Cleavage Be Gone


Cleavage Be Gone


Cleavage be gone is a free, easy sewing pattern for those who don't wish to show what their mama gave them! Sew up a quick boob bib to cover up that cleavage!

Cleavage Be Gone


  • Fabric that matches your shirt
  • Two buttons
  • Two hair ties
  • Lace or other embellishments (optional)
  • Sewing supplies


  1. First make a pattern of the Cleavage Cover.


  2. Pick out the material you would like it to be made out of, (preferably something that goes with most everything). Do the seams 1/4 inch.

  3. Zig Zag the hair tie on the edge as in the picture.

  4. Sew buttons (preferably the same color as the material on 1 1/4 inch in from the sides.

  5. Pick out the lace you would like on top, leave some extra on the side to turn under, and sew it on.

  6. Once you make sure the cover will reach from bra strap to bra strap, take the hair tie & go around the back side of your bra strap and fasten to the button on both sides. There should not be any pulling from either side. If there is pulling then the seams are too big or the pattern was not big enough. Each person has to measure themselves and add 1/2 inch for the seam and so the cover will not pull.


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This is a great idea. I am busty, and I have several sweaters, t-shirts, and tank tops that are cut a bit too low for my liking. I think I will make up a few in neutral colours so I can feel comfortable wearing them again. Thank you for sharing this with us!

I have purchased a couple different styles of this type of product before, but never thought about making my own. I have noticed that lately, the styles of t-shirts, dresses, and blouses are made so low cut that the "girls" of any size would be on display for the whole world to see. I just can't wear stuff like this without feeling very uncomfortable and I also don't want to double up shirts, especially in the summer. This pattern is a great way to take care of my need for coverage, without added bulk when it is not wanted. Thanks for sharing this!

OH my goodness, I have just made something like this for two of my daughter's tops before I saw this pattern. I cut complementary colored fabric I had on hand that was similar to the tops she had, in a sort of cropped off triangle, well more like a four sided shape, if you cut off the bottom of the tip of an upside down triangle. And I just stitched the edges following the original neckline. Of course, this was a permanent solution, but this idea is a super option and is a great much needed solution. THANKYOU!

This is a genius idea for large chested ladies! I have a few weekend tops that might be work-appropriate if I make one of these.

Love it - thank you! I have a gorgeous dress that I've never worn for the lack of something like this and not wanting to wear a cardi over it. Now I just have to find some material to match )

Finally a boob guard. I need this and have not yet done it inspiring. sometimes I don't want to wear another shirt under because the color or style is wrong or it is summer.

If you don't want to show your cleavage, why not just wear a higher necked top?

I have lots of shirts that I love that need a tank top... but sometimes I don't want to wear a full tank underneath. Or, with some shirts, I worry that I'll show more than I want to when I lean over. This helps to prevent that.

Higher necked shirts can be much too warm in the summer, or depending on where you live, even more of the year.

This is a fabulous idea, and I can see several methods of designs....just can't believe no one thought if it before! :-) I thought of a bra dicky having come from the days when dickys were so popular-fake turtle necks/fake chamisols.

you can also make the material in a triangle shape. I use ribbon and small strips of Velcro instead of the buttons and hair ties.

I had bought a pair of undies with a black/white geometric design only sale that were too big for me. I cut the front material and back off and made 2 boob bibs (one to keep, one to give away) out of it.

I thank God for you. I don't have to worry about tank tops anymore.

This sounds like a great idea and pattern. I can't seem to find anything anymore that does not show more cleavage than I want to.

What a great pattern-thanks for sharing-those on tv-are costly once you ad shipping and handling--

So happy to find this pattern! Good to have something to "cover up" that which God gave me. Todays fashions seem to be putting everything out there for all to see. That is not for me.

Okay I love the idea and think this is a neat, useful pattern, but I have to say I LOVE when she called it a "boob bib." NEW NAME FOREVER! Thank you for the laugh! :-)

what does make a pattern of the cleavage first

also, I would suggest sewing on the lace before you put on the buttons. (Didn't read the whole list of comments, so if someone else already came up with that, we're both brilliant!! lol)

What a great idea! The "cleavage covers" that I bought from the As Seen On TV are nice, but not always reliable, as to whether they will come loose and they only seem to come in only three colors. I have entertained the idea of how I could make some of my own in different colors. Your pattern seems to be ideal, and certainly looks like it will stay put. I am older, but find that at times cleavage does want to show itself even when you are trying to wear conservative type tank tops, shirts, etc. Thanks!

