Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets


Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets


Make paper beads from recycled paper bags and use them to make pretty bracelets. Learn how to make friendship bracelets while making paper beads with this craft tutorial!

Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets


  • Paper bag (one will make a ton of beads)
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors. I used a russet metallic
  • Small paintbrush
  • Decoupage glue, Gloss Modpodge is a good one
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors,
  • Waxed paper
  • Bamboo skewer
  • .7 mm Stretch beading cord


  1. Cover your work surface with a piece of waxed paper.
  2. Cut a piece of brown paper bag 6 ½” by 14”.
    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets  Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  3. Brush acrylic paint of choice onto the surface of one side of the paper. Let dry. Brush a coat of decoupage glue on top of the painted surface.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  4. Lay the paper out lengthwise and working vertically on the unpainted side, measure 1/4” with your ruler. Draw a line that gradually tapers to a point. Working in the opposite side and direction, repeat this step, also tapering. Continue across alternating so that you have as many tapered strips as needed.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  5. Cut the strips out. Each strip makes one bead.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  6. Lay a strip on the waxed paper and with a small paintbrush, apply some decoupage glue onto the unpainted side of the strip. Do not apply glue to the last 1/8 inch of the wider end of the strip.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  7. Starting with the wider end place on the skewer and hold tight with finger, start to roll. Continue rolling making sure to stay centered. Finish with the pointed end. Immediately remove from skewer and add a tad of glue with a toothpick if the pointed end is not completely adhered.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets
  8. When you have enough beads for your needs, measure a piece of 7mm beading cord around wrist leaving enough extra to tie into a knot. String the beads onto the cord and knot it. Weave the ends into the beads on each side.

    Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets



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I remember doing this in Girl Scouts when I was younger. I love this Recycled Paper Bag Bracelets craft. The colors can be endless making rainbows.. This how to is so well done with great pictures to help. I saved this one and will teach my Grand kids and hope they like it as much as I did when I way younger. A great way to recycle and save the planet! Thank you so much for sharing this craft!

Love the look of this bracelet, it al,ist looks like copper! The suggestion to dip them all at once it a good alternative method too. For extra embellishment you could glue a tiny gem in the middle of the bead, either all or every other one, which would add some sparkle! Super design and instructions!

Love this, but if you string them on a fishing line you can dip them in the paint after rolling them instead of painting before rolling. Just dip the string and hang it above the paint container until it stops dripping. I used to dip about a half dozen of them at a time.

#BestideaEver I love the ease of this project and most of the supplies I already have. Thanks

very cool! Can't wait to make one, thanx for sharing !

I used to make simular, as a young child, but had forgotten exactly how it was done-glad I seen this article to remind me.

I've never seen this done before. Very interesting and seems to be very easy. Good idea for those rainy days with the kids.

I have used wallpaper samples for making this type of bead and depending on the pattern, you may not even have to paint the beads. There are many glittery styles to choose from, if you can obtain old sample books.

Paper beads have been around since I was in junior high. And that was in the late 60's! You don't really need to go through all the fuss with paint, etc. I used colorful magazine pages, ran a line of elmer's glue down the length, let dry and string them up. They used them for beaded doorway partitions, necklaces, bracelets, you name it. Paper beads are a holdover from the hippie era. ;-)

That's what I made them from, too. Another thing you can use is catalog pages or colorful junk mail, no painting or dipping required and they look pretty! I hadn't thought of it before, but beads like that would make a pretty garland for a Christmas tree or to hang in a window.

I love making paper beads from paperbags, magazines pages an more, so many things out there to make neat beads/bracelets from. I have been making beads from anything and everything. fabrice paper, unused photo's and more. love it!!! Dee

I've seen instructions to make beads out of much more complex, rare and messy materials. Using paper bags is practical, easy, and has potential to give awesome results!

Many years ago, we made bracelets and necklaces out of newspaper pages and the Sunday colored comic page, in much the same way. It was a wonderful project to do with children. We, however, strung the beads on elastic cording. It was particularly great for bracelets as it allowed you to slip them on easily. A Connecticut senior

What memories. I learned how to make these beads when I was a young teenage at camp. I had forgotten about them. I think that I'll teach my grandkids how to make them. We used gift wrap paper and glossy magazine pages.

Amazing. You buy the paint and glue which are placed in the paper bag and at the end of it you have a lovely bracelet. Thank you FaveCraft for showing me how to make an expensive looking bracelet for pennies.


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