Unbelievably Easy Paper Beads


Unbelievably Easy Paper Beads


Check out these incredibly simple paper bead instructions! Unbelievably Easy Paper Beads are the way to go if you've always wanted to make your own beads or needed a bead in a specific color but couldn't find it. They come out perfectly adorable too!

Paper Beads


  • A piece of paper (if you plan on painting the beads rather than leaving as is, I suggest just plain white printer paper)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Something to wrap the beads around (I use a wooden skewer, you can find these at the grocery store)
  • Nail polish
  • Krazy glue
  • Pencil
  • String


  1. Measure 1.5 centimeters on one edge of the paper and about .1 centimeters on the opposite side. Do this long ways on the paper. Hold the ruler from one point to the other, and draw a line connecting these points with your pencil.
    Paper Beads
  2. Cut down the line you just drew, making a very thin and tall triangle.
    Paper Beads
  3. Take the wide bottom of the triangle and wrap it around the skewer.
    Paper Beads
  4. Continue wrapping the paper around the skewer, until the whole triangle has been wrapped. Use your glue to keep the tip of the triangle held down on newly created bead.
    Paper Beads
  5. Let the glue dry, and paint the bead with the nail polish of your choice.
    Paper Beads
  6. Continue making your beads and painting them. Once the beads have dried on the skewer, pull them off and string them. It required about 13 beads for me to complete a bracelet.
    Paper Beads


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this is literally the easiest craft i've ever tried. we found some old magazines my mom was hoarding and decided to use them as paper. we used some clear glitter nailpolish and it was chic and beautiful. we decided to sell one bracelet to our friends but she bought them all.

Our church makes beads out of old church bulletins and sells them at our bazaar. Makes a nice keepsake for members/family.

What a fun craft. I certainly have lots of scrap paper around the house and lots of old nail polish that could be re purposed. I am also curious, could it be made with glue other than Krazy glue? It can be a bit difficult to work with!

yes any glue will work. With my girl scouts we just used glue sticks since they are young and messy

I love this craft for the Unbelievably Easy Paper Beads. It's so easy and they look great. Could I just use craft glue? I can just see me supper gluing my fingers together. I will be using old junk mail to make a bunch of these easy paper beads. Thank you so much for this free craft pattern.

yes any glue will work

Paper beads are a great way to use up all those scrapbook papers that I have left and unused because I didn't know how else to use them up. I also like the idea of using up some nail polishes I have. But is it possible to use other types of glues?

yes any glue will work. With young kids we have even used glue sticks

Thanks. Will try this!

I use elastic thread to string them on. Also, you would be amazed how cute brown bags or newspaper comics can look as beads.

I remember my Nana making these out of the Sunday comics and varnished.

Great tut! Thank you for sharing it with us.

This article has the best pictures for illustrating each step. As a new crafter, I really appreciate that. And, after seeing the other homemade bead ideas, I can see that this article's technique can be used with the other materials, e.g. fabric, wrapping paper, etc.. Thank-you.

excellant summer activity [[anytime also]


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