Uptown Tote Bag


With a sturdy knit, this is a great bag for everyday! This tote from Authentic Knitting Board knits up quickly in Stockinette Stitch with easy color changes.

Uptown Knit Tote Bag

Finished size 15” X 12” tall.
Strap is comfortable on shoulder at 23” long.


  • 28” Knitting Board (78 needles)
  • Knit hook for lifting the loops
  • Crochet hook for edges
  • Large sewing needle for seams
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick 2 skeins of each color

Gauge: 3.5 stitches=1” 3.5 rows=1” of knitting.


  • The pattern is random stripes of the 2 colors, maroon and pink. At each color change, pick up the next color to work with. It is not necessary to cut the yarn after each change. We will only cut the yarn at the wider stripes.


  1. Cast On 78 Stitches in Maroon. Lay anchor yarn of double strand. This is bottom of bag.
  2. Knit 3 rows in maroon.
  3. Tie on pink yarn. Lay maroon aside.
  4. Knit 2 rows in pink.
  5. Knit 2 rows in maroon.
  6. Knit 3 rows in pink.
  7. Knit 1 row in maroon.
  8. Knit 2 rows in pink. Cut pink yarn and knot.
  9. Knit 5 rows in maroon. Cut maroon and knot.
  10. Tie in Pink yarn.
  11. Knit 6 rows in pink.
  12. Tie in Maroon yarn.
  13. Knit 3 rows in maroon. Cut maroon and knot.
  14. Knit 6 rows in pink.
  15. Tie on Maroon yarn.
  16. Knit 4 rows in maroon.
  17. Knit 2 rows in pink.
  18. Knit 3 rows in maroon.
  19. Bind Off of board using crochet chain. Pick up 3 loops, pull one thru 2.
  20. Strap: Cast On 7 stitches in Maroon. Lay anchor yarn.
  21. Knit until the strap is 22-23” long.
  22. Bind Off of board.
  23. Roll the strap lengthwise and stitch together to form a long roll. Do this with matching yarn.
  24. Finishing: The anchor yarn is bottom of bag.
  25. Sew the side seams with invisible stitch in matching yarns.
  26. You now have a circular piece. Draw the anchor yarn until the width is about 12” across the bottom of bag as compared to the 15” across the top of bag. Tie the anchor yarn snuggly and allow to remain in the bag.
  27. Sew the bottom edge with invisible stitch with maroon yarn for a firm bottom of bag.

Adding the strap:

  1. Place the strap inside of bag at each end. Place it into the bag about 1”.
  2. Sew the strap to each side of the inside of bag at bottom of strap, and also, at top edge of bag.
  3. This double sewing will give the strap a solid connection for durability.
  4. Your pretty striped bag is ready for use.

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is there any way you could do this without a knitting board.?

I don't see any reason why you couldn't follow the same pattern using regular knitting needles. The knitting board just duplicates what we normally do with our needles. It's just easier for people with arthritic hands to handle the board, since you use a hook to move the stitches.

I would, however, use two strands of yarn to increase the thickness.

I have knitted for 66 years and never heard of a knitting board. Would appreciate hearing more!!

https//www.google.com.pr/search?tbm=ischtbs=rimg%3 == ACalaJtDxwGjgIjh1zlnJSV1gYDpAYG2moL5tqIc8dNM7jstZh == RgJloCXKU1ljT1J9p9ftDKtmW-3uy0ITzZuumiKLSoSCXXOWcl == JX-BgEQA9pOjuK6oHKhIJOkBgbaagvm0REjddh3toE1oqEgmoh == zx00zuOyxFuuJZR1XhcgSoSCVmFGAmWgJcpEXBxt73hCcRCKhI == JT-WNPUn2n18Rh8yw1O6orrgqEgm0Mq2Zb7e7LRE1KTp0Z1Y2j == SoSCQhPNm66aIotEbZZmAF0O1OVq=knitting%20boardved=0 == ahUKEwjYgP6jvrLMAhWH0iYKHWzGChkQ9C8ICQdpr=1biw=136 == 6bih=643

https//www.google.com.pr/search?q=knittingboardesp == v=2source=lnmstbm=ischsa=Xved=0ahUKEwi689XKv7LMAhX == IGD4KHb2zAHsQAUIBygBbiw=1366bih=643

I am new to knitting, don't know about a knitting board any help out there. I love this purse


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