Cute Heart Mug Rug


Cute Heart Mug Rug


This free knitting pattern is great for any time of year. It's a little coaster you can keep your coffee mug on. The heart adds the perfect embellishment for this pattern. It'll make a great gift.

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  • Knitting needles, size 6
  • One skein Lily Sugar’n Cream Country Red or color of your choice (makes 6)
  • Crochet hook for making fringe

9 stitches = 2 inches (not critical)

Cast on 19 stitches. Knit three rows, then begin pattern.

Row 1: k9, p1, k9
Row 2: k2, p7, k1, p7, k2
Row 3: k8, p3, k8
Row 4: k2, p6, k3, p6, k2
Row 5: k7, p5, k7
Row 6: k2, p5, k5, p5, k2
Row 7: k6, p7, k6
Row 8: k2, p4, k7, p4, k2
Row 9: k5, p9, k5
Row 10: k2, p3, k9, p3, k2
Row 11: k4, p11, k4
Row 12: k2, p2, k11, p2, k2
Row 13: k3, p13, k3
Row 14: k2, p1, k13, p1, k2
Row 15: k3, p6, k1, p6, k3
Row 16: k2, p1, k6, p1, k6, p1, k2
Row 17: k4, p4, k3, p4, k4
Row 18: k2, p2, k4, p3, k4, p2, k2
Row 19: knit across
Row 20, k2, p15, k2
Knit 3 rows and bind off.

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Ive been doing a lot of Tunisian stitches. Im going to try this pattern! Is there a place where I can post my finished project?

Very nice mug rug. I changed row 19 to finish off the heart!

I'm new to the 'yarn' and 'knitting' world but made this cute little rug mug this morning...ALL BY MY SELF! This may be a stupid question but how would I launder this? It's 100% cotton. I'm a little nervous to use it! Thanks for the pattern! Nicole

The pattern finishes up but then it doesn't tell us about putting on the fringe!

There is a problem with this pattern. After Row 18, the pattern is "cut off" at the top of the heart (not rounded). Can you correct this?

can you please tell me what ply is this lily wool ,because cant get it here in australia!

I love the look of this pattern

I would greatly appreicate an idiot's guide to making the fringe, thank you.

Awesome pattern! So much fun in such a small project!! Love it.

I made this twice and it didn't look anything like this...I dont know what I am doing wrong


Have made several. They stitch up rather quickly (then there's the fringe!! not my favorite part) and look nice. I did make one change, however - at the end of the pattern - basically at row 19, I knitted 3 rows and cast off. It seemed to frame the heart a little better.

I noticed something wierd at row 19 too. Did you not do row 20 and then knit three more rows? Thanks

Cute! Will make one for my desk!

I'd appreciate some information on making the fringe. For instance, how long to cut the strands of yarn, how many strands of yarn per fringe, how far apart to put the fringe. Can anyone help me out here. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Judy

This makes up beautifully. I have been making them as gifts to my friends. They love them. You did a great job! Thank you.

Hello, I would love to make this rug. I do have to admit that I am much better at crocheting than I am at knitting. I was wondering if anyone has this pattern in a crochet pattern, or the knowledge of how to convert the stitches. Thank you.

To ebirch1 2418962 You use the crochet hook to attach the fringe to the border of the mat just like you would attach fringe to a scarf.

Hi! I did read the post of May 21, 2010 by JMitchell, but must admit I am still having trouble adding the fringe. It would be very helpful if someone could add a few more details like what size crochet hook, to how many stitches is the fringe added? While I realize much of this is personal preference, it's nice to have a frame of reference the first time around. I am having a difficult time adding the small lengths of fringe without constantly splitting the Sugar and Cream. Thanks for any help anyone may have! I love the pattern.

How do I make the fringe using a crochet hook? Thanks for your help.

I would so love to have this one in a crochet pattern

I made one of these in yellow for my daughter when she went away to college. She absolutely loves it and at first didn't want to ruin it by using it, but I convinced her it was okay and now she uses it regularly. Great pattern! Very easy to follow. This could also be modded into a placemat by starting with a longer cast-on and repeating the stitch pattern to make a sort of 'grid' of hearts, maybe 4 or 5 across. Or (and this is one I'm going to try) Just making the cast-on longer, knitting in the single heart in one corner of a larger rectangle.

This is absolutely adorable, quick & easy!

Love this pattern! Thanks for sharing!

Heart Mug Rug. I did this last evening and liked it. Do you have any other patterns this size, like a tree, or anything else Christmasy that I could make and add a cup and cinnamon to for small Christmas gifts? Elizabeth

For those of you wanting to make fringe it's easy For inch long fringe cut a piece of yarn about inches long Fold the yarn in half and then in half again If you want longer fringe cut your piece of yarn longer A inch long piece of yarn should give you about inches of fringe either way the technique is the same You will need a crochet hook or a latch hook - used for making rugs - to attach the fringe Insert your hook at the edge of the mug rug where you want to attach fringe Slip the second fold of yarn over the hook At this point you will want to pull that folded end just a little way through the rug so you have a two-strand loop on your hook Then carefully pull the far ends of your fringelet through the loops Attach the fringe toRead More your rug with a slip knot this will leave you with two free ends and one loop at the edge of your fringe You can cut the loop now or wait to cut all the loops until you have finished making fringe You'll want to repeat making these little fringelets a number of times across one end of the project and then use the same number at the opposite end for a balanced look

Thanks, JMitchell! That's exactly the way I would have explained it. It's easier to make than it sounds.

Hi all knitters, Help! ! ! How do you make the fringe on this mug rug.?

Hi All, How to I make the fringe at the top bottom ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Think it is a wonderful idea and am now in the process of making quite a few as gifts. Thanks once again Cheers Jackie McNicholas

How do I make the fringe for the edges of this coaster?

This is a fast and fun project to make. I made one and sent it along with a Valentine's Day mug to my college age daughter.

I think this Cute Heart Mug Rug is very cute. It should knit up fast.

What a great idea for Valentine Day. I'm a beginner knitter and belong to a Tuesday morning coffee group . I'm going to tackle this project. Hopefully each of the members will have a new coffee coaster. Great going. Janet


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