I have been stuffing lace into my bra straps for years, always having to re-adjust - this will be great! Thanks!

This has got to be the stupidest things I've ever seen. WARNING: ONLY FOR PRUDES ! !

maybe if you are young but when you get to be 72 years old your not in the mood to show cleavage. WE DON'T NEED ANY MEN OR BOYS AT OUR AGE

or for women who perfer men to look at their eyes instead of their parts God meant for in-private ;)

What a shame that you would equate modesty with being a prude. I think this pattern is a great idea, and I have been looking for something like this that I could sew myself. Not because I am a prude; but because I believe women should dress modestly.

I am guessing that zukigirl doesn't have enough cleavage to distract anyone. There's no shame in those mosquito-bite size breasts but those of us with cups that overflow wish to be taken seriously... impossible to do with bodatious boobs waving at your corporate colleagues! ;-)

Man you sure have a lot to learn about life. Really sad. Zukigirl you have a long way to go before you can ever be Zukiwoman.

Why only for prudes? As someone that has DD's sometimes less is more! The other night I went out to a club for my friends bday and yeah I had a good amount showing. But thats the club. When I go into an office I need to cover up more or will never be taken seriously. How can I ever hope to get hired back for more jobs or even hired on as a regular employee if Im showing off everything? I also work with animals. I dont need to be training a dog or horse and have something pop out! There are times and places where something like this is needed for everyone, not only prudes! Trust me, Im FAR from a prude. Are you still in high school? Do you not work? I'm only 22 and have times I need to cover up.....

I have tried the ones you can buy but they do not work for me. They cannot reach far enough. This will be wonderful!!!! A custom fit. Thank you so much.

This is a fantastic idea! I use this pattern or variations on this all the time now. Thanks!

Great closure idea with the buttons and hair ties. I've made many of these "dickies" before using ribbon ties but was never satisfied. I'm trying this method. Thanks!

Thank you =)

What a fabulous idea

This is such a cute idea. I'm going to make some to 'wear' under my nursing scrubs that a little too revealing for (my taste) the nursing facility that I work at.

I like this idea I made several for my daughters to wear to work and they love them!

Good idea! but i don't sew. got a crochet patern for it? It would be pretty easy to make one up.

Just about any rectangle in a stitch of your choosing would work. I like the crochet idea! Thanks! Fast and easy. Also a good way to use up leftover bits. It shouldn't take much.

Brilliant idea.

To CrotchetChica, read step 6 slowly, your confusion will soon disappear.

i am confused about the hair bands. Do you stretch them across your back and then connect to the opposite button? Or, do you turn it around the nearest bra strap and back around to the button..... Very confused. Please help.

each hair tie loops around bra strap and back around the strap to hook onto the button. Left loop around left strap and right loop around rightstrap hope this helps. Walmart has the tv version for 10.00. look at the package and that will really make it clear.

What a clever idea and can't wait to make a couple of these in different colors....Thanks

your supposed to measure your self and go from those measurments.

where do you get the pattern for it? No measurements either, would like to make one, but I am one of them sewers that need a pattern?

I am so glad to find this. Can hardly wait to make several! So many tops I have wanted, "If only the neckline was higher." Thought about making inserts. Now I know exactly how to do it. Thanks so much!!

great Idea! bought as seen on tv ones and didn't work for me. I wear a support bra with wide straps! now I can modify the ones I have and make some to fit, coordinating colors and fabrics! great!

This is Such a good idea, and easy too. I Will make a few of these.

It is so difficult to find modest clothing and I plan to to make several of these to finally take care of that problem. Thank you.

Good pattern, of course I just don't buy low cut tops, but love the idea of making one's own accessories.

Am I missing something? Why not use a tank top or plain camisole. Jockey makes great ones that are simple and come in a bunch of colors...

not everyone likes to wear tanks or camis. Also the cost of one good tank or cami can make multiple "Cleavage Covers".

