Child's Mini Cape or Shawl


Child's Mini Cape or Shawl


This is a great free crochet pattern by Michael Sellick. Crochet it together for a young child. Red Heart or Bernat worsted weight yarn is used. This is a fun pattern to wear as a shawl or a cape.


  • Size K Hook
  • Red Heart or Bernat 4 Ply Worsted Yarn
  • Very Small Portion of a secondary colour.
  • 1 Skien of Main Colour
  • Small Portion of EYE LASH YARN.

SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
CM - Crochet Marker

What you see in the pictures are the CAPE VERSION. Rough Dimensions of 2 Feet Top, 3 Feet Bottom, about 9.5" Long. If you want the SHAWL, continue length to your desired length.

Lines are presented in order.


  1. Chain 75 Stitches or 24" Long (which ever comes first) -1st Colour
  2. Chain 3, Then DC starting at the 4th chain from the hook. Before completing the final stitch, we are going to change the colour to the 2nd colour, adding the EYE LASH yarn with it at the same time.
  3. Casting off COLOUR 1, Casting On Colour 2 and EYE Lash YARN. Chain 1, SC using colour 2 and eye lash all the way across. The last stich, we are going to cast off these two and change the colour back to COLOUR 1.
  4. Casting off Colour 2 and Eye Lash, Casting On Colour 1. Chain 3, DC all the way across. Last stich, Cast off Colour 1 and switching to Colour 2.
  5. Casting off Colour 1, Cast on Colour 2. Now fold the project in half. Look at the eye lash yarn line you did. One side of the pattern will have it exposed more than the other. Folding in half so the side with it expose more stays on the outside. You need to SC both seams together. Start by going intot he BOTTOM STITCH (which would be the chaining Line you started with, then slide the hook to the current line. You will work down the entire line doing this. You are essentially creating a TUBE, but this is forming the collar area.
  6. The last stitch, you will cast off Colour 2 to switch it back to Colour 1.
  7. This next line is a stitch change, also an expansion line. Casting off colour 2, and changing it back to Colour. This line gets rid of those typical pesky train track crochet look a like and gives your crochet project a fancy rich look.
  8. Chain 3,next stitch is a SC, then DC, then SC, Then DC. Keep repeating this. HOWEVER, you need to create expansion. 1, 1, 1, 2 Configuration. So 3 stitches in a row get 1 STITCH, the 4th gets 2 Stitches. Keep repeatign the 1 1 1 2 configuration meanwhile swithcing back and forth from DC or SC all the way. Essentially, when you are doing the stitches that have 2, there will be one DC and one SC, but they are not in the same order each time.
  9. You have just finished a line of DC and SC alternating. If your line finished with a DC, then the starting stitch for this line is a SC... vice versa. The idea for this line is to put the opposite stitch over top of the other. So when you are making a SC stitch, it should be going into the stitch where a DC was made on the line beneath it.
  10. Casting off this colour 1, casting on the other colour 2.
  11. Repeat what you did in LINE 6. This line is in the Colour 2. Castin off at the end, casting on colour 1 again.
  12. Repeat what you did in LINE 7 - Colour 1
  13. Repeat what you did in LINE 6 - Colour 1, Last stich will cast on colour 2 and cast off colour 1.
  14. Repeat what you did in LINE 7 - Colour 2, casting off colour 2 and switching back to Colour 1 at the last stitch.
  15. Chain 3 and Double Crochet Entire Line - Cour 1
  16. Creating Granny Square Section. Chain 3, SKIP to the 4th STITCH and place 3 DC into that same stitch... Chain 1, Then skip to the 4th Stitch and place 3 DC into that same stitch... REPEAT until the end.
  17. Depending how you ended... if you ended with a gap... Chain 3, then place 2 DC into the gap, chain 1, then skip to the next gap and place 3 DC into it, chain 1 and repeat this same thing all the way through.
  18. If you ended with 3 DC, you will chain up 3, then DC into the gap 3 times, chain 1, then skip to the next gap, DC 3 times, chain 1 and repeat all the way through. The last stitch you will cast off this colour and cast back on with the COlour 2 and EYE LASH YARN.
  19. Repeat 14
  20. Repeat 14
  21. Repeat 14
  22. Repeat 14
  24. Casting off Colour 1, casting on Colour 2 and Eye lash yarn. DO the same as line 14 to continue the effect.
  25. Cast off, and weave end into project.
  26. Slip Knot the colour of the tie you want. I used a pink and eyelash yarn together. Stick yor hook into collar area where you want the tie to be. Do a Single Crochet. Weave the stragglers into the chain by making sure you grab them when you start chaining. You will chain 25 Times.
  27. At the end, you will trim about 1 inch, pull Hook and Material all the way through to create the knot. Trim the straggler about 1/2". Do the same for both sides of the collar.

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there is a video of this on youtube. Search eliza doolittle cape. Maybe it will help answer some of your questions :) I'm in the process of trying to figure it out....

Has anyone finished this? Any tips?

I found directions quite confusing. Line 19-22 says repeat line 14 which tells you to repeat line 7? Was this a misprint as Line 16 says create Granny Square Section. Section to me means more than one row. Should 19-22 be Repeat 16?

Tori, Eyelash is a yarn by Bernat's, available at Joanne Frabric. It is Super Bulky 6 at $4.49 a skein. This is cute. May try to make it for my granddaughters Nancy

What the heck is eyelash yarn???

I do not understand expansion 1,1,2, etc. I assume this is for increasing stitches. If that is correct, please let me know. txgramnine


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