorating all manner of projects. 

Before you begin, it's important you learn how to clean egg shells for crafts:

  1. Wash the egg shells gently but thoroughly with dish soap and water. Be careful not to crack the eggs if your project requires the shells stay intact
  2. Use a cotton pad with vinegar to rub oils and dirt off the egg shells. Again, be gentle.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Remove the membrane. This is easiest to do with cracked shell pieces. It should come right off.
  5. Your eggshells are ready for crafting!
Don't forget to scroll to the end. Some of our most beautiful projects are at the bottom of this article!

Change the way you look at materials that might end up in the garbage can, and make these egg shell crafts.

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This project is amazingly impressive to me. I would NEVER have guessed this crushed egg shell art was actually made with eggshells! Learn how to take those breakfast leftovers and turn them into something you can wear on your sleeve. Friends will be amazed when you tell them the secret!

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2. Look of Mosaic Technique with Eggshells

Look of Mosaic Technique with Eggshells

This beautiful jewelry tutorial is another of our favorite egg shell craft ideas. Look at those beautiful colors! Learn techniques for painting eggshells to create beautiful jewelry. This is a perfect gift for one of your girlfriends on her birthday or during the holiday season!

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3. Domed Eggshell Tabletopper

Domed Eggshell Tabletopper

This is a just beautiful springtime centerpiece! It works for Easter or to keep out all season. Go thrifting to get the cute cloche, and learn how to paint the eggshells and the base for a beautiful design.

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4. Sparkling Eggshell Ornament

Sparkling Eggshell Ornament

This beautiful project featured on our sister site AllFreeChristmasCrafts is so glitterific! The domed effect is so lovely and really helps this miniature tree stand out among the branches of your evergreen.

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5. Succulent Eggshell DIY Centerpiece

Succulent Eggshell DIY Centerpiece

Did you know you can use eggshells to plant seedlings? They're the perfect mini planters, and they look super adorable in this surprisingly chic eggshell centerpiece! Fill the shells with the most colorful succulents for a spring or summer decoration.

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6. Eggshell Place Card Holders

Eggshell Place Card Holders

Know anyone getting married during the Easter season? Or are you hosting your Easter gathering this year? Not only are these the cutest placecards, but they make the most wonderful party favors! When the time comes, guests can transplant their growing buds into larger pots.

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7. Elegant Eggshell Matryoshka Dolls

Elegant Eggshell Matryoshka Dolls

Have you ever done a project that involved blowing out an egg? With the proper technique and cleaning, crafts made using blown out eggs can last for years! These adorable Russian dolls are no exception. Learn how to make an alternative version of paper dolls with this tutorial.

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8. Adorable Easter Eggshell Garden

Adorable Easter Eggshell Garden

These eggshell planters involve first dyeing the eggs, then turning them into the perfect tabletop decor for Easter. They're lovely to keep out all spring! It's a wonderful project that is literally so full of life.

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9. Easter Basket Egg Shell Art

Easter Basket Egg Shell Art

Our friends over at AllFreeKidsCrafts are featuring this absolutely adorable kid-friendly egg shell craft. Work together to mash up eggshells, dye them, and turn them into the loveliest Easter basket picture to help celebrate this cheerful time of year!

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10. Egg Shell Flower Art

Egg Shell Flower Art

If you love the Easter basket project idea but the holiday has passed, consider making this egg shell flower art with the kiddos! How cute is this? With different eggshell colors, you can encourage them to create and shape different flowers. It's a wonderful project to help with those fine motor skills.

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11. Egg Shell Mosaic

Egg Shell Mosaic

Use the techniques from the last two projects listed to make a beautiful mosaic! Though this particular tutorial is aimed for kids, did you know you can make the most gorgeous artwork for adults, too? Consider printing one of our free coloring pages and instead of coloring it with pencils, use eggshell mosaics to fill in the sections.

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12. Egg Shell Table Decoration

Egg Shell Table Decoration

This is literally the most gorgeous use for eggshells I've seen. It might be my favorite project in this collection! Use copper spray paint on your eggshells to make the prettiest finish. Then, display them with seedlings in a wood log for the prettiest centerpiece this spring and summer. Egg shell crafts like this one make fabulous Easter decorations, but in my opinion this project in particular works year round.

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13. DIY Egg Shell Planter

DIY Egg Shell Planter

I just can't get enough of these egg shell planters! Check out this beautiful project. If you decide you don't want to craft with literal eggshells but you want to get the look, you can actually buy ceramic or terra cotta eggshells online and paint them! Not only will they be more durable, but they'll also last longer! This is a decoration you can keep for years to come.

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14. Planter Egg Shell Craft

Planter Egg Shell Craft

Speaking of eggshell crafts that don't actually use eggshells, you can make fake ones out of clay for these cute jellybean dishes! Of course they would be perfect for Easter, but you could use them for any small snacks, really!

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15. DIY Bees from Kinder Egg Shells

DIY Bees from Kinder Egg Shells

Continuing with the theme of egg shell-like crafts, use those leftover Kinder eggs to make these cute bees! This project is perfect for kids because these shells are sturdier than the real thing. However, you could easily blow out an egg, dye the shell yellow or paint it, and create your bees that way, too. Have fun!

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16. Eggshell Mod Podge Pendant

Eggshell Mod Podge Pendant

Does this not look like something out of Anthropologie? The crushed eggshells here look like seashell bits with their metallic finish! Learn how to get this look and adhere the pieces with something as simple as Mod Podge.

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17. Eggshell Seedling Planters

Eggshell Seedling Planters

Many of the eggshell planters I've shown you so far weren't necessarily for seedlings. In fact, they were planters that had fully grown succulents and other plants inside! But egg shells really are the perfect size for planting a brand new seed and waiting for it to sprout. Do this one with the kids!

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18. Eggshell Mosaic Vase

Eggshell Mosaic Vase

Isn't this just the prettiest, brightest little vase for spring? Display it throughout the warmer months for the cheery decoration to brighten any room! By shaping the mosaic pieces to look like eggs, this becomes a wonderful design for an Easter decoration. You can also choose other shapes for the mosaics, or keep it more abstract.

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19. Ostrich Egg Decoupage Art

Ostrich Egg Decoupage Art

This beyond elegant project makes decoupage look so simple! It's exciting to use ostrich eggs because they are so much larger than chicken eggs, and so they really make a statement! Display them next to your favorite metallic vases and succulents this spring season.

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20. Egg Shell Candles

Egg Shell Candles

There is just something so unique and sweet about these little candles. Surprisingly, they are not difficult to make, either! Once you make a few, there are so many beautiful Easter crafts and vignettes in which you can use them, too.

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21. Eggshell Mosaic Pendant and Gift Box

Eggshell Mosaic Pendant and Gift Box

Who wouldn't appreciate a handmade pendant tucked inside a matching hand painted gift box? Real eggshells colored with alcohol inks are the star of this project! You don't have to be a painter to doll up a plain wooden box to match this pendant.

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22. How to Make Mosaic Easter Eggs

How to Make Mosaic Easter Eggs

Use beautiful dyed egg shells to create an exquisite design on your Easter eggs this year! This is one of those uniquely beautiful egg decorating ideas that will really make your designs stand out on the Easter table.

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23. Spring Wall Hanging

Spring Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a pretty seasonal wall hanging to display fresh flowers. You only need a few simple supplies to create this wall decor: a dowel, some rope, a few wooden rings (optional) and eggshells.

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