Thank you for the laugh! I hope everyone gets one of these. I get so tired of looking at cleavages... Sorta like a plumbers crack!

This is a terrific idea, so obvious that I can't believe I did not think of it. Thank you for taking the time to prepare such carefully illustrated instructions. (And thanks for my chuckle for the day -- the Boob Bib!)

I am so happy to have instructions for this. For so long I have made quick fill-ins to solve this problem and this will make my clothes look better and me feel more modest. Thank you.

This is great. I'm going to make some.

this is great! I actually purchased the ones seen on TV, I don't like the way they fasten. Now I know how to change it so I can use them!!! thanks, and by the way, I feel like an idiot for paying $10.00 for 3 of these. I can make a ton for $10.00!!! :{

I like the name Boob Bib! Thanks for the directions! Love it!

Thanks to all above. I always strive to make things and to bless others with. You can also just use a couple strips of lace sewed together and done the same way. Enjoy. Carla

I have used pretty hankies cut in half, wide lace is good too. Have used velcro as closure as well.

Wow I can't believe I missed this the first time it was listed. But now that I have....Wow. Wow. I can now buy those garments that show everything. All the years I tossed aside shirts, dresses, sweaters that were all cut to deep. Thanks Carla for finally solving not only my problem but for other women too.

I like this!! Maybe now I won't have to worry about what is showing. Thank you

I like this idea. I've seen these on sale on infomercials and thought how simple it would be to make your own.Great idea!

Wow- what a neat trick. Thanks. K

I had a general idea how to make this but your pattern and instructions should help me quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.

Rubicat mcsvare deberry and others who can't find the pattern you can't find the pattern because you have to make your own What is given here are the instructions for creating your own pattern The only answers to questions I've ever seen on this site are those provided from member-to-member We have to help each other because likely nobody else will Draegon the place to measure is the same place you measure to find your bra size and measure the same way If your bra size is then it's likely the width of the material you will need is going to be something close to inches because we are only interested in covering the front side Those of you lucky enough to be smaller can get by with less material As for the cleavage cover popping out that should not happen if you make it long enough as for the coverRead More being bunched up I don't know if that would happen or how you might want to deal with the problem should it arise Length of the cover in the diagram the dimensions in the mock-up show inches wide and inches long so I'd suspect your length needs to be about of your width or about inches long for a inch wide cover Each of you will need to experiment with your own measurements Use an old bed sheet for test garments before you make the final item hair ties and buttons can be re-used if you don't have enough of them on hand Disco Dotty no the bra is one piece and the hair ties are one piece each but you need two of the ties one for each side of the cleavage cover The hair ties are little pieces of elastic fastened into a loop by a small metal clamp The hair tie passes behind the STRAP of your bra and then loops around the nearest button to stay fastened All of this happens in front of you Assuming you have sized the cleavage cover correctly there should be nothing to pull the hair tie loose from the button To everyone who tries this Best of luck I suspect wearing your home-made cleavage cover around home before you go out in public with it might be a good idea so you would know how it's going to move and if it would bunch up or pull a bit which again if it is sized correctly it should not pull

Can't find the pattern or answers to questions, what am I missing/

I think it is a great idea. There are a couple of problems with the Instructions though. How/Where do you measure in order to create your pattern? How do you keep the bottom of the piece from bunching up or popping out as you move?

I don't see the pattern and can't find any links for it. What's the secret?

This is a great idea. Now I can wear some of the tops to work that I could not (or at any rate would not) wear before. Sometimes I like to show a peak...but not while I'm at work.

take the hair tie & go around the back side of your bra strap and fasten to the button on both sides. I don't understand the above. Are the hair ties in two pieces or is the bra? How about using suspender clips that will hook right on to the front of the bra and never come loose...ever.

Sewupnorth...just log in and click ADD. Very easy.

Having had breast cancer I appreciate this pattern. I will be using it often.

Great idea! This looks so simple & an inexpensive fix for revealing necklines. I'd like to make several & give them to several ladies I know who have the low neckline problem!

Where is the pattern?

I've been looking for something to cover the cleavage. This will work great. I've tried other ways and this seems to be the most versatile. Power to big cleavage!!

How do you add things to My Craft Box. I like this and want to save it.


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