Friendship Jar


Friendship Jar

Give your friend the gift of encouragement with these easy homemade gift ideas. The Friendship Jar is possibly the thriftiest, easiest of the homemade gifts to make.

Friendship Jar


  • Decorative Jar with wide mouth
  • Ribbon or other embellishment
  • Handwritten or computer generated positive words on slips of paper
  • Paper
  • Pen or Computer with printer
  • Scissors or Fiskars Personal Trimmer


  1. You can find fun jars at thrift shops and garage sales, you just want a wide mouth jar so it’s easy to put your slips of paper in and out of the jar. You can tie ribbon or embellish the jar with your favorites.
  2. Handwritten messages: Cut slips of paper with scissors or personal trimmer. You can use one color of paper or use several, personalize this to the event or person getting the Friendship Jar. Write out positive words or statements. For example if this is for a special aunt you could write out all the things you love about her from her pretty smile to her fabulous chocolate chip cookies. Fold up the slips of paper and place in jar. I always recommend handwritten notes because the message and words just seem more unique written by you!
  3. Computer generated messages: This is easy and quick, and if you are a neat freak using a computer will make you happier. Have fun and play with fonts and font size! Write out positive messages and words like described in Step 2. Print. Using your scissors or personal trimmer cut into slips of paper, fold, and place in jar!


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This friendship jar idea is so cool and a great idea if your little ones want to make you a Mother's day gift all you would need to do is get them so cool jars and lay out ribbon and let them design their own. This is also a good way to let them make something special for their friends. Let them create their own sayings too and print them out for them or just let them write their own. Great project idea.

If you check out some estate sales, or resale show, you can find some beautiful glass jars or even decorative vases or vintage tins that would serve as lovely and unique vessels for this project. In addition to inspirational sayings or compliments, you can also do,the coupon thing, like, this slip of paper good for a back rub, or an errand, etc for Mother's could also embellish your jar or vessel with some beads or little glued on jewels for a bit of bling!

What an incredibly sweet and beautiful gift to make for a friend! I love this idea because it's so positive and uplifting. We all have those days where we feel kind of down - how wonderful to have reminders of our talents and what others see in us!

I have made something like this for my friends before Once I took one of those picture trees where it has the coils and you just put the pics in them and printed off words in different fonts and laminated them so they wouldn't tear and put those in the picture places I think I called it her I am tree or something like that The other time I had a notebox that had orig come with a notecard set in it about the size of x or so and used the box it said WISH on it and then made out of scrapbook paper sayings about her etc I had contacted mutual friends and then some of her family to get thoughts about her from them I included a card that said that we wish she could see herself how we see her Those work too It is something thatRead More is easy to do but has so much impact I have never thought about a jar before not sure why but I will probably be using this in the near future

annick1960 - are you so perfect and pristine that mistakes aren't allowed in your world?

Is this a joke or just a good sacastic remark? I saw nothing about anyone said about being perfect and I know not a single soul in this world that is perfect.

I was wracking my brain for Mother's Day gift ideas. I'm blessed to still have living grandmothers. One is in a nursing home and gets incredibly lonely and often feels that most people have "forgotten" her. The other lives alone, and she too gets lonely. What a terrific way to brighten their spirits and remind them both how beautiful and amazing they are to our family. Nothing lame about that!

I absolutely LOVE this idea, even if it wasn't what I was looking for at the time. Thank You.

Whut a thawtful kraaf two maak fer sumone yu luv. An Ick 1960, Yu shude tri it. It wood be so purfeck if dunn buy Yu, yu Preeema Donner.

Annick1960, What would someone put in yours? You are mean. You are crabby. You are full of spite.

This is a wonderful idea! I'm going to make a variation of the idea for my knitting groups friends. I have lots of nice things to say about them.

Well "annick1960" - what would someone put in your jar ? This suggestion just solved a number of gift decisions for me - and, it'll be fun to think up all the good points, and, I'll be adding quick little reminders of memories. Not just for Christmas, but all kinds of days ! Thank-you to Maria Nerius for sharing.

This is a WONDERFUL project!! I've always wanted somebody to make one for me!!

I know, me too.

I think this is a very sweet gift for someone. As for annick's remark about spelling, no one is perfect. And if you think you are prefect then you think you are better and more perfect than God. People like you shouldn't even be in here with those kind of remarks. God Bless You any way.

I received one of these wonderful jars last year from my "secret sister" at church. It was the highlight of my gifts from her for the year. She had so many kind and sweet things to say to me. Now when I'm feeling a little blue or stressed I get my jar and see what someone else thinks of me. It's great! For anyone thinking this is a "lame" project, you just don't know what your thoughtfulness will do for another person.

thought annick 1960 was a bit nasty in their comment, it must be boring for them to get everything right all the time.

I received a similar gift one year from one of my high school students. I still enjoy reading and rereading the uplifting messages.

This is a nice idea for a "shut in" too. When they feel lonely they can look and read just how much someone thought of them. To: annick1960 it could have been that a younger person or someone was in a hurry or someone learning english spelled "listner". My kids were taught the "phonics sayit spellit" when they were in early grades. To criticize someone's creativeness is shallow and rude. I sure hope if you put something on here that it is PERFECT. I'll definately be looking for your crafts.

This is not a lame project Annick. This project is perfect for someone who has everything. You could put one a day for a year and that person could pull one out each morning. How rude of you to complain about spelling, everyone that I know has made a mistake spelling when using the keyboard. I am sure you have but no one was rude to complain about it. We are not perfect we do make mistakes and if this is all you have to do is complain about the project and misspelled words then I feel sorry for you!

That is a lame project. Besides, before you post a project, you should at least check your spelling: on the picture, "good listener" is spelled wrong (good listner) - Please!!! Go back to 2nd grade!!!

And I guess you have never made a mistake in your life Not even one that no one knows about but you If I were making this for you it would only include bad things that people could say about you I enjoy looking at all the crafts from this site even though I have seen some of them in other places before and have even done some of them before seeing them here If you find the crafts here so lame I would think that you have already unsubscribed from this site You are the only one i have ever seen criticize the crafts except to say the patterns are hard to follow or there was a mistake in pattern so and so PLEASE unsubscribe the rest of us crafters dont want to see you so unhappy with what is offered on here Thanks FAVECRAFTS for all the ideas youRead More offer as a FREE site for all us nonperfect crafters


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